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I came to santo Domingo to check the clinic and to...

I came to santo Domingo to check the clinic and to have a meet and greet with dr.tania medina because I wanted to meet her. I wanted to see if the facility was clean and good and I wanted to ask her face to face questions and concerns I had about having a tummy tuck and possibly a bbl. I have to say the faculty is beautiful and clean. I was nervous because this is the first step to my dream body. So let me start by saying what happend during the consultation. As I waited she passed by and said hey to me. I waited about 4 mor minutes and then Laura her assistant called me in to her office which is a little small. But that's ok. Then she asked me my age my name number etc. she also ask if I drink, take medication and such. So after answering the questions she said how may I help you with a smile on her face. I said I really want a tummy tuck and maybe a bbl. she said ok can I see you? I took off my shirt and pants and told her how I wanted to get a tummy tuck because after having my daughter I had saggy skin. She grabbed my tummy the extra skin and I proceeded to tell her how I exsecised and lost weight but the skin didn't become tight it just got more wrinkles. She said oh yeah the same thing happens to me. Then she showed me her tummy which was so cute and flat. I said who did your tummy tuck thinking in my mind is it possible she did that to herself. Lol . She told me her mother did it for her and I was like wow that's so cool. So she told me this I was happy knowing that she has much experience of she grew up with a mother educated in the same field. Next she looked at my butt. She said how my bbl wouldn't be big and I said I just want to to be round. I want my butt to fit my body and something no to big. She said that I don't have a lot of fat on my flanks and stomach so she will make my butt rounder with the fat that I do have. If I gain weight my bbl will be bigger of course. I do have fat on my stomach so I asked her can you take the fat from my stomach for the bbl also and she said yes but there's not much fat there. After that her assistant Laura came in with the details about the prices. The procedure for me will cost 4,500$. Plus 150 for insurance and 25$ for the first massage. Laura has her body done by medina also and a lot of her assistants who work for her show off her work. Their bodies are really nice medina did a great job on them and I'm excited for her to work her magic on me. I really want a flat stomach again with smooth skin. I'm very happy that she is a perfect fit for me. I also asked Laura about her experience with the pain after having a bbl and she told me that she sat on a bobby pillow and that she had discomfort for a week and then she was ok. I complimented her and she also let me touch the gummie silicone breast implant. But I don't want to get that done I'm just curious and I like to do my research. She told me that I did't have to make my deposit right there on the spot I could any time and my quote will me the same.

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Just bought my supplies for surgery this may. Will show what I got when it is delivered can't wait!
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