Bringing Sexy Back! Mommy Makeover in Dominican Republic (34 Yrs Old, 2 Great Kids, Weight Loss)

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I just want to document my journey and share my...

I just want to document my journey and share my experience. I'm looking forward to the work of art of my plastic surgeon Dr. Tactuk (early Feb 2017). I will be having breast lift with augmentation, tummy tuck and liposculpture. After weight gain, two great kids, then weight loss, I think it's time to invest in myself and feel amazing again. Anyone else traveling in Feb 2017 to DR? I will be posting pics soon.

3 wks until the big day!

So I have 22 days left before I head to DR for my sexy transformation. The anxiety is real & building up the closer I get. I feel both confident and excited about my decision...

Some before pics

So here are my embarrassing before pics. I was hesitant to add but what the heck. I'm posting my honest review and I need to face reality. So I have 18 days to go. I'm traveling from Puerto Rico to Santo Domingo. I'm extremely excited! Anyone else having work done the 1st week of Feb or traveling to DR those dates? Any questions, feel free to ask.

My daily concoction

So I've been taking these religiously for the past three weeks now. My PS requested I do a CBC. He says my hemo results look good but I want to be the healthiest possible for surgery day & if I can raise my hemo before then, it would be great.

Arrived to Dominican Republic!

So the excitement and anxiety last night had me waking up about every hour. Got to the airport, checked bag, made flight, arrived to DR great & fast (approx 55 min flight). The airport in DR wasn't really crowded as I thought it would be. Quite a few stops to exit (checking paperwork/ passport). Smooth trip! Dr. Tactuk had a driver wait for me w/ a sign with my first & last name. Driver was great also. Am traffic as usual.

Medical clearance.

I arrived at the clinic. So I finally met Dr. Tactuk. What an amazing person. He was very thorough explaining all the procedures based on what I wanted (pros & cons), answering questions & going through all possible complications and treatments. Makes you feel comfortable even in your fat flabby skin! Lol. He sent me to get all labs, x-rays, & see cardiologist. That was kind of a run around but all worth it! I'm good to go. Have the green light. Surgery will be tomorrow am!

I'm alive & well!

Hey doll! I made it to the flat side! Yay!!!!! Honestly I'm not in excruciating pain. Maybe because of the anesthesia from several hrs ago. The pain/ discomfort I'm feeling is more like: I went to the gym and did a full body workout with the highest amount of weights. Just sore.

1st Post Op visit

So yesterday was my 1st post op appt. I couldn't be happier to finally take a peek at my results so far. I haven't been able to take off the faja since surgery day. The Dr. says I'm healing very well. Still have swelling all over. He removed my drain, so I was surprised & excited about that. I love my mid section & my belly button. I must say, he did an amazing job on the cuts. Even though I'm still swollen, the cuts look clean & neat. I love the shape & feel of my breast. I kindof have mixed emotions about the way they look. I'm just being honest. I guess I was expecting immediate perfect breast. :-/ I didn't take into consideration that when implants are involved, it takes some time for the "drop & fluff" stages. And sometimes one breast can change before the other. So if you're considering implants, pls keep this in mind and look into all the info on the recovery stages so you'll know what to expect. I am feeling good thank God. Overall, I'm excited about my results and very happy. Stay beautiful doll

12 Days Post Op/ Swell Hell!!!

So I'm now 12 days post op. I am feeling better as time progresses. Standing a little straighter. I'm not so hunched over as before & my lower back muscles don't bother as much either. I'm so swollen and still draining from where my drain used to be. Nothing major. I just have the small hole I have to keep clean & dry. No major pain just discomfort every now & then. My flanks area are sore & still so swollen. I'll be starting stage 2 compression garment being that I was still wearing the one from surgery. I didn't start wearing it sooner because I didn't want to open up my tummy tuck scar.

Still swollen but not as bad as before.

Just updating my progress. I'm 26 days post op. Feeling better overall, Thank God. Swelling less & a bit hunched throughout the day. I can a bit faster than 1 mph now, lol x-D

6 Wks post Op

Slow & steady progress being made. Very little swelling & Feeling Great. Very happy with my decision! Feeling Blessed Thank GOD! Stay well dolls.

2 Months post Op & Coming Along Nicely!!!!

So I'm still not 100%...but I'm almost there and it's all coming together great!

A bit over 3 months now...

I am feeling amazing. Healed beautifully! I love my results!!!! I am enjoying every bit of my body...(maybe a bit too much celebrating, eating & drinking). Lol. The scar is clearing up and lightening nicely. Swelling is at a minimum most of the time unless I do vigorous, strenuous workout or am at my time of the month. I will update scar images soon. Free free to ask any questions & stay tuned for updates. Stay beautiful & God bless!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tactuk has been very attentive, reasonable and professional. Responds quickly and addresses my concerns.

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