23 Years Old, From London U.K- Had Lipo and BBL in D.R!

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Hi guys! Im new to this and unlike many of you, i...

Hi guys! Im new to this and unlike many of you, i live in the United Kingdom, London to be precise!!
Plastic surgery here is so expensive ive had a breast enlargement here Nd it cost so much but i love it. Now i want lipo done and a bbl :) and im considering flying out to DR to get it done!! Help?..

Which surgeon to choose :/ looking to have it done 1st week in April!

The doctors i have shortlisted now are Dr Yily, Dr Baez, Dr Duran and Dr Medina!
But if i were to choose im thinking it would be Yily or Duran as ive absolutely loved their work!
I got a quote from Yily and Medina for $4500 which includes recovery home stay for 7 nights and other medication, blood work etc. stil waiting on Duran now as i heard it is hella difficult to get a hold of her. I have sent her messages on Whatsapp, Insta, Email and Google+ but got nothing. For me communication is Key! And if im going to be laying down to be cut up by someone i want to be able to build trust and communication first so from the look of things i may be scrapping consisering Duran.
Any advice guys??

Got quotes from Baez and Almonte! Looking to book for the 6th of April

So i finally got a quote from Baez who i s one of my top bests. She quoted me 3500 for full body lipo and bbl. But doesnt offer a package with accomodation like all the others, which i would have preffered for convenience and peace of mind. I guess thats the only reason i ma consider going with Yily or Almonte.. Almontes quote is for 4300 which includes accomodation, transportation and all of that good stuff.. What do u guys think, is it difficult to book a RH on my own?
Oh.. still not heard back from Duran btw! Smh
I really want to decide asap and pay the deposit so i know thats done and dusted.

Dra Tania Medina it is!!

I think i have decided! I will be going with Dra Tania Medina :)
I had wanted to go with Yily or Baez but they are booked up till June, i want to be healed by the summertime so Medina has a slot for me in April which is just perfect.
She responds very quickly and in detail to emails. She seems really sweet aswell. I visited her websit and its very informative, the clinic looks good and clean too. Also, she sent me about 50 pictures from of her work and i am really impressed! So i will be a Medina doll soon :) paying my deposit first thing tommorw cause i would hate to loose that date! She is more expensive than the others though. (4850) but il do it still. Price includes RH and transportation

What is flying like after sx??

Im booked in now so i will be buying my flight ticket next week! Flight costs about 800 dollars from London with a change at JFK. How do you huys cope with the long haul flights after surgery!???? I havent really seen people talk about this aspect on their reviews, i would really like to know what it feels like and different copinf strategies especially after having a Bbl considering you arent supposed to seat on your butt for the first two weeks?

I have to put on some more weight :'(

So.. My dr has told me that to get the results i want, i will need to put on about 10 to 15 pounds more before surgery. That is in a month. I know it sounds easy to just put on weight but because i have spent months and months trying to loose weight and maintain my figure, my system is now so used to a strict diet, i can only eat at specufic times of the day and i find it hard over eating.
I really wonder how im going to do this.. Do you loose all that extra weight after surgery?? Usually when i put on weight my face swells up ans i hate that.

Pre op vitamins

Hi guys.. So like my sx date is just about a month away now. I decided to go get me some vitamins especially folic acid and iron to make sure everything goes well. I was so happy to find one that has literally all the vitamins in need in one tablet! It comes in a 3month supply bottle so even after surgery i have enough to keep in good shape :)

Travel Buddy? Dominican Republic 21st April

Hi guys im looking for a travel buddy? I will be leaving from the UK on the 21st of april, sx is 22nd with Tania Medina :) and ill be staying at My Recovery Home.

Booked my flighr

Im so excited, but also a tad bit nervous lol!
As my sx date draws closer. I only just booked my flight. So its now set in stone *phew*
Dr Medina has been really great communicating with me, i cant wait to meet her!

Nervous? Or excited??

Hi guys.. So im just a few days to my sx date!!
Time does move quickly. Im sure i want this but sometimes i start to feel, do i really need this? Do i need to spend this money on this? Will it make much of a difference? ..so many conscience pricking questions. But at the end i say to myself, well im gonna do it anyway! Im going ahead with it. Id rather do it than live wondering, what if i had.
Im not new to plastic surgery as ive had a tummy tuck and breast enlargement about 2years ago. I guess its just my nerves messing with me. I am kinda excited and looking forward to the experience strangely, and i cant wait to see how amazing my body will look after, i pray it looks as great as i have imagined :)
Started shopping for my travel bag, and been on my vitamins. Will go get my bloods done in 2days here at home just to know everythings ok at the moment!

Got pain killers ready in advance

So im about 5 days to my sx woop!!
Cause ive had surgery in the past, i have a good idea about what the pain post op is like and what pain killers worked for me and dint. So i took it upon myself to ensure thay i stocked up on the meds i feel would help me after my sx!! So im now stocked up with some really strong pain killers i feel k may not get in DR while im out there. I may not need them all, but better safe than sorry! So, Luckily, i was able to get my prescription from my doctor here after explaining what i needed them for. I

I made it to DR!!! Everything looks great so far

Hi guys.. After a 17 hour journey from london (including frustrating delays) i finally made it to DR. Believe me, i am drained! I feel like i got hit by a bus or something lol. Anyway everything went smoothly at the airport, no wait or anything. dr Medinas driver, George was there to pick me up and on the way he kept assuring me everything was gonna be ok and that i should feel free to ask for anything. We got to the recovery home, My Home, and damn so far i love it, i got a really warm welcome and i instantly felt comfortable. Dannielle i believe is the one in charge here, she showed me around and made sure i was comfortable and told me to have a good night rest so i can be up well to go have my blood work done in the morning. Theyve got great facilities at this RH and wow it super clean thank God!! I will put up pics of the RH tommorow..
So far i am pleased, i hope it continues this way though :)
I cant wait to shut my eyes and sleep right now, ive showered and im in bed now so il update u guys tommorow! Xx

Surgery went well :) (Review)

Hey hey hey ladies!
So my surgery was yesterday, everything went well except for the fact that my hemo dropped drasticlly to a 7! So i had to have two bags of transfusion. Tge first day was basically pain, pain i tell you! I was miserable the whole day and it dint help that they had to make me stay in one damn position the whole day. The faja was tight and uncomfortable, barely had any sleep. The next day (today) has been much better, i feel alot better but they want to keep an eye on me so ill be spending another night in the clinic. I had my first massage with Anna today, she cleaned me up, gave me a massage and changed my faja. Damn the pain wasnt a joke though, i couldnt wait to be over with it????
Oh my God Dr Medina and her gorg assistant Loren is an amazing woman, she is sweet, gently, honest and caring. She has been by my side every chance she got, and her whole entire team at Cecelip have been just great, they are so sweet and have taken very food care of me, they have been attentive and have put my health first in everything. The food here is good and the clinic is perfectly clean. They had a nurse sleep in the room with me at night to ensure i had care whenever i need it, thats awesome. Anyway i am hoping i can get discharged tomorrow so i can get back to the Rh and have a bit more freedom of movement which for me helps me recover quicker.
Guys if u are thinking of having sx done in DR do consider Medina, she is great in all honestly. Everything so far has been well organised and consistent, from the driver picking me up at the airport, taking me to supermarkets, appointments etc and going everywhere with me, to the lovely nurses at the clinic making me laugh and smile all the time.
I havent really gotten to see what i look like but Dr Medina showed me a pic and omg it looks amazing!!! Will put up a pic i took myself in bed soon

Pics of Cecelip clinic

I left the clinic for the Rh, feeling a little better today. Taking it one day at a time...

My experience...

So... yesterday i woke up feeling like i was gonna die, my head was pounding profusely and my chest was hurting so bad i couldnt breath properly. Diana and kathy quickly rushed over to me to check my blood breasure and they figured it was kinda high so they called dr medina and dr medina told them to take me to the emergency. Kathy quickly called a taxi, got me ready and went with me to the emergency. On getting there i was put on an ivs and dr medina came over with her sweet husband. I was crying cause i was worried something had gone wrong, but medina kept encouraging and calming me down and explained to me whatw s going on ad that i would be ok. ahe gave me a hug, showed me pics of her family on her phone and told me stories to cheer me up and make me laugh. Her husband called his friend who is a specialist cardiologist who rushed over to check me and assured me everything was ok i was just having a panic attack and i needed to relx. medinas husband held my hand, wheeled me to get an xray done and everything and all along he kept assuring me i was okay and that i have a family here in DR. Kathy stood by me the whole way and treated me like her own sister i was so amazed a human could be so kind to someone you/d ever known. i know its kind of her job to care for me but guys she went wayy out of her way for me with all of her heart. even the cab driver came into he emergency to check on me! lol i felt so loved.
They gave me a strog shot of painkillers that knocked me out instantly and i found myself back at the RH, kathy got me strawberries and candy cause she knew they were my favourite.
Guys really i have nothing but good things to say about the people i put my life in their hands practically. theyve been awesome! I had to share this because the truth is not everyone has had a good experience with their surgeon, RH nurses etc.
All the other ladies recovering here at my Home have been really caring and cheerful too, everyone treats the other as family and everyone is so real and genuine.

My Home Recovery House (pics)

Damn my butt is huge lol

This is what my nee butt looks like in the faja! Medina works magic. Though its kinda huge for me im sure its gonna go down a little bit as i heal so im not worried.... Hopefully... Lol

Headed home...

Hi guys, so im exactly 7days post op now. The doc dint reccomend this but im heading back home to the Uk now, got a 13 hour journey!! Just finished the first 3 hour leg to atlanta and it wasnt to bad tho i wasnt so comfortable, my feet are already swealing and my head is pounding but im gonna stay possitive as i still have a long way to go.
Couldnt walk too much so i had the wheelchair service which without? I would have passsedout 10 times lol.
Saw doc Medina before my flight she said my fluids are almost if not all gone and what i have now is all the swelling. And the swelling is causing so much pain but im happy with my progress so far. I am liking my results and she is really happy with it too and says im healing really well which is good too know. Omg i cant wait for this phase of swelling, soreness and discomfort to be all gone! I hate feeling handicapped.. Lol guys, like many others i did underestimate the pain from this surgery before diving in, it is painful!!! But i have no regrets and would have done it regardless. But be aware, this is no lil make up surgery guys. Its properr surgery and ul have to go through all the pain. But the results, im excited for! Cant wait to be home... Will let u guys know how i cope on the next 8 hour flight


hi guys.. let me first say i really appreciate the support on here ladies, ive been on this journey alone really, and right now im back home and im home alone atm cause my family travelled. so gosh its tough lol. i cook my meals myself, wash the dishes and everything and im just a few days post op. but im taking it easy anyway im not doing bad.
So... still really sore! Still in pain, especially my back, feels like it got more swollen and hurts really bad, maybe cause i sat on my back for a long time i guess. I swear i cant wait for all the pain to go away. i am dont mind the swelling, i know its the process and i can deal with that. But the pain makes things difficult for me thats it. Hopefully it subsides over the next couple of days as ive got alot to do next week.

Results... i think its coming along well. Not been paying much attention to my body for improvements and all that i dont know why, maybe cause i know its not there yet and needs time so im trying not to obsess over it. So im not doing any analysis just yet. Though i am now on the second to the last hook! and it feels quite comfy so im thinking il go to the next hook from tommorow. I guess thats a good thing. Just messaged my doctor to ask if i need to get a smaller faja soon or if i can just stick with this one on the last hook...
Guys putting on the faja is no freaking joke! When i got home is rushed into the shower and took a nice hot shower, washed my faja, moisturised my skin (was difficult reaching certain parts of my body). So when it came to putting the faja back on, it was so difficult for me it took almost an hour to put on cause i kept taking breaks and i had to be careful cause my body still hurts. if im gona get me another faja it would definitely be one with a zipper, maybe that would be easier.

How i survived the long trip back home? (13 hours)

For those from the UK looking to travel to DR for sx and wondering what the flight back is like.. The journey sure was a long one, but i survived it. Luckily the flight wasn't full so the nice hostess offered me a a whole row to myself to do whatever i pleased with. lol. SO i picked up all the pillows on the entire row (6 or 7 pillows and some), then i attempted laying on my side (this was comfy for a very short while until my hips and arms started hurting), sitting with my back leaning on the window and my legs up (this was probably more comfy for a while until my back and sides started to really hurt). s for the last two hours i sat up straight with pillows under my butt and behind my back, which was ok). i did stand up to use the loo a couple of times so id stretch my legs. but i was reluctant to get up alot cause once u find the right comfy position and u think about getting up and then trying to figure out how to position yourself is hectic lol. i slept through most of the flight thanks to the pill. and the last few hours i killed with a movie and before i knew it we were on the ground in Heathrow. had wheel chair assistance pre-booked so the wheeled me all the way through to the door of my taxi outside :)
to summarise, take something to help u sleep, use a lot of pillows, drink fluids regularly and try to take walks every hour or so and book wheel chair assistance in advance.


Just chipping in a bit of vital advice. When travelling for SX, hold more than enough money, preferably cash! cause sometimes, atm cards can fail you, and if you are in a hospital bed you cant expect to walk to an atm to remove cash. so, hold more than the doctor is charging. Cause you never know what could go wrong, and remember you are financially responsible for every and anything. You dont want to put your health or life at risk by not being ablt to pay for extra care/meds you may need. for me i did not expect this and i had to buy 3 bags of blood, and extra meds after surgery and my wallet was empty. Also there was a lady in a different RH who had surgery with Contreras same week as me and she lost so much blood and was dying apparently. One of the ladies recovering at my RH read her appeal on Facebook and went to her to give her money to have blood. Its better safe than sorry, you may not end up needing it, but its best to have it on you.


Hi guys.. I am almost 4 weeks post op and decided to post an update on my recovery progress. Firstly thanks alot to the beautiful ladies who have dm'd me several times to check on me, really appreciate it!
So, firstly, how is the pain/swelling now?... I am still quite sore and swollen around my waist and my lower back, also a bit behind my thighs and back. I would say more of sore on my back. And with swelling nd soress comes pain so yh still some pain and sometimes alot of pain but nothing unbareable. I dont take painkillers much anymore just when i feel i need it(tryibg to give my liver a break!!). I am now going about my life as normal, somewhat. Not excersising yet tho cuz of the pain.
Results?... Welll with my butt, everyone who knew me before my surgery noticed my butt is bigger and beautiful, and everyone else i go past, stares or gives me complements! :) i love how it looks and my hips too. not huge but perfect enough to look great and attract attention lol.
Tbh i cant tell if there is much of a difference on my waist because i am still swollen there and due to that i have some irregularities on my tummy due to the swelling which im told will go away once im healled.(hopefully)! So im not judging my results yet and im not obsessing over it as i know i am not fully healled yet! Besides i honestly always had a small waist and tummy.
I can defintely see some difference in the contour of my body especially my back, looks great!
Now, the faja problem.... So the faja burnt me so badly that it pealed my skin on my waist and left this huge disgusting ugly scar for me to look at everyday. Because of this i dint wear my faja for about 2 weeks till today.! I did wear my latex waist trainer some days. Again im not allowing myself obsess over the scar as im allowing myself time to heal rather than go into depression too soon over this. I really hope the wound heals well and the scar fades significantly. Though with how bad it looks i dont think the scar would dissapear but over time hopefully! Yh its that bad il put a pic up. Sigh..
Dra Medina has continues to check on me atleast weekly, sometimes more. Over all i do feel more confident in my clothes and generally.
So far, im ok with everything except the burn :(... And the remaining pain and swelling should improve over time as ive notice i feel better every week. Letting time do the work.
Dra Tania Medina

I gave this doctor all 5 stars based on my own personal experience with her. If you read my threads/review, you will understand why. To summarise; from start to finish everything was well organised, from the pick up from airport to journey back home. her clinic is perfect to an international standard, the staff were all kind and professional. She was patient, caring and kind. She dint treat me like a patient but like family and till today she messages me on Whatsapp to check on me. So yes i am happy with this doctor and would recommend. She is beautiful, safe, professional, honest and great at what she does.

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