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This soon to be recent 40 year old w/(2) children...

This soon to be recent 40 year old w/(2) children final made her appt. to getting the slim body she once had before the attack of the Husband, Kids, and Mac & Cheese. Lol! I'm sooooo excited and nervous at the same time. I researched, I watch videos, I've gotten counseling, and now I'm ready for my tt, bbl, and body lipo sculpting. I've been going to my regular doctors appointments and I'm healthy. So as a extra precaution I've made an appt. for Nov 17, 2014 to get the final clearance. I'm working on losing 10pds before my sx to put my weight to 150. I will be in the care of Dr Walkiris Robles for 12 days and I can't wait. I've search prep requirements & post and I found soonoo much information very helpful. I even have my Dad (who will come with me), watching Youtube video's and stuff. I really think he's in love with one of the youtubers body but what man wouldn't be after your sculpted to perfection.

Anyway, let the posting begin. I'll give you guys a few pics of my current status and a few pics of my wish body. I'm off today to buy my vitamins and find a "Banco de Popular Dominicano", to pay my deposit. EXCITED.COM

Still learning about DR and this Journey I'm looking forward to completing

I'm super excited today! Talked to my girlfriend who just got back from DR a few days ago. She looks good but she's still feeling a lot of pain and discomfort. I thank God she made it back home. After much conversation I learned some of the things she might have overlooked and did wrong but with all that said I'm happy shes back safe and on the road to recovery.

Purchase my vitamins today!

So I purchased my vitamins trying to start training myself to do right. I think I'm a little obsesse with watching youtube videos. SMH!

It's funny cause my Dad will be flying down to DR and staying with me in the RH. He's looking at videos online too and suggested Leslie M & 29lawanna. Watch their videos on youtube.

Flight Booked

Booked my flight on delta! (round trip, non-stop flight)
Departing economy - but Returning home 1st class just in case I need the extra comfort. Really expensive but that's my fault waiting and delaying the inevitable...

But I'm excited! Thinking about doing videos but I'm not that girl. I really don't want everyone knowing my business. I'll pray about it cause I don't know what I would have done if I wasn't able to hear live ppl talk about their experience.


Sooooo, I'm a little worried cause my period hasn't come yet! Can you image not being able to do my surgery because I'm pregnant! NOOOOOOOOO! I'm gonna give it until this weekend before I go buy a test! Uggggggg!

Wire Transfers :-( not good! My Bank advised against it!

So I was asked to do a wire transfer to send deposit. I'm not sure if this is the safest way to send money to DR. My bank advised that something is very strange that they do not want to accept moneygram or western union. The can give me a record of my deposit but I wont receive any confirmation on the other end. They can even say they never receive the deposit. Also the assistant Laura asked that I send $500 usd (the bank fee is $40, which is fine) however, I'm also being charged by dr for transferring the money.

Any suggestions? Do all DR surgeons require you to send payment this way? What other methods have you all experience? I had one of my gf say they allowed her to bring cash when she came... Please advise. Thanks!

Securing Deposit Drama...

Still working w/my rs barbies-2-be on sending my deposit! Everyone on here is soooooo helpful. Thank you kindly! I also have a friend that will text DR Robles when she gets off work. Hopefully I can have my deposit in before thanksgiving break! I will not let this frustrate me! I'm staying POSITIVE! ????

30 day Count down

Soooo it's officially December and I began my countdown TODAY! Gym, Vitamins, and Water! Food of course but healthy eating! No Drinking alcohol and very little snacking now that my birthday and Thanksgiving is over.

I'm most looking forward to wearing cute bra and pantie sets! I'm a very matchy matchy type of girl and I cant wait to have the look that match my already turned up sexy attitude! #TrueSexyScorpio - These ladies are giving me life right now!

Obligated or Nah?

So Ladies,

Let's say I have a friend I'm seeing sexually, no titles (we both agree its best), but we are exclusive to each other. We've been knowing each other for a year, but for the last 6 months the checking-in & checking-up on each other started. We know each other families/friends, everyone assumes we're together but not really. Where on that I miss you level BUT we both haven't said I love you, YET Seriously! No Thanksgiving but we've done birthdays, and Church surprisingly together. We enjoy each others company. But, I'm starting to feel all warm and fuzzy for him.

NOW thats the history, my question is should I tell him about my sx? He knows how it looks down there and I will be out of commission for a few months (I think?)! I'm also staying in DR for 12 days and that's including new years. I know He will try to connect with me after I'm down there for a day!

In my heart I want to tell him but I don't feel I'm obligated because we are not in a committed relationship! But also in my heart I cant wait to wear sexy sets for him. Help me ladies! Obligated or Nah?

20 Days and Counting

This weekend I will shop for my trip. However I went in a few stores looking for a front button gown/long sleep shirt and I couldn't find any. And suggestions on items. I've also learned how important those compression socks will be from others on here, Where do I buy? Should I ask for a doctors not from Laura to travel into DR w/all those items needed for recovery?

12 Days - Counting Down

So I did some shopping and got some sleepwear and some more pre-op and post necessities! Everyone please take a look and let me know if I'm missing anything vital. Wasn't sure what the pads are for but I will bring some. Also I will buy the C-Section ScarAway today. Nonetheless, my very close gf is giving me my godsons boppy pillow (I didn't tell her tho and that is very hard for me). I might still buy a body pillow but I think that's too much for the plane. We'll see. Getting Nervous! But Only Positive Vibes & Energy around me!

A little extra boost

Paradise RH

So Laura hit me back right away and told me I will be staying at Paradise RH and not Virginia's cause they don't allow men... I looked at pictures of paradise but I would like some live feedback from anyone who stayed there. Thanks!

Sore Throat & Cough

I have a little sore throat and cough since Thursday... It's getting better but I have to fix this before I leave! I think I'm anxious and not taking care of myself properly. I was walking around w/a cute coat, so I have to start taking better care of my self before it's time to go!

Before 2 Piece (but really a cover-up 2 piece)

So I wanted to try on this new swim suit I brought a while ago to cover up my imperfections as a sample of how I look in a 2 piece pre sx. Can't wait to do a "After"

Fu*k I Really Leave On Monday - OMG - 5 Days and Counting

No work today but I'm up mad early like is this really about to happen! I really fly out Monday for prep and sx on Tuesday! I still have a little to pack but this is real! ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! 5 days and counting!


I'm packed and ready to go!

I'm here - Robles Barbie 2014

Everyone is super nice at CECIP! Meet Laura and she's a sweetheart! Dra. Robles is on my way... So here's some facts: My hemo is 12.6 and I want (3) procedures so it's a possibility that I can't have one. I'm ok, but Laura said since I'm not a big girl Dra Robles might do it. In any event, I would be happy w/just the TT and BBL, cause Laura said the fat on the sides will be gone w/the TT! My Prayer is for God to guide Dra. Robles hands and mind! Whatever Gods will is let it be done! Amen!

10am SX w/Dra Robles

She was very exhausted yesterday, I could feel it! So I didn't overwhelm her w/questions! SHE NEEDED HER REST ALSO! So today I will get marked for sx at 10am (DR time 1hr ahead). SOOOOO, I will give what I think is FACTS you should know. 1. Come w/extra money (for whatever is needed). My bill was less, no back lipo as per dra Robles! I'm ok cause she said the TT will give me a nice slim look on back and sides. 2. Your at CECIP for 2 days (not the best bathroom for washing but it could be worst). 3. CECIP does not feed your guest, but they have a cafeteria. It was closing when we got there but Jeremy (the driver - HE's Soooo Nice & Sexy) took us for food for my dad. 4. You should exchange some of your money ($20 - $40), but they will love you if u give American dollars. 5. No food after 10pm. 6. It's cold w/AC so pack at least one thing warm n fuzzy. 7. Internet shuts off at 12am - 5:59am (let family know). No pic yet, CECIP is not bad looking place. It's across from the President of DR home (equivalent of our White House). With guards and military! Don't be scared! Ok let me clear my mind it's 7am and they will be coming soon - please tell your grand mothers to call out my name in prayer today! Thanks :-)

Blue Pill

Just took that famous blue pill! So I'll see you all when I'm up to typing again! My happy song that will get me through this sx:-)

I'm Fine Ladies

Hi rs I'm fine! Just a little sore and my butt hurts! I'm ready to walk around and they will come get me to do that at 8am. By noon they move me and my dad to Paradise Recovery House! Thanks for your prayers... No pic yet but I will post as soon as I get some. - and no bbl! But I'm ok w/the cause Dra Robles assured me I will love my results! Plus I didn't want a big booty anyway! Lol! I wanted shape and she put some fat in my hips!

First Set of Pics

I'm leaving CECIP at noon off to Paradise RH. Still sore and bruised but all the ladies said my scar is soooo thin and pretty. AND I AGREE! So I'll post nude pics next time but for now I'm walking around ready to go!

Drama This Evening

So I was discharged and sent to Queens RH! I was suppose to go to Paradise RH but I was never informed that it would be close for New Year's Eve & Day! My dad flipped! So for now I'm back at CECIP! I was handle very unprofessional today and if I was alone I would have been in pain, crying, and scared! Not that Queens RH was bad cause the ladies was very sweet. But an agreement is an agreement! Don't take my money and just drop me off anywhere w/o warning! That was not acceptable! FACT U SHOULD KNOW: ladies I know u guys travel alone but it's really important to me that you have someone w/you that will speak on your behalf cause once you have your sx, your in no condition to defend yourself! Your at a very vulnerable stage and that's when ppl take advantage! When she took my money all she had to do is tell me paradise was gonna be close. Don't just drop me off anywhere.

Flat - Swollen - Brusied - but Happy

Hello rs ladies, I am now settled in Paradise RH and so far so good! I'm happy with the location, service, and food. Now here's some pic of my new Flat - Swollen - Brusied - Sexy Body!

Some Facts I Think You Should Know

So far I haven't used any of the stuff I packed but the pads ( just to prevent the faja from rubbing down there), alcohol wipes (for cleaning around me), baby wipes ( for washing myself), compression socks, tee shirts, and of course gowns/slippers. You are not allowed to touch the scar or put anything on it yet. So the ScarAway is for home. They gave me a prescription which everything came up to a little under $200, but it was for the same vitamins I packed already and was taking post sx. But since it was in Spanish we brought it! Could have saved at least $100. So make sure you asked! You will have to pay for cream if you bruise during the lipo so be prepared, that's another $80. Last you will have to buy the stuff for your IV and whatever else is needed to build up your body. I needed those ensure shakes cause I hate milk! So come prepared ladies w/Extra Money! OK ttyl!

Home Now

My flight home was quick and painless! WHEELCHAIR SERVICE WAS HEAVENLY! Please, please make sure you get your doctors note! I was hoping w/the 2 massages I had prior to leaving I wouldn't have to travel w/a drain but I ended up coming home w/it. Anyway, that's fine! I cleaned the scar & belly button last night like a pro! My flight was soooo early that I didn't have time to get the suggested cream "Biafine Cream" (this stuff is hard to find) but I ordered mines on EBay. In the meanwhile I will use neosprin after I cleaning. I'm still swollen! No real change! I will travel to the Bronx Saturday to get my stage 2 faja, I think then I will see my waist shrink! Ok for now, Dra Robles advise to still walk bent over for another week, no more massages for a week, and stage 2 faja in two weeks. :) happy healing

Removed my drain Yesterday - YAY!

OK, so yesterday I removed my drain and now I have a baby hole BUT now that I've look at other doctors tt patients and drains. I'm soooo happy it was put on the side and not on the tt scar. I'm also happy they only gave me one drain. Dra Robles said it will close up in 3/5 days just keep it cleaned, add neosporin, and cover! I was suppose to tie the string back together but they told me after the fact! O'well, Happy Healing For Me!

Stage 2 Faja - Small

This shit is TIGHT, but I girl gotta do what a girl gotta do! First off I brought Saturday and tole the lady I couldn't put on until Monday per Dra orders. So she said "ok, but come back if u need help!" I really didn't think I would need help but LORD HAVE MERCY! I had to go back to the Bronx for help and when I say the little old lady laid me down and pulled until she hooked each hook! OMG! So here u go! I take off tomorrow and will post a pic while I'm cleaning it!

1 Month Anniversary

Little swelling above and below belly button. Little knots on sides and under my armpits. Found a lymphic drainage massage therapist on 57th street in NYC whose great and takes my job insurance, so I'm HAPPY! Only other thing is sometimes I feel little sharp pains around my ab area! Nothing major, it comes and goes but lord it's sharp! ANYWAY, HAPPY HEALING FOR ME! Here's some pictures!

Hi RS Family

Hi rs family, just passing though to say what's up! I'm still swollen in the tummy area and side armpits where I got lipo but I'm looking good! Just ordered me a xs faja with no legs for my short dresses. I love trying on and shopping for cute clothes. Haven't really been out anywhere worth getting all dolled up but those events soon come. Everyone is starting to notice my small waist which makes my butt and tits pop! I think I'm gonna have a great summer! Lol! You ladies be blessed!

3 months plus and counting

Just stopping by to say hi! I'm still swollen. When will it end! Still wear my faja except to bed. Trying everything possible to lighten up my scar. Love how I look in my clothes but I see a small back roll. My question to all my post op, Did you all start working out yet? I'm 3 months plus and I want to hit the gym and see is this mid-section pouch would go down... I can feel the tightness. Let me know your thoughts?

Help Me - 5 months and still feel tight and swollen

Hi Ladies,
Im still swollen and its starting to scare me because its just a pouch above and below the belly button. Is this normal? I wear my faja still but recently took it off on really humid days. Should I go to the doctor? Is this normal? It looks weird and its still numb to the touch. Just want to know if anyone out there understand my struggle right now. But I'm still sexy! lol

Round 2

I've made up my mind! She said I would be back but I really can't live with the back fat and that was my main concern before I did the 1st sx. So let the prepping began. Lipo on back and my upper tummy should put me on a path of HAPPINESS cause ladies my azzzzzzzz is on point. I really dont know where I got this azzzzzz from but shit is just growing all kinds of crazy. #RoblesDollRevisit
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