Surgery with Luis Lima...success - Santo Domingo, DO

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Hey ladies! I was on the Duran doll band wagon for...

Hey ladies! I was on the Duran doll band wagon for quite some time but duran took ever getting back to me with her quote of 3500 for liposculpture and bbli decided not to go with a bbl because i have a nice size booty and theres no need to be greedy ;) so i emailed her again explaining i did not want bbl procedure and asking her what areas are included in her lipo sculpture she told me full back and full stomach and other areas are extra (you would think she would tell you how much each area will be) anyways she ended up getting an attitude because I kept asking prices for lipo sculpture +lipo in the arms and thighs. I told my cousin of my plans to come to DR and have surgery with Duran and she went into a rant, telling me to never go to a doctor who I've never physically seen their work and the Internet could be deceiving. She suggested to go to Luis Lima who she has had surgery with and plenty of her friends have come to him for "video vixen" bodies (they are strippers btw) so she sent me pics of her friends who even went as far to get face work done (nose job, cheek bone lift) and they looked pretty amazing. I contacted Lima and got a quote seriously within five minutes! After emailing back and forth with his assistant and getting prices for everything I set my date and had my surgery yesterday. The recovery house I am staying at is so nice and is ran by Lima's assistant who speaks English and is very very sweet and helpful.

Before and after I believe 2days PO

Terrible bruising!

Right after surgery

Your garment may get messy


Two wk post op I'm swollen and kinda sore but I was still out having fun lol

Janet Recover House

Hey Ladies,
I am still here lurking lol reading your post about upcoming surgeries and past experiences. I hear several stories about recovery houses in DR some good some bad, but I know firsthand it is very important to stay at a RH where you feel comfortable and know you are being well taken care of. As you may have read before I had surgery with Luis Lima in June, Let me first say his work is amazing I am so pleased with my results and so are my friends and family, I have three people whom have already sent their pictures so they can get a quote and head down the road of fabulosity. Second although I am happy with my results and luckily everything worked out wonderful for me it was still a stressful journey, I travelled alone and thought I would feel so alone having had to stay for a week in a place foreign to me but I didn’t care much I knew when I left DR I was going to look amazing.
I stayed at Janet’s' Recovery house, so beautiful (Her & the home hahaha) she charges 80 dollars per day and this price includes three meals a day. At Janet’s recovery house I felt so comfortable from the moment I walked it I was told to make myself at home. The cook was amazing! And so sweet Janet is also very sweet & down to earth. Adjacent to the Recovery House is her Spa like business where you can get your post operative massages, or a Mani, Pedi, and new hairdo if you wanted lol her team does it all. I reallly really recommend This recovery house, especially for my ladies travelling alone you have to understand your undergoing major surgery and you don’t want to go through that alone, Janet practically walked me into the surgery room and made sure I was okay I couldn’t have thanked her enough because she made things so much easier for me. Here is a link to her website so you can see what you are getting into!!home/c1wp3

more pictures

St. Thomas vacation!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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