Tattoo is Killing Me! - Sao Paulo, BR

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I have done this tattoo a week ago and ever since...

I have done this tattoo a week ago and ever since I hated. Its killing me, making me sick. I Just made this terrible mistake and Im looking for a treatment to remove it. (sorry about my english). I dont feel good about it, like um not The same person. My husband are very unhappy cause I feel like crap. (sorry????)

Today first visit to the doctor

Today I Will see The laser clinic but um not so hopeful about it. Its gonna be a long, painful and expensive road, Just because i made this thing. I think i deserve this, im such an impulsive Person. Nobody here undertand why i hated it so much. It Just dont feel right. Dont look like me. I have found i very good tattoo shop, they said its possible to cover up, but im so afraid it Just get worse! God help us all to fix this mistake!

Remove its coming!

MY first laser os going to be day 26. I cant wait. Its expensive but there are no price for my happyness! God thank you I Hope everything os going to be ok. I Will fade this thing and if i dont have money i ll cover in The future. People think im crazy because i dont want it. I have others tattoos, but i hated my last ones. I did it in The same day. Its ugly and dont feel like me. But today im happy cause i gave one step to be free! ?????

My another mistake

Im going to laser this one too. But one of then i ll keep cause i did this for my dogs.

Having nightmares with this thing!

Im so tired, i cant sleep well anymore. Im having nightmares with this damn tattoo. I dont know its normal, its like i lost my mind. Cant wait to get over it. ????

session one done

Just made my first laser it hurts so bad! Its like burn my skin. I was thinking all The time that The pain was for a good reason. Im still in pain but i want to have this thing gone!????

just after laser

after The first laser.

very sad...

Today The dead skin above my tattoo had fallen. I dont think The laser made some difference, cause for me it looks The same! Im so sad, this os so painful and expensive for such a bad results. Im thinking about give it up, cause im afraid it Just hurt me and never go away. I dont know how it works, of someone knows The process please help me to understant. It is The results of The first laser or can i wait for more?

Feeling very down

Hello everyone, um not visiting The site because this tattoo really destroyed me. Im trying so hard but i dont think i can make it with a positive posture. Its Just something that i cant acept... ???? looks like nothing happened with The treatment. God its so difficult!

Second laser

Today was my second treatment with laser. This time i put emla cream, i took a pain pill before and put lots of ice. I almost feel no pain. It was level 4 this time. Its very red but im feeling ok and happy i could make one more step to fade it!
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