Liposculpture for a mom of 2

So I'm from Brasil and joined realself a long time...

So I'm from Brasil and joined realself a long time ago... I always dreamt to have lipo done in order to bring back my hourglass figure. I lost count of how many hours I spent here browsing and supporting another women through comments. Got myself thinking ~lots of times~ about "how is it going to be when the person going under a procedure is me?" And now I know how it feels: so good and so scaring at the same time! Lol.
I have gone under so many non invasive procedures in the past: most were effective (but not as much as I needed the to be) but one had a really bad outcome: coolsculpting (you can take a look at my review in my profile). Long story short I had developed paradoxical hyperplasia (the fat gets bigger instead of dying) on the spots I have treated (upper abs) and the only way to get rid of it it's through liposuction. So after 2 years the treatment and a second pregnancy in between I have booked my surgery for November.
I will have flanks, upper and lower abdomen and back done. I'm not quite sure but my inner thighs and arm are spots that I'm not happy with but I'm afraid to ruin the results of other areas as well for being too much for one single surgery.

My pre surgery appointment with the doctor will be in the next few weeks. I'm super excited!
I'm uploading some images in order to give you an idea from where I'm coming. Hope to go pretty far in this journey!

Before and After (simulation)

I've gain some extra pounds last days

And here are the results. Ugh. I'm so anxious for the surgery and this triggers my compulsive eating mode. And there is more: I'm not drinking enough water and what happens when you do that? You get bloated. Yes, I'm feeling like a ballon. Need to know how to deal with this.

1st appointment with doctor

Yesterday I went to the doctors office to talk about the surgery and get everything photographed. What we agreed on was to have my back, flanks, full abdomen, inner and outer thighs and fat transfer to my buttocks.

He was pretty much straightforward: because of 2 pregnancies my skin has lost firmness and -with a lipo being perform - this could be more evident. So that would be a indication for tummy tuck but he feels that I'm not ready to have a huge scar on my body. So we will lipo everything and if I'm not satisfied with the results in 8 months we can discuss the TT.

Showed him my simulation and he said that can make me look even better but again emphasized the extra skin issue. I will not lie that I got a little bit worried... so I have booked with another 3 doctors for different opinions.

I want to do the right thing.

More to come.

Doctor N.2

I went to get a second opinion. Both doctors agreed on the spots I should have lipo performed but when it comes to Tummy Tuck this one was very emphatic: "you don't have enough skin between your belly button and your pubis". So that statement made me question which doctor should I go under procedure with.

The first one said that he would lipo the hell of my abdomen. The second one said that would not be so aggressive since deformities might occur when doing that.

I'm super lost right now.

Plastic Surgeon Simulation App

Because I'm addicted to it haha!
José Carlos Sora Carrasco

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