TT, Lipo, BBL by Dr. Tania Medina - Dominican Republic

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I am very, very anxious about all of this. I'm at...

I am very, very anxious about all of this. I'm at a steady weight of 189. I may lose a few pounds before the surgery, not sure yet. I have confirmed my date, and paid my deposit with Dr. Medina. I will arrive in the DR 2 days before the surgery and leave 12 days after the surgery.
What I am expecting is all of this damn fat sucked out of my midsection, back, flanks, and thighs, an awesome abdominoplasty with hardly any scar, and a realistic derrière. I don't want to leave the people in my life as what I look like in photos only to return with a size 25 waist and a super big booty. No bueno.

I'm a hairdresser and need to be back in the salon after 3 weeks. So I hope I heal awesomely and with the quickness. Upon going back to work, I won't over do it though.

All in all, I am excited as I don't know what. I've wanted a flat stomach for over 10 years. My stomach is where all of my weight goes first, and that area is the last to lose weight.


I just started taking vitamins- Mega Foods Blood Builder and their Ultra C vitamins. They were on the pricy side, but I don't care about that part. I just want the best. I'm trying to cut down on the carbs, too. 8 weeks to go...

I Gained 6 pounds. Dammit!!

I'm so mad. I've been so busy grinding it out at work in preparation for my surgery at the end of November that I haven't watched what I've been eating. I've been taking my vitamins, but I've gained weight because of the foods I've been eating on the go. A lot of take- out, Chipotle, bread, etc., and I haven't been eating breakfast either. Sigh. My BMI is a 34. I'm pissed!! I need to lose a few pounds before my surgery, which is right near Thanksgiving. I'm not for fad diets, because they don't work. I wonder if I should just clean up what I'm eating and see how things work out. I don't want to lose a bunch of weight in one month and not be able to keep it up after the surgery, which may mean me gaining the weight back after spending thousands of dollars for these procedures... Hmmm... I guess I have a few things to think about!

How Do I Sleep!?!

For anyone that has had a TT and BBL, how did you sleep?


OMG I can't believe I only have 1 week left until my surgery!! I'm not nervous at all though. I'm ready!! We leave on Monday, Nov 21st. I have all of my supplies, except for compression socks. I need to get a pair or two of them from Target. All in all, I've saved up my coinage and everything is a go. It may sound crazy, but I'm trying to lose 2-3 pounds by next week. I gained some stress weight and need to get rid of it.
I got a condo in downtown Santo Domingo- really posh, through Airbnb. That sucker is all brand new, one bedroom, two beds, and it was just $67/ night. My partner is going with me, and my brother is coming a few days later. After the surgery though, I'll be staying at My Home Recovery for about 3 days, then I'm going back to the condo.

I'm here!! Surgery in the morning!

Hey everyone,

I arrived in Santo Domingo yesterday. Dr. Medina's driver, George picked myself and my friend up from the airport. Afterward, he took us to the CECILIP clinic. Very nice, fancy space. They also have an armed guard sitting at the front door, I guess because of the amount of cash that comes through here.
Upon arrival, I sat down with Dr. Medina's assistant, Loren to go over exactly what I wanted done and to pay for the services, insurance, driver, etc. that was all an easy process. Lauren spoke English as did George, the driver. I got my bloodwork done and George took us to our condo in downtown Santo Domingo. He and Loren said I'll return to the clinic in the morning for my X rays.

Next morning (today), I get a whatsapp message from Loren saying George will arrive at 11a to bring me back to the clinic to get the X- rays. I messaged Loren at 12 and said George hadn't arrived. Pretty much they miscommunicated and George was supposed to pick me up at 3. He arrived to me at 4:30, which pissed me off because they held up my entire day and wasted my time thinking George was going to arrive when he wasn't. Myself and my friend went to Applebee's (because it was quick, lol), and the supermarket and that's all we were able to do with the time frames they gave me.

So, I'm in my room in the CECILIP, waiting for someone to take me to get my X- rays done. I still haven't met Medina.

The room is visually nice. Nicely furnished, but it doesn't necessarily feel clean. It has a modern look to it but doesn't really feel sterile or 100% dust free. Who knows... I had to clean the phone off to use it, and again, while modern, the furniture looks a bit worn. The staff seem helpful. No hablo español, so we'll see how it goes when I have to communicate with them.

I still can't believe I'm in the DR to get plastic surgery. Surreal!!

Pain!!!! The pain is horrible!!!

Hola ladies. I'm writing this at 5a Saturday morning. I got my procedures done on this past Wednesday. I'm sitting in the bathroom at the recovery house, My Home Recovery, on a blue plastic blow-up donut. I've been laying down on and off all day and I need to sit up to let more fluid drain.
Thursday and Friday I was in so much pain it was unbearable. I finally went to the doctor yesterday for a check up because of the pain. I took Tramadol (50mg) first, that did nothing. Then I took Hydrocodone (5-325) and that did nothing. Thennn, my rookie gave me a Tylenol 3 (with codine) and that did nothing!! Can you believe that?! So, finally I went to Dr Medina's office and she gave me 2 pills and a damn shot for the pain. She said what she gave me was common for cancer patients in extreme pain. Whoa. It worked but I was hella dizzy and out of it.
After the clinic visit, I went to the hyperbaric oxygen place to get my second oxygen treatment. Dr Medina says I need it, but I don't know. Most doctors on here say there's no sound evidence that those treatments do anything to speed up healing. She said I needed it because I have some black and blue scars on my back and she was afraid of skin necrosis. Skin necrosis is when the tissue dies, but from what I read, that's only common if you're a smoker, your surgeon messed up, or you have circulatory problems. None of those criteria fit me. Plus the treatments are $150 for 1.5 hrs, which is pretty expensive for something that doesn't have an evidence to back the claim that Medina is saying. The room where the chamber is is absolutely freezing, probably 58-60 degrees. Inside the chamber itself it's also cold. The first time I did it, when it was time to come out I could hardly move and I was sobbing because of how much pain I was in because of how cold it was in there. I complained to Dr Medina and she said I needed the treatments and she'd have them give me a blanket next time. I wish someone could tell me why the hell its so cold and that's ok for my body after getting muscle repair and heavy surgery. Wouldn't it be better for me to be in a warmer temperature to make my body relax??
About the recovery house, I really like it. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They even made thanksgiving dinner for us, since most of us are from the states.
Yesterday, I also got a fever, but the staff (doctors and nurses) were able to get it down.
Ok let me go. I'll try to upload some photos tomorrow. Honestly, I'm in so much pain I haven't even had a chance to see my body. At this point, I don't care, I just want this damn pain gone.


Here are a few photos. I'll upload more when I can get someone to take some


I'll upload more later when I have someone to take some photos


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Thus far, the communication has been patchy but consistent. It's difficult to go through this process and not be able to meet the surgeon before booking with them. Dr. Medina answered all of my questions and responded within a few hours after I contacted her. I contacted a few other doctors with high reviews, but I was most impressed with Dr. Medina.

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