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Good day to all my RS family. Yes!like many of you...

Good day to all my RS family. Yes!like many of you l am a stalker on this website researching to know more about my upcoming surgery. Lets start by giving a little info about me. Hopefully I can help someone who reads this. I am a mother of 2 kids age 5 and 13. I am married and 31 years old. I move away from my country for almost 10 years, throughtout those years I try to assist my family members and friends, by ways of financial an try to give them a trip to better them self. In return they took things for granted. Mean I work my ass off, borrow to help them. Im not rich ! Im just a person that will give my last. I finally take a stand to do things for me an my kids and husband. Throughtout birthdays, Christmas, and other occasion I never do nothing for me not even a cake. A few months ago I saw my coworker looking on some pics of girls in her country (Santo Domingo) that has plastic surgery. Some how it caught my attention and I decided to ask her about it. After we talk and she told me I can go on the internet and look it up which I did. I ended up founding As the day passes I became a stalker, fascinated by the pics and reading those stories. I start to ask myself if I needed to do a Tummy tuck. I have a huge ass with wide hips. But had had some flanks to my sides an that pregnancy fats that gym couldn't get rid of. The more I research I'm convince I need a Tummy tuck. I spoke with my husband about it at first he did not support it, according to him I'm sexy already. I ask my coworker what she think about me doing a Tummy tuck to my surprise she wanted to do it too we talk about doing it together, then we start to plan. I went home n show my husband a few pics of how flat my tummy will look and it will compliment my huge ass. I try convince him awhile before he agree. I start researching certified plastic Surgeon in Santo Domingo, it was cheaper than the states and my coworker is from there so it will good to go. I will upload a few pictures.

Searching for good Doc in Santo

I start searching an looking up on good, Certify Plastic Surgeon in Santo Domingo. I found a few and started contacting them and send my info and wait for their reply. Some I get reply some I don't. When I google best Surgeons in Santo and it gives me a list I research on them. Somehow I couldn't get over Dra Robles, to my surprise I call the Hospital and spoke with Laura an she put me on to Dra Robles. Guess I call the right time she was in office at that time. She told me to take pictures an send to her email and she will get back. I was surprise I got a reply with less than 24 hrs, not only that she send me around 3 page of information such as: start taking vitamins, try and lose weight and the package of my surgery. She told me I need Tummy tuck and liposuction on my sides and she don't do much surgery at once, at first I did only want Tummy tuck. I was fascinated with her work do I decided to stick with her. A week after I buy and start taking my vitamins. Here are pics of me before

Confirming my date with Dra Robles December 30

So after keeping in touch with Dra Robles over a month period and getting her advice I decide to book my appointment. I want to go in December thats when my coworker going home for a month so we can go together. I wanted hussy to come but then I have my coworker so hussy say he will stay with the kids. I will spend Christmas with the family and leave on the 29 of December. So Laura say to send my deposit to confirm my date. Which I did. I start taking my vitamins.

Count down to my surgery date

So as my date get closer each day. I get more anxious. I stalk this site every single day trying to know and prepare myself. I start buy Arnica montana pills, the Arnica gel. Rosa Mosqueta oil, Mederma, Bio-oil. Maxi stay free, Tylenol, Alcohol, Peroxide. I shop to make sure I have everything for my trip. Next I got my ticket. By the first week in December I was ready. I start have sleepless nights. I never have a surgery in my life, so I thought about it alot what if! Rs family you have to stay positive. The less people know the more positive it is for u only a few people I told. I told my kids mommy going away for a vacation. I sit and talk with my 13 years old cause he a big boy and understand. 2 weeks before my surgery I told my mom and sisters. Mom was scared but I told her I wil be ok. I myself was scared but could not show it. Oh I did all my test that Dra Robles say I should do and email my results everything was good.

Ready for Santo

So as my day get closer anxiety is killing. I start have sleepless night. I told my self I'm gonna enjoy the Christmas with the family. I did do with eating, I only have a fews day before I leave. Now in the single digit countdown. I was only taking 2 weeks off from work, hopefully it was enough time for me. I make a to do list before I go, cleaning, pre-freezing, I make sure everything is in place. I work overtime at the office to make sure I don't have crazy work when I come for example the filing. I know I won't be able to bend for awhile. Oh! The day is drawing near. Can't sleep! This too shall pass.

Made it to Santo Domingo!

Ok so my time has come for me to depart it was sad leaving my family. But I keep saying mommy gonna be ok. I got up early an make breakfast I could not sleep and guess what! I still did not it. Was too nervous traveling then it hits me I'm really going to do this. It was crazy travel so early in the morning and stopping and taking off again. Anyway I made it safe to Santo Domingo, I got there a hour and half late but Wilson the driver was there with my name on a sign waiting. We head straight to CECIP Clinic, I meet Laura, now Dra Robles has 2 assistance with the same name. The one that I spoke to that arrange everything she was on vacation for a week she did told me via email. This Laura was really nice as well. She carry me to my private room has my own bathroom too. Right away we went to start my test. Blood test, urine, heart and xray. I was astonish at how these people take there work seriously. It make me feel safe just knowing they running all these test. I start feel real sick it wS because I did not eat. Laura call an order something for me to eat and told me Dra Robles will be there shortly, I reach on a Sunday I expect she to be home but she was coming to see me. By 7 pm I was settling in my room watching tv, then came the knock. Yes it was Dra Robles, man I tell you she was more pretty in person. I was so happy to meet her. I got all my questions answer, she asure me that I won't feel any pain and I would love my results. She mark me up then bam!she hit me with it that my back need liposuction too, like seriously I did not expect my back I was more looking for that on my inner thighs. By the time she explain everything I agree to it, guess she knows whats best. Thank god I travel with extra it cost me $500 more. Then she told me my surgery is 6am in the morning. Less than 24 hrs after I reach im schedule for surgery. There was an error with the timing Laura told me my surgery time was between 11am-12pm. Lord I pray so much jope everything goes ok.

Mark up pics

A few pics

Made it to the flat side! thank you lord.

Hi my RS sister's, sorry for taking so long. I was taking rest after my surgery. Ok so after my mark up and taking with Dra Robles I could not sleep for the whole night I could not sleep, by 4:45 I heard the knock on my door it's the nurse that come to give me my little blue pill, by then I was heading into the bathroom. I told her I would take when I got out she insist I took it now so I took it in the shower with a cork of water yes! just a drop of water. By the time I was out n dressing I start to feel dizzy. Was so surprised how fast it work by then I was wheel away to the surgery room. I went on the bed and that's the last I remember. I woke up hours after feeling I'm getting into my garments next thing I was shivering, I was so cold my teeth negging the bed was shaking I told them I need my compression socks. When my eyes was fully open Dra Robles was there an she cover me up with 2 blankets an a sheet an rub my hands n say your gonna be alright, your surgery went well. I look at the time n saw 11:23 am. I say thank you Jesus I made it. I was ok was not feeling no pain, which she did assure me. Throughtout the next 24hrs I have different nurses keep checking on me. I got injections around the clock, blood pressure, temperature, everything you could think of they check me 24 /7. I feel a vip with all those TLC. I mean they were extremely nice. When the next day come for me to leave I never want to cause at the hospital they treat me so good. Yeh I did notice I have 2 drains 1 at my back at the bottom the other right at my groin on my right leg. She did come check on me and open my garment to show me the new tummy God knows how excited an happy i was even with the swelling but still love what i c. After moving to recovery it takes some time for me to move around going the bathroom was not easy I was so swell. My back make it hard for me to use my hands freely. Anyone doing their back I can tell you it is not easy especially to wipe ur behind. They did treat me good at the recovery house too. And they make sure I got my medication on tome that Dra Robles give me. The food was god there too. A few days after I went for my check up by the doctor and everything was looking good she clean n check me up along with her assistance Laura. Each check I was improving more and more. On my finally check up before I leave She told me I have to go with my 2 drains. No one wants to travel with drains but it is safe for you. I wear a sweat pants along with a big blouse to hide my drains then wear a hoody top just to hide them lol! I look do huge with them.

Trying to post my pics

trying so hard to upload my pics

Trying so hard to load my pics.

after surgery pics

After surgery pics

more pics

Doing great, just can't get pics load

Doing great

Hey RS family, so I made it home safely. Thank god. Here is some update. I came home with my drains on day 10 I was still draining over 50 cc. But was glad to be home with my family. My boys took good care of me. On day 14 I got my drains remove by my doctor here, it was not that bad. He told me to got my wounds clean twice a day, I went straight back to work. I was still walking hunch over, whenever someone ask me what happen I told them I injured my was not oveous cause I was really swell. One thing for sure after the drains are remove it's a huge different, like sleeping better n the swelling decrease a lot by then the weight started to go an moving around was much better. Guess people started to see the difference. Dra Robles told me 5 days after drain is remove I could shower. Man! That was something! Big difference. I was the happy woman on earth, even though it tired me out I bath n wash my hair with the help of my husband he is there every step of the way. Let me tell u it was hard for me to do things so hussy has to do everything even turning me are helping me out the bed. As days go by I start to see a better results big time. My advice is to wear the garment night an day. At surgery I wear XL now at week 4 im wearing L and now I feel like I'm ready for medium. All my working clothes are big each week I lose weight. One thing for sure im not gonna spend all that money then gain back that weight so I make up my mind to eat more healthy n different I am eating lots of vegetables, fruits and beans. No salt or sugar cut startch n small intake on calories.

some pics of santo

pics not loading



Trying get pics upload



Im doing great each week

As my swelling goes down I lose weight more. Start loving my results more and more each day. My back itches alot. Obsess with taking pics each day now. I will try post more info. Let me get some pics load.

More pics

Dra Robles thank you so much

I am loving my results more as time goes by. The first few weeks was depression stage. Swelling, drains, can't sleep, move freely etc. I am doing good now 6 weeks walking straight, less swelling, start back with sex. I am feeling stronger. My Husband thank Dra Robles so much he is crazy in love with my new body, Can't get his hands off me. I have to change out my working clothes everything big. At surgery I weight 186. At 6 weeks after surgery I weight 172. I am reaching for 145 or 150lbs. Y I have big hips and a huge ass. So it's hard to lose the weight there, it takes healthy eating, don't think surgery alone gonna help lose weight. So it's obvious now that everyone asking about my small waist an my back is small too. At this stage I still having back pains. I start my massages late but she doing a good job on my back. If there is questions I can answer for you Rs sister's in term of tummy tuck or lipo on the back. Il try my best to answer. Anyone want a good tummy tuck with very nice low and neat incision. Please take my advice and contact Dra Robles, her assistants Laura is so nice, understanding, patient and will answer all your questions.

7 weeks and going strong

My 7 weeks update. Never thought this day will come when I can look back and say "thank you lord" I am healing nicely. I must say I have no complications so far, wounds healing nicely. The only thing is I feel back pain from the liposuction and it itches alot. I do follow Dra Robles order, take off all my medications, move around little by little, rest and sleep sitting up for the first few weeks with my back to the wall, putting pillows under my legs. I keep in touch with her every step of the way so I can be safe. For my 7 weeks I celebrate by taking a day off work, yeh it can be stressing at times. I relax, take some pics an chill on the beach eating healthy. Believe me almost 2 months ago after surgery I was so depress, swell and could not take care of my self. Not to mention a good shower. I am most grateful for this journey recovery. I feel like I'm 100 but inside still in healing process. RS sister for those of you who are schedule for surgery, I can say after 2 months are a month you will feel much better, my self esteem has gone up, I feel more sexy, feeling much better especially if your trying to eat healthy an take off some weight. Again anyone who are confuse and don't know a good surgeon to go to in Santo Domingo Dra Robles is the boss on tummy tuck, liposuction, bbl, breast work etc. She is one of the top in Santo. Im open for contacts about her and the process. I don't have no regrets. Wish I coild give her a 10 star.

more 7 weeks pic

Here goes more pics

Dra Robles doll

Feeling good I'm a Robles doll.

My 3 months update

Woeiii. Time flies by so fast. 14 weeks strong and going. I feel like back to normal. God has been good to me. What I have been doing now, I'm back to cardio workouts except I can't do jumping jacks my back is still tight from the lipo. I am not walking hunch anymore, swelling is not that bad and I can move around more freely without feeling pain. My mark is dark now but really heal nice. I lose alot of weight really because I'm eating healthy n working out than before. I change out almost all my working clothes all my pants dress n jeans are too big now for me. I lost almost 30lbs. Still working towards another 15-20. I can lift over 20lbs but I don't I am still not 100% heal as yet. Everyone asking me how I have that flat tummy. Again I must recommend Dr Robles to those who are interesting in getting that flat tummy n sexy figure. Santo Domingo has some of the best plastic surgeon I swear and they treat you so nice and price is way better than in the states. I am loving my results everyday I feel more sexier and my self esteem has shot to the roof. I love posting pics on my instragram and FB. Hope I get these pics upload now.

5 months update

Good day RS family.
It has been 5 months already. Yes! 5 months. What a journey the best money I spend on myself, you can c why. I feel like am back to normal but they say a tummy tuck surgery takes a year to heal. I can now do hardcore exercise, walk and run ok. I went on a juice diet an lose 26lbs. Everyone notice the drastic changes even my face get slim and I look younger. I shop alot for new clothes, love sexy panties, I don't have to worry if it's gonna roll up like before (surgery). The problem I have is I can't get my husband to rest he will be all over me every chance he gets. Whenever I reach home from work he always come and take a seat just to look at my body. I am saying this just to saying that at times we as women have low self-esteem of how our body looks due to weight gain or stretch mark after pregnancy or the huge stomach that folds. Ladies if your thinking of doing a make over, weather it be bbl, tt, breast reduction or lift etc. Go ahead most people or satisfy with their new look and is motivated by it. I do not have no regrets! Believe me! All the best go the RS sisters who are about to do surgery, and speedy recovery for those who are just out of surgery. My Doctor is the best go team Robles. If you need to ask questions I will reply. I attach some pics.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra Robles is a very understanding, creative and caring Plastic Surgeon. She is very good at what she do.

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