Cabral Barbie 2b! Can't wait.. In March of 2017

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Ok so it's taking me long enough to decide to...

Ok so it's taking me long enough to decide to write on here.. Anywhom I'm 30 and I have 3 kids and I'm not planning on pushing anymore out.. lol Plus my wife doesn't really want any kids..
I want A bigger ass, Lipo to my stomach, back, arms, under chin, and thighs not sure about a tummy tuck just yet.. but with all that included Dr. Cabral quoted me $5,000 which It's an awesome price I think.. I'm thinking of getting surgery some time In February or March and I'm now collecting all the info I need on just about Everything.. If anyone is going around those months please share your plans.. ;-)


Im so addicted to this site.. I find myself reading all damn day everyday... lol I love how useful this site has become to me..
Anyone going to Cabral Feb or March ??


Not sure if I should get the tummy tuck too but I do want a flat stomach, I wonder if just lipo would do the trick... hmmm lol Either way I'm getting surgery if God allows me to


Which RH is close and good near Cipla??? I want to stay atleast 7 days at cipla then transfer to an RH that isn't far but Good..

What I want

This is some what what I'm looking to get.. Hopefully cabral can make it happen

Waiting for the green light from Cabral

Emailed Dr. Cabral to see if the date I picked in March 2016 is available.. Crossing my fingers ????


My surgery date is confirmed for March 18th 2016 with Cabral Woot woot... Im excited. Now to start purchasing my stuff......

Hey Girls

Nothing much to say but that I'm taking my vitamins and I'm pretty sure I'll be staying at Jazmin recovery home for a few days after surgery and then staying at my mom's house which she's two hours away from cipla.. When time approaches I'll post my before pics and hopefully after pics too.. Enjoy ya'll day..

Might have a change of mind ...

Lately I've been looking at Dra Fatima Almonte and I'm alil impressed with her work and her quote was cheaper than cabrals quote.. Hmmmm??? Now I'm like dammmnnn man what to do what to do... I'm so confused! I'm still going to keep my appointment with Cabral for now.

Why I choose Dr Cabral

Dr Cabral sure exceeds expectations.. His work is amazing and I just can't wait for my turn.. I pray all the time everything turns out good! That I'm scared? I definitely am! Ugghh I just don't wanna die, so I drain my brain with so many thoughts.. Am I being selfish? So wack... but God knows I've been wanting this for years and if I'm given the opportunity I sure wanna take it.. Lord be with me ;-)

Its been so long

So yea I havent been on in almost 2 years. I have to update ya'll alil. So i didnt get the surgery yet but i did get a gastric sleeve and lost about 42lbs and thats exciting... I am scheduled to get surgery with Cabral In March YAYYYY

Surgery date

So My surgery is March 24th and I land the 23rd, wish I had a surgery buddy to go with so I won't be alone... Although my mom lives in DR lol I'm actually getting alil nervous because it's in a month... Jesus I hope everything goes okay... I will be getting Liposuction and butt injections.. He quoted me 3800... Im 5'4" & weight 175lbs

Got my flight book so it's a go....

Booked my flight today and I got nervous out of no where.. but I'm super excited... I decided to just get Liposulpture with BBL


Here's the info and photo incase yall interested...


You can follow us on our social networks Instagram @bestcarerd, Facebook:

We have:

*PRIVATE ROOMS* 85 USD per day
*DOUBLE ROOMS* 75 Dollars per day
*TRIPLE ROOMS* 70 Dollars per day

*Note: Accompanying guests pay $ 70 per day in bed, $ 50 in sofa bed and includes the same amenities as the patient.*

All our rooms have 24 hour room service, air conditioning, hot water, private bathroom, netflix, cable tv, ultra fast wifi, Bluetooth control to call your nurse (1 per patient), bath towels, sheets and bedspreads


100 dollars
transportation to the airport and all meetings with your doctor.


We have:

* 24-hour cleaning staff.

* Professional and certified nurses in post-surgical patients 24 hours.

* Laundry.

* Professional chefs in charge of preparing foods rich in vitamins, iron and minerals ideal for a quick and safe recovery after surgery. (Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks per day)

*Guaranteed quality service*.

If you need a reference of clients who have already stayed with us, just ask for it and we will put you in touch with some of them.

To book you must make a payment for Shipping in any office of *WESTERN ONION* of $ 100 dollars for people to host.

Send to name of *Carolina Nuñez Gómez*, identification number # *001-1766142-1*

When making the shipment please send a photo of the receipt by mail: or our WhatsApp 829-568-6616

26 more days

The day is getting closer and closer... And I'm excited to start my journey, so kool... I can't wait

Counting down

In Exactly 3weeks from today I'll be landing in Santo domingo... I can't wait! I aint looking forward to the pain but no pain no gain... I hope the girls I'm rooming with are cool and drama free cause I'm definitely not gonna be in the mood to hear bitching... I've heard stories of other recovery houses and Ratchet Ness going on lol Anywhom enjoy the rest of yall day...

Me now...

Can't wait to take pics with a smaller waist and big ass...

Omg dates getting closer

My surgery is in 13 days...& the count down begins..... Im so excited and nervous at the same damn time! I'm sending Carolina which is the lady in charge of the recovery house my surgery money and for the recovery house that way I'm not carrying all that cash on me... Girlsss save up money cause it seems like you'll be spending an extra easy 700 atleast... Gosh! But yea it's 4:05Am and I cant sleep for shyt... Allí can think of is my kids(boys), what if I don't make it & I leave them without a mother?... Ugghh! I'm all they have besides my spouse, who isn't biologically their parent... Im I being selfish? So much on my Cabeza... Well with God I go!

Western Union sucks lol

I tried sending my surgery money along with my stay at the recovery house money and they denied it because they said it my be fraudulent ... Ugghh so now I gotta figure out a different way to send it... Anywhom 13 more days and I'll be in DR yay!!!


Got blood work a few days ago and my level is 13.1 so I'm good to go... 10 more days and I land in DR and get to meet Cabral

Seven more days

Seven more days and I'll be in DR ... woot woot

5 more days

5 more days and ill be landing in DR.. Im gonna try my hardest to write everything I have experienced, that's after my pain has gone down alil...

Surgery things

These are the things I have on my list so far, packed and ready to go!

Travel card ,buying it there?
Phone charger?
Hair scrungies ?
Baby wipes... lots?
Dial soap?
Q tips?
Compression socks?
Stool softner ?
Gauze 4×4 ?
Iron pills ?
2 packs of white muscle shirts ?
4 dresses long comfy ones ?
Bio oil ?
2 packs of pads poise brand ? 96ct
Arnica gel ?
24 Oxycodone?
Multi Vitiamins ?
2 packs of wash clothes ?
Maderma ?
Plastic straws?
Stool softner ?
Tylenol Xtra strength ?
Tooth brush?
Tooth paste?
Vitamin B12, C, D, iron?
Deordarent ?
Bobby pillow?
Tank tops ?
Phone charger?
Lip gloss?
Sunglasses ?
Glasses ?
Contact case?
Lotion ?
Soap dish?
Medical tape 3 fingers wide?
4 Button up shirts?
Boppy Pillow?
Extra cash for all the other expenses?????????


I dunno why realself put a question marks on my previous post but disregard

So I'm going by this.....

Bust: Measure all the way around your bust and back on the line of your nipples.
Chest: Measure directly under your breasts, as high up as possible.
Waist: Measure at its narrowest point width-wise, usually just above the navel.
Hips: Measure around the widest part of the hipbones.
Midway: Measure midway between the widest part of your hips and your waist.
Thighs: Measure around fullest part of upper leg while standing

Bust: 43
Chest: 37
Waist: 41
Hips: 41.5
Midway: 43
Thighs: 23 Not touching my thighs

I'm just posting my measurements before surgery so I can see the difference after...

Exactly 5 days left

In 5 days ill be on the flatter side with hopefully a big o ass... Im so excited! But not excited for the pain! Well well Tomorrow is my 2 year Anniversary... Marriage has been amazing so far! Hopefully it stays that

2 more days ....

Oh man, in only 2 days I'll be landing in DR... I'm so nervous, my gosh! I don't want to die... :( But I want this so bad... His please be with me and protect me, I want to live a very long life... Amen

Purchased Tourist card

Purchased Tourist card online so I don't have to wait in line at the airport... :)

Man how it's hitting me.

It definitely is hitting me that I'm about to head out for DR in a few hours basically... My flight is at 5:05am OMG, my nerves are on full effect...

I wrote my kids a letter invade I die and I broke down in tears... I just hope they never have to read It!

I'm here about to organize my carry on bag and listen to music...

At the airport

Man it was hectic at the airport... So unorganized it's annoying! But maybe I'm just not used to flying lol... Either way I'm here sitting done waiting for them to board us.. I'm looking around at other girls wondering if their getting surgery too lol

Made it

Yes I had a safe flight... When the driver from my recovery house picked me up he took me straight to Cipla.. I then met my nurse who will be taking care of me at the recovery house, who stayed with me throughout my whole ordeal at Cipla.. She definitely nice! First thing I did was register to do my xrays, cardiology and bloodwork and charged me 200 for that... So I went upstairs and went to the cardiologist/lab work... The cardiologist called me in first and said okay get undressed right in front of him, like no privacy what so ever... Lol That felt weird... Then I got my blood work and immediately got a bruised.. So then I went to get my xrays done and then was sent back to the 5th floor. So I went and then waited for CABRAL for like what felt like 5 hours lol I signed my life away and then he called me in.. He asked what I want and I told him so he told me okay let me see.. Meaning get naked again while I watch...lmao If your uncomfortable with getting naked in front of strangers stay in the states...lmao He was a nice guy but it was such a quick visit. He quoted me 3800.. I went into Maria's lil office and gave her 3600 because the 200 I sent for my deposit goes towards your surgery... I then was told to go to the cafeteria to wait until the doc for the xray got back... So I did, and the food smelt so good that I bought white rice, red beans and bistec... Yummy! I then got told by the cafeteria lady that the doc was there to give me my results for the xray! It came out good.. I then went to the 5th floor and gave them my results And she then told me to buy the faja and meds which were 375... Now I got to go to the recovery house, got here around 3:30ish... I got to Cipla around 10ish

Make sure you have your passport on you at all times..

My recovery house is really nice but I wish they would've told me there was an extra 50 because cipla requires a nurse to stay with you after surgery... anywhom I just wanted to know cause shyt I'm on a budget lol I already spent mad money... anyways I'm laying down now... I took a poop and to my surprise there's no vent in there nor spray lmao Good thing my roommate ain't here yet... Lol

The food is to die for

The food is so good in this recovery house so far... and the Passion fruit juice is awesome...

Today is the day

Well today is the day, I'm waiting for my driver to take me to Cipla to get ready for surgery which I have no clue what time is gonna be at... Womp Womp! That's something they need to change.. Anyways I took a few photos and I'm like damn I need a big ass Well wish me Well! I'll let y'all know what happens

An update

So I got to Cipla a lil before 7am.. I went up to the 5th floor to register and then she took me down to admissions, then to do the Ignicio, which is to register to get a room for surgery on the 4th floor.. I met with my nurse and we both went upstairs.. I handed my paper to the guy at the counter and sat down! I was called around 8:45 to go to room 413.. I waited til like 9:18am and in walks CABRAL, he gave me the blue bill and said okay let me mark you, asked me to get my phone so he can take  pics of me... I asked him if he knew what time I'll get surgery and he said soon your my first patient.. I'm like kool...

Like 20 mins or so later a guy came in with my bed and said climb on.. I'm like okay ;-)
I remember him taking me into an elevator and into what looked like the surgery room.. Definitely not like the state's lol
I remember the anesthetic get me ready for my numbing med and as he did so all he was doing was talking shyt to the other worker about other workers in Spanish lmao I'm like yea I'm definitely not in the states.. It was funny to me though.. then outta no where I knocked out, but woke up during surgery... It didn't hurt but felt weird as hell.. I stayed up the whole time after... I tell you that was just so weird.. I tried moving but my arms were tied and I could not feel my legs..
They said your done then wheeled me to like a small room with other girls who got surgery and they were sleeping.. I'm like I wish I could freaking sleep lmao The whole time I was like why can't I move my legs.. I couldn't feel them at all, not even wiggle my toes .. So weird... It must be a feeling people who lose their mobility feels like.. So sad! I was brought to my room 413 and been here ever since... I can now move my legs and toes I was numbed, thank the Lord lol... I've been given meds through an IV and other liquids... I was given a soup which I'm not too happy about, I want real food...

My mom and aunt are here with me.. My mom's the shyt, taking care of me. So yea the nurse left! She'll be back tomorrow morning.. She's so nice too!

Well as of now I'm not too bad the pain being 10 the worst and 1 nothing I would say a 4 or 5... I can deal with It! My butt feels big and hard but I haven't seen it yet

I don't wanna lay on my ass but I have no choice.. I can't move alot they said! Until tomorrow..

Maria Cabral's assistant is so nice.. She checks on me alot... I think she's cute, there's just something about her.. Yes I'm gay girls lol.
It's like 9 pm and I've been asking for pain meds and nothing...

Got meds around 11:05am

Woke up around 12:45 & now I can't seem to get comfy for shyt...

More meds at 1:28am
More meds at 6:50am

As in here laying on my ass for the past like 15 hours... It dawns to me that the lady from my recovery house gave me a room for 2 beds which is 75 a day, when we clearly agreed to one of 3 beds which is 70 a day.. They so gipped me.. and tried giving me a story that 2 sister wanna stay in the same room so If I wanna move to my own private room for 50dollars extra giving supposedly a discount of 50

They are so slow in this place (cipla)

Oh man

I'm in so much pain.. My ass and my back are killing me.. Lord have mercy! I don't know how girls do it over and over.. Maybe since he said I had alot of fat to take out and put in.. Ugghh I swear this is no joke... Prepare yourself mentally.. Shyt I did.. I prepared for the worst and it was still not enough! I'm in pain laying down in bed and getting up.. Getting up is the worst... Well til later


This pain is ridiculous. It would be nice if it let me sleep more than 2 or 3 hours.. My butt is so sore, I think the bigger you get it the worst the pain is, the girl next to me got here done but not exageratted and it doesn't hurt her as much as it hurts me.. My butt is just big I guess...

Best Care Recovery house

Although I wasn't informed about the 50 dollars for a nurse to stay with you... I definitely recommend them 100% The nurses are so kind and caring and the owners are great.. I feel very comfortable here...


For a person that would wear a farmer everyday for the past like 3 years I sure hate I swear they gave me a small size but the nurse here said no.. I dunno I still think it's small and it hurts my side's alot... it's so uncomfortable point so to go to sleep i take it off :-)


Omg... I cried and still cry.. This pain takes a toll on You! It's so painful! I just want to be better already... My gosh

Post op day 5

Oh Jesus, if your listening please help my pain go away, Amen...

Sorry I haven't posted but just haven't been up to it! I left the recovery house and I'm currently at my mom's house.. It's so relaxing here! She's been massaging me and its draining me so I hope that's why im in so much pain.. It just feels so tight and like its on fire... I can feel so much liquid on my back and belly... Its so annoying! Well thats it for now

Can't sleep

It is 5:02am in DR! Lord please listen to my prayers... This pain has just about taken over me.. I brake down and cry all the time like why you did this Girl? Why does it hurt So much? Why why right now I'm laying on my back and the pain I feel I can deal with, it's getting up that starts my rollercoaster ride... Later on Imma have my mom massage me and drain me so then I can finally try to put on this faja... It's my enemy right now , no lie! Lmao I would wear a faja everyday prior to surgery and now I can't even look at it and I get mad... I leave DR on the 2nd of April & I cannot freaking wait.. I need my hubby! Never thought i would miss him this much... & my kids of course..

Girls, Dolls... please please prepare your mind for what's to come after surgery... It is not a walk in the park, but like I said before everyone is different, it depends what your getting done... I had aggressive Lipo with BBL. Ok til later

7 days Post op

I'm trying to stay focus on why I did all this.. Sexy body sexy body..bigger ass bigger ass... Today i woke up in alil less pain than usual. Last night I rubbed my belly for hours and I think I broke down alot of that liquid and fatty shyt inside cause this morning it was less bloaded.. I be massaging my back while removing liquid myself, my mom does it for me twice a day but I just do it so it can come out I think the liquid is what's making me hurt... Well any questions just let me know and I'll answer them as honest as I can be..

I actually believe

It's the liquid that's causing me pain... The more that comes out the better I feel.. Thank the Lord! I'm still in pain don't get me wrong but I can adapt to it and take it.. Well going to sleep now...


I don't think I can stress this enough but ladies, drain drain drain as much as possible.. I know the massage hurts but afterwards you feel relieved, it gonna take a few mins lol but definitely worth it... This process isn't easy at all! So good Luck to All of ya ladies getting surgery... I'll post pics once I'm back in NJ!

Hole closed

The whole I would drain from closed.. Lol Damn it but I don't think I have any more liquid in me.. I'm just very swollen and sore.. I look at my results and it's hard to see the outcome but I'm not gonna let that discourage me cause it takes months to start seeing results... I'm thankful the pain has calmed down alot. I'm still walking alil slower and alil bent forward, just alil..

Hi dolls

I'm looking for a place I can go to to get massages in NJ, NY or even in Philly??? Anyone who knows let me know...

Got a massage

Finally got a lymphatic drainage massage today and it felt so good... Thank God! I'm still in pain but it got so much Better!

Hello girls

Alil update.. My pain unfortunately is still there.. I'm just full of liquid and it sucks! So I myself take the liquid out with a syringe and there's still so much more.. I only have the small syringe so it doesn't remove much ... but something is something! Can't wait for my next massage.. I measured myself and I'm smaller, that's exciting.. I've been having diarrhea for the past four days and I've lost 5lbs, dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing lol... I'll post a pic


Feeling alil better and better by the day... Still have back pains and I started getting like sharp poking pains, weird! And I'm starting to itch here and there.. Can't wait to feel better!

Another one

Just a pic I took yesterday while sitting.. It feels good to see the change lil by lil


It's gonna be a month tomorrow and I still have pain on my back! So annoying.. I don't understand why though! My back is extremely swollen maybe that's why..

Hello dolls

Haven't been on in alil but I've been working non stop and I just forget lol... Well like 2 weeks or go maybe sooner I noticed two red kinda brownish spots on my side's where the faja creases.. and they became a burn.. One side has healed but the other side hasnt.. Not sure if it was from the faja but that's what I was told.. So becareful how tight you go soooo soon.. Because of it I can't wear my faja until it heals.. So wack! But other than that I'm good
Dr. Hector Cabral

Dr. CABRAL IS EVERYTHING I EXPECTED.. He was nice and cordeuse towards me.. He got to the point and told me not to worry... He's an excellent doctor. I do think he needs to dedicate more time to his dolls

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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