Coolsculping Disaster

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I have 31 yo and my body changed completely after...

I have 31 yo and my body changed completely after my pregnancy. I diet and exercise regularly, I already dropped 20 lbs but my figure wont change for nothing. I used to be curvy and now I feel like spongebob. My hips are the area where I have the biggest fat deposit of my body and I'm fully aware that only a lipo can fix that. After that comes the abdomen and arms. I'm giving a last chance for a non invasive procedure before going to something more radical on my abdomen.

Talking with my dermatologist, I decided to give a chance for coolsculpting on my upper and lower abs because I'm afraid of have an unenven stomach with lipo procedure. I had my first session 4 days ago (03/06) and we decided to test it on my upper abs first to see how my body respond to the treatment.

We used 2 small applicators, one at a time. They first placed the applicator with the only the suction on, in order to have me prepared to what was about to come.
The amount of fat that thing sucked it was quite impressive. Regarding the feeling, I can't really tell that was pain. It was a bunch of things combined: the fact that I was not able to take a deep breath (I think it was because of the diafragma) made me super nervous. This was by far the one thing that I HATED during the treatment. It was uncomfortable, but bearable. Once I was "familiarized" with the sensation, they turned on the cooling and, with that, the burning feeling began. 10 minutes has passed and the numbness arrived. From that moment on I only had to deal with the shallow breaths and the uncomfortable feeling of being stuck in the same position for 50 minutes. The next side took one hour more, but I was more relaxed. I had less fat at the second side too so I think that why the procedure was more tolerable.

The massage after the removal of the applicator was the ugliest moment ever: 1st thing, it looks gross. 2nd thing, you skin starts to warm up again and with that comes the pain and the tingling. It will be annoying for a couple minutes until you get used to.

I went to work right after the procedure. I didn't need to take any meds so far, and I'm at day 4. The pain is quite tolerable and when it gets worse I'm using and ice pack for relief. I'm having zero trouble to sleep and the worst part of all, right now, are the itching attacks. I can't run because of soreness and numbness. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a masseuse. God help me.

I will keep you posted about my progress. As soon as I got my before pics I will be sharing with you too.

1 month update

Coolsculpt made a difference. Not huge but enough to be noticed. When I pinch my upper ab, the fat portion is smaller than before and when I sit my belly folds in a different way. I feel that I lost more fat one side than the other and when I lay down I can notice a small dent where the applicators where overlapped. Something awkward: I'm feeling more hungry than before. Like cravings for junk food. I don't know if this is a response of my body trying to recover the lost of the fat cells or if I'm just anxious. If anyone has experienced the same I would be glad to know. Regarding pain and numbness: both are completely gone. The first fade away at week 3 and second one at week 4. Hope to see more improvements during these 30 days left.

Coolsculpting - The bad side of it

So, I was one of the lucky ones who got a lump instead of results on the place that I treated (upper abs). The area is bigger than before. One side bigger than the other.
When I lay down it feels that I now have something that shouldn't be there. The fat also feels different than before, more thick than used to be. My doctor is now giving me free sessions of Maximus and Exilis to see if we can fix this thing out without liposuction, but I'm not buying it.

I couldn't regret more.

Before and After (Lumps)

I will try to recover my before and after w/ the doctor to post here, but these are the images that I have right now to share with you.

Lipo needed.

So - after all this time and a pregnancy - I came back here to share the latest related to my experience with Coolsculpting.

I was diagnosed with paradoxical hyperplasia back in September 2014. I would get all my expenses to fix the problem covered (liposuction) but in October I discovered that I was pregnant with my 2nd child. So all the plans were put on hold. My doctor still got taking pictures to see how the area would evolve during the pregnancy. So in June my son was born but I had the plan to breastfeed him until at least a year so I wouldn't get a Lipo for a while (and I also wanted to lost the extra pounds from the pregnancy).

So now I started the process to get this Lipo done. I will keep you posted about the arrangements and also about my weight loss routine.

Today's photos

So I have been dieting like crayyyyy to be at least decent for when the surgery day comes. Updated some actual photos! Front view is not that ugly (beside my hips that I HATE and my belly button that got real messed up after 2 pregnancies) but when you take a side view things get real nasty and my lumpy upper abs more noticeable.

My 1st official appointment for the surgery is only at 10/20 so I still have time. I'm trying to eat healthy and will begin (again) to exercise. The only tip doc gave me through phone is to keep it up with skin hydration. I will keep updating this post until the surgery countdown!

Coolsculpting bulge removed

Yesterday I had my lipo and doctors confirmed that the consistency / aspect of this fat is way different from regular ones. It was way tougher to break it / remove it.
So beware, dolls. Don't do this procedure.
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She is the sweetest person ever and an exceptional doctor, from start to finish. Her team is making everything possible to fix the problem that Zeltiq's Coolsculpting created.

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