Almonte Doll FEB 8th 2017 - Dominican Republic, DO

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I came to santo Domingo to check the clinic and to...

I came to santo Domingo to check the clinic and to have a meet and greet with dr.tania medina because I wanted to meet her. I wanted to see if the facility was clean and good and I wanted to ask her face to face questions and concerns I had about having a tummy tuck and possibly a bbl. I have to say the faculty is beautiful and clean. I was nervous because this is the first step to my dream body. So let me start by saying what happend during the consultation. As I waited she passed by and said hey to me. I waited about 4 mor minutes and then Laura her assistant called me in to her office which is a little small. But that's ok. Then she asked me my age my name number etc. she also ask if I drink, take medication and such. So after answering the questions she said how may I help you with a smile on her face. I said I really want a tummy tuck and maybe a bbl. she said ok can I see you? I took off my shirt and pants and told her how I wanted to get a tummy tuck because after having my daughter I had saggy skin. She grabbed my tummy the extra skin and I proceeded to tell her how I exsecised and lost weight but the skin didn't become tight it just got more wrinkles. She said oh yeah the same thing happens to me. Then she showed me her tummy which was so cute and flat. I said who did your tummy tuck thinking in my mind is it possible she did that to herself. Lol . She told me her mother did it for her and I was like wow that's so cool. So she told me this I was happy knowing that she has much experience of she grew up with a mother educated in the same field. Next she looked at my butt. She said how my bbl wouldn't be big and I said I just want to to be round. I want my butt to fit my body and something no to big. She said that I don't have a lot of fat on my flanks and stomach so she will make my butt rounder with the fat that I do have. If I gain weight my bbl will be bigger of course. I do have fat on my stomach so I asked her can you take the fat from my stomach for the bbl also and she said yes but there's not much fat there. After that her assistant Laura came in with the details about the prices. The procedure for me will cost 4,500$. Plus 150 for insurance and 25$ for the first massage. Laura has her body done by medina also and a lot of her assistants who work for her show off her work. Their bodies are really nice medina did a great job on them and I'm excited for her to work her magic on me. I really want a flat stomach again with smooth skin. I'm very happy that she is a perfect fit for me. I also asked Laura about her experience with the pain after having a bbl and she told me that she sat on a bobby pillow and that she had discomfort for a week and then she was ok. I complimented her and she also let me touch the gummie silicone breast implant. But I don't want to get that done I'm just curious and I like to do my research. She told me that I did't have to make my deposit right there on the spot I could any time and my quote will me the same.

Wish pic

More wish pics

Just bought my supplies for surgery this may. Will show what I got when it is delivered can't wait!


Spent about 140$ on the supplies for the tt n bbl.


Bobby pillow
Soap etc

What I would like to look like after medina does her work on me!

Surgery simulator, my wish pics to get a sense of what I want to look like.

Ultimate wish pics

Selena has the best body in my eyes god bless her soul. She was beautiful inside and out. I want a body like hers .

Changing doctors to become ALMONTE DOLL

So I've decided to look into another doctor for one cheaper price, 2 medina or her assistants had stopped responding to me and 3 looking for more better results. Medina is a great doctor however she wasn't responding so I figured if she wasn't responding now what if I ran into a problem in the future and she didn't respond. So I looked in to Almonte and her work is great I'd have to say that her bbls are better then medina because she makes them bigger medina requires you to do 2 rounds Almonte I feel like I only need to do one depending on ur fat level. (How much fat you have.) I feel happy that her assistant is answering all my questions because I'm looking into doing surgery sooner then may I'm trying to get my surgery done in February! So I need a doctor that will answer me asap or an assistant. Heard a lot of good things about Lesley I hope they are true. But she is very good at communicating. Can't wait to get the tt, bbl and lipo planning on staying a whole month in Santo Domingo. I'm praying for all to go well just have to save up a lil more money and I'll be there.

Feeling sad because I want my surgery already

Feeling so sad u want my surgery already. I thought after having a baby my body would snap back because I'm young but no it didn't sadly. Don't have all the surgery money yet so I'm down:( I want this to happen already . More wish pics !

This how my stomach look saggy wrinkle Ugly

Hey ladies this is so sad I hate my stomach and this is why I'm 22 and only have one baby. My appearance doesn't look like 22 I don't look youthful and my stomach close up you can see the wrinkles. Doctors say tt will make my skin tight and smooth. Lipo on the flanks. I cry sometimes cause I feel so ugly. Crying now cause it's horrible. It look like a monster or something.

Sendind deposit for Almonte

Wish pic

Heading over to DR to get this body snatched....

Heading over to DR to get this body snatched. Hoping i can find a Buddy. Im in Ny trying to buy my flight this month and sending deposit this month!! Whoah HOOOOAh ! Been stalking Fatima Almonte for a while after trying to communicate with Medina was a fail. So i haven't meet Almonte but i know I'm going to be seeing her really soon!

I think I gained some weight

Happy Thanksgiving!Hey ladies I think I gained weight. Imma post some photos of me in my jeans. Non touched photos. My belly I think looks bigger but in clothes not very noticeable especially in black.

Deposit sent

I have butterflies in my stomach it's really happening sent my deposit now looking at my flight . Surgery set for February 8th. With Almonte.


Omg I'm super excited my flight is booked. I will be staying in dr for 1 month because I want to make sure I heal properly and I have family over there that will take care of me however I will be staying in a RH for a week . Can't wait 2 months and I'll be in dr receiving my dream body.


Current weight 154
BMI IS 23.41
Checked hemo still waiting for the land to come back and let me know
Doctor says I'm healthy everything is a go!


So I got my first CBC test to check my hemo level and right now it's at a 12.4 I'm also in my menstrual so maybe when I'm no longer on it it will go higher however I will now start my iron supplements to see it it goes up I want to have it at 14.

Some cost

Supplies came out to 200$

Doing research how to reduce swelling

Here are some things you can do to help.
Tips to Reduce Swelling.
Hydration. Drink plenty of water during your recovery after tummy tuck! ...
Proper Diet. Healing takes good nutrition. ...
Watch Your Sodium Intake. ...
Appropriate Activity. ...
Tissue Massage. ...
Lymphatic Massage. ...

Choosing My Home recovery house

Serenity2 didn't have my dates available so I'm choosing my home recovery I saw that they have hospital beds and that's something I really need since I'm getting a bbl and a tummy tuck. I'm sending in deposit today which is 225$. I'm staying there for 7 nights and the rest of my recovery I'm going to stay in my families house.

Wish wish wish

Wishing phase .so excited can't wait. My fiancé said I can't believe your not scared to do this . And I said why would I be scared of feeling beautiful again. Though I know there are risk I'm not scared. Can't live in fear. I believe in god and I pray that all will go well. I'm preparing with my doctor to make sure hemo is great. But I want to look feel beautiful again and love my body. I want to look in the mirror and smile. And when we have sex I don't want to hide my body. I want to feel confident and I want my pants to fit lol. I had a dream of how my tummy tuck looked. It was a good dream I've been having dreams and now it's 2 months away I know time goes by so fast. I'm just praying and wishing that everything goes beyond great. And to all the lady's who shared ur experience thank you so much you are truly amazing and strong ??

Tips I found from another doll very helpful

Some tips to help others. Helped me a lot .

How big I hope my bootie looks

With only 1 months and like 24 days left Im just thinking how big I really want it. I hope Fatima does a beautiful job on my body. I'm counting down the days and taking my multi vitamins and going to the doctor again this week to check my hemo and see if it went up hope its 13 this time.


14.2 update

Packing and getting ready

Just organizing and checking what I still need.

What I used to get my hemo up in 2 weeks from 12.4 to 14.2

I spent a lot of money of folic acid and iron pills when all I needed was this multi vitamins is brings 100 pills. They are kind of big but they work very well and have everything u need. Just 1 pill a day this bottle last 3 months for just 7-9$. Is really cheap. I started taking my vitamins 2 months prior to my surgery day because I want to make sure my hemo went up intime. I didn't know it was gonna go up really quickly that's why I started to take it now. U can schedule with ur pcp and tell them about ur surgery and that u want to check ur hemo periodically to make sure ur hemo is going up and ur vitamins are doing their job. I told the pcp that I wanted my visit to check the hemo. That how I did it . I hope it is easy for you too. Because hemo is really important especially if your getting more then one procedure. Women died from low hemo.

Wish belly button

I would love my belly button to come out like this

I found out what laterals are and I want them.

I want laterals I think they look great on women who have them and make you look more curvy!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Saw her in person but not going with her because she wasn't responding to me when I asked questions and so I'm changing my doctor. to become almonte doll so excited everything is set.

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