33 Year Old, Mommy of 2, Ready to Be the Best Version of Me! Lipo, Tt, Bbl, BR with BL- Santo Domingo, RD

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Hello ladies! I am super excited that I have found...

Hello ladies! I am super excited that I have found this site. It has helped answer so many of my questions. Although I've been wantong surgery since last year I just really started my research a month ago, and have already learned so much. I'm so thankful for everyone who has shared their journey; the good, the bad, the uggly. And I promised myself I will do the same.

A little about me and what I would like done:

I am 33 years old, mother of a 15 year old prince and 8 year old princess. My husband is not very happy with my decision of wanting to do surgery.  I wish he was more supportive and I hope he comes around with it :-( because I am determine to do this no matter what. I want to be confident, feel good about myself again and be a better version of me! (As Molina says). No matter how much I've worked out in the past, my tummy is just not cooperating. I plan on getting liposuction, BBL, Breast Reduction and most likely a tt . Although im so scared of the possibility of having a crazy, weird belly button lol or a strechy looking abdomen. I pray my hemoglobin will be good to have all this done.

Who I've chosen as my doctor:

I have been between Robles and Molina. Although Robles work is so amazing (her tt And belly buttons are the bomb) and I like that Robles assistant is so thorough in what to expect and answering all your questions, I haven't had any interaction with the doctor, so no connection there.  Also Robles has had about 3 semi bad reviews. Also I hear that she is not aggressive and people feel she could of taken more fat out. And although I don't want anything tooo aggressive I DO want to SEE results and be HAPPY with my results. I want a natural sexy look With no "dog ears." Therefore, I have decided to go with Molina. He has like NO bad reviews so far. And from my interactions with him via whatsapp he seems to genuinely care about his patients. I like the connection so far and that is very important to me. The only thing I read so far is that his wife takes care of the aftercare and that she is not as personable as he is.  Molinas work is amazing and I feel he doesn't have enough reviews and not enough credit is given to him, because the reviews I have read about him fall nothing short of greatness in the way he cares for his patients. The only thing is that he communicates via whatsap and I don't even know if he has an assistant yet. And I know he's communicated via ig that he is so busy so he takes a while to get back to you. And I have like soooo many questions. Lol


I am a Register Nurse working in a very busy medical surgical/ICU stepdown unit and I  would love feedback/tips from any nurses or anyone that works in a busy setting where u have to be on your feet alot. Also most of my patients are ventilator dependent, so i have to do total care on them, many of them are heavy patients and im scared of the strenuous activity after my surgery. I can only take 3 weeks and I am nervous about going back to work at 21 days post op.  I'm not sure how fmla works or if it's covered by cosmetic surgery. I've been meaning to read that policy at work, But always so darn busy that I haven't had a chance.

Also, any tips/advise from anyone that has had surgery in June? I don't know if I'll be able to survive the summer with a faja for 3 months. Lol but I can't take vacation until then due to school :( but I didn't want to wait until next winter Lol. has anyone survived the summer torture? Should I change my date? :(

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide this newbie :) ?

Feel free to add me on ig: newgiz2016

Took alot Of courage but I've attached my soon to be before pictures.

Changed my Date/conversation with Molina

So I have decided to change my date to May. I have had more interaction with Molina via whatsapp and he has informed me of the following:

Deposit: $1000 and can make it via quickpay if you have chase bank. He wants you to notify him once you have sent the deposit so he can make sure to secure your date.

Recovery House: He states he is now working with Venus Recovery House, they are new and advised me to look them up on IG which i did and i am awaiting their response regarding prices.

What to bring: He states to bring additional money for extra supplies such as soaps, creams, etc, (which normally do not exceed $20 he says) with the exception of the faja which can be between $100-200. He advised me to also bring comfortable clothing, cotton t-shirts/tanks to put under the faja, maxi pads, Motrin or advil in case you need something not too strong in addition to the pain killers he provides.

Length of Stay: He recommends a 15 day stay in the Dominican Republic. And he recommended i take an additional week off of work once i get to the states.

I also send him the attached silly pics of me playing with a stimulator app asking him if something similar can be attainable, he laughed and said i have very realistic goals :-) so I am a happy gal.

I am super excited and can hardly contain it lol I wish i could share all of this with my husband but he doesn't even want to hear about it right now. He is coming to terms with the fact that this IS happening though which is a good sign. I had many years wanting to do this and because he didn't "approve" of it, i kept putting it off . But after all the BS we have gone through in the past (we're good now), I realized i need to make MYSELF happy so F that! I love him and respect him but at the end of the day I would support him in his decisions and I pray to God he comes around, and i think he will. He's just a big baby. The other day he drank a little too much for new years and said something like "you're gonna leave me when u get your body done and become a bottle girl." lmaoo like what ? no hun, no I am a RN who worked really hard for it and I Am not going to leave you and become a bottle girl. lol Here in NY, in the Washington Heights area all the bottle girls in the clubs seem to have their body done so i guess thats where he got this from. So now I am not so discouraged at his lack of support and realize the fears he expressed to me so hopefully he'll come around.

Things Just Got real for Me! :-)

Hello ladies!

So I just made my $1000 deposit to have surgery with Dr. Molina! I sent it to him via chase quickpay. I can't even begin to tell u the adrenaline that just gave me lol. I had all sorts of emotions going through me. I felt excited, then I felt selfish, then I felt scared, now I'm excited again. I am a hot mess. lol

I am still trying to figure out how am i going to take off work, like do i take vacation time and if i need more time then use disability or do i just not say anything and call out sick and then let my disability kick in? ugh I'm so confused about this. any advise?

on another note, I have consulted with @Phenombeautyconsultants. They are coordinating my surgery and so far I am so happy I found them, because as soon as I contacted them i felt at ease with the fact that everything I need will be taken care of. They have clarified all the questions I've had thus far. They confirmed the quote for me and clarified all the procedures I need with Molina directly (attached is a pic of the procedures i'll be having along with the quote and what is included in the price for those wondering to go to Molina). After my deposit with Molina is confirmed they will secure my date and everything else that needs to be coordinated.

I also checked my hemoglobin and it is currently 13.3!! woohoo this is a surprise to me as I have always been mildly anemic. I have not started to take my vitamins or iron as of yet but will start this week.

That's all the updates for now.

Feel free to follow me on IG: Newgiz2016

Also feel free to drop any tips, comments or advise ;-)

Thanks guys!

Updates: Venus Recovery House/Phenombeautyconsultants

Hello ladies!

I would like to start of by saying that i am so happy i consulted with phenombeautyconsultants. They have made my life so much easier. I am less stressed out and overwhelmed by this journey. They have prepared and coordinated everything with care, professionalism and amazing organizational skills. They have answered all my questions and even put a "preparation package" together containing a breakdown of all the costs/expected costs and information regarding what to do/expect pre surgery, during surgery and post op care. Being a newbie to all of this, i think it really helps to have someone with experience help you through your journey.

Ok so i have chosen to book my stay with Venus Recovery House as Dr. Molina suggested. They are a brand new RH, and Dr. Molina works directly with them. They have a great special if you book before January 31st. so My 13 night stay came out to a great bargain of $910 which I've paid in full already. They include 3 meals a day plus snacks and transportation. They have hospital beds (only in the private rooms).

I have yet to start taking my vitamins and iron but I will start this week. I am a bit confused as what to take regarding iron supplements. SSS Tonic, Hemaplex or Geritol? or a combination of these? or do i only need these if i need a boost? and am i suppose to take the iron pills on top of that too? like I don't want to OD on iron now. lol I posted about this on my IG and will be emailing Phenombeauty to see what they advise and post on here again.

Changed my date back to my original June date lol. It has been secured and deposit has been confirmed so things are moving along nicely.

I have lost 10 pounds since i started this journey (without trying). I don't know why because I have been eating like a piggy, but maybe it was all the stress i had before i consulted with phenombeauty. Therefore, I asked Dr. Molina if I should gain weight for my BBL or stay at my current weight of 147 lbs, he suggested I gain 5 to 10 pounds the most if I like but that it wasn't completely necessary. I will try to gain atleast 5 pounds.

My husband is still not happy, but since he sees this is REALLY happening i guess he has no other choice but to accept it lol and is even talking about accompanying me (he wants to meet the doctor lol). So I guess that's an improvement.

Can't wait until June.

4 days until I fly to DR!!

Hello ladies, so it's been a while. I usually be on IG. feel free to add me: newgiz2016

So June 6 I fly out with my husband to DR. God willing I'll be cleared and set for surgery on Tuesday the 7th. Not sure what my hemoglobin is, Checked it yesterday and results are in tomorrow. I slacked a little with my pills. :( so just juicing alot lately. Drinking beets with apples and carrots. Or guava juice with pepper. Been only doing it for a week and a half, but hopefully that'll help.

Anyways, I am packed and ready to go and get this done. I've attached some pics of the things I've packed. I didn't over do it. I read a lot of reviews of girls saying they didn't use half the things they took with them. Plus check with your rh Before buying supplies. Many of them provide the essentials, such as chux, tape, gloves..etc.

I'm nervous yet excited. I'm also trying to mentally prepare myself for the pain anD discomfort.

I will be staying at Venus recovery house. They are super attentive already. They called me today to confirm my stay. They sent me a picture of the driver that will be picking me up. I'm glad I picked them, just as molina suggested. I believe they work directly with him.

I will be staying for 2 weeks as molina suggested.

I will also be doing undereye treatment with dr Valerio. He actually comes to whatever rh u stay at his ig is @medicinaesteticamoderna.

I will keep updating my journey as promised. And Thanks to everyone who posted about theirs, really helped me prepare for this journey. :)

Arrival day to DR & day of SX

Hi there. Sorry I haven't updated. Now I understand why people don't update after sx. You just feel so drained. And it's so much easier to do it on ig.

I have been updating my journey almost daily in ig but I will try to keep this updated as well.

I arrived to dr on June 6th. I stayed at venus recover house. Driver picked me and my husband up from the airport promptly and took me straight to my consultation with molina. Doctor was still in sx so i was asked to come back. In the meantime i had my xray, cardiology exam and headed to the rh. The phlebotomist "el vampiro" came to the rh and did my blood work.

Venus was very clean and beautiful. The staff was friendly and welcoming. I had a double room for me and my husband the first night. (But after the sx i switched to a vip room because i felt i needed the hospital bed. But Now i heard they have hospital beds in all the rooms though).

Molina's secretary (glassily) then called the rh and asked them to bring me back for my consultation with molina. I wanted my husband to come but we argued so much already that I was fed up and he was fed up and he said he was tired and stayed back. So I went and had my consultation with molina alone. I was upset and my mind was not right. Molina was so nice and he automatically made me feel at ease. But I feel like I didn't express exactly what I wanted and forgot to ask questions because my head was somewhere else. Anyways, I told him I wanted a breast reduction (I didn't specify how big or small, smh), he said i didnt need implants as i already had big boobs (I agreed), he said I would benefit from a tt (I agreed) and I told him I wanted a natural booty (I should of not done that lol cuz now I'm booty greedy). I had wish pics, but he was like "that is not natural and u say u want natural." I was like you're right. So we put them away lol. He asked me some medical questions and asked if i had any questions. He took his time with me and made sure i had all the info i needed. I paid him the rest of the money in cash. And the insurance which was 135.

Went back to the rh. Stopped eating at 9pm. showered with hiberclens soap in the night time and then showered with the soap again in the am. I packed my sx bag the night before with a tank top, change of clothes, 6 pads, lysol wipes, passport, cash for tips, cell phone, charger, boppy pillow and wipes. I arrived to the clinic at 6 am. When I arrived there were already 2 other girls who were having sx with molina there. One of the nurses gave me a form to fill out and sign. I was escorted to my room. This room was nice, Clean and spacious. Had a big couch for your companion to sleep on if they staying over. There was a TV and a phone along with the phone number to the room (which I gave to my mom and she called it nonstop lol). I wiped the bathroom and the whole room with the lysol wipes lol. I was second to have sx so i waited in that room a long time until about 10 am. Molina walked in the room with his big beautiful smile asked me again what I wanted, and proceded to mark me. This is the time to tell him exactly what u want ladies!! (I never specified i wanted my boobs to stay big and i now im depressed about how small they are). He asked me again how big i wanted my booty and i said natural. Ugh im so mad i did that lol. He then took pictures of me and told me to smile and relax lol. Then The sweet soft spoken anesthesiologist came into the room, she asked me some questions regarding my health, she then walked me through all the steps of the sx, explained the type of anesthesia I was getting etc. She put an iv line in me and then gave me the blue pill. Next thing I remember I woke up, crying cuz I couldn't feel my right leg lol. My sx. Was about 3 1/2 hours. thank God everything went well.

I had a tt, breast reduction and lift with no inplants, liposuction to full back, flanks, arms and inner thighs.

Pictures of how I look now.

A lot happened in these 36 days. I will update as soon as I can about the Crazy first month post op as soon as I can. But in the meantime this is how I look as of this week. 4.5 week post op
Dr. Julio Molina

I feel I made the best decision in choosing Dr. Molina. He is a caring and professional man. He loves what he does and it shows. His spirit is beautiful and u will notice it the min he is in your presence. He cares for your health and does not give u false hopes and reassurances. He is honest yet amazingly sensible. If I had to do it all over again I would choose him again. The after care is handled by dra. Loz and her team of 2 nurses which I love because we get all the time and attention u deserve post op. However he is always willing and there to answer any questions u may have post op. Anytime I sent him a message via what's app after sx he answered them promptly. I love his team. Everyone was professional. Love dra loz even though she could be stern sometimes but its because they really do care for your recovery. Rd 2 is deff lingering in my mind and I would not let any other doctor touch me but molina.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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