Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Maybe a Bbl - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello , dolls.... Finally i am going to have my...

Hello , dolls.... Finally i am going to have my procedure done in DR. with Doctor Medina.
I will have a tummy tuck with muscle repair /lipo and bbl.
My surgery day is next month on the 7..... I really dont know if i am going to be the first one or the last one to have surgery that day. However so far i dont fell a change of heart or a bad felling. i did my research and i was reading all the comments and reviews of the DR. so, for now i just getting ready and i will keep you guys posted.

tummy tuck Dr.

Hello, divas..
I just passing by just to drop some before pictures of my body.
My surgery day is been scheduled already for sep, 8 , with DR. MEDINA.
I am getting done a tummy tuck with muscle repair, upper and lower back lipo with my Flanks as well of a bbl.
My before weight was 140 pounds. Yes, yes , I have to gained weight for this surgery. My current weight is 160 and my BIM rigth now is 27.7 my high is 5'4"
Let's see how everything goes. .. so far the only thing I can say is , and I am been honest with you guys , I am having a little of bit of problem with emails communication. I send an email now and 1 or 3 days after I received an answer. Let see how that continues working towards week before of the surgery.I keep you guys posted. Thanks.

Hello, divas...

Just want to ask any one that having surgery with DR Medina, has any issued reciving emails from her, my surgery is around the corner, and I been sending her emails regarding my medication and stuff I need for me trip over there, is been a week now and no answer from her.I don't known what is going on.Please if you having the same problems please let me know . Thanks

Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair Liposuction and Bbl

Hello, my divas..

I make it to DR yesterday around 3:00pm

Did all my blood labs, xtrays pay off my balance and when to the my home recovery.

Wait up this morning , to continue with the process , did my heart and I already took my blue pill, just waiting to go in.

Check my YouTube channel for a complete videos of my journey I will keep you guys posted.

Hello to All my divas.This is my next day in the...

Hello to All my divas.

This is my next day in the cecilip hospital or clinic, as you all know my surgery was yesterday sep 8,2016 , I when in around 1:00pm. I still at the recovery room at the hospital (cecilip ) I am feeling okay, not pain, discomfort.  I been giving a iv/ with antibiotics /and pain medications all inside my I/v. So far I did my tummy tuck with muscle repair and little lipo, not enough fat for a bbl. However my main concern was my tummy. A nurse stayed with me the entire night, I never , never was left alone. I keep you guys posted. I am loading 5 minutes videos on my you tube channel, if you like to see more of my journey with Dr.Medina in santo domingo, you all are more then welcome to do so.... I keep you guys posted.

Good morning to all my divas out there.Just want...

Good morning to all my divas out there.

Just want it to post some pictures.

Tummy tuck with Dr Medina .

Remember my divas I had surgery yesterday . The 8 , george the driver came to my home recovery and pick me up early (yesterday)and today i am still waiting to see dr. Medina. SEP 9, 2016. KEEPING YOU GUYS POSTED....

Updated/my Before Pics of my Body

This is my before pictures of my body , before my tummy tuck.

The last 3 pictures is the one of me gain weight for the tummy, lipo and bbl. Like you all know she did not do my bbl. Later on I will keep you guys posted with the actual pics, I haven been able to take new pics. I am walking every 20 minutes inside my room, drinking a lot of water and taking my meds. Keep you guys posted.

Tummy tuck /lipo.

Hello, divas ... I am 3 day post-op
My surgery date was sep 8, 2016
Around 1:00pm
I was the 3rd media's patient that day.
I remember she say she do 2 person per day , however that day I saw 3.
I maybe wrong.
So far I am feeling good, I am walking more, drinking a lot of water and tomorrow , I am going to see her and request my pics of my skin she took from my tummy and the fat as well.
This is a journey that you have to be prepared mentally, emotionally.
Keeping you guys posted.
Good luck to all out coming media's dolls.

Tummytuck with Muscle Repair, Liposuction

Hello, divas just dropping some pictures I am 5 days post-op.

Still here at the my home recovery house. I can not complaint, very good place, very safe and secured, staff very nice. So far I am feeling good and for some reason I do not have the pain I was expecting to have. I am doing really good. I can not wait to go back to my exercise .

Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair , Liposuction

Good morning! all

Today it's my last day at the recovery house. For my 10 DAYS . Later on the driver will take me to the hotel here in the Dominican Republic (embassy and suites hotel. ... for my remaining of my stay, I am feeling good and can not wait to see my kids , and my grandkids, this journey and experience I did it by my self..... Keeping you guys posted.

I Am a 39 Years Old , Mother of 3. my Current Weight Still at 160 I Haven't Loose No Pounds Since the Surgery.

I did my surgery 28 days ago, I went to the Dominican Republic with Dr.Medina.

I did my tummy tuck with muscle repair and a little lipo on my back.

Not enough for my bbl.

Anyway want it to post a before and after pics. I feel good no problems, I already returned to work and I am walking a 100 % straight. , just working on my scars.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My decision was final, and I decided to do my surgery with dr. Medina. My surgery was on sep 8, 2016 at 13:00 hrs. Dr. Medina could not do my bbl due to I did not have enough fat, even I gained weight (40) pounds. However only god knows. My hemoglobin was on point and all my blood, heart, xrays labs came back good. Right now , she is a doctor that she care for your health, if your labs come back negative she will postpone your surgery for an other time. And if you don't have enough fat she will not give you that bbl. She is right on point with her follow ups, she will she you 3 times before you leave. Either then that, please do your research before making any decisions. It's a big decision to make, and always remember you are going to an other country that they have different laws..... be safe , be you, and always put your safety first. Keeping you guys posted. And at the end of the day you will know what is best for you. Always remember everyone body are different. ....

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