New pic 7weeks post op. Dr. Robles :0) TT/lipo Feb 18th 2013 - Santo Domingo

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Ive officially chosen Dr. Robles for my TT/lipo....

Ive officially chosen Dr. Robles for my TT/lipo. Robles is in Santo Domingo. I will be updating weekly as my surgery will this March. Im super excited. I had my breast done in NY in 2005. I have started to buy my necessities

1. 3 summer dresses
2. cotton tank tops
3. wipes (both body and feminine)
4. 100% cotton underwear
5. flip flops and sneakers (already have)
6. wash cloths
7. pads
8. Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush n paste, deodorant, brush, lotion, chap stick)
9. Hand sanitizer
10. pack of white tshirts (just for comfort)

left to buy

incentive spirometer
anti embolism thigh high socks
anti bacterial soap
Mosqueta rose oil
draw string pants

Ive already started taking my vitamins, B-complex, folic acid, vitamin c, and iron.

Ive been following a lot of other journeys on Realself and thought I should share my story as well. I hope its helpful :0)

A little about me: Ive always been a thin girl. But after my third child I just feel like my stomach is ever going to look the same.. Ive done the Insanity work out before after my second child, and loved my results. I tried it again after my last child and didnt get any where close to where I would like to be. I only weigh 133 lbs and Im slim in every other part of my body except my belly.. It just doesnt feel right to me.. My sisters think Im crazy for wanting work done but at the end of the day its ME that needs to be happy.. My husband is very supportive of my decision to have surgery. He has lots of family in Santo Domingo so he doesnt have a problem with me traveling so far. So my journey begins here :0)

Im waiting for the status of my passport and I'll be on my way :0)

Ok so I picked up a few things. I don't have time...

Ok so I picked up a few things. I don't have time to order and start taking the VitaMedica recovery program so I picked up the part that is important for after surgery and healing. I posted a pic.. The arnica is sublingual and cost $13.99, the Bromelain was like $9. And the mosqueta rose oil was $10. The rose oil is much smaller than I thought :0(. But hey I need it..
I'm going this weekend to pick up a light weight luggage... Yei. Almost done...

Ok so I haven't picked up the anti embolism high...

Ok so I haven't picked up the anti embolism high high socks yet or the antibacterial soap. Ggrrrrrr I'm so last minute. Anyway I'm officially scheduled.. Yei!! Lol. Does anyone know if getting waxed is a good idea before I leave?? I really don't want to have to deal with shaving while over there. Thanx :0)

Over the weekend I bought my robe, more yoga pants...

Over the weekend I bought my robe, more yoga pants (but a size bigger for the extra comfort, and my luggage.. All I need is my anti embolisim socks and incentive spirometer.. COunting down the days now :0))

My passport arrived today!!! I'm officially on my...

My passport arrived today!!! I'm officially on my way.
Passport, plane ticket, and surgery scheduled !! I'm ready!! I still have to pick up my atni embolism thigh highs. Everything else is done!! Yei me :0)

I'm here!!!! The flight felt like it took two...

I'm here!!!! The flight felt like it took two days to get here lol. It was only 4hrs tho .. I was a bit annoyed at the airport because I had to wait 1 hr n a half for other girls to arrive. But once it was explained to me I understood completely.. I was just really nervous about sitting there with all that money on me.. Anyway the two other girls for there a while later and we all drove to the clinic where we will be staying for the next two days..

The CECIP is really nice... I'm in a room for one and the two other ladies are bunking together in a double room cause they requested it. I stoke to Laura about everything I had concerns about which we addressed together with Dr.Robles. She is super nice and put my nerves at ease ..
My surgery is in the morning and I'm super excited. :0).

Ow and I just got my blood taken a few minutes ago and dinner was brought to my room!!

Until tomorrow !! :0)

My surgery was yesterday. Ooh boy. Not really sure...

My surgery was yesterday. Ooh boy. Not really sure what to say. Dr. Robles and her assistants are great!! The staff at the CECIP are very nice as well. It's clean and cozy as well
My surgery was at 4 pm yesterday but u didn't come to until like12:30am this morning.
I know they say beauty is pain. But wtf!!! It's not really pain but a sore all over feeling. Like u got beat with a bat. Lol. Ok not really funny tho this IV hurts like hell n this drain makes me angry. Lol taking a deep breath is hard too..

Dr Robles just came in and changed my dressings and put a girdle on me (not pleasant at all) she is, but not the process of changing ur dressings. I'm exhausted to I'm going back to sleep now. I think in being taken back to the recovery house later today. Soooo not looking forward to making that trip.

Toodles for now :0)

Post-op day 2 Omg!! I vomited last night. I...

Post-op day 2

Omg!! I vomited last night. I thought I was gona rip my stitched. This is way harder than I though. My back is killing me from having to hunch over all day. The best thing to do is just sit.. Lol. I'm sharing a room with another lady that had surgery the same day did.. Our rooms have air conditioning but downstairs living area doesn't. Owe and upstairs my iPhone isn't getting the wifi connection (super annoying). All I'm saying is that my results better be worth all of this!! >:/.

The food Virginia and Brenda makes is pretty good.. I really don't like that I have to drink so many liquids. I'm getting nauseous all over again. .. I don't know. Maybe I'm just being a cry baby. Lol. This drain thing is the only thing that hurts on me. Everything else is just sore
Toodles for now

Still post op day2 Just ate lunch. Food is...

Still post op day2

Just ate lunch. Food is super good.. But I have to tell u ladies.. Don't stuff ur face!! U'lljust end up vomiting it all up. Take ur time n eat slow. All of the juices they serve a all natural, yummy to some and ewwyy to others. Lol. I still don't really feel any pain just from the drain and sore all over. Ur not suppose to stand up strait so my back is killing me. Ill post picks soon.. :0)

Post op day 3 So last night I got my back...

Post op day 3

So last night I got my back drained, EWWW!! I empty my front drain about 3 times daily and my back is suppose to get drain the same amount of times. When I woke up this morning I could barely get up. With the lack of sleep I got last night and the pain this morning. I just didn't want to get up.. I just have to say.... This is nasty and I'm sore all over. Gggrrrrrr. Honestly I would not do this all over again.. Maybe I'm being a cry baby but this sucks!!!!

I'm suppose to see the doctor today. Ill keep u posted on how that goes.

Owe and someone asked about pills, if the doctor provides them. Yes she does provide a regimen. But if u have a low blood count when surgery is over u will have to PURCHASE extra shots. I had to buy 4 totaling $4,000 PESOS. Which is like 80$ American dollars. For some reason they aren't letting me take my arnica or bremoline Not sure why. But what ever

Another thing. Change ur money at the NY airport.. They only charge u $9.99 for changing under $500. For example I change 150$ American dollars and got back $5000 pesos.. I heard its more expensive when u do it in Santo Domingo ..

Still post op day 3 i guess lol I had my surgery...

Still post op day 3 i guess lol
I had my surgery on monday feb 18th.. I saw the doctor today, she took off all of my dressings and checked everything out. She said everything is looking great!! Yei ME!! but Im still super sore all of the bruising on my back is gone ut it still feels numb but sore.. its kinda hard to explain.. she cleaned all of my incisions and retaped them up.. she also gave me a muscle relaxer because my back is killing me.. oww and I had to take two more shots at the clinic (iron shots) they are suppose to make u heal faster.. hope it works
Oww and when they say that u have to drink lots of liquids, they are not playing.. all this water and juice makes me nauseous..

I honestly cant wait to get home, I miss my babies n my husband sooooo much.. I really think that this is the hardest part...

I'll post a little later...

Post op day 4 I woke up feeling good today....

Post op day 4

I woke up feeling good today. Back still hurts when I stand for too long but the drain isn't being a pain in the ass today. It gave me he'll last night. The swelling in my hand from the IV has gone down almost completely. They use really big needles here. I had breakfast about 9am with my meds. Then lunch at about 1pm.. I also got my back drained, it doesn't hurt... The pressure actually feels good. Lol. I'm not wearing my sports bra today cause Robles told me that its too constricting. Once I took it off I knew exactly what she meant. Lol I could breath easier. Lol

Something funny ; I encounter a small lizard in the bathroom. Needless to say I freaked out. I was on the phone with my husband, he was laughing at me, and screeched like a school girl.. It was blocking the door. So as I tried to step o we it to ran towards me ( I screamed again) and ran out of the bathroom. Here I am with my dress up and hunched over trying to run. At the time it wasn't funny but I can laugh about it now. Lol.

So I'm going to continue reading my book.. (You all should definitely bring one) ill post a bit later. :0)

I had sugery on Monday so I think technically this...

I had sugery on Monday so I think technically this is post op day 6

I think ive been posting a day behind••

So I woke up today feeling good.. walking a bit more upright.. I was able to wash up on my own. After breakfast Virginia cleaned my drain and had to push it in. Omg!!!!! Super painful and weird feeling!!! But over all I'm feeling pretty good. No serious complaints ill tell u tho... don't know what I would have done without Virignia being here... the house is always clean and the food is always on time. Joanna does the cleaning and food. But Virgina takes care of us!! Shes the best!!!

This girdle is very tight. But they say the tighter the better..... my drain has been practically empty yesterday and today. That means it should be coming out soon.

My advice is drink lots of pineapple juice. Its regenerative and helps ur body.
rid of the extra liquid. I learner that from Dr.Oz. lol but it works. I cant wait to be able stand up straight :0) ill post later

Ive been trying my best to walk around today.....

Ive been trying my best to walk around today.. exercise my legs. And stretch out my back a bit...

Not sure if I mentioned it before but ill get into detail with the kind of surgery I had on Monday.... I had a yummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of my back, flanks and on the side of my boons...

I have to say my boobs. Look huge. I mean I'm a D cup but gosh. I'm sure my husband is gonna like this look. Lol. I sent him a picture and hes like Omg!!! U didn't do anything to ur boobs right??!!?? Lol. My answer; heck no. Too much pain already lmao the doctor did tell me that they would look bigger because of the lipo ... yei me!! Lmao. That was my perk of the day :0)

Still post op day 6 My back is killing me.. I...

Still post op day 6

My back is killing me.. I tried to nap but couldn't. Gggrrrrrrr. All this trying to walk around is making me exhausted .... crancky cranky me!!

On the other hand the food was great today and I actually got to take a picture of a lizard for the first time. It actually stayed still for long enough. Lol. (It was far away so I wasn't scared)


Hey ladies. I forgot to tell u I'm going to see Dr...

Hey ladies. I forgot to tell u I'm going to see Dr. Robles on Monday and when I get my new garmet, its from knee to chest so it covers up a bit and I will post pica for me in that.

Post op day 7 I went to see the docotr today....

Post op day 7

I went to see the docotr today. She said all of the brusing on my back os gone. Yei!! And she will most likely be taking my drain out on Tuesday. Double yei!!!

Iso I have to tell u ladies, ive gotten a lot of information being here... ur not suppose to get ur drain taken out before 10 days... yes I said TEN days. I honestly thought it woould be no more than 6 days.. BUT there is a rule to be followed, U HAVE TO BE at less than 50cc for a FULL 24 hrs be fore Robles will remove it. I my dear friends have been this way for two days now... (tripple yei)
So don't be dissapointed if she tell u ur leaving with it. And honestly. U really have to hidrate. Drink all that they give u. And yes at first it will make u sick to ur stomach. But it is to benefit u in the end...

Robles also said that I will be changing my girdle on Tuesday as well.

Until later..... :0)

Still post op day 7. Ladies, I know u will be as...

Still post op day 7. Ladies, I know u will be as annoyed as I was to take all these pills. BUT. U have to take them.. at one point I wanted to hide them. Lol. But its for ur own good. I'm not here if I told u guys this yet but I was debating in whether or not to say anything... I hope it doesn't spook anyone... I woke up on the operating table.... its not as bad as it sounds. I swear.. I woke op when they where almost done. I remember tagging and moaning. When the saw I was up they took the tube out. I tried to get up but my arms where strapped to the table (they do this as a precaution, when I had my csection they did it in NY too) they where already cleaning me up becausey I could hear Robles voice said where to wipe and tape up. They clean u and put ur girdle on in the operating room.. then I fell back to sleep. Nothing hurt everything just felt lime pressure.. so really there isn't anything to be worried about.. the only reason I'm telling u guys is because I promised. To be completely honest. Is it spooky, yes... but I honestly. Didn't feel anything.. so no worries ladies :0) owe but u know that "blue" pill everyone talks about. I didn't take it. Maybe. That's why I woke up. Idk.. but it really wasn't that bad especially when I loom at my small waist. Lol Virginia. Just drained my back n nothing came out. That's good news!! I'm barely draining so ghastly means I don't have to go home with the drain!!! That's a major plus :0) Until tomorrow ladies......

Post op day 8 Woke up feeling good. Yesterday...

Post op day 8

Woke up feeling good. Yesterday I got to take my girdle off and hav it washed. Virginia washed all my dirty clothes too. She really is the best.. I feel super clean now. Lol. It's really hard to wash up because u can't shower and ur reach sucks .. I hav a small stitch under each shoulder blade and every time I try to take one arm and reach towards the opposite arm it pulls.

Owe and one thing u don't really need is 100% cotton under wear. U can even wear them. U have a girdle o. That clips on the bottom leaving u with no use for panties. Maybe two or three panties u don't care about for on the way home or something. But u honestly don't need them. :0)

What I bought and found helpful Toiletries,...

What I bought and found helpful

Toiletries, travel size
4 summer dresses
2yoga pants (one I wore here)
3tank tops
3 white tshirts ( xs men's I brought )
No more than 4 underwears (u can't wear them any way)
Socks and sneakers (I wore them here)
Flip flops
Hair pins
Pads adult pampers
Gauze n tape

Don't over pack. They wash clothes for u here..

Owe and summers eve wipes. 2 packs. U don't need...

Owe and summers eve wipes. 2 packs. U don't need body wipes cause u can just wash with a wash cloth and soap.

Post op day 9 I woke up this morning feeling...

Post op day 9

I woke up this morning feeling great. One day before I go home!!!! Can't wait. Not in a bad way I just miss my family. We are suppose to see the doctor today so I can take out my drain and buy my new girdle. I'm buying it from her because some girdles/fajas she doesn't approve. So I figured its best to just buy it from her. Once I get it and put it on I will post a pic of me in it cause it covers up way more. It's 2 pm over here n still waiting to go see the doctor. I was told that she has surgeries today so we will be squeezed in some where today. I'm sooo anxious for tomorrow to come. NYC here I come. Lol. I will probably be out of touch for a few days when I get home, mostly because I will be devoting Ll of my awake time to my kids n hubby. But don't fret, I will answer any questions posted within a few days. I'm getting my drain taken out today so I'm a bit worried about that. I heard it hurts :0/.

Well that's all for now. Ill let u know how it goes...

Ok so I got back a while ago and omg!!! When I...

Ok so I got back a while ago and omg!!!

When I would sit down I would fell this burning pain right by my drain but I thought it was the tape.. The tape was in the crease of my inner thigh and right under my girdle so I honestly thought it was that. Low and behold it was the drain causing that pain!!! It was sooo ready to come out... She pulled it out and did it slowly for me but uuuggghhh. That shit sucks!!!! It's sooooooo long it was coiled up on each side of my belly like 4 feet long !!! No joke!!! And it hurt!!! Not that bad but it hurt... And felt creepy!!! Uuuggghhh.

Now back at the house we ate and packed and we are soooo ready to go home.

I must mention. I had a FREAKING seroma!!!!! Robles numbered my back and stuck a huge needle in the seroma and sucked out two huge needles full of liquid!!! Meaning that my back wasn't being drained correctly at the house... Super. Ggrrrrrr with an angry face !!! The doctor was pissed!! Any way the lesson to be learned from this is to make sure that the ladies at the house DRAIN ur back at least 3 times a day maybe 4 to be safe!!!

Good night!!

Quick update Postop day 10 I'm home!! Doctor...

Quick update

Postop day 10
I'm home!! Doctor drained my back before my flight.. And my seroma. So glad to be home but I'm extremely exhausted from my travels.

Until tomorrow ladies :0)

Post op day 11 Being home is great!!! But my...

Post op day 11

Being home is great!!! But my back misses the hospital bed they hav at the recovery house. Not to scare anyone but this recovery crap is hard. I still can't stand straight and that makes my back hurt soooooo much!! I'm soooo over this!!! I just want to be able to stand straight again. Everything else I can deal with!!! I can't drive cause of the pain killers and when my husband drives... Lets just say potholes are NOT my friend!!! Lol. But everything else is ok so far..

Post op day 13 Hey ladies. Being home is hard...

Post op day 13

Hey ladies. Being home is hard kids, work ,appointments. Omg!! But I'm managing. My right leg swelled up yesterday for the first time. Not a pretty sight. I guess I was doing to much. I need to keep in mind that I had surgery only two weeks ago. Lol. I REALLY need to find this Angela's Spa in NYC cause u googled it n nothing came up. I have to go see her on Monday but hav no info on her. Gggrrrrrr. Does abyone hav info on it ?? It would be greatly appreciated :0)

Post op day 13 or 14. Lol Last night I...

Post op day 13 or 14. Lol

Last night I ordered a new girdle size XS Robles told me to get it when I got home. I can't wait!!! Right now I'm in a medium and needed an XS before I left DR but she didn't have any more. I also started putting on the mosqueta rose oil today.. I'm not to worried about scaring. But I heard it helps. So if Robles recommends it I will do it :0).
I'm walking almost completely straight now. But I get tired quickly. I go back to work tomorrow so lets see how that goes...

Just posted a before n after pic n a pic of my...

Just posted a before n after pic n a pic of my incision..

I noticed that some of u ladies are leaving this...

I noticed that some of u ladies are leaving this week and others sometime this month ... Good luck with ur journey!! I'm sure everything will work out... And always keep in mind that its the END result that we all want so badly. The healing part will be hard but every single day u feel a bit better.. Good luck and happy healing :0)

Night :0)

Post op day 15 First day back to work My back...

Post op day 15

First day back to work
My back is swollen. But my legs aren't which is good!! I'm gona have my husband drain my back in a few to see if some of the swelling goes down... I can't really drive with how stiff I am. But the more I stand straight the more I feel the pull in my stomach. Doesn't feel good. Lol. But that's just me being a cry baby. Lol. I thought it would hurt my stitches on my stomach when I shiver (NYC is still cold right now, high 43 today)... But it actually doesn't bother at all. I got so use to eating at certain times in DR that now I'm hungry durning work when I can't take a break. Lol. Note to self: bring snacks. :0). Anyway. Today wasn't as bad as I thought.. Everyone at work kept asking if I'm ok and what happened to me. I'm soo not a lier n it kinda bugged me to tell then only half the truth. But on the other hand I don't like people in my business. ( that being said my husband is completely confused as to why I have a post on this website. Lol. He says, for such a private person u sure dont seem to have a pro Len sharing this experience.. Lol so I tell him, I'm trying to be as helpful as the ones that helped me on here :0). Ok so I gotta go cook dinner... Until I hav free time again :0)

Just posted a pic of the stitches my husband...

Just posted a pic of the stitches my husband removed for me... And this is why I say I have the best husband in the world !! :0)

I'm at work so this is going to be quick. Got home...

I'm at work so this is going to be quick. Got home from work yesterday n my back was super swollen. When I woke up this morning it had went down a bit. I posted a pic. Keep in mind my midsection is still swollen but u can see the shape already :0)))))

I didn't get to post yesterday. My new faja came....

I didn't get to post yesterday. My new faja came. Yei !! Lol an XS .. It wasn't hard to put on at all. I think I'm going to order and XXS for two weeks from now. I cleaned and checked out my stitches yesterday .... What a change in two days!!! It's such a fine line !! I'm amazed!!! The scabs are starting to peel off so I can really see the thin line (my incision) I'm sooo excited to see the end result !!! My swelling is going down too. I'm goin for my first massage today. Ill kept u guys posted on how that goes.

I had my first massage yesterday!!! Omg. The pain...

I had my first massage yesterday!!! Omg. The pain but owwwww so good... Lol I walked out of there standing straighter than ever since my surgery!!! I went to BCA spa in manhattan. My husband drove me there. It's in upper manhattan ... Love love love!!! She massages me with an anti inflammatory cream/oil. She also used the machine (ultrasonic). I'm going back today!! And Saturday. I don't know if their open Sunday but if so... I'm going!!!!! Lol. Owe and I haven't been draining my back because there was barely any fluid. But after the massage she told me to go home and drain it cause I had fluid. Fluid !!! A very large amount of fluid!! But my husband got it all out!! It was honestly, the most fluid I ever had!!! Owe and I posted a new pic. :0)

It's Saturday and I just had my second massage....

It's Saturday and I just had my second massage. Omg. It hurt more today than on Thursday. I'm going back on monday because she's not open tomorrow. I can stand completely straight now.

Post op day 20.
I can't wait to feel normal again!! My back is semi numb but hurts if u tap it. It's the dumbest feeling ever. Lol. Like it doesn't know whether to hurt or just be numb. I showered fully yesterday!! I know I wasn't suppose to but I just couldn't help myself!! I NEEDED it!! And I have to say, it felt great !! Maybe it was just the "being defiant" part that felt great. Lol. After all it was just a shower. Lmao Anyway most of my incision has healed just a few scabs left. Once they are gone I can shower without guilt. Lol. And I wasn't able to wash my hair on my own. Took way too much energy and after being at work all day I just didn't have it.

Beach ready body here I come!! :0)

Week three post op.. I am doing great.. still...

week three post op..

I am doing great.. still sleeping in an upright position which sucks... but alot of the swellling is going down. I still dont have all of my enegy back yet, so by like 5pm Im completely pooped!! Im still taking my iron pills and B-complex 50.. it helps .. I honestly just cant wait to feel like myself again..after showering I found a small hole on the left side of my tummy incision and freaked out.. I could swear it was infected.. So i took pictures and sent them to Laura which got me an answer from Robles asap... (I guess she could tell I was freaking She said its not infected just to wash it daily and to make sure its dry before putting neosporine on it.. last night I had already put triple antibiotic cream on it.. All the rest of my incision is healed all the way except for that part .. most of my belly button scabs have come off too while showring tonight i will take pics for u guys.. Im at work so I gotta go... until late oww and I have another massage to day :0) yei lol

Post op day 23 I'm over this!! I'm not a...

Post op day 23

I'm over this!! I'm not a crybaby and I have to admit I cried last night!!! I'm soooooo over this crap!!! The discomfort, the liquid, the faja the not being able to lay straight or on my side!!! I'm just soooooo over this crap. It's been 23days and my back still has to be drained. It hurts!!! The opening in the back seals because its healing. So it seals daily and my husband has to REOPEN the dam cut!!! Pain pain and more pain!!! I hate this!!! One would think that this far after surgery u would be done with draining ur back !! Well guess what, nope ur not!! And now I have a seroma in the same dam spot that Robles drained righty before I left. So now I have to go to Angela to get to drained with a NEEDLE that's huge!! So more pain and more pain coming my way!! I'm sooooooo over this. If I knew everything I know now!!! This would NOT have been my first choice!!! I should have just hit the dam gym harder!!! Ggrrrrrrrrr :0((((((

Ow wait and let's not forget the stitches on my side... In two spots they aren't closing!!! Yea!! I clean them with alcohol daily and nothing so now I started to put noesporin on it and after three days its started to look better. Wtf!! I swear this is just my dam luck!!! The thing I don't understand is that I heal super fast and nicely too... I've had 3 c sections and never took this long to heal!!!!! Gggrrrrrrr I just want my body to feel normal again!!

Sorry ladies. I just had to vent!!! Over all I'm fine. Just pissed at my limited mobility ....

Omfg!!! thats its Im officially anti plastic...

omfg!!! thats its Im officially anti plastic surgery!! I went to Angela's spa today to get my seroma drained.. They DONT use anything to numb u here!!! straight needling in ur back and lots of ok I didnt cry but I wanted too.. it hurt sooo bad.. and they made me get a massage first to "loosen up" the liquid... what ever.. they just wanted more money and their fajas are $140 they are crazy there.. Really nice but prices are crazy... I ended up spending $135 when I only went to get drained for $50 WTF!! Once again Im sooo over this crap!!!

Post op day 25 Hello ladies.. Im feeling a bit...

post op day 25

Hello ladies.. Im feeling a bit less like a cry baby I put on a small faja the name brand is Salome.... super cheap and terrible!! DONT buy this name brand the siing doesnt make sence and its SUPER uncomfortable... its the worst thing ever I couldnt sleep all night.. I had brought it a while ago but was tooo swolen to fit it now I realized tht it sucks!!!!!! worse name brand ever!!! Im still going to pick up the one from the clinic today I CANT live like this!!! lol my husband said im a complete grouch.. well can u blame me.. Im uncomfortable all day and night so I dont sleep well.. I really hope this other one fits good and is comfortable!!

Officially ONE month post op today... I do have to...

Officially ONE month post op today... I do have to say, I never thought I would get here. Things are getting a bit easier... :0) I still feel a bit limited on my mobility and now that I'm packing to move ... Omg no energy. Lol but work is less stressful so it's cool.

I'm sure I spoke about the seroma on my back so let me update I guys on that. I had it drain last week.. Super painful :0(. I brought the smaller faja and I've been wearing it. Right before I left DR Robles put this huge gauze folded in half in the front of my faja, she told me it was because I got my drain taken out so early, 9days, that I needed the extra pressure so I wouldn't get a seroma. Smart right!! So I decided to use that pad on my lower back for the pressure so I won't get another seroma... So far so good!! No extra liquid!!! Yei!! I hope it continues to work... Well that's all for now.. :0). Happy healing to the ladies that just had their surgery :0)

Post op week 6 (almost). Lol So. I've been...

Post op week 6 (almost). Lol

So. I've been feeling much much better!! I moved over the weekend so I've been really busy. I hav to say, I Luv my results so far... My waist is tiny.

Sooooo u know that really right feeling on ur back after lipo???... It finally is feeling better... Not back to normal but better.. My incision is still red/pinkish... But completely healed. My belly button is perfect and completely healed. It's still hard to carry my 10 month old. Today I carried him a lot and now I'm swollen. :0/ not good. And it hurts on the top part, like right under my boobs. But everything else is good. No more seromas on my back. Yei! Lol new pics soon. :0)

Ggrrrrrr. Went to the spa today to by my new XS...

Ggrrrrrr. Went to the spa today to by my new XS faja and it was closed!! I called this morning and no one said it was going to close early'!!! I'm pissed!! Now to wait another day :0/. Anyway. I'm feeling pretty normal. Not all the way there yet but almost!!! Owe and ladies having ur period with this faja on isn't as bad as I thought. Nothin gets on it, which I was shocked.. I honestly thought it was going to be messy and gross. But nope. I have the open crotch faja on. It's great so far :0). Just need a smaller one ASAP!!!

Laura emailed me for my picture check ups. I haven't sent any pictures to her since I was about 4 weeks post op. oopsssy. Lol. Ill send her pics tomorrow n post the same ones I send. Night ladies... Hope ur all healing well :0)

Hello ladies... I'm now approaching week 7...

Hello ladies...

I'm now approaching week 7 post op!!
Yei me!! Lol. Finally feeling normal. My XXS fajate is super tight and I'm still on the first hook setting ..:0/. I weight 127lbs now.

I'm sooooo anxious to sleep with out my faja. I went on real self and searched the question, how long should I keep my faja on and ALL of the doctors that answered said 4 to 6 weeks. So now I'm left with the question, why do I have to wear this horrid thing for 3 months!!??!! So I decided that to ought will be the first night I will sleep with out it!! I tried the other day to just walk around the house without it for a couple of hours... But here's the thing, I was at work since 7:45 am, came straight home n made dinner n cleaned. Needless to say, I swelled up. Lol. So tonight since its just sleeping and resting I hope it goes well.. Ill keep I posted :0)

Ok so I promised to keep u posted on how my first...

Ok so I promised to keep u posted on how my first night without a faja went.... Awesome !!!! I slept like a baby and was completely comfortable... I woke up with NOOOOO swelling!! I'm at work so of course I had to put my faja back on.. Lol. But I will be sleeping without it again!!! Ow and I posted a new pic!!

I just added a new pic of my scar. It look wrinkly...

I just added a new pic of my scar. It look wrinkly cause I had just taken off the silicone patches but I wanted to show u ladies that it has been working for me!!! I usually heal well but for some reason my scar was still bright red :(. So I ordered these silicone strips and have been using them for only 6 days and omg!! I just had to share!! Lol. They are called Scaraway !! I ordered them from amazon!! Robles had emailed me last week for update pictures and she told me to start using mederma.. I know someone that uses it faithfully and it doesn't work.. Well at least not on the people I know.. I I google it and found ScarAway. So far so good. Just wanted to share :0)

Soo it's been two months since surgery and...

Soo it's been two months since surgery and everything is great. Love my shape! Love Dr Robles and her recovery house (with Virginia)!!! My experience had been hard but beauty is pain, right?!?!?!! I hope my blog has been helpful for those who are beginning their own journey with De Robles !! But it's time for me to close this chapter in my life :0). I wish you all the best and safe and happy healing!! Take care ladies!! :0))

One year later!

I added a new pic today!! Yes it was a rough experience, but I wouldn't take back a second of it... My husband looked at some old pictures of me the other day and said to me "wow, I honestly didn't see it", and I told him that cause u love me..... But I saw it! I saw that nasty extra skin hanging off my stomach after our third child. I more than thankful that he supported me having this surgery.. I'm not sure I could have done it without him.. Literally, not just figuratively speaking.. He did so much for me after the surgery.

Well ladies. I wish you all luck and happy healing! Robles is definitely the way to go, don't doubt her magic fingers for a second!!

Five months pic

This pic was taken last summer

Hello ladies!!

Its been a year or two since I have been active on here. Im ready to go back to Robles for round two. I want lipo on my arms and on my abs. Not sure if everyone knows this but, when you have a TT Robles does NOT lipo you abs!! Just your flanks, back and does the TT.. I was told that she couldn't lipo my stomach because its too much disruption for the area considering she was tightening my stomach muscle as well... Needless to say Ive gotten lazy 4 years later and now I have a bit of a pudgy patch on my abs, which now I can no longer see the great abs Robles created. Hence my round to with Robles..

Ive been reading a few of the ladies posts on her and now Im worried... I was NOT aware the Robles lost a patient during surgery in 2015 ~~~ is this true??????

second -- when I first went to her in 2013 i dealt with Laura and Rachael... I think that Laura is now working for her OWN BUSINESS. Given her business is setting up Cosmetic tourism, I dont think that she works for Robles anymore, but of course still can set something up ~~ at an extra cost!!.

Does anyone have any suggestions about who her NEW assistant is?

Is she at a new clinic? she was that the CECIP when I went, across from the national Police Dept.

Happy planning & Healing ladies!
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