Searching and Searching - Dominican Republic

I'm starting my journey I just emailed all three...

I'm starting my journey I just emailed all three Doctors I've heard good reviews on now I'll see who answers all my questions in a timely manner and who I feel is sincere... I was first referred to Dra Hector Cabraro but after googling him and reading comments on him I had a change of heart (He also takes very long to answer and he gives 1 worded answers {Oh how I hate that}) so I'm kind of indecisive about Dra Yily Dra Duran and Dra Baez I've been reading stories in here and I really want Dra Duran I want my waist tiny, n I want a TT my booty is already a nice shape and size. I've been on this site almost everyday, I'm only in the path to getting the procedure and I'm nervous scared and I guess excited at the same time

Nothing yet

I haven't heard nothing yet from any DR I'll email them again this weekend and have it translated so I can get a quick response n call Yilly tonight, I already made an appointment with my physician out here for next week so I can get my physical and blood work n etc done so I can know if I need to work on anything b4 heading out there, And I figured I'll inform my Dr so she can prescribe me Iron Antibiotics and pain reliever medicine, I started searching for Fajas and I just ordered some maxi dresses

Scared but Ready

So I just made the payment for BellaVita services!! I'm nervous idk if financially I'll be ready but usually when it comes down to it I get it done how some way!! Idk what to start buying I want to pick up little things here and there so I don't have a lot of last minute things to get any suggestions on things I'll need for my trip?!?

Has any made there deposit for Duran?

If so how did you go about getting the deposit to her?! I need to put this in ASAP

Going March 9th Ladies!!!

So there's been a lot going on n I'm finally going March 9th my nerves are everywhere! When I feel it getting to be to overwhelming I stop close my eyes Pray and breath!! I'm going with the Waist thief the one n only Dr. Cabral. He was who I was first informed about but then I researched him n didn't like the reviews not one bit! But I have a friend who went to him last year n she looks freaking amazing!!!
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