Cabral Barbie 2b! Can't wait.. In Feb or March of 2017

Ok so it's taking me long enough to decide to...

Ok so it's taking me long enough to decide to write on here.. Anywhom I'm 30 and I have 3 kids and I'm not planning on pushing anymore out.. lol Plus my wife doesn't really want any kids..
I want A bigger ass, Lipo to my stomach, back, arms, under chin, and thighs not sure about a tummy tuck just yet.. but with all that included Dr. Cabral quoted me $5,000 which It's an awesome price I think.. I'm thinking of getting surgery some time In February or March and I'm now collecting all the info I need on just about Everything.. If anyone is going around those months please share your plans.. ;-)


Im so addicted to this site.. I find myself reading all damn day everyday... lol I love how useful this site has become to me..
Anyone going to Cabral Feb or March ??


Not sure if I should get the tummy tuck too but I do want a flat stomach, I wonder if just lipo would do the trick... hmmm lol Either way I'm getting surgery if God allows me to


Which RH is close and good near Cipla??? I want to stay atleast 7 days at cipla then transfer to an RH that isn't far but Good..

What I want

This is some what what I'm looking to get.. Hopefully cabral can make it happen

Waiting for the green light from Cabral

Emailed Dr. Cabral to see if the date I picked in March 2016 is available.. Crossing my fingers ????


My surgery date is confirmed for March 18th 2016 with Cabral Woot woot... Im excited. Now to start purchasing my stuff......

Hey Girls

Nothing much to say but that I'm taking my vitamins and I'm pretty sure I'll be staying at Jazmin recovery home for a few days after surgery and then staying at my mom's house which she's two hours away from cipla.. When time approaches I'll post my before pics and hopefully after pics too.. Enjoy ya'll day..

Might have a change of mind ...

Lately I've been looking at Dra Fatima Almonte and I'm alil impressed with her work and her quote was cheaper than cabrals quote.. Hmmmm??? Now I'm like dammmnnn man what to do what to do... I'm so confused! I'm still going to keep my appointment with Cabral for now.

Why I choose Dr Cabral

Dr Cabral sure exceeds expectations.. His work is amazing and I just can't wait for my turn.. I pray all the time everything turns out good! That I'm scared? I definitely am! Ugghh I just don't wanna die, so I drain my brain with so many thoughts.. Am I being selfish? So wack... but God knows I've been wanting this for years and if I'm given the opportunity I sure wanna take it.. Lord be with me ;-)

Its been so long

So yea I havent been on in almost 2 years. I have to update ya'll alil. So i didnt get the surgery yet but i did get a gastric sleeve and lost about 42lbs and thats exciting... I am scheduled to get surgery with Cabral In March YAYYYY

Surgery date

So My surgery is March 24th and I land the 23rd, wish I had a surgery buddy to go with so I won't be alone... Although my mom lives in DR lol I'm actually getting alil nervous because it's in a month... Jesus I hope everything goes okay... I will be getting Liposuction and butt injections.. He quoted me 3800... Im 5'4" & weight 175lbs

Got my flight book so it's a go....

Booked my flight today and I got nervous out of no where.. but I'm super excited... I decided to just get Liposulpture with BBL


Here's the info and photo incase yall interested...


You can follow us on our social networks Instagram @bestcarerd, Facebook:

We have:

*PRIVATE ROOMS* 85 USD per day
*DOUBLE ROOMS* 75 Dollars per day
*TRIPLE ROOMS* 70 Dollars per day

*Note: Accompanying guests pay $ 70 per day in bed, $ 50 in sofa bed and includes the same amenities as the patient.*

All our rooms have 24 hour room service, air conditioning, hot water, private bathroom, netflix, cable tv, ultra fast wifi, Bluetooth control to call your nurse (1 per patient), bath towels, sheets and bedspreads


100 dollars
transportation to the airport and all meetings with your doctor.


We have:

* 24-hour cleaning staff.

* Professional and certified nurses in post-surgical patients 24 hours.

* Laundry.

* Professional chefs in charge of preparing foods rich in vitamins, iron and minerals ideal for a quick and safe recovery after surgery. (Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks per day)

*Guaranteed quality service*.

If you need a reference of clients who have already stayed with us, just ask for it and we will put you in touch with some of them.

To book you must make a payment for Shipping in any office of *WESTERN ONION* of $ 100 dollars for people to host.

Send to name of *Carolina Nuñez Gómez*, identification number # *001-1766142-1*

When making the shipment please send a photo of the receipt by mail: or our WhatsApp 829-568-6616
Dr. Hector Cabral

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