Breast Augmentation & Lift Revision 425 to 595 CCs, 21 Years Old

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For most of my life I have been overweight, within...

For most of my life I have been overweight, within the past 6 months I have lost 35 pounds. My highest weight was around 213 my freshman/sophomore year of college. Starting my weight loss journey at 206 (August 2013) and now weighing 171 (February 2014,) I have decided I would like to go forth with a breast augmentation due to the fact of all the lost volume in my breast. My mother has really encouraged me through this journey and so have many of my girlfriends, with a few exceptions. I would still like to lose another 20 pounds, putting me in the 150s. I'm between 5'8'' and 5'9'' so I'm not exactly sure what the best weight for me would be.

I have had three consults with three wonderful plastic surgeons, and have decided to go forth with Dr. David Mobley of Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Mobley's staff is wonderful and made me feel very comfortable right away. Before my examination Dr. Mobley asked me a series of questions: saline vs silicone, my desired size and reasons for choosing this surgery. During my examination he informed me that I needed a minor lift (due to weight loss.) This is something I had thought of prior but because the other two surgeons didn't mention it I thought I was in the clear. Dr. Mobley explained the procedure and why it was best for me. Walking me through all of the Pros and Cons, I immediately knew he was going to be my surgeon because he had surpassed all of my expectations! He spent a great amount of time with me and made me feel very confident with the procedure.

My procedure: Breast Augmentation with a Periareolar Mastopexy using High Profile Silicone Breast Implants.

I haven't decided on the CCs but I'd like to be a "Perky" full C possible small D. I'm worried about going too big, so if you have any thoughts, please share! My surgery was originally set for May 15th (5 days after my 21st birthday) and my mother has encouraged me to push the surgery date up. So, as of last Friday, it is now April 17th. I am doing this for me and only me! I'd really like to feel confident and beautiful in my skin! Reading other women's blogs on Realself has been extremely helpful and very encouraging, so here I am, hoping to do the same thing!

Only 18 more days!

Posting a few pictures of my "wish boobs." Still undecided on wether I should aim for a fuller c- small d or fuller d.. Preop is on Wednesday :-)

Weight loss photos!

Here are some pictures of my before and after weight loss.. My current weight is 162. Would still like to lose another 20-30+ lbs. Still undecided between 375-400cc but I'm starting to lean towards 400cc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-) I've been told numerous times to make sure I go big enough so I won't wish I had gone bigger later on. Ultimately I think I'm going to leave it to Dr. Mobley to decide. Will be posting pictures of my chest area shortly!

Weight loss photos!

Forgot to add this one! :-)

Before Pictures

Here are some before pictures of my chest. My right breast is significantly bigger and lower than my left. I also added another wish picture. I really like this shape, is it considered more of a "natural look?" My preop can't come soon enough! :-)

Preop Day!

Just got home from my preop! Went over procedure and sizing again. Decided on 400-425CC :-) While going over the procedure, I explained how much I did not care for the size of my areolas. Dr. Mobley said he is going to take them from 6x5cm to 4x4cm, this REALLY excites me and makes me feel 110% confident choosing the perfect surgeon. He marked me up to give me a general idea, it's starting to really sink in now! Only 2 more weeks! Did a little shopping for after surgery yesterday too :-)

Preop/postop stuff

Stopped by Victoria's Secret earlier this week and picked up these adorable lace bras, only $10 each! Received the ice packs at my preop yesterday. It's finally starting to feel so real! :-)

Making mountains out of molehills!

YAY! Today is the day! On way to surgery center now.. Goodbye itty bittys! I'll update later :-)

I have boobies!!!

Just got home.. Surgery started a little late. Woke up from surgery in a some pain and burning, but more nauseas that anything. Come home and ate, nausea gone :-) no more pain, just some burning and pressure. Can't wait to see them at post op tomorrow! Attached a pictures as well! P.S. Dr. Mobley and his surgery staff were incredible!


Sorry for all the spelling errors, I'm still a little out of it! :-)

First POV!

I got to see them today! They're huge, I'm so happy! Dr. Mobley said I don't have much swelling and that they look great. He had to push my left breast into the pocket a little more but everything looks good. Pain isn't so bad, just really tired. Still a lot of discomfort in my armpits and burning from the incision. Found out he went with a high profile implant and the final size was 425CC! :-) Attached two photos from POV. Will post a couple more later today!

Day Two Postop

Today has been the toughest although I was able to shower!! More discomfort on the sides of my chest and my right breast is still draining quite a bit (normal?) Took Percocet at 8 am and 7 pm, trying to get completely off of it now. Still swollen but icing a lot! Here's another picture from yesterday... Can't wait until the tape falls off! :-)


Decided to try on some things tonight, excited to see how they're going to look when they're all healed :-) love them so far!!

6 days in!

Tape is starting to fall off. Starting to be able to see the incision! I believe they are starting to drop! Added pictures :-)

Second POV!

So ready for these sutures to come out! They're itchy and starting to pull.. 1 o'clock can't come fast enough! Have absolutely no pain and starting to be able to sleep normal again. Still sleeping on my back for the most part but I can sleep on my left side now! Not sure why it's still uncomfortable to sleep on my ride side. They're starting to feel like part of my body now :-) the tape has completely come off so now I can see my entire areola on both breasts. My right breast has dropped more than the left so hopefully he will catch up soon! Lol. I'm in love with my left boob but my right seems to have a lot more external sutures. I'm not sure if the sutures are pulling or if it's shaped a little off, going to ask the Doc today. Hoping he tells me to start massaging these rocks!

Sutures are out!

Have to wear the steri-strips until next week but you can faintly see my areola outline (to get some kind of idea.) My doctors is having me start some breast exercises to help shift these puppies down! I no longer have to wear the surgical bra and can move to the bralettes and such! Can't wait for the final outcome :-) Updating with a few pictures, no more sutures! :-)

Third POV!

Dr. Mobley said my healing is more advanced than most up to this point and expects my scars to be minimal! One more week with steri-strips and then they are off for good! Staring silicone gel sheets and scar gel next week. :-) He wants me to start wearing a bra with more support, so, I was finally able to try on my underwire bras..(Falling out of
most so I think I'm going to be a Full C/ Small D.) Added some new pictures from POV today. Continuing the same breast exercises until I go back again. Dr. Mobley is awesome, I'm still so happy I chose him! Everything is healing even better/quicker than I expected. My left is still higher than my right and my nipple is sitting better on my right breast but I am in love with them! The implant is finally starting to soften and I'm definitely getting the natural look that I wanted! So happy with how they look so far, I'll post later in the week, good night! :-)

Fifth POV!

My fifth check up was last Monday morning, everything is going so well. My incision line of my left breast is healing up so beautifully! My right was the breast that needed more work done to it so I just have to be patient with it. I love everything about my chest, but, I have been wondering if I went big enough.. I'm still able to wear all my old sports bras and some regular bras. That's my only negative concern, I couldn't be happier with everything else. Dr. Mobley is still so great, I had a internal suture try coming through the right breast so I have a little hole there but it's almost closed up and back to normal now! My right breast has completely dropped but my left isn't quite there yet. I cannot wait until they're completely healed! More pictures to follow :-)

4 1/2 months in.

There's been some change in the past few months. I have a revision in my future. If you can see my right breast is still sagging lower than my left, also the aeriola of my right is significantly bigger than my left. I go back to the PS in October to discuss my next surgery dates. The revision includes, resizing my aeriolas, a possible full lift- we found out my skin does not have much elasticity as we had hoped, moving the pocket up to achieve more volume/cleavage, and also contemplating bigger/different implants. I know I'm not exactly where I want to be, but I will get there- I am extremely excited for my future results! In the meantime, more weightloss to come! :-)

6 Month Post-Op

Went to my PS 10/15/14 and we discussed a second surgery in about three months. Looks like I may have to have the full lift. This next surgery is basically everything all over again: lift, new (bigger, different) implants, reduction of nipple size. My nipples expanded during the healing process to much bigger than my original size before surgery.

We have discussed going from my current 475 to a shaped 575 for more upper pull. My right nipple is 7.5x7.5 and my left is 6.5x6.5- I originally starting with them both 6x5. Also, adding the vertical line for a better lift and end result.

I have attached some before and after (current) 6 month post operation pictures.

Round Two!

Hi everyone! I know it's been awhile. I finally have a revision date, April 9th! WOOT! I am SO excited to have small nipples!! I've attached some new photos of how well my healing is going. It makes me extremely optimistic (and very impatient) for the final end result! :-)

Also, I do have some important questions.

If anyone could give me some insight on gala flex mesh? My surgeon wants to use it during the revision and I'm just very uneducated about the product.. The extra support sounds awesome.. But in the only surgical video I have seen it makes the side of the boob almost bumpy(?) looking..?

Seeing as this is a revision surgery, I just wanted to know how it went for anyone who has had a revision? Was it extremely dramatic in the result you received the first time? Worth doing all over again? Was the pain any lesser? Did you finally get the results you've wanted?Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated!!

One week until revision!

It'll be here Thursday, April 9th! I am so excited! During my preop last week, Dr. Mobley decided to order four different implants for sizing. We discussed my procedure and I am going to have a full lift (vertical scar), larger implants and mesh to support my breasts. I've been looking up Breast Augs with lifts on girls my age and am getting really excited seeing such awesome results. I have added some new
(more achievable) wish pics with this post. The one thing I cannot stress enough is how much I like the nipple sizes.. After having these huge areolas I am SO ready to get rid of them lol.

In my case, the second time's a charm! I'm so ready for this week to fly by!

Last picture before revision!

Getting really excited for Thursday. So, I took one last photo of how I currently look. You can see out the one breast sags quite a bit more here, looking forward to how much better I'm going to look after surgery.

Breast lift
Smaller areolas (cannot wait!)
Bigger implants
Seri Mesh to support the implant
More upper pull fullness :-)
And hopefully lots of cleavage :-)

Night of my revision surgery!

Today was the day! I got to the facility around 7:15 this morning and left around 3 o'clock this afternoon.

I ended up getting 595 CC implants. I'm not exactly sure which type, as we had ordered a few different ones at my preop but I will update again with that information tomorrow after my first postop. I did have the same Breast lift as my first surgery so I do not have a vertical incision, Dr. Mobley felt that I did not need one. Dr. Mobley used Seri Mesh for more support and made my areolas smaller. They feel significantly higher than my last procedure, which really excites me about having that great upperpole! They also feel much closer together, so fingers crossed for that close cleavage look that I love so much! Haven't seen them yet, but I am really excited to see everything tomorrow at my postop!

As far as the pain, it's feels a little more annoying than painful, I haven't been feeling a ton of pressure from the implants probably due to already having pockets from the previous surgery. Although I am experiencing a lot of stinging which seems to be a little painful, but more of an annoying feeling. I do get sharp pains here and there around the sides underneath my breasts, little sharp radiating ones, maybe internal sutures or the mesh? Not sure but will ask tomorrow. And lastly, of course, my poor sore sore armpits! Which I experience last time and noticed that was the last thing to stop in my first operation, so I fully expected it this time.

Adding two photos I was able to take just now the first photo is more of a straight on view and the second is a little more angled downward.

So far I am one very happy camper :-)

Day 1

Saw Dr. Mobley today, was a little out of it, I have been taking the Percocet more this surgery. Definitely different pains than the original augmentation. Not so much pressure, but I think I feel the internal sutures mostly, I am experiencing more pain along my sternum and the stinging from my skin, of course.

Everything looks awesome! I am so excited. I took quite a few pics today. I'm loving the shape and size of the implants, I can't wait for them to drop, they feel pretty close so I think I'm going to get that perfect cleavage I'm dying to achieve! Things feel significantly higher so I'm really exciting to see how they settle. And lastly, my areolas.. Oh my areolas look like they're going to be perfectly sized! Mind you I haven't seen them without the tape but I was in awe of them this morning, lol.

Day 1 Pictures

One Week, Two Days!

I'm posting some photos of how they're looking! So happy my sutures came out at my postop yesterday, they were itching/pinching like crazy. I also posted a photo in comparison to this surgery and last surgery right around my first week, you can really see a difference in the two photos (same shirt but the angles are a little off.) Anyways, really really excited for them to drop, I love them!

Still haven't seen much of my areolas and I'm dying for my steristrips to fall off so I can finally see them! Be patient is brutal!

One Week, Three Days!

Posting some photos I took today. Love the way they look in my tank tops and how much closer they are together this time, I'm going to have some awesome cleavage! You can see my areolas and their shape a lot better in these photos.

I don't remember this happening last time, but either my incisions itch and burn like crazy or I'm having some type of sensitivy to the steristrips... Whatever it is, it's not fun!

I love love love the fullness of my breasts, so happy!

One Week, Four Days!

Went to my PS today and they took my steristrips off and replaced them with tegaderm. I can finally see the size and shape of my areolas. I'm very pleased with the turnout, just nervous that they may stretch out again (they shouldn't- fingers crossed they don't.)

I haven't tried a bunch of different clothes on yet but so far I really love how they look in my tank tops and scrubs for work. They feel so much fuller than when I had 425CC. There is a lot more fullness and lots of side boob :-) They also sit closely together, which I'm really excited about too. Everything feels exactly how I had hoped this time. Can't wait to see how everything heals!!

Two Weeks, Four Days

Went to PS today because I was having some bad pains after the weekend on the side of my left breast and some internal sutures were coming out. He cleaned them up and restitched a few areas so that I didn't get the thick scar line like I did last time. I added some photos from this past Friday (4/24/15) and today (4/27/15) with the sutures in. The shape looks great, and they have dropped a little bit. Going back to see the doc this Friday. I'm really happy with everything, still worried about my areolas stretching again but everything seems like it's going great, so fingers crossed!

One Month, Nine Days!

Haven't updated in sometime, so here I am! Still absolutely love my shape! Love love love it! But, I am a little concerned about this spot not healing still. Tonight more internal sutures popped out, apparently my body really doesn't care for these things. My skin is so itchy around my areolas, it can be painfully sensitive at times and it drives me nuts. I won't complain though, because I have tons of sensation in my nipples- something that took forever to regain after my first breast augmentation. I added some more photos so you can see everything. Again, I really love my shape. I'm having a tough time with my areolas but I'll stay optimistic.. Sometimes I feel as if my areolas look like they're getting bigger but I may just be over thinking it a bit. Going to the PS Wednesday. Hopefully we can find a solution for this annoying burning and itching!

Two months post op!

Today is my two month post op period! Still loving my shape so much! It's amazing that each time they feel so huge after surgery and now they just feel normal and not over the top again. I have a smal spot that has opened but keeping an eye on it. If you look at the close up picture, I think my scarring looks like it's healing really well. My areolas have stretched a bit but nothing like last time. It's a world of a difference this time around. Everything feels so much more achievable. Love them! :-)

Second Revision Surgery

Alright, so I haven't been on in months to update, but just to catch everyone up, a couple of days ago I had a second revision surgery (1/7/16) with Dr. Mobley. Unfortunately, my areolas stretched too much because of the tension and one of my breasts was lower than the other. He decided to go with the full lollipop (vertical mastopexy incision) lift. No changes with my implants because I have been very happy with them. This surgery has been by far the easiest. It's uncomfortable (burning and itching) but thats expected. Other than that everything seems to feel great. Pictures coming!

Day One Post Op Pics


Took my first day post operative pictures from each surgery (Top to bottom: April 2014, April 2015, January 3016) and lined them up to see the differences of each. Excited to see the drastic difference between my third surgery compared to the other two. Feeling very hopeful :-)

P.s. Sutures came out on Thursday! Will post updated photos once my steri strips fall off.

The Unveiling!!

Finally got to really see them tonight! Can't wait until they are a few more weeks in so I can't really start to see how they'll heal.

So far, so good!

Adding some photos I took from about a week ago. You can see that I have a small open spot but it is almost gone now! Overall, I'm extremely happy with the way they look in clothes (and without) thus far!

Almost 4 Months POV!

Adding a new picture tonight :-) I have been tanning a lot so I have been extremely careful and making sure to cover my nipples/areolas. So if when you see the light marks around my areolas, that's why! Aside from that, things are going well, I have two spots that are having trouble healing and I have had quite a few sutures pop out but other than that I'd say I am doing really well compared to past surgeries! Will take more pics and update so you are able to see them better. The one thing I am semi worried about is my nipples.. They self only get hard and when they do you can barely tell. Does anyone have any experience with this? Does it getting better?

More 4 month pics

Things look great. The only "real" problem I am having is getting those three spots to heal on my left breast. I do wish my areolas were smaller but I am hoping that as I gain more feeling they'll react (when hard) in a more positive way and get much smaller from the photos I've posted.

Picture Update

Loving the shape of my implants! I'm still worried maybe my aerolas are stretching a bit? But other than that I'm really please with how everything else is turning out!
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

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