Full body liposculpture changed my life! 34 yo + 2 kids

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So I'm from Brasil and joined realself a long time...

I always dreamt to have lipo done in order to bring back my hourglass figure. I lost count of how many hours I spent here browsing and supporting another women through comments. Got myself thinking ~lots of times~ about "how is it going to be when the person going under a procedure is me?" And now I know how it feels: so good and so scaring at the same time! Lol.

I have gone under so many non invasive procedures in the past: most were effective (but not as much as I needed the to be) but one had a really bad outcome: coolsculpting (you can take a look at my review in my profile). Long story short I had developed paradoxical hyperplasia (the fat gets bigger instead of dying) on the spots I have treated (upper abs) and the only way to get rid of it it's through liposuction. So after 2 years the treatment and a second pregnancy in between I have booked my surgery for November. I will have flanks, upper and lower abdomen and back done. I'm not quite sure but my inner thighs and arm are spots that I'm not happy with but I'm afraid to ruin the results of other areas as well for being too much for one single surgery. My pre surgery appointment with the doctor will be in the next few weeks. I'm super excited!I'm uploading some images in order to give you an idea from where I'm coming. Hope to go pretty far in this journey!

Before and After (simulation)

I've gain some extra pounds last days

And here are the results. Ugh. I'm so anxious for the surgery and this triggers my compulsive eating mode. And there is more: I'm not drinking enough water and what happens when you do that? You get bloated. Yes, I'm feeling like a ballon. Need to know how to deal with this.

1st appointment with doctor

Yesterday I went to the doctors office to talk about the surgery and get everything photographed. What we agreed on was to have my back, flanks, full abdomen, inner and outer thighs and fat transfer to my buttocks.

He was pretty much straightforward: because of 2 pregnancies my skin has lost firmness and -with a lipo being perform - this could be more evident. So that would be a indication for tummy tuck but he feels that I'm not ready to have a huge scar on my body. So we will lipo everything and if I'm not satisfied with the results in 8 months we can discuss the TT.

Showed him my simulation and he said that can make me look even better but again emphasized the extra skin issue. I will not lie that I got a little bit worried... so I have booked with another 3 doctors for different opinions.

I want to do the right thing.

More to come.

Doctor N.2

I went to get a second opinion. Both doctors agreed on the spots I should have lipo performed but when it comes to Tummy Tuck this one was very emphatic: "you don't have enough skin between your belly button and your pubis". So that statement made me question which doctor should I go under procedure with.

The first one said that he would lipo the hell of my abdomen. The second one said that would not be so aggressive since deformities might occur when doing that.

I'm super lost right now.

Plastic Surgeon Simulation App

Because I'm addicted to it haha!

Freaking out

Must be common, right? I can't sleep well and yesterday I cried while I was watching my child playing.  It's a crazy mix of feelings...

10 days for surgery

I had a bioimpedance analysis today and found that I lost 6 lbs of fat! I'm super ????happy! I'm not worried about the BBL because I still have plenty of fat to be removed from my body!

Comparison between October / November

I only lost 2.2 lbs on the scale because I shifted the distribution of my weight (lost 6.6 of fat but gain lean body mass) but you can see the huge difference the diet has made!

Faja: check!

So today I went to pick up my faja at the place that my doctor recommended. The owner worked as a nurse for almost 30 years and developed a complete line of post surgical garments and loungerie (she says that you need to have the right type of lingerie in order to not mark your body). The brand is awesome! Event thought I'm only having lipo and BBL I opted for buying the bra too because I'm having the entire back done as well. I also bought 2 sets of special lace lingerie (black and nude) as well to use together with my fajas. The material is similar to microfiber, letting you skin breathe.

7 days and counting

Over posting

Now with clothes on. My butt has kind of a boxed shape and since I'm 5'2" that makes me look even more fatty.

Piercing scar

I asked if this wrinkled excess of skin could be removed during the surgery and Doctor said yes but I would have a scar instead. I got curious about how it would look like it couldn't find anything here.

Does anyone performed navel scar correction and have pics to share? I hate my piercing hole specially what it has become after 2 pregnancies.

Supplies: check!

Today I went to the drugstore to get everything I need (I think) for the post op. OMG this freaking thing is getting real. I'm only 6 days from the big date. AHOY!

I'm so nervous that I'm about to throw up. Oh and I'm over eating that's definitely not good at all!

5 days to say bye to the pooch!

This photo was taken today and I was totally unprepared for it as you can see LOL.

Can't wait to get rid of it!

4 days and counting!

Today I went to supermarket to refill the fridge with fresh vegetables and fruits. Planning to cook some chicken soup for the days that are about to come (I have the most yummy and fantastic recipe). I also bought low sodium water bottles. The pics taken are from today. I'm on heavy diet to lost some last pounds until Sunday. As you can notice I'm not that bad dressed LOL but a rounder bum would be really nice.

3 days to go!

And my feed today was all about dolls complaining about bad results and nerve pain from lipo. I'm fucking freaking out. Seriously. I don't wanna be miserable for 4 weeks straight.

Although I'm having traditional lipo (most of the girls I saw were under laser / vaser liposuction) this is the scariest shit ever. My coolsculpting healing process was a pain in the a$$ lots of tingling soreness and numbness for almost 3 months... I keep thinking if CS let me like that what can I expect from lipo????? OMG.

Here it goes more pics from yesterday and today.

Last checkpoint with Dr. prior surgery day!

We talked about having my arms done, he will do it but said that he can't take much from there. I'm ok with it.

He reassured one more time that I don't need a huge fat transfer to my butt. That I already have a good volume that will surface once the procedure is done and emphasize that liposuction associated with a great amount of fat grafting can potentially increase the risk of a fat embolism syndrome up to 60% on the first 48 hours post surgery. I was in shock. Seriously.

So he will do it ONLY to shape my butt and correct the depressions that I have. And that's fine for me, since I'm going after a tiny waist since the beginning of my journey here.

So...that's it, girls. I'm only 36 hours away of a dream coming true!

Less than 24 hours to go!

I went to Zara to bought some loose shirts. Then I saw this dress. I bought it. I would never had if I weren't doing this sx.

My period came today. Awesome #NOT

This is it!

I'm already in my hospital gown, just waiting the doctor to come and mark me. Soon I will be hitting dreamland LOL. I'm very happy, anxious and 10% scared. Wow what a rush.
I can't almost believe it's my time to say that:

See you at the flat side! \o/

I made it!

Who run this world?
Everything is OK, I'm very sore, feels like I have sunburns all over my body!!!

But I'm ok, feeling a little weak and hungry. Let's see when I'll be able to show you pictures!

Love you all!

Pics from the hospital

I must be under morphine effects still. I don't feel anything just the burning. The nurse came to change the bandages and give me more meds. I'm using this boot to stimulate the blood circulation as an embolism prevention.

Sneak peak!

So the auxiliar doc came to pay a visit to see how I'm doing and also check my stitches (one of the it's bleeding a little - from the area that I had coolsculpting. He said that in fact the fat I had there were slighty different from the rest of my body.

I cannot walk yet, since I have drains to make me pee and that compression boot on my feet but he took the garment off for a little while. I was in a mix of OMFG and "maybe he could ha e take it a little more" but what the heck. This is day one! So I went to digg some of my follow up pictures of coolsculpting were you clearly can see the bumps and creases. I know a hav a few more but I'm at the hospital yet. Need to dig my emails for that.

But I'm feeling great. Seriously!
Now I had a bag of antibiotics and nausea medicine + IV bags for crazy hydration.

That's it girls. Let's see what happens tomorrow!


I can't find a good angle :-( and I'm very bloated on the top of my butt

Finally home: Day 2

So I had my surgery yesterday at 9 AM as you must have seen above. I took a Midazolam injection and went to surgery room. I remember to take a look upside and close my eyes. And, when I opened my eyes again: BOOM! I was already in my garment. For my it took literally a blink! I was confused because all of the sudden I was sore and feeling sunburn. Didn't quite realize that I actually had the surgery already.

After that I just remember to be already at the hospital room with hubby taking photos and making fun on me. I slept around 1 hours and then woke up. My body got used to the sunburn sensation little by little, the soreness bothers only when I move. My first night was shit because I slept at the hospital taking numerous IV bags and analgesics, antibiotics, omeprazol and something for nausea. All this IV. I also had a urinary drain and IPC boot. So I could get up and move. Even turn in the bed was hard. Oh, and the bed: terrible.

Now I'm home and I was finally able to take a full body shot. I'm don't want to have high expectations in order to not get frustrated. The coolsculpting bulges were totally gone and I can notice that my bum is more defined than before. But I don't no if he took enough. He took 3 liters of fat only (discarding all the other fluids) but I see dolls here removing like 5 liters. I'm VERY bloated though. My face has swollen insanely as so as my feet. All anesthesia side effects.

Now it's healing vs anxiety time. I had wait almost 10 years to have this done. I need to put my shit together and be patient, right?

So I'm in my bed, watching a movie, eating my saltless chicken soup and filling my brains out with low sodium water!

Went to the doctor to remove bandages

Shower is now ok and I got to see myself for the first time. I'm happy but I was expecting more of this moment, you know? I know I'm insanely swollen and bloated. I know that I need to be patient. But I just can help it! Such a boomer... the only thing I clearly notice is different is my bum and back.
He asked me to go back on Tuesday in order to remove stitches and start with massages to drain all the trapped fluids. Pain still bearable, burning sensation still here and now I have a new friend: the itchy feeling. And that's what we have for today, ladies.

Day 3 - Swelling started to fade

The swelling subsided a little. I weight myself and dropped 3 lbs. With that the discomfort of changing positions improves as well.

I have increased my water intakes to help accelerate the process. Today is not as hot as the other days so I had to wear leggings and a t-shirt. I can see the difference in my clothes, even though I'm swollen. The t-shirt used to be super tight in my body and now is loose. Tiny pleasures... can't wait to get more of that!

Little things. Nothing better.

Before and after so far

I'm uploading what I have so far to give you the real picture about my recovery. I don't want to post only the good side of my surgery but also the not so positive aspects that are part of the process. There isn't a drastic change but I can see some improvements on my bum and back. The profile is the only thing that looks ugly so far. I will update with more pics at 1 week mark.


Taking the garment in the morning

And I almost cried! By that time I have less swelling and I decided to take a sneak peek and BAM! My curves are slowly showing. Can't wait to see where it lands!

I've reached the weight of surgery day

So, today, I'm with the same weight that I had on surgery day so most of that insane swelling has gone. I'm still sore, still tender and a lil bit bloated. TMI: Number 2 hasn't left the building since Sunday despite eating papayas and prune regularly. Yesterday I went shopping some midi skirts for work (the weather is hot and there is no way to use pants at all) and surprise: Now I'm a size S. I almost cried.
Started to notice some hard spots in my flanks. Let's see how evolves once I begin with my massages.

Finally seeing some tangible change!

Pre Op vs. Day 7
Still slightly swollen in some spots. I can't believe my eyes. Today I'm very happy LOL.

Tomorrow I go back to work and Tuesday I will remove my stitches and have my first round of lymphatic massage. My stitches are quite reddish and itchy. I've been using Neosporin on them.

Stitches OFF!

Yesterday I went to remove my stitches and have my first session (out of 10) of lymphatic massages with the therapist. I will have done 2x a week to help me with swell and prevent irregularities.

My weight is now stable. I'm 2 pounds lighter than before but the doctor reinforced that I'm still pretty much swollen - specially on lower back, lower abs and flanks. He said that at the 2 months mark is when I will be able to see the most dramatic results. Pain is now minimum, no meds are being necessary since day 5. I still have some localized pain though but super bearable. And that's all for today!

Do you know the last time I tried something like that?

12 freaking years ago!! I'm gonna rock this dress, ladies! SOLD!

2 weeks update

So it has been 2 weeks since my surgery and I feel fine. Still sore though, and with a lot of bumps / edemas on my lower back and at my abs. Today I went for my 3rd section of lymphatic massages and she found a huge bump on my back. Some ice was applied and she massaged vigorously. I moved on to another type of faja - now without zippers (they were digging on my skin). Although it's not as practical and it hurts like hell to put them on, I feel more comfortable with this one.

I'm aware that my entire back is where I had the most insane improvement. Seriously, I feel like another person. But... I'm not happy (yet) with my profile (I'm still bloated) and my front view abs... blame it on my navel that looks terrible bcuz of my piercing scar. I don't know what do do but I know I need to wait my recovery period. Wish my waist was smaller now.

My saddle bags were almost gone completely but my inner thighs are still there so the turkey legs effect remains. I believe the only way to get rid of it for good is through a thigh lift which is kinda sad because I know that comes with a price: the huge scar.

So it's a road full of peaks and valleys. I'm in a valley right now lol. But I'm always reminding myself that the road of recovery is long and tortuous. So for everyone around there on the same boat: stay strong!

I really did not want to post any pics as I'm not feeling good about myself but I think it's also a good to show the not so fabulous side of this process.

New outfit. New waist.

Enjoying some tropical vibes

Update on measurements and new pics

So I went to my nutrologist and here is an before / after on measurements:

Waist before: 32,5
Waist after: 29,9

Hips before: 41,5
Hips after: 38,9

Weight before: 147
Weight after: 139,6
Weight goal: 121

Height 5'2"

He ran a bioimpedancy test and I have at least 1,5 lbs in edema to loose specially on my left leg (saddle bags and flanks) and my torso (abs and back)

He gave me a new zero carb diet to follow during the holidays and some supplements (whey 2x a day + bcaa after lunch)

Here are updated photos from this morning!

I forgot to post the baaaaaack

Hahahah baby got a nice round one!

Almost a month!

And I was able to find some "very honest" photo from my before. So yes, the surgery was super worth it but I haven't idea about how bad I was looking. I can see that I was always sucking my belly in to pose for my before photos, trying to find angles that I wasn't that bad but the truth is: I was in a very ugly shape. And now I see how much improvement I have. Of course I want more (I know I can look better than this) and I will def go for it.

I still have swelling and some huge hard spots on my flanks and back. My belly has some too specially the lower abdomen. The therapist says it's normal... I'm having lymph massages 2 a week. The pain right now resumes on some spots, it's very localized and now it's sharp and stingy.

I still don't like my belly much. My navel is horrendous and there is some loose skin but I hope it retracts.

I'm very anxious to start my exercise routines. I think I will have good results with weight training and running. Tomorrow is my 1 mo appt and I will ask about it.


1 month update

Some before and after for this mark!

Overall, I'm super happy with my liposculpture. My figure has improve a lot! The procedure was 100% worth it.

2 month update!

And I feel fine!

Almost no pain - just a little tenderness in my back but when I'm grabbed through my flanks it hurts like a sting! This is some sensitive area that some people feels more than others. Swelling is almost gone completely.

I have some few irregularities (small lumps) in my belly, back and inner thigh. I took a decision to keep my lymph massages 2x a week. I had a break during the holidays and I noticed that was when the lumps became to be more visible.

It's no longer mandatory. I use only when I feel bloated.

Since the beginning of my weight loss journey (July/2016) I managed to lost 14 kgs (30.8 lbs). 10 kgs were lost prior the surgery and 4 kgs after. I still have 4 kgs to reach my goal but I need to decrease my % of body fat (I'm at 30% and I want to go to 18%).

Now the plans are to go back to the gym to grow some muscle. I definitely have some flabby areas that need attention after the lipo such as tights, abs and butt. But that was something already expected.

I uploaded some images to show my progress. Unfortunately I couldn't compile all the front and back views but you can have an idea by the others (mild swelling at 1 month and almost zero at month 2)

The journey is harsh but super worthy. I'm insanely happy and I know that with a consistent exercise routine I will reach even greater results. To all my ladies out there: keep it strong! And for the ones that are facing the harsh road to recovery: happy healing!

What I had and what I've got!

The OFFICIAL photos from before, taken 20 days prior the surgery. It's SCARY. I don't remember to look that bad at all. So this is the proof that it was 100% worth it! I was looking forward to take the "official" after photos but I had an emergency surgery last week to remove my gallbladder so my belly and belly button are in a total wreck right. The recovery takes a long time, almost 3 months, where I will be bloated and with total restrictions to exercises. I feel so disappointed...

The pictures from the previous update

3rd tentative

Photos didn't upload at all!!!!

3rd tentative

Photos didn't upload at all!!!!

I feel odd

My body is going through a lot ups and downs. Dunno exactly what's causing that but it ain't weight gain since I was able even to drop more weight. My belly and thighs looks kinda worse that it was. I'm happy with the overall outcome but not as happy as I was when I hit 2 month mark. I still don't feel comfortable using a bikini.

Updates from the front!

So it has been quite a while since I shared my last update with photos but I must confess that I got very depressed after I had my gallbladder removed through a robotic surgery through my belly button. The main point was having minimal scarring but my bb was simply botched! The stitches were so deep that I got a bulge and an indentation right above it. I simply can't take it. I can't look in the mirror and be happy with my results anymore.

I shared my concerns with my plastic surgeon and he got very upset with the way my bb was sutured. He will address this issue some date around September - when I'm planning to have a breast lift and a couple of lipo touch ups. BUT... we discussed the possibility of a TT. He said it was super doable, that I wouldn't need to suck my belly ever again. But I might have a tiny vertical scar right in the middle of the horizontal one due not having enough skin to pull my "old" bb until its removal. So I don't know if I should go with another round of lipo (and risk to have more lumpiness and sagginess - but no scarring) or if a should decide to have a TT and deal with the scarring but also gaining a flat and smooth tummy.

I haven't gain any weight, my fat % is around 30 (|(same old) I'm eating healthy (Paleo / Low Carb / Fasting diet) and no exercises so far. I'm kinda lazy.

Well. What do you think? Anyone here has gone through the same questions that I'm having?!

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