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I initially was going to get butt implants first...

I initially was going to get butt implants first since I had bbl few years back and fat did not last but decided to try one more time and later on still get butt implants here back in the states. I have 2 kids and I am officially done having anymore so I will be getting a tummy tuck with breast implant revision and bbl. I was confused between Luis Alberto Mejia or Fernandez Grocio but Luis assistant Lefny was a lot more attentive and answered the million and one questions I had. I also like his work better Bcuz the women look more Volumptious lol. I put down my 300 deposit and set my date for May 16th. I will be staying at the Recovery house they assign.....Has anyone ever stood there by any chance?

Any going to DR in May

Looking for a SX buddy anyone going around the month of May?

Changing my Surgeon to DR Fernandez Goico

He is who i originally was going for but since Mejia answer so quickly and his work seemed really good I guess I got desparate and placed a deposit for him. Lately Dr Meija has been getting mixed review so I decided to go with my first Choice even if it means losing my deposit. I have gotten Surgery in DR before so I know wat it's like not getting the results u r looking for so this time around I really did my research. I guess always go with ur first instinct and Dr. FG it is.

Things are looking sketchy

So I'm a little confused on what's going on in some these reviews with Dr Mejia especially since certain reviews don't even make sense. I feel some ppl should have realistic goals wen it comes to their procedures but not bash surgeons because they did not meet their full expectations. We are human meaning we are not perfect but one thing I liked about this site is ppl giving feedback on their journey and now I just feel ppl are just pretty much bullshitting left and right on their reviews and it really sucks for those who are looking to get their minds at ease.

Wish pic

Working on my Hemo

So currently I am working out I've always love working out so its a lifestyle for me even tho I'm getting BBL I did have my son a couple of months ago and want to be at least at my normal body weight before surgery I am Also making my Hemo drink And eating a lot of greens. its very important to keep healthy before going into surgery the outcome is always better and healing is a lot faster.

Any reviews on Maria's recovery house

Any good or bad reviews on Maria's recovery house ?

Finally I can say

I'm having surgery next month I also did change doctors to Julio Molina I put down a 1000 deposit. I did Check my Hemo the day after my period and it was 12.6 which is great due to the fact ur Hemo does go down while on ur period so I know it's defiantly higher.

Booked my Recovery House

I will be staying at Oasis Recovery House I think their prices are fair it's also a New Recovery house. I will post more about it as soon as I get back.

Never Been so confused

I have never been so confused I'm stuck between Molina and Cabral. I had a BBL done 4years ago after that had my 2 kids and I'm officially done having children so for me this is a big decision Bcuz I really don't wAnt to be dealing with revisions or not being satisfied with my surgery. They are both great surgeons I know Cabral had his slip ups but the bodies that man makes are amazing.

One Month Away

I'm one month away from Surgery and Decided to stick to my Original Surgeon Dr. Molina. I do love Cabrals work but he does way too many surgeries in a day and too many blood transfusions as much as I want a nice curved out body I'm not risking my health and I also have 2 kids and a husband to come back to my little chicklings need me lol. I pretty much have everything I need then again this isn't my first time going to DR for surgery so I know what to expect and I'm more prepared. I will be sharing my experience as much as possible.


I am debating if u should try and get an arm lift of just try lipo of the arms. The scar would not bother me Bcuz I am sleeving my arms since I love tattoos I just feel at least with an arm lift I'm sure my arms will be tighter.

Finally on the snatched side

So I am currently staying at Oasis recovery house. This house is like a hidden jem I kid you not, the people are so sweet and super attentive. It is also very modern they pick u up in a jeep which I think it's great Bcuz u do not want to be cramped up in a car after surgery, u def. want ur leg room. I was skeptical at first bcuz no one really writes reviews on them Bcuz they are very new to the game but I'm glad I just went with the flow and came here especially since all the well known recovery houses have way to many different stories on a he say she say aspect. I am a low key person so I enjoy finding places not too many ppl know about. Also the price is great compared to other recovery houses and the food is amazing. One thing though if ur looking for a hospital bed they don't have those and to be honest sleeping over night in the clinic on a hospital they can keep it lol, it has been by far the most uncomfortable thing for me and I think the reason is Bcuz I keep sliding down throughout the night instead of staying in a good sitting position. I will be posting pictures and more info as the days go by.

Oasis recovery home

If you are looking for Massage Lady

If you are looking for a good massage lady Contact Vanessa 1809 326 2073. She drains extremely well and takes her time with you she's also really sweet.
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Changed Doctors to Julio Molina

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