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Hey there ladies ! we'll as u can see i haven't...

hey there ladies ! we'll as u can see i haven't done anything YET!! im still waiting on Dr. Luis Mejia from D.R i find all his reviews very helpful and well since im living in USA its quite cheap too here only breast augmentation will cost me around 7k and with 7k i can get a mommy make over and more but of course i just want my boobies im currently a size A like -A nothing i only where sports bra since i hit the gym often by lower abs are so dam stubborn thats pretty much what i would like to get done. Im so very scared traveling i hope this doc can save my life. Of beauty! jesus why can't we look at ourself beautiful we need all this but we life in this society call fantasy so here i am one of those victims i pray to heavenly god everything goes out great who ever doc i choose at the end that i come out in one perfect peace!! Wish me luck ladies i will follow up on you any question i will get back.

I receive a email from his office Luis mejia she asked me all my name to age if allergic to history and i answer back with the pictures still waiting for them this was just today so haven't waited more than 24 hrs.......i will be with details because i know how it is being on the other side of the screen trying to look for the right doctors!!

Change my mind with Dr. Luis Mejia

Ok tell if this is kinda weird or not i find it weird like second thoughts so lefny, docs assistance got back asking for 4,550 but see she said lipo mid section lower and back and my breast augmentation she also mention BBL I never mention that its all too good to be true very cheap price.IDK!! i ask lefny but i never said a BBL she said "ok" its "still the same price" just letting u guys know a professional won't do that yes i know u can make mistakes everyone does but keeping the price the same so i change my mind on the doc now im looking into doctor Yuseff Serulle. Wishing with him is a bit differ!
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