Tummy Tuck & BBL (+ Breast Augmentation?) with Tania Medina DeGarcia on March2015 - I Am Beyond Excited!! Dominican Republic, DO

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So I started another review before, which is full...

So I started another review before, which is full of information. But because I firstly though I would do this surgery in europa, it wouldn't appear at the right place. I have pics of myself on the other review though.

So let me start again because I think Tania Medina de Garcia so far deserves everything I'd like to write about her. Well let's hope I will be as happy with this surgery as I am now with all the contacts we had and the impression she left me.

I will be renting a one bedroom flat in Santo Domingo with my husband. Some recovery houses wouldn't accept men, other are too expensive. But at the end of the day I think it's a pretty good deal because everything is included and you don't have to worry about meals, nurses, etc.
But in the same time I didn't want my husband to be stuck in such an environment because this travel has to be enjoyable for him. I'm supposing I will be tired, resting, etc. So I want him to have some fun, this is why I choose a flat in the city, near some major attractions.

I'm also proud of myself because I think I've chosen the best surgeon I could have regarding the price ($4500 for a tummy tuck, lipo and BBL - not including the breast augmentation I'm thinking on having as well) and her credentials.

Even if one faja is included in my quote I bought myself two more. One size L, which I am now; but dieting because I had a baby not long ago so and hopefully size L will soon be too big for me. I also bought a size M. I suppose I will be wearing that stuff for a while to optimize my results, even after I drop some fat.
I found them on Ebay and it came from US to england, where I currently live. I am very happy with the quality. 
The shop is called kiwibadu. I approximately paid $60 each and they're perfect.

I'm really nervous about the fact I've been anemic during my pregnancy and if could affect my hemo, which has to be 14 at least in order to make sure this surgery happens. So I've been taking iron tablets every day for the past month and will keep doing it until the final date.
I also bought myself a lot of supplements, that have been advised by doctors, patients and that I've learned about through my researches but also supplements to make sure I'm generally healthy: complex B, vitamin C, fish oil, glucosamine, etc.

Every time I ask a question Dra Tania or her assistant Siria Frias answer as fast as they can and I am very happy about that.
This is how I learned we can't have a labiaplasty in the same time that these surgeries. Lipo on calves can only be done in Asia as this is a very dangerous intervention, calves are mostly made with muscles. Lipo is $300 more per different area and most of the surgeons won't include your thighs in their bundle as they are pretty sure you will pay more to have them done. And more and more stuff.

Anyway I will say more another time. I can't wait to be myself again, I mean myself before my pregnancies. Or even a "better myself" :)
Less than two months to go!!!!!!!!

The way I see my BBL surgery; for best natural results and certainly not a huge bum

Hello everybody and thanks to you all for your nice messages.
My flight is less than a month from now and I don't even sleep thinking about the change it's going to be in my life after that surgery.
Being able to wear my clothes again without being ashamed because of my tummy poping out from every top I wear, just feeling good.
I'm not asking for the perfect body. But I've always been aware of what a nice figure can do, as I used to have one. I also used to have this pretty face nobody could resist to.
In some way I don't mind not being the same because when you have kids, a man you love, a happy life, you absolutely don't see life the same way. But I don't want to end up with a man who repeatedly cheated on me after like 20 years together and who would maybe throw in my face 'you're not the same, you don't take care of you anymore bla bla bla', stuff we hear sometimes. But most of that I want to feel in accordance with my mind and my way of life.

Let's talk about something else.
I wanted to share with you the fact that I'm not even worried about the surgery. What I'm worried about is to end up with a huge bum. Yes I explain.
I know the brazilian butt lift is known as the buttock augmentation. But I don't actually want to have a bigger bum, only a better shape if you see what I mean.
I know some women are different but I think I have a good size already, I just want the needed fat to make my booty nicer, not unnatural. I've seen a few women in London where I live who had this surgery and it looks so... Well too much. It looks like they ate chicken feed pills to have this bum like that. And again some women do use these pills because they don't have the money to go into surgery and even the results are here, without talking about the breast cancer factor, this is not as "natural"... I guess.
I don't even want to have eyes on me all the time. No way. I have kids, a man and I'm not doing that to chase other men.

Extra medication :
I've been taking iron pills for weeks now. Although it sometimes takes months to build a better 'hemo' (more than 14 to have your surgery done) so I doubled the dosage like it was suggested to me, hoping my body will process it. So I'm having 14mg X2 a day.

The money to pay for surgery in DR:
I was also wondering about the money you know. I've been asking how I should do and because the clinic only takes cash I need to find a way to bring that money over there. Either having to tell the customs I'm travelling with such an amount. Or using a cash machine while in Dominican Republic which I'm not happy about because of thieves and fees too. I will find out.
Talking about thieves let's be aware we're going in a poor country. So people are not bad, they just want a better life like everybody elese and some of them wll try to robe you believe me. Even the staff int he clinic, some int he streets, etc. Be careful, check your money twice and it would even be more secure to have a waist bag than a handbag.

What I bought to bring with me for this surgery in DR:
I bought some Arnica tablets to help with the recovery right after the surgery, I also bought a lot of numbing cream to bring wih me and paracetamol, SPF 50 sun cream (not that I dislike the sun but since I'm over 30 I really need to avoid free radicals I don't want to have early wrinkles - I am a lucky one I don't really have some yet and I use sun cream every day anywhere I am), big summer dresses because with the swelling and the faja you must be having one or two sizes more before recovering.

Should I have my breast done with the BBL?
I'm still wondering what I should do with my breast to be honest. I don't like the idea of having silicone or something else in my body and in the same time every pics I've seen so far made me think it's a shame to do the downstairs and not the upstairs because it looks unfinished. So because Tania Medina told me we can talk about it during my consultation I will still be thinking until I get there.

I've seen on Youtube videos of this woman who had a BBL + tummy tuck. She was explaining her journey and said it's not like magic. You're not going to end up with the body of your dreams just in one day. First of all there's a lot of pain she said. Also some of us will need to improve their results by regularly going to the gym. I intended to do that of course because it's so much money I wasn't planning to spend on myself (I have a family this is quite selfish don't you think?), I really want these results to last longer so I will exercise for the rest of my life!!!

That's all for now. I suppose I will write again if there's anything major. I want to make sure I don't only talk about my feelings but also I give you some useful informations.
To be continued :)

Looking for roomate buddies in Santo Domingo march 2015 ?

Hello there

I wonder if there's another part of the site where I should post this.

I already booked a flat on Air BNB for a period of 12 days (15th to 28th). But I would be happy to change for a bigger place, as Tania de Medina told me the place I choose is a bit far from the clinic.

Instead they also have private flats near Winston churchill avenue, near Calle Presidente González, Avenida 27 de Febrero, all these places she talked about for good hôtels.

These places on Airbnb are usually 3 to 4 bedrooms and between $100 and $200 per day no matter how many you are.

I'm going with my husband. We only need one room.
If anybody would like to take the opportunity of having a great big and nice place to live for a few days, maybe even with a swimming pool and sporting center we can talk about it. You can message me privately.
Then we could rent a private nurse for us all, so she will stay in one of the rooms.

If I don't get any answer, I'll stay with the place I've already booked.

I had my tummy tuck, lipo, bbl (vaginaplasty) with Tania Medina in Santo Domingo (Dominican republic) three days ago

Where do I start ?
First the plane coming from London. We choose my husband and I to travel with Delta Airlines via ebookers. 7 hours to get to New York and a few more to get to Santo Domingo.
Neper, Tania Medina's driver, pick us up at the aerport on time in the evening along with some other women. While these ones went to the recovery house, we discovered the place I found and rented on Air BNB and were delighted as it was really nice; a new residential area named Naco, with a supermarket and everything near us.
The morning after he came back and took us to the clinic. Let me tell you about this driver, Neper. He's a really nice guy and now that I've been seeing him almost everyday I can tell you he will always try to help you and he speaks a good english. We had several trouble like where to find an adapter for our laptop and cellphones (with european plugs) and other stuff and he suggested shops, and tried to ask his friends, etc. Really nice.

The first morning at the clinic I had an hemoglobin check and my first disappointment was because I was just over the limit. So I coudln't do the breast lift I had previously dreamt about.
The second disappointment was that Tania Medina's assistant was pressuring me to pay for the surgery. There was no way I pay without meeting my surgeon firt.
The clinic is really clean and you feel like you're in a safe environment but I don't think it was professional from her to do this.

After these tests I went back to the flat and entered the clinic the same night, to have my surgery the morning after at 5am. I couldn't sleep and was wide awake when they came.
But before that I finally met Tania around 9pm and we had a good chat. She is so young and nice. And she took the time for me so I felt much better after that. Like I was concernend about the breast lift, and I even chose that because I didn't want to have huge breast implants like most women do but she showed me her own breast implants, small and natural looking. She convinced me this is what I want to do next. Then I directly gave her the money for the surgery.
One thing I have to tell you about though. There's something going on with the taxes in this clinic. It's not my business but they didn't make it easy. When chating by emails with Tania Medina before she told me we can only pay in cash at the clinic. So I had all the trouble to find us dollars before travelling. But the truth is she said I can pay some in cash and some in card. But mostly in cash, if you see what I mean.
After that, and only at this moment she told me I can't have the breast lift, I talked to her about a surgery I'd like to have in the future; a vaginaplasty.
Well, she said to me she knows a good surgeon for that and I could have it done in the same time. I know I am completely crazy because I said yes !! I said yes without meeting with this other surgeon, without checking her credentials, etc. Well, for this particular surgery I'll write another review. You will have to check my account. Let's just say the cost was $2000. Now let's go back to my TT and lipo.

I was in the surgery table at 5 in the morning and instead of being relax I got upset when this guy, from tania Medina's team, took my clothes off and was doing something to me while pressuring my knees with his testicles in the same time, while I was sitting down on the surgery table. I started arguing with him. Tania Medina only arrived later, when I was asleep so she didn't see what happened. It was like he was doing that in purpose because it lasted like for 2 or 3 entire minutes before I said something. Then a woman took him away and did the rest of the job.

I remember waking up during the surgery but whitout feeling no pain. I know they were doing something to my vagina at this point...

And then I woke up it was around 12pm. What can I say... I thought after having two babies this was going to be nothing for me but hell no I was wrong !! I woke up with the pain of my life !!
The next 24hours were the worse I've ever known. Yes they were giving me pain killers but I was still feeling too much pain. The lipo on my back, and my tummy 'like in fire', I felt horrific. And my vagina who was really painful and looked like a GMO mushroom OMG I started crying.
Fortunately everybody is really nice at the clinic and they all try to make you smile. Even if after a tummy tuck, smiling then laughing, along with coughing and sneezing is the last thing you want to do as it bloody hurts. When I drunk water for the firts time one hour after I woke up I had a cough... I will remember for the rest of my life!
Drink plenty of water like they say, it helps the recovery process, but rink preferably with a straw and really slowly.

Then Tania Medina's came to check on me. She happened to know what has gone wrong with this guy I was complaining about before the surgery and told me he is gay and absolutely didn't know what he was doing and that it was wrong. Mmmm ok...
Then she checked on me, told me everything was fine, gave me some prescription, was really nice as usual (I'm glad I choose her, really glad), and then I had some rest. A lot of rest. For the next 24h after the surgery you keep sleeping and waking up because you feel so bad. The pain awakes you.

The day after I was feeling better but then they want you to walk. Your all body is so stiff I though I coudn't do it. And even after when it was time to get out, because you get out the day after, don't be fool, they don't keep you more than that, this clinic is like a factory, really nice people yes, but really busy as well, I though "how the hell can I walk from my bed to the taxi?". But I've done it with help and a lot of pain.
Ladies I hope you know you will be walking like an old woman for at least a week. I wasn't really aware as it wasn't my concern. I only wanted to get rid of my belly and didn't dig much reagrding what will be happening after that.
Well you can't stand up, so your back hurts, and for like a week the only time you walk is to go to the bathroom. I will tell you a bit more in a few days what happened to me.

And if I like to say to my family who stayed in europa and worries about me, I don't know if I would have done all this if I was aware of the pain, when I look at myself in the mirror and I think about how I will feel in my clothes next summer, in the bottom of my heart I know... I know I would have been crazy enough to do it anyway.


Hi ladies

It took me 8 months to come back here. Well I have my reasons.
But now that I feel better in my mind and in my body I am ready to tell a bit more about my experience. Hopefully that will help some of you out there.

Where should I start? Well I'll start from where I am now. And I can tell you this: if I knew what was going to happen I wouldn't have done it. That's it. I said it.

Yeah well when I found Tania Medina and a tons of good reviews about her I was very happy for doing my surgery with her and all that but what happened in reality made me regret it.
Shortly, I ended up with a good tummy tuck surgery, yes at least. But my bottom was huge, like giant I mean! Awful. And she recommended me a doctor to have my vaginoplasty done and the results were so devastating, so bad, this is a bit why I didn't came back here first. Because I was feeling so bad. I wasn't even able to write my feelings down. So ladies please, never trust Medina when she tells you about a collegue of her. This woman who did the vaginoplasty completely destroyed my life. I didn't have sex for the past seven month because first it was very painful and also and until now... Well I guess for ever now unless I have the money to see a proper surgeon... My vagina looks really bad.

But if I only talk about Tania Medina's work I would say it's really not what I was looking for. And do you know what? I woke up after my surgery with my right leg burnt. Yes burnt. Like a scar about 10 centimeters long and 1 centimeter wide. When I asked her she wasn't able to tell me what happened. She said : "I don't know what happened I never touched your legs there. So if it's not her that must have been the 'fuck...' doctor who has done the vaginoplasty to me but when I asked this one she denied it as well. What kind of doctor aren't able to tell you what happened during surgery ? And this scar I am talking about won't go away. She's here forever. Thank you Medina and co.

The BBL by itself isn't awful. I have to be honest. But she put too much fat on my upper cheeks. For months I looked like a bubble... I know a bubbly bum is something a lot of women would desire but when I say bubble it's more like 'elephant bubble' if you see what I mean. Well I hope you do because english isn't my first language. I'm trying to do my best :-P

I had to start going at the gym everyday and doing a serious diet in order to loose weight. Now minus 7kilogrammes and my bottom still look huge. The problem being I've lost weight everywhere but where the fat has been grafted it's still the same so my upper cheeks look bigger than my lower ones. It looks inequal. Fortunately I have hope because I see changes every months from my fitness program and I think i will get rid of what has been done to me after some time. Let's say it would take at least 10 à to 15 months more if I'm being honest; that means 2 years after surgery. But it's always better than what I was left with believe me.

I was going to forget. Medina put so much fat on the upper cheeks (but why? why she didn't put none in the middle or in the lower cheeks to make it equal??!)... Yes so she put so much fat in the upper cheeks that I had and I still have fat necrosis. I explain:
On both my upper cheeks I have like very hard deposit of fat. It happens when the surgery has been badly performed, or if too much fat has been grafted once again. I was the first on the operating table, 5 in the morning. Avoid this ladies... Mabe she wasn't awake at all.
The fat necrosis I have from my BBL is going down. It's been 8 months and before when my partner used to touch me it was like he was touching ping pong balls on my sides. It's even moving on the inside so he would play with it :(
Now I have on both sides some necrosis the size of a prune.
It's very annoying because I didn't tell everybody about this surgery but obviously when I being touched you can feel there's something wrong because it's so noticeable. My best friend wanted to take my measurements one day and felt them. Anyway when you look properly at my bum, while I'm naked, you can see there's something fishy. And if you ask me to move you will notice that my upper cheek looks so hard compare to the rest of my bottom. I'm exercising like a beast to reinforce my muscle on my lower cheek to make it even but I don't know if I willa chieve what I want.

So these are all the reasons why I'm not happy about my surgery with Tania Medina, appart from the tummy tuck which she performed very well.

When I talked to her about everything that was going on she told me she won't do the vaginoplasty in her clinic anymore because she doesn't want that to happen to anybody else. I wonder if this is true.
And she said 'everything can be fixed' and that I could come back and she would operate me again or find somebody to do it for free.
I had a though for months. And I never wrote a review as well because I was maybe going back there and have another experience with her, maybe a good one.
But now I made up my mind. I won't go ever. Why would you go back to the same surgeon which you've been unhappy with before? That sounds silly. Or at least if she was in the same country, england for me, maybe that could have happened. But all my savings have been gone anyway and even if her services were going to be free she said that I would still have to pay for a plane ticket, accomodation, etc. We're talking here about thousands of pounds (dollars even). I don't have anymore money left, I've been selfish enough not taking this money to take care of my kids so the answer is no. I definitely won't go and this is why I share this story with you today.

I won't tell anybody not to go to Tania Medina, because she is not a bad person, and I don't think she is a bad surgeon. But I wouldn't tell my sister to go there. Specifically because I think she lost 'faith'. You know what I mean? After a while if you always do the same things you may not be as precautious as you used to be, and this is certainly her case.
As for my vagina, she, or should I say HER colleague, which I talk about in another review (look at my account), destroyed a part of me. I'm dealing with it on a daily basis. I think I will sort out things one day. But first as for what's vissible, I need to learn how to live whith not a big round bum, but a huge bum. To be continued.

*Sorry just so you know when I met Tania before the surgery, it was the night before that she came very late in my bedroom, she said 'oh you already have a big bum'. And I said 'yes I always have this is why I don't want it to be bigger I just want enough fat on my sides and where it's appropriate to make it nicer, rounder. But I don't want a huge bum, neither some big hips'. And she said 'yes ok'. But if you read me here you know what happened to me. I think she forgot that I've said 'no big hips please!' because this fat necrosis is on my sides and this is why it looks like I have a huge bum, because my hips were so big. But like I say it got better because of my diet. I will keep doing it until I'm happy about myself. I'm feeling much better. But I think it's more because of the gym than because of the plastic surgery. Ladies please... I'm the first one not to be afraid to do what it takes to be beautiful and look good, but for this one, think twice.

I will download pictures later.

One year after my tummy tuck, bbl (brazilian butt lift) and vaginoplasty with tania de Medina in the Dominican republic (review)

Hello everybody

I've been waiting for the right time to do this review and finally give my final impression about the work I received and my thoughts about it.
I'm not going to write a lot so what I would say is if I knew I wouldn't have done it. At least not with Tania.
I don't want to be mean, she seems like a nice person. But I'm so far from what I dreamt about and when I realise the money that it took to get these results I feel very ashamed about myself. Because I should have spent this money differently, or wait and save more to do the surgery with another surgeon nearby.
I am one year post op and I still have hard ping pong ball like fat in both my cheeks. I've lost weight but it seems like, what they call fat necrosis, doesn't want to go away. And I feel very mad at Tania to not doing a proper job. Actually the fat necrosis is bigger on my left cheek and it's so hard that when my partner touches me he sometimes stops and try to feel it. It's kind of a mood breaker especially when we try to make up. I feel horrible about that.
Concerning the overall look itself, it's also not what I wanted. It's looks okay but it should actually look better than that honestly. I've seen on this website many girls with the same shape as me and ending up with much better results than I did. I feel like my behind is kind of square. I still don't know why Tania put so much fat on my upper cheeks making them look like this. We usually want something slimmer at the top of our cheeks and like a nice bubble at the bottom.
Also I've been talking before about the scar I've been left with after the surgery. A weird laser scar on my right leg and nobody knew where it's coming from, Tania or even the other people who were there. Sounds very professional right?
I managed to reduce this scar by using my dermaroller on it once or twice a week since the last 6 months. But it's still there.
Finally, but for this part this is my fault, I don't blame Tania, the scars near my knees are still visible. She told me she doesn't usually do lipo on knees but I insisted. And now I have this two little scars near my knees. Nothing horrible but it's just that it comes on top of the rest. And wearing short skirts without thights isn't possible anymore. But that's fine as I don't like my legs anyway.
Have I told you about my vaginoplasty? Yes I did. This was a desaster. A vaginoplasty made by one of Tania's doctor friend. Well we use to say that nature will always try to find her way. This is why I'm happy to say that my vagina kind of healed itself and looks much better than it did the first 8 months after the surgery. But there also I have some weird fat, the size of an olive, moving around the right side of my big lips and it's another thing that makes me feel very low sometimes.
So I try not to think about all of these things to be honest as I don't have the money to go under surgery again.
This experience was kind of the dream of my life, a one time thing I just wanted to do for myself for once. And I am so disappointed.
So at this point I honestly wouldn't suggest anybody to do this surgery with Tania. I don't know about other doctors but I've seen some pictures that makes me feel like some people really know what they're doing. Here I ended up with a huge (I said to her I want to keep it average though) square bottom, fat necrosis on both cheeks, and a destroyed vagina who is just starting to heal. And by the way I only had a dozen intercourses with my oartner since the surgery because 1, I feel really bad about myself (I know there is much worse I know) and 2, it's been hurting for a long time after the vaginoplasty.
So now ladies you do what you want. I'm only speaking about myself here. I know everything I've just wrote is quite negative but this is my experience that I wanted to share with you. I'm not making this up. This is just the way I feel.
Oh and I deleted the pictures 'before' because I was mad after the surgery and I also wanted to delete my review. I just wanted to delete this experience from my mind, my life etc. But I now think it's best to share. Well and I didn't get the chance to upload these pics again so today I'm only uploading the 'after' pictures (wit the yellow thong). But let me say there isn't a lot of difference. I'm far from the nice bottom I wanted. I'm just wider, as my hips are now larger and even though I've lost weight this part doesn't go slimmer, not yet.

Note: oops sorry I forgot to say the only positive thing about all that. For tummy tucks Tania is the woman you need. yes she did a very good job. But now as far as I know not every surgeon is good for any surgery. So I confirm my final verdict: 'not worth it"!

14 months after BBL with Dra Tania de Medina in Santo Domingo; so upset and disappointed... Feeling low

So tonight I feel really low and I guess I need to write down my feelings or I won't be able to sleep. I've been working out more than I used to. I go running like three times a week and do cardio on a machine the other days. Before my BBL I came accross reviews saying nobody should do too much cardio after a BBL because the work done could just disappeared. Well this is what I wish for now but nothing is happening so far. I don't know what to do anymore appart from running more and more. So let me say before I go further and because I am the proof of that, unless you run marathons (maybe), running and cardio don't make you loose the benefits of the BBL surgery. I wish I could go back. I even blame myself by thinking my vanity put me there. Absolutely wanting something and a few thousands dollars after I don't feel good about myself. I feel worse about myself than before. This is wrong. At least some girls I was talking with may be unhappy about their results but they admit they look better in a dress than before. Is it worth it? Thousands dollars to look better in a dress but not naked? I don't even look better in a dress myself. I avoid dresses because Tania Medina didn't shape my butt at all. She put fat in the upper area only. Now this is so irregular if you look closely you can see the little bumps at the top of each cheek and the lower part looks flat. Also she put the fat on the upper part but on the side!! It looks so weird. I look 1/3 wider than I used to. I have some wide hips and a flat lower butt. This is not right. I paid so much money to look good. And I even work so hard to remove what she's done but it's not working. This is not right. Tonight I want to tell you not to go to surgery with Tania Medina. I sometimes try to see the good part of the story like it could have been worse I could have died on the surgery table like it happens sometimes. Well, I didn't but now everyday when I look in the mirror I feel bad and I don't dress like I want because I only dress in order to hide my behind. I feel like I'm so large that everybody looks at me when I'm wearing jeans or short tops. My upper butt is sticking out, my hips are sticking out. I hate that. And for this I hate what she's done. I clearly said before the surgery "I don't want to look bigger, just have a better shape". What the heck! Oh sorry I forgot to mention something regarding my tummy tuck with Tania Medina. I wasn't there for this tonight but I always forget to talk about it. I said the tummy tuck was perfect. But I think it was also in majority thanks to me but I've always been used to heal fast and in a clean way. My skin responds well after scars and injuries. What I wanted to say is Tania has made the scar higher on the right side than the left side. So when I wear a low waist trousers we can see the scar sticking out on the right side? This wasn't the plan. The tummy tuck scar is supposed to be well hiden under the clothes. So... I don't wear low waist trousers. Sorry to say after all that but even with the tummy tuck Tania Medina did something wrong. And if I wear a bikini I need the ones with high waist to hide the scar. I already have a bottom where you can see irregularities and doesn't look so natural because weirdly shaped, I can't also have this scar out... If I ever decide to go at the beach of course mmh. I know I don't look horrible. And I know I can work out some clothes where we don't see much but I definitely cannot wear the clothes I bought before the surgery, like some bodycon dresses. I know I don't look horrible but I also know she did wrong and as a result I don't look good either.

18 - 19 months after my BBL brazilian butt lift (also called lipofilling in Europa) - Surgeon in the Dominican Republic: Tania d

Hi there. After a few months where I was really really feeling down consecutively to my surgery I'm happy to say that I feel much better now. Still unhappy about my results but feeling better.
I managed to lose some weight because the baby weight was still here and also I really hated the fact that the BBL made me look so big. I said 'I don't like/want big hips!'. What is so difficult to understand? Lol.
Anyway now I can confirm that almost all the fat that was grafted 18 months ago is gone. Only some left on my cheeks side and always this hard fat residu on both sides.
I've seen a surgeon the other day where I am now, not in London (UK) anymore but in the south of France. He told me this happens when BBL is not properly done, because if it's well done the fat and the shape that was given to me should stay forever.
I actually though by losing weight I could kind of keep the roudness that was on my lower buttock... Even though I wanted to get rid of what I had on my upper buttock. Well the opposite happened. My lower buttocks now look completely deflated and the upper ones still look squared.

My goal at the moment is to see one or two more surgeons by the end of the year and go from there.

I'd like to have a lipo to remove this square shape and more than that this cyst (the last surgeon i've seen said this fat deposit is actually a cyst and I also have granuloma. I don't know the exact name sorry).
I got scared when he said I should probably have a buttock lifting surgery because I will be left with an even more deflated looking butt. My options would be to live with it and maybe do intensive gym to see if it helps (but it may not) or decide to do this surgery and end up with another scar but on my back this time; (this one + the one from the tummy tuck) so I would look like I've been cut in half.

I don't know what to do. I even wonder if I should have a lipo to remove what is left on my upper cheeks and have a bbl (lipofilling) again. Because after all the researches I've done I know that if it was properly done even when you loose weight you shouldn't loose the shape. That means that from the beginning my choice to go to DR was a mistake. And there's also this specialised website (I will download a screen shot) with this article where they say 'if you hear that a bbl is performed in less than 4 hours, that means not everything is done to ensure you the optimum results and your surgeon will certainly ask you to have a touchup).
Yeah apparently it's common these surgeons who tell you that most of the fat has been reabsorbed and that this is your body who is in cause and that it wasn't previsible. But actually when too much fat is injected I quote "If you inject a thick wad of fat cells, the cells in the center of the wad will starve before the blood vessels reach them. Thus the fat grafts have to be injected with very fine needles in small quantities. This is a very painstaking and slow process. If you inject a lot at a time, many cells will not survive."

No need to say more.

Just some pics (18 months after)

How long do fAt grafts last?

I ve found this article about fat grafts so interesting I just wanted to share and so here are a few screen shots.

Still disappointed 29 months after my BBL and tummy tuck with Tania de Medina and in the hope of helping others to make their de

Hi beautiful girls

I'm here today 2.5 years after my tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift (or what some people call butt fat grafting or butt lipofilling). And although I had time to digest my story and I don't feel any hate anymore towards Tania de Medina (Yes I admit now that I did because even if I never put this into words it's been difficult for me and I hated her at some point), I still feel very disappointed about this woman and her work.

You should read my previous reviews to know exactly what happened to me but in a few words I travelled from London (United kingdom) to the Dominican republic because like other women I found that she was a surgeon I could trust and her prices were much better than in Europa.
At the end when I met her I specifically told her I didn't want more hips but she still grafted a lot of fat in my sides leaving me with two clothes sizes above my regular one. And I also told her I was thinking about having a vaginoplasty done. And I wouldn't have done it if she wouldn't send me to one of the best as she called her (read my other review about it - this concerns the doctor Dra. Clara Vargas De Garcia).

I think I will talk about my experience for the rest of my life and will update my review every year or so because if only one woman can avoid what I've been through that would be it.

My tummy tuck was okay. It's the only thing I was happy about. But it's not perfect. How could it be when you see the rest of the surgery? I really feel like because I was the first one on the operation table at 5 in the morning that Tania de Medina wasn't really awake or I don't know, but she messed me up.

My tummy tuck healed beautifully. I think it's more about my genes because among friends I always had a good skin and after a while my scars would fade. So I'm lucky for that part.
But when people see my navel they immediately see it's been 'done'. It does not look natural because there's this small scar underneath. I don't know why.
And this surgeon I've seen recently for a check up also told me it shouldn't be here.
As for the tummy tuck scar itself one side goes upper the other one. It gives me trouble when I wear a swim suit because I often need to think about elevating one side more than the other.
But overally speaking I'm pretty happy about my tummy tuck until now. I mean it's 80% okay.

I've done a lot of gym since the surgery and I still do but I now know you can't just delete what has surgically been done to you. I lost weight but the necrosis on my hips and these bumps would't go away.
So the new surgeon I've seen a few weeks ago said I would need not to only do a lipo on my hips but also I will be left with scars because he will have to surgically remove the bumps, the fat necrosis that I was left with.
The result of that could be that I lose all of my butt shape and maybe, I say maybe, I will also have to get a butt lifting in the future.
So from naturally okay but in the need of improvement after two pregnancies, I went to huge after my bbl, then deformed, then this.

Like I was saying in another post, surgeons can have the same prices but they don't have the same skills. And you really need to be careful on which you choose to go for.
I feel like Tania de Medina can only work on certain body types.
I come from an african background and we don't specifically have a huge waist, actually a lot of african women don't have any hips but they have the butt, this nice curvy bubbly butt who everybody enjoys looking at on the planet. And Tania can only build this curvy waist shapes some latino women are so in love into. And I must admit when it's well performed this looks incredible. But when it's well done I said. This coca cola bottle shape wasn't exactly what I wanted to achieve and it feels to me that it was clear from the pictures I sent before the surgery but I wonder now is she really looking at these? I think she's just operating everybody the same way.

So yes I will have my lipo and fat necrosis removal at the end of the year.
It's very regretful that Tania de Medina never tried to give me my money back because it's obviously proof of greediness and not being able to take your responsabilities. Especially when you think she's also the one who sent me to this 'vagina butcher'. But not all people can be right on this planet. This is why balance was made for.

I will keep you updated after my next surgery. It's a long long journey.

A quick picture after writing my last update (30 months after my BBL or butt lipofilling with tania de Medina Garcia in Santo Do

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I don't really know what to say about her because what I though at the beginning was wrong. She put me in the hands of a pretend artist for vaginoplasty and this woman destroyed my body and my sexual life. And Tania herself said she could improve my booty shape but didn't at all (I was a 'square' or 'H' shape and always am) and she left me with fat necrosis on both sides of my butt who wouldn't fade away after one year. Plus a laser scar on my right leg who appeared miraculously during the surgery and nobody knows where it's coming from. And let's not talk about the daily waiting time at her clinic (2 to 4 hours from the initial appointmnt time), the lack of professionalism of her assistants who should go back to school to learn how to treat surgery patients, the missing clinic paperwork, the guy who helped puting me to sleep and was rubing his testicles on my knees, etc. This all has been an unpleasant experience for me. True she said she would help me if I want to come for round 2 to fix things but how could I trust her now?

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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