I'm Bringing sexy back!!!!

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Hello All, I am 35 a mother of...

Hello All,
I am 35 a mother of five, 4 that I gave birth to. Today I booked my flight so no turning back but I must admit I am scared shitless.

I hate to fly, so no only am I dealing with my fear of flying I am going to another country to be cut open lol the things we do for beauty.

I am having a tt,bbl and lipo my Dr is Luis Lima, I am looking forward to having a bikini body this summer I just wish I could fast forward and get there and get over with already.

A little more about me

So I have never had a chance to enjoy my body. I have this gutt I can't stand and no butt. I love me just not too happy with some of my extra fat. I am looking forward to getting dressed and not seeing my roll though my shirts, I am looking forward to feeling sexy again. My wife tells me she loves me just like this and she is so wonderful to me. But at the end on the day this gutt does not turn me on. I am a beautiful women inside and out but this tummy leaves me feeling real unsure of myself I want to be able to step out the shower and not feel the need to run for cover lol. I want to know when she looks and me and says damn your sexy she means it and not just trying to make me feel good. I never thought in a million years that I would do this, until one day I was joking with my hair dresser and said girl I am getting a tummy tuck her reply changed my life. She confessed she had one and lifted her shirt I was just speechless the curves her tiny waist all I could think was I want one....... From that day on I was destine to get my sexy back!!!! I am scared shitless but the reward of a butt and flat tummy are helping me to get over my fear. So my flight has been booked and god willing this body will be snatched my Dr. Luis Lima March 3rd. I told my wife I will be the only mommy at the pool with our daughters in a thong LMAO no not really but maybe...... who gone check me boo!!!! let the countdown begin

My before photos can't wait to post my after photos

Looking forward to throwing away my over sized shirts

Less than 30 days until this body is snatched!!!!!

Less than 30 days I am so excited to see this new body. And even more excited to heal and have me boo thing bend me over and not look down and see this gut lol. Strict diet and vitamins lets get it!!

taking myself out of it.

Every day I get closer I find new reasons not to do this. I am so scared, I keep thinking what if I die!! What if I die out of the country how will my family know. what if they take something they should not take the thoughts are driving me crazy. Not being here for my children all because I was so vain. I think this extra fat is was better than being dead. I hate this feeling on one hand I want to feel sexy again and not envy the chicks at the pool with the small waist. I want to get dress and not feel the need to hide. I want to be happy and excited but this fear is talking over :-(. those of you who have made it to the flat side please talk me though this.

proud of myself

just worked out on the elliptical for 30mins not too bad for my 1st day back on it


According to my scale I am 175 lbs whooo woooo making progress I would like to be 170 or 165 by March 3rd

counting down the days

everyday I get more excited I feel like a child going on a trip..... are we there yet?? March 3rd hurry up

going to throw the scale out of the window

Okay this is getting crazy!!!!! One day the scale says 175 the next it's 180!!! WTF I want to be 170 by March 1st what do I have to do quit eating all together???? On other news my wife who was super afraid of me going happened to read my review (I left it open on my laptop by mistake) anyway she found out i was getting a ASS oh now she is ready to kick me out the door!!!! Funny how she lost that fear when she found out I was gonna return home with a new toy for her lol? well not much longer now you ladies have a great week

special ups delivery

My ab-board came in the mail today?? not much longer until I reach the flat slide.

12 days away

12 days until this body is snatched!!!! thinking I want to get my boobs done hmmm decisions decisions..... At first my wife was not trying to hear anything about me getting my boobs done ;-( but now she says whatever makes me happy!! So on one hand I am thinking no but on the other knowing my body when I lose weight the full boobs I have now will fly south. I am so excited!!! I have given up on losing because I want to make sure I have enough fat for a big juicy butt! So I figured I will let Lima do thing and lose the extra 10lbs after anyway dolls not much longer to the flat side!!

My pile

I think I need to stop making this huge pile and start packing



Omg someone died down there

Ok I feel really nervous now someone has passed in DR and from what I hear she was her patient this is sad and scary

This time next week

OMG this time next week I will have a new body!!! The very thought gives me butterfly's I am so excited!!!

So close

6 days until the big day I am all packed and ready to go, I am about to go to Walmart and get a round floaty thing for my but I want this thing to stay nice and round after Dr. Lima plumps it up for me omg I can't wait!!!!

3 days

Omg 3 days until I take a trip that will change my life forever!!!! I don't even know what to do with myself I am so excited!!! Then today my day got even when I hooked up with a travel buddy!!!! Yes I am winning Flatside and maybe some boobs (still undecided) here I come!!!!!

All packed

So I have a carry on and a bag to check I am going to try to down size bc I don't want to worry Bout anything on the way back

one day until I fly out

So I just got off work and I am off until mid March. Sunday I will take the flight that will change my life forever...... I am excited thinking positive thoughts! Tomorrow I am going to unpack and see what I can leave at home I really don't want to travel with a bunch of stuff that I will have to bring back with me... well night my loves

At the airport!!!!

Hay dolls I am super excited I am one day away from the flat side, just got to the airport about to take the best trip ever, I will keep you all updated talk to you soon!!

I made it to DR

Recovery house

I made it safley

Hi Dolls I still cant believe tomorrow is the big day!! The trip here was great, much better than I expected. getting though customs was easy the hardest part was no one speaking English at the airport. Janet's recovery house is awesome I was greeted with a huge display of food and it was so good!!! I wanted to give you girls a update before I took it down for the night I have a big day ahead of me!!

Ladies I have safely landed on the flat side!!

Hay my loves thank you all for the well wishes and prayers!!!! I have landed safely on the flat side. I am not in pain at all I am however tired as everything, but I did not want to go to sleep without letting you all know I am doing wonderful!!! I will post some more tomorrow. Night my loves

Hay Dolls

I missed you all..... This is the 1st time I have had the energy to post. I had my tt/bbl/lipo oh and yes I GOT THE GIRLS DONE!!!!!! Dr. Lima is awesome I have nothing bad to say..... Janet from Janets recovery house is amazing and the staff are so attentive. The last few days have been up and down for me.

I brought my own pain pills from the states with me they were wonderful for the pain but they made me itch and OMG if its no enough discomfort from having my body cut open and stitched back together add a itch like no other to the factor GURRRRRR.

Surgery was on the 3rd. I don't remember much about it, I remember sitting in the room at the clinic talking to my sx buddy (who has been a doll to have around) a nurse came gave me something to change into I sat for a few more minutes then another nurse came and said Dr. Lima wants to talk with you follow me, I had my cell phone in my hand and he said something to the effect of leave it, so I was thinking at that point Dr. Lima must want my full attention Iol I had no idea I was on my way to the operating room. I walk into the room and there stands the man of all men DR. LIMA it stands at about 6"4 I am 5"1 so it was just a wow effect!!! He was so sweet he asked a few questions and marked me up. As we talked his male nurse asked for my arm (they and placed my IV in when I was in the other room) well I gave him my arm he shot something into my IV I remember saying wait I feel funny wait I am not ready and asking for Janet someone found her I was able to tell her to go get my wedding rings from the other room and hold them for me that's my last memory of what happened the next thing I remember was waking up in my fajas thinking how the hell did they get me in this thing...

I spent the night at the clinic staff was very attentive the next day Janet came to get me and took me back to the recovery house.

Monday- Surgery
Tuesday- Spent most drugged
Wednesday- Had my 1st massage had very bad itch attack from the Percocet I was taking.
Thursday- Had a massage, had my 1st bm since sx thanks to the Colace it did not hurt, Still itching but not as bad decided to stop taking Percocet.
Friday- Had massage, no pain pills at all today not in a lot of pain just discomfort. did not each much spent most of day in bed feel very nauseous still in bed I have not eaten much today just not up to it.

On other news since I have been in DR 4 clinics have been closed they have been NYC health inspectors here seems like there is a lot of shady behavior going on here ladies please be carful of who you let operate on you!!

I will post some pics in a few, until next time take care dolls!!


ok I just had a chance to look at all the well wishes from you all and they made me cry, it really feels good to see so many of you checking on me thank you so much.

Here a pic


I am a bit home sick right now


Not sure why my photo did not post I will try again later. I am still excited about my new body, I must say the worse pain I have had to deal with has been my back from the lipo. There has been some discomfort from the tummy tuck, My butt and breasts have not given me much of a issue.

Things I am looking forward to.
1) seeing my babies
2) Being held by the love of my life
3) Sleeping in my own bed
4) Just being home

The Recovery house has been awesome Janet is the best but I just wanna go home.

Ok here is the pic

Still a lot of swelling but a big improvement

Dr.Lima & myself


Loving my results


Guess who got their drain out yep you guessed it this girl!!!! So excited and I have a flight home tomorrow I can't wait!!!!

Almost 2 weeks

Hay friends I am almost two weeks PO I am loving my results so far. The trip home took a toll on my body I am really holding water can't wait for it to leave my tummy.
I am not in a lot of pain but my back does not feel the best I guess from the lipo.
I went in for my surgery weighing 180 I am 165 now!!! That was a great improvement!!
I am looking forward to being able to work out so I can really enjoy this body.
On other news just found out I will be relocating to FL yessss I get move my beach body to the beach how awesome is that!!!!
I have received a few request to see photos of my back I try to get some up soon

Per request

I had a few request for a pic of my back and of my scar I am posting one now it's not the best but it's what I have for now

Before and after of my breasts

Almost 2weeks Po

So I am almost two weeks PO I am very happy with my results, however I do have fluid on my stomach I am wearing my garment in hopes that it will go back into my circulation if not I will go to my Dr and have him take a look at it, this is not due to the Dr It was me wanting this drain out before I flew home. But truth is it might have been better if I would have flown with it in. I will keep you all posted and thanks for the support


My drain has been put back in!!'


So at 2 weeks PO my drain had to be put back in!!! Not as bad as it sounds....

I have noticed a lot of water on my abdomen, so I decided to call around to see if I could find a Dr here in NC to treat me. My 1st call was greeted by a admin who was happy to help but was giving me some crazy info. She said that the Dr would see me but it would be $100.00 for the visit and the Dr would need to use a needle to drain me and I would need to come in every other day for not sure for how long but at least 5 visits!!!! I was thinking WTF but ok if that's what I needed to do.

When calling around I left a few messages one for a Dr. Truesdale, who called me back himself to discuss my issue. The face he called me back got me attention!! After telling him what my issue was he made me a apt for the same day (Today).

He was very happy with the work Dr. Lima did he also said that me having my drains in for 9 days was a good amount of time he said that for his TT he leaves the drains in for about 5 days he said that he thinks the build up of fluid was from me flying back.

So once the drain was put back in place I drained 800cc's in less than 5 minutes. He wants the drain to stay in place until Monday or until I drain less than 25cc's in 24 hours....

The charge for the Visit was $75.00 for the visit and $100.00 to have the drain put back in. I am very happy with the visit I had today and feeling much better after having all of the liquid removed.

My Scars are healing great and all is well in my world. I will give you all a update in a few days.

Almost 3 weeks PO

So tomorrow I will be 3weeks PO. I am very happy with my results looking forward to getting in the gym so I can start to tone up.
I still have this drain in I go to the dr for a follow up tomorrow, all of the standing fluid is gone but I am still draining about 100cc to 150 a day not sure what's up with that.


My Drain was removed on Thursday for a 2nd time. I feel wonderful no more fluid feeling on my stomach its a wonderful feeling. Now as for my back when will this pain go away. I wake up in pain every morning April 3rd I will be one month PO I really need this pain to go away. So I can start to enjoy my new body

The perky girls

So happy I did this

1 month PO

So 1 month PO I am feeling pretty good!! Since my surgery I have had to have my drain put back in once. And my Dr has had to drain out fluid after the 2nd drain was removed with a needle and syringe. Today I had to look for something under the bed and realized at that moment Hay my back no longer hurts!!! As far as my Faja I now have it the last hook WHOO HOOOO almost time to have it taken in. Today I put on a pair of jeans I have not worn in 4 years man that felt good!!!! I am just excited to put jeans back on and get out of these leggings that I wear everyday lol. My TT scar you hardly see it bellybutton looks wonderful!! Now for these breasts shape is wonderful they sit up so nicely, but the nipple area leaves a lot to be desired I am hopping with time they will stop looking like someone took them off a can opener. I know I messed with the quite a bit when they were still fresh and I have picked a few scabs so maybe that’s why they look so rough lol. Now I love my flat tummy I do wish I had some more hips maybe they’ll appear later who knows! I do have a little booty acting happening so over all I am a happy camper.

Janet Deschamps Recovery House

Janet works close with Dr Lima in fact was my main point of contact when booking my SX and the day of my SX there she was in her scrubs making sure I was ok. The day of my sx I spend the night at the clinic and after she had been there all day she went home made me soup and brought it back to make sure I ate. She picked me up from Dr. Lima’s the next day and took me back to the recovery house. During my stay I recovered at Janet’s Recovery house. It was an amazing experience from the time I walked into the door until the time I went home. Janet picked me up from the airport and it was as if she was my long lost aunt. I felt right at home from the time I got there. My room was perfect Air was always on; my clothes were washed by hand every day. She had all the medical supplies needed so everything I packed was a waste. I am telling you anything you need she’ll make sure you have it. She made sure I was never hungry even ordering me pizza and paying for it on night when I did not want what they cooked for dinner I am telling you she’s the best and I LOVE the staff as well. Janet in addition to the recovery house she also owns a salon and spa where I had a massage every day I was there. The fact it was right out the door was awesome because I did not have far to go but out the door of the recovery house and into the front door of the salon. While there I observed what a wonderful kind hearted person Janet Deschamps really is. Every day around noon her kitchen is full people coming in and out to have lunch she feeds her staff lunch EVERYDAY buying the food with her own money, I asked her one day to they pay for lunch she said oh no I feed everyone I could never charge my staff to eat I must say I was impressed because we are talking about feeding 15 to 20 people every day really she is a wonderful person. At one month PO I talk to her every day and if I don’t check in with her she calls to yell at me for not calling her. I went to DR expecting to have my surgery and hopping that I would be taken care of at the recovery house but I got so much more than just a place to recover I now have an awesome Dominican aunt named Janet Deschamps. If you are looking for a recovery house please check her out I grantee you will not be disappointed. Also if you are looking to book with Dr. Lima reach out to Janet she speaks English and she’ll be happy to help you start your journey to the flat side. You can find her on FB or reach out to me I’ll be happy to give you her contact info.


So today was a awesome day for me the weight is coming off my waist is getting smaller today I had to take my garment to be taken in bc I was too lose that was a great feeling she took it in a total of 3 inches I am over the moon with my results and I still have months before I get to see the final product!!! If I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing!!

Almost two months P.O

I am almost two months PO feeling great not as much back pain no front pain. I was 183 now 160 from a size 12 jeans to a size 8 oh I am feeling so sexy and to know it's only going to get better I am so happy I went forward with this. DR Lima rocks!!!!!

I did not forget about you!!!

Hello my loves, I have been super busy with the move from NC to FL. the body is doing great but i must admit I have been a bit careless lately. eating all kinds of night drinking my wine and the biggest sin of all not sleeping in my faja, I know I know I have to do better because there will not be a round two! Well just wanted to check in talk to you doll's soon love ya

The Girl's

it's been a year

Hi love's!!! It's been a little over a year and I have no regrets???????? loving my new body. I just need to work out and eat right that is my biggest challenge. Over all I am very happy with my decision.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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