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Ready to become a Medina Doll

Hello RS.... Happy Holidays, I'm very nervous and excited as the time gets closer to the surgery. I started taking my vitamins and I started purchasing items for my trip. I want to say I'm almost packed but not there yet. I Have made a deposit locking in my surgery date for April 1, 2015 (Wire Transfer) Ms.Medina will be scheduling my stay for the recovery house and yes I am traveling alone. I have confidence after speaking with Ms.Medina that I will be in the best care at the Recovery House.

My Birthday gift to myself

When you can actually say New Year ~New me lol. I'm so excited I already booked my flight and I can wait to see the results. I am 39 yrs old Divorced with two kids well not kids 23m and 20F and I don't plan on having any more children thats why I decided I was ready for this procedure. What is greater than a new make over. Momma always use to say baby girl treat yourself don't cheat yourself and I'm taking her advice ????

15 More Days

I'm so excited I have two more weeks to fly out and I'm looking forward to the new me. So far on my supply list
1. Heating pad
2. Hospital Gown (4)
3. Ankle tube socks (6)
4. White tank tops (10)
5. Hospital latex Gloves
6. Arnica Gel
7. Gauze pads
8. Medical tape
9. Adult Diapers
10. Wipes
11. Antibacterial Soap
12. Silicone Sheets (For Scar)
13. Laxative pills
14. Metamucil (Fiber)
15. Booty pillow
16. Vitamin B - Folic Acid - Iron
17. Blanket
18. Spray on Deodorant
19. Naproxen with sodium
If anyone has something that I should have on my list please comment. I hope this list helps some of you so that you will know what you may need to bring with you. I'm leaving NY on March 31 arriving to D.R straight to do some blood work following day having surgery on April 1, 2015. I will try my best to keep everyone updated when I arrive. Blessings to all and Happy Healings ????

I'm ready to become a Medina Doll

Just wanted to post before pics, leaving in 3 days will keep you all updated.

Cecilip Clinic

I must say I was very impressed with the services at this clinic. Tania Medina's assistants are very passionate and caring. On the side of your bed there's a on call button so that they can come to you immediately. Any time I needed my pain meds or if my IV needed to be changed the assistant was there in a heart beat. Also I give them grade A why this place is very clean. I highly recommend Tania Medina
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have been searching for a Doctor and finally I found the one who meets all of my expectations. Tania Medina is compassionate down to earth, Every time I sent her a message she would reply back in a timely matter and answered all my questions and concerns and that was very important to me. If you want a Doctor that cares then Tania Medina is who you are looking for!

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