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Hi everyone, I'm here today to finally start my rs...

Hi everyone, I'm here today to finally start my rs journey. I've been doing the obsessing as most of us do prior to finally saying "I'm ready to really do this". I'm 27, with 2 children, a man, 2 cats, full time school and a part time job. So yes my plate is full. Last month I was at my highest weight ever in life which was 203 pds. Its depressing an to be honest my confidence went completely down. I still looked pretty good in clothes but u know its bad when u look at urself in the mirror an say damnnn let me hurry up an put this on. Yes.... that bad smh. I knew I was getting bigger when I couldn't fit a damn thing an I'm not going to even get into actually trying to shop for clothes. Thats when I actually want to break down an cry lol. Seriously its no joke ladies, being over weight, depressed, and still hungry is no fucken joke. I got really serious about getting into shape when my boo an I went out to hang out on 42 nd street to get a bite to eat an while taking pics I'm holding in my stomach but every time I look at it to make sure I look decent, I'm like oh hellll no, delete that one too. Lol. Now my man is gorgeous. I'm not saying it because he is my man he is built, muscular, six-eight packs, he looks like trey songz/ Morris Chestnut if u get my drift. Just sexy, an y'all know I'm open cause he can lift me up. I mean over his damn shoulders whoooo. Anyway so I'm like, I gotta get my ishhh together because although he is beautiful, he doesn't look better then me!!! I justs gotta lose my weight then I can talk ishhh although he never makes me feel like my weight is a problem, I'm just not happy. So anyway back to what I was saying... I started eating much healthier, drinking fruit smoothies, water, special k shakes an all. Notmuch exercise but more walking. The last, time I chchecked I lost 15 pds which was a month ago so hopefully I lost more weight. Ill be going to Dr Duran and ill be staying at either Armonia rh or Raysa rh both have good reviews I've gathered from all my stalking/obsessing on rs. Not to mention google. I've been quoted for 4, 900 for my procedure. Like so many of people trying to contact Duran I too played the waiting game until I said let me investigate. Shiitttt, we as WOMEN have investigating skills that we usually put to use on our man or significant other when something isn't right. So, I used that same technique an emailed, what's app, called her office, cell phone, left messages, spoke to Elizabeth a few times until home girl knew my voice on the phone lmao. I had to do it, I was like damn if I had that job i would be getting paid because I damn sure would show them women in that office a thing or two... I know I'm all over the place, just letting my thoughts go, but yes Elizabeth knows my voice an when I call she is like" hey girl" lol. I finally got my quote when I asked if their were any other doctors she would recommend that was in close proximity. I got my quote 5 min after that... I said well hell, I shouldve said that weeks ago. Elizabeth is a sweet heart tho, only wish I spoke spanish cause that's going to be difficult. I do understand a little, I guess from living in BK, an growing up in the BX. Im planning on having my surgery in March right after I graduate, my little gift to myself. Thank God I'm a certified med assistant an I know a thing or two about sterilization, etc although I'm graduating in the criminal justice field. I'm going to confirm an make an actual date in March next week and also apply for my passport by the end of the month. I've already bought a boppy pillow, an some supplies. I don't want to rush or worry about last minute items, I want to be as relaxed as possible because the last thing ill need is stress on top of everything. Well until next time everybody.

Another Death at Cipla

Just found out there was another death at Cipla in D.R. Dr Cabral was the doc once again. I'm not sure what's his technique but something should be done because obviously their is some neglect going on. It can't be every body. Sometimes u have to look at the big picture. My prayers go out to the family of the person who has lost their life. Its unfortunate that people lose their life but their is risk to this. Hopefully their is an investigation on him because their r too many women dying by his hands and yes he may be good at what he does but his ass isn't that good to know he has multiple deaths under his belt. Be safe ladies


Hey ladiesssss and hey boo, to the sprinkle of men that's on here I have officially set my date of surgery for March 10, 2015. I'll be staying at Raysa Recovery, so I plan on being on that plane on the 9th cause I want to get all bld, chest, paper work, etc out of the way cause who the hell wants to do all that b4 the procedure? Shiittt not me!! I want to go to my home, yes I said my home cause I'm staying there for 2 weeks so hell yea that's gonna be home for a while. But yes, I will go home, relax, eat that gooodd hispanic food, take a shower, talk to my family, and pray b4 going to sleep. Sooo today I sent my deposit for the recovery house which shows me how more real this journey is... random thought... so I'm in class today speaking on the subject of drug use (medicinal/recreational) an my mind wonders to the surgery and all of a sudden I'm like dammnnn I need a pharmacist to hook me up with some perks for my surgery. Lol I was about to speak with my professor an tell him to get me some, shittt he was a cop I'm pretty sure he knows a thing or two.. lmao let me cut it out. But seriously, I have to do something because my doc is old-school, he don't like to give any strong pain meds.. I'm about to switch docs, I'm so serious. What's a girl to do??? I needs my medicine. I can't do this with that weak ass medicine they handin out in DR. I need some medicine that's gonna have me like..."hey everybody,smiling n shit" seriously, I don't handle pain well plus I become a bitch when I'm in pain. Dont know body want to have to expel a demon out their, them people been done kicked my ass out. Lol woohoo Raysa seemed so sweet but she been done said " bitch u gotta go". Lmbo I'll figure it out since I have time, but I even have my mom on it. She use to get them for her arthritis but now she doesn't talking about she don't like how it makes her feel... I'm like "ma, if u don't go an get me them pills", she gonna say, "u gonna get addicted", lol who says that!!! I'm like hellloooo there for my procedure, duhhh. Something is wrong with that lady.. love my mama but she is crazzyyy. So I'm still on my eating healthy, I cheated for about 2-3 days and gained 3 damn pounds. So I been back on eating right again cause I need to drop this weight, I'm trying to be a Duran Doll not a Suma Wrestling Doll so I gotta get it together. 20-25 pounds to go. Thats where I want to be when I'm heading out of NYC. I can do it I just gotta incorporate some work-out with my clean eating. Anyway everyone until next time... mauhhh


Hey everryyboddyyyy!!! Need some help/opinions regarding my doctor. I plannedon going with Duran and at this point I'm wondering ifbthis is the best decision. I know she will give me great results I'm also concerned with her aftercare/bedside manner. I looked into a few other docs CONTRERAS, DISLA, LUIS CORDERO I've heard great things from all docs. But I need a miraculous outcome lmao and safety... any opinions would be appreciated. I def need a biggggg booty. Shittt I want a (ghetto booty) lol flat tummy, tiny waist. Thats all I ask. I know Cabrel can do it but shit, I'mI'm scared. Ladies!!!! Help me


Been away from realself for a while, this site is very addicting. Life in general seemed to take a turn for the worse. I'm finally starting to get things back in perspective. I started to question whether or not Duran was the right choice for me. I'm actually still deciding on docs either Duran or Almonte. Although I'm undecided at this moment I've still scheduled my procedures with both docs, which gives me enough time to figure out my perfect match. Duran is the bomb, unfortunately there has been a few cases of infectious things going on and to be quite honest I want to look amazing but I need to look amazing and get back to my babies. Still gathering little odds n ends for my surgery, been procrastinating on my passport I definitely need to do that asap. I'm starting to get back on track mentally an physically and I'm looking forward to having this procedure. Wish I had more supportive family and friends but what can I say..... I'm still doing it. The time seems to be flying so I definitely gotta save b4 my day comes.. Every time I turn around I'm spending money for every damn thing. Something gotta give cause I'm having my surgery. Wish my oldest stop asking for every thing her ass see. Mommy can by buy me this an mommy can u buy me that... she better go to her damn daddy cause I can't do it.. March here I come...

Almost a New Year

Hey everyone i hope all everyone is doing great and all of your procedures are safe. Ive been so busy with life in general. My mind is completely made up about which doc i will choose and that doc is Fatima Almonte. Im looking forward to this surgery and although everyone i speak to thinks im crazy an tells me im selfish an i should be thinking of my children... The truth is i have to do this for me. I want and need this and until they can walk in my shoes and feel how i feel when i look at myself then there should be no judgement.. To be honest i could give 2 fucks about there thoughts but my only concern are my children. I love them more then life but mommy needs to make mommy happy. So March here i come. Looking forward to my new tummy or should i say less of it. Lol.
((Need a surgery buddy)) well would def like to have one for support.. Hit me up if ur having sx around the same time.. Anyway everyone have a happy new year. ????

Recovery House Info

Hi everyone just a quick update. Ill be staying at Raysa Recovery House so i thought i would post that info in case anyone would like to go there for there recovery. Also i finally put in for my passport and should be getting it back in a couple of weeks.. B4 u know it will be March... I realized i put the wrong date for my surgery it will be March 11 and thats right around the corner... Gotta eat right an take my vitamins etc... Will update soon. ????

Quick Update

Hey hunnies
Im still waiting for my passport and once that comes ill get my plane tickets.. I purchased most of my items which include....
Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, B Complex, Sleeping pills, Anti Gas pills, Laxative pills, Bromelain, Arnicare pills and gel

P ez, Dial soap, Antibacterial hand wipes, Poise pads, Dog pads, Boppy pillow, Compression stocking, Gloves, Alcohol pads, Bacitracin ointment, Neosporin, Dermaplast, Hibiclens, Tank tops, and Panties
Thats it for now still got to get a few more items... My time is coming still very excited just hoping everything is ok while im gone from my children an my cats lol. My man is going to see just how much of work i do around here. Anyway until ne t time ????

Worried ????

Went to the doc today to get my bld work and my hemo is a f***** 11.9!!! I cant believe it dropped so fast it was a 13 4 months ago... I hate my menstrual... Thank God i spoke with Leslie an she gave me a few tips an a list of things to eat.. Not only did my hemo go down but my weight increased smfh to top it off i get a letter about me wearing my glasses in my passport photo so now i gotta send a new photo. What a shitty day. I knew i shouldnt have listened to the lady taking that damn pic.... Smfh all i can do is lol at a time like this... Im happy to be alive so ill take my ass to sleep an be thankful for all i do have... Tomorrow sending this pic out again and working on getting my iron up... Until next time ????

Dont kill me

Hey loves.. I have to reschedule my procedure for June due to my schooling interfering. I should be done completely by then and i can have my procedure without any issues.. I know on this site we all look forward to peoples dates as it nears etc so i can understand some people getting upset.. Im def doing this surgery because although im not posting a million reviews my heart is still on my surgery and making myself happy and complete.. I pray everyone doing their surgery are safe and healty... Enjoy ur day ????

Hey everyone

Once u go down all u can do is come back up... My mom has been sick so of course I had to run back an fourth with her to her doc appts with her trying to make me feel back about my sx an how i might die as she puts it. Ive graduated from school an im working a little side job for now because i will have this sx. Still waiting on a new sx date but this one will lead me to my sx w/o fail. I hope everyone are safe in there endeavors an I hope all of y'all bodies are amazzinnggg

New an Final date

I have a new and final surgery date... March 7 im excited all over again.. Started my meds an iron today because i need everything right b4 this procedure. Just started back to saving for this procedure and its money worth saving. I just want to thank the ladies for their comments an inboxes because this is def a sisterhood on realself an i really appreciate it. Hugs an kisses ????????

4 more months and counting

To many of us 4 months isnt much but to me 4 months is damn near a week away ???? lol a little dramatic but with my daughters, man, and work the time will be here before i know it. I bought my luggage already although i didnt check to see if everything will fit ???????? maybe i should do that lol.. I want to be packed so all i have to do is double check everything a week in advance. Taking off 2 weeks of work... To get myself together enough so Im not working in much pain etc. Im looking forward to being in a different atmosphere even if it is for a sx. Not looking forward to the pain of the sx but looking forward to the amazing results. Praying to God daily that im brought back home to my family....
Keeping all of you ladies in my prayers as well that are on your journeys and and y'all will look aaammmazzzinnnggg ????????????

Hello everyone

Time seems to be flying as I work, take care of my family, etc but im so ready for this.. My heart is still so set on my surgery im going to buy some blood builders today because I need my hemo at a great level. Im actually finally losing weight after gaining lots of it so thats a plus... Even after the holidays im dropping instead of gaining "thank God" bmi is 35 really want it a little lower so still working on it. Over all im just going to bust my ass this month at work.. These holidays def set me back ???????????? im in the hole but this month...(Im a hustler) lol on the job ????????
I hope everyone is safe an stay blessed until next time ????

March 7th is almost here

Im so excited an slightly nervous but nothing is holding me back this time.. Ive officially purchased my plane tickets an just finishing up getting the last little necessities for this trip an im like fuck this shit is all costly.. Much cheaper then the states so i still cant complain plus ill leave looking amazing.. Have to check my hemo level this week an will continue iron etc... Well until next time...

Labs done ?

Finally got my labs back an my hemo is 13.4 thank God... Now all I have to do is continue my regimen of iron etc an eat lots of red meats... After Feb 6 No more ????? for me.. I'll have one month to be caffeine free ???????? really not looking forward to that to be honest.. Still purchasing last min items but i have the bulk of whats needed an im a happy camper ????

Hideous Pics !!

Not really ready to do this after all this time but its only right that I update with some before and after pics lol.. I checked my weight about a week an a half ago an it was 194 pds. Ive been decreasing in weight so hopefully im down another pd (fingers crossed). Ive also purchased my travel tourist card which cost 10.00 dollars online "heard the lines were very long in D.R. for this tourist card an is needed to purchase"...
Im praying for all the women getting work done.. Good luck an God bless..

Just a lil extra// Early March Sx "buddy"

Plz feel free to ask questions ill be happy to answer them the best wat i can... I have lots of info and I've done so much research but of course my phone was stolen a while back... Would love a buddy if anyone is leaving from the NYC area in early March

28 Days b4 I'm on my way

The count down begins...

15 days b4 surgery

Praying to God that everything goes well an im able to get all of my procedures. My hemo dropped from a 13.4 during my cycle to a 12.1 wtfffffff thank God i decided to go for one last bld drawing b4 leaving for D.R... Just ordered some beet root juice an i plan on taking a dab here an there lmfao throughout the day up until my surgery. The bottle said once a day take two table spoons (side eye) yea ok... Anyway loves until next time...

11 More Days b4 this waist is Snatched

Officially had my first weird dream about sx last night an I def wasnt feeling it.. I think Ive been doing a little too much researching lol cause i scared the shit outta myself in my dream.. Anyway working on this hemo.. Pray for me ladies please... So many people think Im doing this to be vain I just wish they understood the feeling I feel when I look at myself without clothes on... I just want to hurry back to my daughters they are my world. Mommy just wants a chance at happiness too...
Until next time loves mauhhhh

11 days b4 getting on the plane

My correction...

8 days and Im ON THAT PLANE

Excited and a ball of nerves.. I just get a little sad thinking about how much im going to miss my babies. My youngest has never been away from me longer then a 12 hr period. Ugghhh she is so attached an I just feel bad about leaving my girls to do this.. Im wondering am I being selfish? Ugghh im still going this is just a little battle emotional battle Im fighting within myself.Im going to pray and put everything in Gods hands...

3 days b4 Im on The Plane

Just doing the countdown.. Tomorrow is my last day of work b4 my "vaca" and ill be spending every moment with my daughters until its time for me to head to D.R.
Plz keep me in your prayers everyone I need to get home to my babies healthy an hopefully with a snatched waist and a bigger booty lol anyway until next time....

On my way

Missed my flight this morning... Urgghh but everything happens for a reason. Ill be on the next one which leaves NYC at 11am so Santo Domingo here I come... Procedure tomorrow...
I just want to thank everyone that has sent a prayer my way and Im praying for all the women thats also taking this huge step in LIFE... This has def shown me that women can come together and empower one another when we need it most... Loving this (sisterhood)

Here at Cecip

Im in Santo Domingo ladiessss lol I was picked up by the driver from Raysa Recovery house and he had my name written on a sign. I found him very easily as I walked out. When you get outside I didnt want to look like a tourist when the driver told me to stand in place while he paid for the taxi (side eyes) i wanted to go with his ass lmfao... The truth is Im from NYC I know when mfs are scheming and there were so many of them doing just that.. Looking for someone they could con basically.. Everyone assumed I was dominican and from there so one guy that looked like he would try me prob decided not to because of it.. Plus I gave him that look that said mf Ill fuck your ass up out here lol.
Anyway I came straight to the clinic for pre op testing and they decided to keep me instead of going to the recovery house. I met with Leslie she came when she realized I was here.. She is sooo sweet. The ladies an few men that Ive seen working here have been very courteous and honestly I feel safe. We are literally across the street from the President y'all with marines an all that...shit I know Im safe here lmfao.. I was told to take my shower an put on whats needed for sx so I guess my time is almost here. Im suppose to be the first patient they switched me... I believe in things happening for a reason. Ill see you all on the flat side...

On the flat side

I had my surgery as i was posting the last post so couldnt put up any pictures.. Ill post a few now but im in some pain... Not too much but enough to pull out my Percocet because there shot of meds that was given only took away my headache to be honest.
Hemo wasnt high enough couldnt do bbl but I got my tummy tuck and lipo on sides, inner thighs, an slightly my back she disnt want to do that because of my hemo but said she do as much as possible from the side towards my back. Dr Fatima Almonte is very sweet and I felt comfortable speaking to her and yes your health comes first to her and her team.. Havent seen myself yet but i will tomorrow

Still at Cecip

Hello everyone. Im still at Cecip and I was asked to stay another day due to some bruising and circulation under my skin. Im taking meds for it and I have to go to another location today and tomorrow for an oxygen chamber to increase the circulation. I just want to thank everyone that kept me in there prayers but its not over yet. Please continue to pray for me. This post sx is no joke... An swelling is an understatement.

Extremely swollen an bruised

The pain is on another level....
The swelling is soooo much I can hardly eat or drink because i feel like im going to pop... Pics at Cecip

walking like a 110 year old lady

Walking is the worst part since Ive started... I had to have a transfusion yesterday although my hemo was an 8. I was extremely dizzy an started sweating I was so scared. I just said a prayer after telling a nurse an thought of my children. I feel a little better today. I didnt take my percocets I took Motrin 800 an it is actually working. Ill be heading to the oxygen chamber in 10 min again. The doctor said my skin is looking better. Dr. Fatima switched me from my Recovery house and ill be at either My Home or New Life because she wants me to have a hospital bed and she needs my meds applied to my skin properly. Anyway enjoy ur day loves... An Good luck and May God bless the women that are going through this journey.

kind of emotional

Been trying to be positive but this bruising has me worried. I literally broke down in tears today thinking about my children and what affect this sx may have on me if these marks dont clear up. I've been praying so much and I hope that you ladies really say a few prayers even if its for a second.. Plz
Going to add a pic of my stomach from yesterday its extremely swollen and I havent worn a faja yet because Dr Almonte prefers that I dont yet.. Again I will continue to say she is a great doctor and Im praying she helps the bruising go away soon and without another procedure (God for bid) praying it isnt dead skin just bruising.. Here I go with the damn crying lol really trying to stay positive smh.. Anyway ladies another pic guess I gotta show the good with the bad.. This is my realself...

Ive been at New Life Recovery House

I came here yesterday and these people are def a God send.. Seriously they help you so much the food is delish they have hospital beds but they genuinely care.. After going through sx we want to feel like people care about out needs and wants but these ladies are very sweet an down to earth an cool at the same time.. A couple of them speak english but the ones that dont go over an beyond to make sure your happy. I was put at this location for a reason because I needed this care. They are wonderful people and I def recommend this recovery house to other women on their journeys.. Anyway thats it for now went on one appt this morning to the oxygen chamber and I have another one in 40 min.. Enjoy ur day loves...

Hi ladies

I havent posted in a day or two Ive been extremely swollen on my entire body but my stomach is another story. There is sooo much liquid or fluid plus gas going on that I feel like I have a tiny baby moving around in there.. Now i know damn well im not pregnant but thats the feeling I get esp whenever I eat or drink anything. I have not been able to have a massage yet because do to my complication with the severe bruising the doctor doesnt want anything disturbing the area on my stomach.. Ive been trying to be sooo positive by at different moments its so hard. The doc are trying to make sure the area on my skin doesnt become dead because then i will need another sx. Ive been praying so hard and at this moment i regret having this sx because if someone waits too long and it gets worse this can be life threatening. Ive noticed some positive changes of the bruising but we wont be too sure until the skin peels and grows back correctly. This is hurting me so much because Im overall happy i did what pleased me but Im wondering why did this happen to me. All the women at the recovery house are moving around so well and im barely able to get out of bed sometimes. I know everyone is different I just want to heal properly and be healthy for my babies. Im very worried but I have faith in God to fix my problem. Im leaving for the U.S. on Wednesday and I havent tried on a faja. Please keep me in your prayers everyone. May God bless all that are on this journey because its a tough one. Xoxo

Pics from Yesterday and Today

Hey loves Im still in swell hell but I just wanted to show the change from yesterdays pics and today.. I have draining in my stomach area i guess thats where it looks blistered at.. The doc is sending Raquel today to change my gauze an I guess do something else to me.. Raquel is like Dr Almonte real assistant... She is the bomb and the sweetest person omg I truly love her. She is one women that will be missed and she is gorgeous with a beautiful body... I noticed my pressure is rising the last few days so i mentioned it to the doc.. An although im told its still im the normal range I know my body very well... So she is now suspending one of the meds i guess it has been raising my pressure. Anyway ill update with pics from the recovery shortly..

Bruising looking better

Hey ladies so my bruising is looking much better and Im finally in a faja yayyyyy lol I saw the doc yesterday and was able to get into a faja. I actually changed my flight to leave last night but the doc really wanted me to stay a couple more days soooo i switched my flight again this time without paying because I explained I didnt have a medical clearance from my doc until Friday and they switched it for me. My brusing looks soooo much better I am very happy about that and I thank all of you for your prayers because they are working. Im still not in the clear yet... But im on my way. Now this faja is no joke and trying to use the bathroom is horrible. The P EZ doesnt work well ladies it would be beyter to invest in a funnel or even a damn cup which i have been using since i didnt have a funnel. The P ez bends when ur trying to hold your faja open and your urine will get on your faja or down your legs on your compression socks...
Its still a big challenge getting around or getting up or out of bed but the women that work at New Life are a God send... You get a call button to press if you need help with something and they work so hard to try to make you comfortable and to assist you every step of the way and i mean that literally as well...they will walk you to your seat,bed,table,etc they def should be tipped because they wait on you hand an foot... I wish I can bring one of them back with me lmfao just to help me shhiitttt my lazy ass family is not having it lol. Here is a pic of today

Back home and being admitted in the E. R

Hey ladies.. I finally came home yesterday and Im still in so much pain like the day i had sx. I cant walk much and when i got home i decided to relax with my girls but this morning at about 7am i was like let me take my ass to the hospital. Thank God i did.. The doctors examined me an said i shouldnt be in so much pain... I had a cat scan and it shows i have infection in my stomach and fluid in my chest..... Now i kept telling Dr.Almonte and the man thats supposed to be a doctor that chexks patients at the recovery house that I had a lot of pain.. All i waa told was its Normal.. They say that shit all day in D.R. oh its normal... Plus i told both doctors that when i take a deep breath it burns... An my pressure kept rising and dropping an i said something is wrong... I have the text to prove it... But all they said was its Normal. Im so happy I came to the hospital instead of thinking it was all normal side affects because I could have died if i waited too long. All the ladies that are on this journey... Plz listen to your body. My body warned me over an over again an i listened to the doctor. Im glad I listened to God and my body and got checked. Im a little pissed because i kept telling them something was wrong... Anyway ladies im getting antibiotics through the i.v. now then there doing the procedure to get the fluids out of my chest and im not looking forward to going under again... Im just happy it'll be a big needle instead of a big procedure.. Plz continue to keep me in your prayers and i pray you all have a good recovery without any complications... Xoxo

Hello Everyone

Just a little update.. Currently in the hospital.. I was discharged the other day after being told I was admitted.. The surgeon saw my cat scan and didnt think i needed to stay. I was sent home with some strong medications and I basically stood home the next day after a doc appt. I then woke up yesterday after being in lots of pain and said let me go back to the hospital after seeing my skin was now turning black where it peeled which means Necrosis. The same surgeon saw me in the E.R and contacted a plastic surgeon and they decided to take out the necrotic tissues in the skin after giving me anestia around the entire area. They then put an H Vac on top of the area to pull out the blood and developing dead skin from that location. Ive been given morphine and anpther pain med with my antibiotics. Dr. Fatima text me yesterday after i told her i was going to the hospital and topd me I can come back to D.R and she will do the procedure for me because she didnt know if they would do more then what was needed and how the insurance will cover everything.... (side eyes) I was not getting on anybody's plane to do this shit. Lol but once i sent her a pic of what they did she seemed satisfied and knew right away what was on my stomach. She said its excellent for my case. My thing is I couldnt get in touch with Dr. Almonte at first so i contacted another assistant/ co-worker of hers and i sent her my picture with the obvious necrotic tissue and I said to her in a text that my skin shouldnt be black and I need to go to the hospital..this lady says kust continue to put the creme on my stomach that the doc gave me (wide eyes) Im like bihhh are you insane.. Im getting my black ass out of this house before this infection gets worse and i die.. Your stomach can literally open up from this if its not treated in time. Smh all i can say is people are crazy. Anyway the hospital changed my drain reservoir because mine broke and wasnt draining me properly. I def feel better in the care of my fellow NY hospitals. The surgeon here made me promise not to have sx in D.R again. The crazy shit is before i was sent to my bed last night another women came into the E.R and was literally 3 beds away from me... She came from D.R as well but only had lipo and i overheard the surgeon tell her she had an infection as well but I kind of figured because she was screamimg in agony. The moral of my story is... They have many wonderful docs in D.R but there techniques and equipment isnt right for our bodies and can really be harmful for us. I still adore my doc (Almonte) but these complications can happen to anyone. I dont regret my sx I regret putting my "life" in jeopardy by going to another country just to achieve the results Ive been longing for. Ill save the extra 1-2 thousand for the states if there is ever a next time (wink) lol i srill want that bbl lol... Until next time loves

Progression at a snails pace

Hi hunny buns..
After being in the hospital a couple of days I had the necrosis taken out and Ive been using an H Vac to help the area on my stomach heal.. At first I thought there was more pregression taking place because i have a visiting nurse come to my home 3x a week to check my wounds etc. When the nurse came 3-4 days ago I noticed some yellowish looking fat coming out of the area ugghhh it looked sooo nasty so plz look at your own discretion. I had an appt the following day for wound care that the hospital set up for me and when I get there the doctor ends up using lidocaine to numb the area... Then proceeds to take out all the yellowish fatty tissue omg i was basically sitting up with my head turned so i wont see it.. But when he was done be for patching it back up with the H Vac I looked down to literally see a whole in my stomach.. The entire area has a got damn hollow area.. I wanted to vomit it was like something you see in the movies so fucken disgusting. So I say this to say although my doctor offered to do a revision for free I highly doubt Ill be going back. Only Jesus himself can hold my hand and put me on that plane. The few people that know I had this surgery always ask me do I regret my decision Honestly.. No I dont regret it because this is something I wanted to do for a long time and I finally did what I wanted to do without listening to everyones opinions. I dont like what Im going through but this will make me work harder to fix and keep my results....shhhittt Im not going through all this for nothing. I was poppin 2 percocet every for hours with my antibiotics every 8 hours but the pain must be subsiding slightly because Im now able to take a percocet with a motrin so to me that progress lol. Ill be starting the hyperbaric chamber (oxygen chamber) this week and Im required to go Monday-Friday for 2 hours a day for 6 weeks straight smh.. For healing they said Im like I dont have all that transportation Im happy my insurance covers it but I live in NYC and Im not driving well at least for another 2 weeks so that shit adds up especially because I cant walk much without stopping a few times and Im still hunched over with NO faja... I wish I could wear my faja to help me feel more supported an to help shape me but I cant so Im back to square 1.. My stomach is still very swollen and very hard. Im very thankful Ive been able to meet so many helpful and sweet people along this long ass journey haha because that is what it literally is... A damn journey just looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you all for following me through this tough time and I pray that you all make it through your journey as well without any of the hassles I had to endure. God bless you all mauhhhh.

side by side view

Need that good ole faja on ugghhh looking forward to it. Need this swelling down.


I stayed at New Life Recovery for those that didnt read it prior.. They are awesome one of the ladies that work there named Caroline still hits me up almost daily.. She is the main one that speaks english...she use to live in NY
Also my drivers name is Junior he is rhe bomb..always on time an very reasonable. I paid him directly because I didnt stay at the recovery a full 10 days so I paid him 100. For all my appts an the airport. He doesnt speak much english but he will text u on his translator with the quickness lol he drove safely considering they drive insane out there lol. He didnt allow me to put the window down because of how dangerous it can be if they try to rob me through the window so he always kept the air conditioner on an made sure my door was locked at all times. If you want to venture other places like a restaurant or the mall he will charge you at a very reasonable price. I got a wash n set around the corner from the recovery house (Caroline) walked me an another doll there and guess what...that mf was $5 lol an the dolls was $4 because her hair is shorter an she didnt want them to blow it out smh there robbing us in the U.S. lol..
The food at this recovery house was the bomb.com (damn im showing my age haha) but you were never hungry. They gave a variety of fresh juices and bottled water with all meals. Mon-Fri there was a choice between 2-3 different breakfast options you can choose from. Although im not... Not going to lie lol if I ever went back to D.R for a sx I would def stay at this location and although they have a driver here I would choose my driver Junior. I was told that the driver for this location made moves when they chose to... That would have had me flippin the fuck out. I asked Junior if I can put his info on the internet and he said np. Ladies he is very safe and works for Cecip clinic but other women at the recovery house asked me for his number when they didnt like the service from there drivers and switched to him. After he dropped me at the airport he even gave me a hug lol guess him babying me throughout this entire process we realized we would miss each other lol. He is a good family guy that works extremely hard.. He will always be remembered for his kindness towards me.

swelling and tightness

The swelling and tightness is the damn problem lol besides everything that has happened I feel like this would be sooo much easier if I didnt have so much swelling and tightness. Cant wear a faja an starting wearing a binder again now that i have the okay from the doctor once again. The faja is better but heyyy ill take whatever compression I can get. An so far theres a difference. I took a pic of house my stomach looks w/o the gauze.. Omg I wanted to vomit wasnt sure if I should show you but its realself so I mind as well be real cause this is whats happening.. Plz dont look if ur stomach cant handle it. A pic from the day b4 yesterday.

Hey loves

Hey divas
I havent been up here for a lil min Ive just been trying to get back into moving around and heandling business although im not back to work yet. I go to the hyperbaric chamber everyday and I get my H Vac changed 3x a week. So Im still on the road to recovery. The pain is bearable with stiffness being the main factor. Starting wearing my faja yesterday so Im glad I can snatch this waist while in the process of healing. My journey has been lots of negatives due to so much occurring thats why I dont update as much as I would like but Im keeping a positive mind although once in a while I become saddened by all that has happened. Im just glad to be alive and share my journey with all of you. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Almonte is such a doll I told her I never got my stage 2 faja that I was told I would get b4 leaving D.R. and she had one sent to me which I recently received. She is beautiful on the inside and out. I pray all of you ladies make it on the flat side and all the happiness that comes with your new bodies. If you ladies have any info on a creme I can use on my tt scar that would be great.. Starting to keloid on one side of my scar and not the other urgghh lol xoxo to everyone.

Hey ladies

Hey everyone.. Its been a while since my last update. This entire journey has been exactly that. Most people dont go through what i go through but im happy to be healing and finally on the road to recovery. Im still using the h vac machine and I still go to the wound care center every day Mon-Fri for hyperbaric chamber treatments. My treatments will stop in 2 an a half weeks sooo happy about that. I just want to relax a bit an not have to jump out the bed early one day without my kids home.. I had to go back to the hospital due to a recurring infection and started pain management because I needed percocets on a daily for the pain. Went without any pain meds all day (including no motrin 800 or Naproxin) thats a big deal for me.. Back to wearing my faja and ill finally be going into a stage 2 faja and im happy to see some of the flatness besides this machine attached to me daily.

Brighter days

Hello everyone..
Just popping in to show my progress. Im still using a h vac machine and I stopped going for my oxygen treatments that was too much for me every single day. I started back to work its been 3 weeks since Ive been working. My wound is much smaller and I have 1 more week that I can have it off... Whhhooooo its been a hell of a journey but I will cherish my body even more now because of all the issues that came a long with my procedure. So.. Yes 1 more week and this damn machine will be off completely Im very excited. Its hot now too so I can finally be cute lol.. Showing pics now

H Vac is Off!!!

Starting to finally enjoy my body again.. You cant tell me anything because Ive been showing out... Lol going out every chance I can buying so much clothing that hugs all of my curves.. Finally happy def considering a rd 2 for a bbl since I couldnt get that b4. Anyway just a lil update

2 weeks ago

No H Vac yayyyyyy lol

7 month update

Hey ladies just wanted to do a quick update on my progress. I had my sx done in March and its now Oct. Im 100% back to normal.. No pain sometimes slight stiffness in the area where I was cut for the tummy tuck. No pain and able to work out although I dont do it enough... Heres a pic of me now only had a tummy tuck an a little lipo on my back in 2 spots only.. Need more lipo rd2 coming soon
Fatima Almonte

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