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Well, I booked my surgery with Dr. Rafael Estevez...

Well, I booked my surgery with Dr. Rafael Estevez on January 30th, 2014. He still needs to confirm with me, but he had told me he had the day open. I as so ready for this! I had contact several different surgeons, and I was thrilled with his response to my continually questions. Knowing that I already feel confident in my surgeon has made it a lot easier for me to move of reward with my surgery.

I was looking for a travel buddy and have been in contact with Thibgirl and we are trying to travel togeather and stay at a recovery house....so that should be helpful to both of us.

I want to CRY!

Here I had my hopes set on staying with GINA...a nurse for One of the surgeons....but since my surgeon is in Santo Domingo....it's a two hour drive...and would cost me over $450.00 just for transportation! I am so worried that I won't be able to find a recovery house that will not cost us an arm and a leg, plus add transportation on top of it! I really am strapped for funds and living on a small disability pension does not help when these extra $'s pop up!

More questions.....and a lot of amazing answers!

I have so many questions...and I am so very glad that I have dr Estevez to answer them! He is so very patient and understanding! No matter what I ask, he gets back to me within 24 hours.

I have been concerned with all of the stuff that most of the girls say we need. But, according to dr. Estevz, I do not need them! He told me that with my tummtuck, my wound will be completely sealed and I will not need anything...no gauze, no creams...nothing. He gave me the list of 4 different meds that he prefers his patients take....and I will take these to my family dr tomorrow for confirmation. Since I tend to be very sensitive to medications, we agreed that this would be for the best.

We still have not located a recovery house. And I found out that unless it is in the santo Domingo area, I would have to pay the nurse more to come to where I was standing. So, still looking for suggestions if anyone has them!

Common worries for anyone doing surgery

things we worry about when we decide for elective surgery:
1. Is the surgeon we choose available?
2. Why won't our surgeon get back to my email?
3. Did I make the right decision about a surgeon?/Should I change surgeons?
4. Am I going to get the recovery house that I want?
5. Why isn't my recovery house returning my phone calls?
6. Should I change my recovery house?
7. Will I be well taken care of at my recovery house?
8. Can I get a cheap flight?
9. Why is my flight always sold out for the cheap flights?
10. Am i going to have enough money for everything?
11. Am I going to be able to get enough money togeather in time for my surgery/trip?
12. Should I book everything now?
13. Will I find a traveling companion?
14. Will I find a surgery companion?
15. Is this the right thing to do?
16. Why are my friends not more supportive of my decisions?
17. Should I but everything that other people do decide to purchase for the trip?
18. What the heck is a faja's?
19. Am I going to fit in a faja's?
20. Do I have to buy another faja's?
21. Who is picking me up from the airport?
22. What happens if my flight is delayed?
23. Will I like where I am staying?
24. Will I get sick over there?
25. What will people think of my new look?
26. Am I happy with my new look?

And the biggest worry after all of these are finished? What do I worry about now?

Looking for a recovery house

Well, the search is on....and the stress! I have twice now located a place to stay...only to find out that although they say everything is included....it isn't! I am sorry....I refuse to pay for a taxi to take me to the airport....and charge me and my companion $140 for that! I am sure that someone on this site knows of someone who would be reasonable! So call me cheap! Yah..I know how to get my money's worth...I have lived on minimal funds for so long, that I get upset when people charge sums of money that is way out of proportion with the thing needed! Traveling by bus is normal...and it only costs $2.00....so why is it so expensive to get where we need to go? Anyone know of a reasonable driver?

My flight is BOOKED!

Well, we did it! Thibgirl and I just got our flights booked! We are traveling togeather and staying at Daisy's Recovery House togeather. We had to leave a bit earlier as Dr Estevez wants to run some additional tests. I have seizure, so I need to see his neurologist. I also have a bit of a problem with my thyroid....so that needs to be checked too. The great thing is that there is no extra cost involved....just had to fly in early!

We are both scheduled for surgery on January 30th....which will give us time to relax and get our tests done...and still have a day free to do what we want to do! Hopefully the weather will be kind to us!

It's strange, thinking of my upcoming surgery. I wasn't worried at all at any of the procedures, until I started to think do adding Brachioplasty. Now, maybe it is because that type of scar will be visible to anyone. I guess because I have lost so much weight, the 'bat's wings' are now giving me difficulties. I tried to find a new blouse to fit my smaller frame now....and I cannot get anything past my flabby arms! It is so frustrating. So I guess I should really start doing my research..maybe it will put me more at ease....we will see.

A good way to look at having surgery!

Like so many others, I have heard so many negative comments about my undergoing elective surgery, that it actually hurts. But I had a really good friend tell me that everyday people have elective cosmetics....and spend thousands of dollars every year on getting their nails done,,,,their hair colored or permed or straightened...etc, .....or getting a tan...or a massage. She told me that she respects people who decide to do something like this....who take years to get the money togeather...who elect to actually IMPROVE their body and to undergo the pain associated with it. To me, this was so very encouraging!

Surgical stitches

Ok...well, for any of you that have been following my progress, you know that I have just had my breasts reduced. Well, it is now a month and a half since I have had it done....and now I find out my body hates the dissolve able stitches! This is not a good thing! My surgeon just chuckled as he showed me the stitches that he had to dig out of the small wounds that kept weeping....over an inch long! So far, he has pulled three out.....which means that I have at least 5 more! Otherwise my body is healing amazingly! In fact, my surgeon still is amazed at how nicely I am healing...better than what he expected.

So, DON'T let anyone tell you that you are too fat for surgery! I will never be the perfect body weight. But, when the first surgeon I saw told me that I was too fat for surgery...I was shocked! She claimed that I would end up with infections because I was fat. Now, don't get me wrong....I am overweight, but I had lost 50 pounds at that time...and my body just didn't want to loose anymore. She even told me to go on a diet of 500 calories a day to loose the weight! The surgeon who did my breast reduction said I should go back to her and flip her off....flashing my new breasts...and tell her that this was what a REAL SURGEON could do who actually cared about his patients! Lol. Believe me, I have actually thought about it! But I figure that she was so small minded that it still wouldn't get through her narrow minded brain!

So ladies....rule her: make sure you are comfortable with your surgeon! Don't go to someone if they make you feel bad about who you are or what you look like at this time! You are getting plastic surgery to help you get to the person you want to be. If this is a different image than what the surgeon figures...then you might want to think again on who is doing your surgery. Remember that you are the one that has to live with the results!

Two months and counting!

So, today is the two month mark.....hopefully, if everything goes ok, I will have had my surgery by this time in two months...and be trying to start the healing process,.

I cannot tell you how excited I am that this surgery is finally going to happen! I am sure that everyone who has gone through, and is going through with their surgeries feels the same way!

I had to buy a pair of jeans yesterday...cause I have lost enough weight so that my pants are constantly falling down. Not a good thing, since I really don't want to moon anyone! ;). Thankfully the store I went to had 75% off of their reduced prices, so they only cost me $5.00. I also picked up some items for lounging round in after the surgery.....7 pieces, plus jeans...cost was less than $20.00.....got to love that!

I am still waiting for my compression socks to come in. Although dr. Estevez says he will provide them if I need them after the surgery.

I still am trying to figure out if I really do need the abdominal board for under my faja. Anyone used them? Or not used them? Would love to hear for you!

The best made plans of mice and babies???

Yup...you heard me right! Baby! Oh no...not me! My surgery companion figures she is pregnant! So, I am back to square one in searching for a surgery and or travel companion! I know she is panicking....and I don't want her to worry. I hope everything works out for the two of us. She is a doll....and I know that eventually she will be able to go through her transformation. Right now, I am a bunch of nerves. Guess that is to be expected! Here we had everything sorted out and were just getting things ready for the big journey. Now, both of us are scrambling to find solutions to our different problems. Well....she has at least 7 months....I have another month. I am pretty sure we both will come out ok in the end!

As for me, I still am trying to heal from my breast reduction. It still is having problems with the disolveable stitches, so it won't heal completely. It also looks like I have a burn? And blood blisters along the incision. Not sure if the 'burn' is maybe an dermal problem. I see my dr on Wednesday, so I will find out then. Until then, guess I will be doing a lot of searching again!

Just over a month!

I cannot believe that my trip to the Dominican is just over a month away! Cannot wait for this leg of my journey! Yes, my travel companion is still not sure about what she will do....but I have to work towards what I know is right for me at this point. So far I think everything is going to work out ok....yes, I am very excited...worried....apprehensive. But aren't we all as our time gets nearer?

I haven't been able to loose much more weight. My naturalpath figures my thyroid is causing the problem. I really am thrilled that Dr Estevez has a specialist at his hospital that deals with that....and that I will get to see before I have my surgery. I also will be having a neurologist appointment.....since I have seizures. Thankfully those are covered by my payment! Funny thing is....it is actually faster and cheaper to fly to the Dominican to get those two specialist appointments then it is to get them here in Ontario!

I have actually started worrying about what is going to happen here when I am gone. As well as worrying about what will happen when I return. I know I won't be up to doing too much outside work for a while. Unfortunately, my mom is 82 and with this nasty ice storm that just hit us, these things are causing me to worry. At least with the two of us, we can make sure that things are ok. But, what is going to happen when I am gone? What will happen if there is a storm? I know, no sense in worrying about what has not occurred yet. We will see...one step at a time!

1 month and counting!

Ok....today hit my one month mark before I head off to the Dominican! I am so very excited! Believe it or not, I do have my suitcase basically packed. Oh, I know I will have to repack and go through everything again...but right now I think I have almost everything! I wish I was leaving today...but I know it is coming up rapidly.

After a lot of research, I have decided not to get the stomach board. Since even my surgeon does not suggest it.

I also located an article about Bio oil and how they are giving fraudulent info,,,so it is not something we need to get. I will post it later...in case they don't want articles posted...it will be separate from this post.

Packing and Shopping!

Oh boy! Another day of shopping and picking up things. I got a LARGE purse to use for traveling on the airplane. Value village is my friend! I also got some candles.....yes candles! I want to relax afterwards....and candles help me do that. Oh, I am not talking heavy duty ones....just some nice ones that will last an hour or two. Enough for me to concentrate on and relax with.

I also picked up some individual,y packaged cheese for my trip. Two year old.....and worth every calorie! I have to watch my milk intake.....milk allergies as well as IBS. But if I eat in small amounts, I can get my much needed protein.

I also hit the currency exchange booth. I picked up $200.00 Canadian dollars worth of Dominican Pesos........over $7000.00 in Pesos.......man I feel rich! Lol

I plan to take US also.... Thankfully my surgeon says that he will allow me to pay for my operation using my credit card! WOO HOO..... PC points galore! I really find that traveling with cash is really the scariest part of this journey!

My bags are basically packed. Yes, I know I need to go through everything again...check my list and make sure I have the things that I need. No...not everything I have read in these pages...but what my surgeon says I need. I have added a few things that I can see the advantage of bringing and using. I don't want to pack things that are not necessary. Oh, I am bringing two extra pillows and a throw blanket with me.......necessities in my journey so far....so they are going with me! I will put them into one of my storage bags...the type you pull all the air out of. Maybe I won't end up with everything that is a necessity..but I think I will be ok.

I know that traveling through the States, I cannot bring some foods/drinks through customs. But I hate having to purchase foods at the airports.....far too expensive! So, if anyone has any thoughts as to what to bring,.....just let me know! I really prefer fruits and vegetable but I don't think they will allow me to take those. sigh!

The Best Friends Comments

Ok...please don't get me wrong......I really love my friends. I just don't like listening to their comments about my upcoming surgery! Listening to them tell me that I don't need it....it really is discouraging! Oh, I know that having lost over 60pounds and having so much removed off of my chest (breast reduction)....has really made me look better. I have dropped from a size 18 to a size 12. Yes, I could LIVE without surgery to get the paunch off and the flabby arms, but I would not be happy. Every time I find something wonderful to buy...a wonderful top, blouse or jacket....I can't get my arms into the item! Ugh!!!!! I have been reduced to tears because now that I have slimmed down, I STILL can't flattering clothes to fit! So, hey friends....please understand....this isn't just a way of loosing weight...I know it will not make me loose pounds...but hey...if I can fit into clothes I will be happy!

So please friends....be glad for us....encourage us....but don't comment negatively about our decision! This journey is a difficult one and we all need positive reinforcements!

PreSurgery Photos

As my mom says... I don't look nasty when I have my clothes on...but off.....well that is another matter!

Ok...hate the photos!

Alright....I hate the photo's .... but, since I do hope to have some better "AFTER" photo's....guess I needed to do this!


Well, I am not sure if this is normal...or if it is just me...but, I have started having nightmares that wake me up concerning my upcoming surgery. Not really sure if this is just pre-operational jitters or not. Maybe it is because of comments from my friends. Not sure. Just wish they would stop.


Yup...nothing like pulling everything out of your suitcase and repack ing it into a larger on! Yup...had to pull out another suitcase...this one is a bit larger...makes it easier to put in everything that is needed. I know I won't have to worry about things for the trip back...since I don't plan to pack my pillows and other items which will be used . I have packed my medications and some of my vitamins...placed them into my carry on. I don't have makeup or hair products packed yet. Still trying to figure out if I really need them. Since I have three days before....I might need them. Just hate to pack things I won't use...and I know after Brachioplasty I probably won't be able to do my hair for a while! Does anyone know if...on the way back home...if our blanket will count as a carryon? I have a feeling my blanket and I are going to become real good friends over the next two weeks!

3 Days - 7 Days!

Yup...only three more days until my journey really takes off! I leave for Toronto airport on Sunday. Staying at a hotel overnight as I await Canadiangirl's arrival. Our flight leaves at 6:15 am the next day. I am so glad that we found each other on this site! Despite the ups and downs, the worries and the decisions....we are going to be doing this togeather! I have to see my surgeon as soon as I arrive. I know I will be exhausted....there is no way we are going to get much sleep for the couple days of travel! And then the very next day I have to head back in for more tests. Hey! What the heck is up with having to be up for tests at 6 am??? It isn't like my surgery is going to take place immediately! I actually have two full days free. Oh well....guess they think we might as well get everything over with early in the day.

Then, 7 days from today I will be taking that little blue pill everyone is talking about. Just talking about it is giving me a stomach ache. Yes, the nerves are starting to kick in. I really am not worried about the TT and lypo. It is the Brachioplasty that scares the crap out of me! No matter how badly I know that I need that surgery, I know that it will be the toughest to recover from.

So many questions are flitting through my mind. I have been emailing Daisy several times a day with new questions...and she is amazing at responding. I am so glad that we will be staying there. She even suggested that we download Majicjack to our phones so that we could get free international calls! Well....hey, I know I must be one of the few people left on this earth that doesn't have a cell phone! So Daisy said that I could use her phone to call home! Wow! One less worry for both me and my mom! Node, if I could just get all those hundreds of other questions answered as easily I think I would be ok!


The last two days have been NASTY! White outs all over the place...especially in. Y area! You know it is bad when the weather men said they had to turn back because they cannot see in front of their car! And cold....wow...the wind just takes your breathe away from you when you try to go outside for anything! And tomorrow I leave for the hotel! So glad tomorrow is supposed to be nicer...colder...but no wind! Monday is actually supposed to be even better...so I am not too worried about the flight leaving. Not too sure what is happening in the area where my traveling companion is flying in from tomorrow. She's in another province and if what I am hearing is correct, her weather is worse. But, maybe she is in an area that isn't affected as badly!

The last few days have been full of running around for last minute things! Thursday I got my hair cut. Oopps! Too short...oh well...it grows back! One advantage with my hair is that it turns curly with humidity....so no curly iron needed! :)

Yesterday I braved the weather to get my eyebrows cleaned up and shaped. No unbroken for me....thank goodness! Did I mention the weather was brutal! So nasty that when I saw a guy hitch hacking, I didn't even think twice about stopping and giving him a ride. And yes, before everyone freaks out on me for doing this, I know it is not the smartest thing to do. But, I live in a relatively small city...and it was so cold that no axe murder would be out in it! He said he had just come from the food bank and he couldn't feel his fingers and nose already. It did make me feel better to know that at least he won't be loosing his life cause he needed some food.

Then today....oh crap...the pain! I have pre-menopause...so I do not get regular periods. So I wasn't expecting anything. Although I know that any stress can cause my body to react....so waking up with severe abdominal pains was not completely a shock. But to have them hit so bad that I was bent over was not exactly what I was expecting. Spent almost an hour soaking in extremely hot water. Feels better...but still not showing signs of giving me that stupid period.

Today I will be doing my final run through and repacking of my suitcase again. It is so full...just hope I can close it up. Tomorrow I will finish up with my carry on bag since I will be packing some makeup and food. I found these amazing cheese sticks.....5 year old cheese....nummie! At costco. They are perfect for traveling and maybe for when I need a snack. I also have protein chips....yup..protein chips! Got them at my naturalpaths store. Since I have to watch the whey powder...these are perfect.

I am still trying to figure out what to take for holding up the drains. I have my arm bands, but not sure if it will work...they are perfect for doing some of the exercises after my Brachioplasty.

Today I am also going to break down and take my measurements....since I know it is inches that we loose after these surgeries...and not pounds. I hate to weigh or measure myself....kind of triggers those bulimia and anerexia tendencies that I have battled all my life. But I think this will be good for me to at least see what a difference I will get in the long run!

My journey south!

Well, today begins the first part of my journey south. Oh how I am looking forward to the warmer weather. After going through a national disaster.....out ice storm..... And the extreme cold.....and the weather warnings for 100 km an hour winds that want to blow me off my feet....well, I think anyone would be ready to hop on a plane south!

Canadiangurl is already starting on her first leg of her journey as she has to travel from Gander Newfoundland to Toronto so we can fly out tomorrow.

I actually have my stomach doing flips today....guess it is finally kicking in that I will be doing this!

Still trying to stuff my suitcase with things that I cannot pack in my carry on. Lol...wouldn't you know...I forgot to keep out some nightmare for the hotel tonight.. Oops! Guess I am sleeping...if I can sleep....in what ever I plan to travel in!

What an awful start!

Well Sunday was a natural disaster! My traveling companions flight was CANCELLED! And she cannot get another one until tomorrow! This is brutal! Now we both are traveling alone and I have to stay at the hotel by myself! The snow storm that were not expecting until tomorrow has hit with a vengeance. Not so much a lot,of new snow, but a lot of blowing snow. Making driving very difficult! Good thing I am not in a hurry.

I arrived at my hotel...and let me tell you that after staying here one night..I will not ever stay here again! Problems started with the room not having lights! Ok..not a big problem...they just told me to OPEN the curtains to read! Lol. Well...since I cannot see anything and the lights that they have are pointed the wrong way...this is not good. The only lamp in the room has a blown light bulb. I put in a call to maintenance...and two hours later...another call! He finally came...and I mentioned my problem with the lights. He suggested that I move,to a different room...with a king sized bed. Sounded good..so I drag my luggage to the room....by myself..no help offered. I start making myself comfortable...and pulling out things I need. Try to connect to the internet...only to find that it isn't working! Another call..and the technician tells me that he needs to send my problem up to another level...and that it won't be fixed until the NEXT day....GREAT! Does a lot of good for me! So by now I need a coffee....and at this point I realize that there are dirty coffee cups on the counter. I start to realize that my room hasn't even been cleaned! Another call to the main desk...more apologies. I talked with the manager. Got my room reduced by half price....well there really was no way I was planning on paying the five star price at this point. I was also offered a free meal...since I had a free appetizer coupon...I did not need more food. By the time I had my appetizer and a hot coffee....time to see if the room was clean. Yup...as much as wiping the counter and replacing the 2nd dead light bulb could do....yah you heard me,....another dead light bulb! Good thing I am not superstitious!...I I gut be reeking out by now. I asked for a wake up call for making sure I got up in time for my flight. Guess what??? NO wake up call! Good thing I was awake. I had tried to take a bath...only to find that the bath tub would not hold water! Man was I pissed by now! Ready to leave for the airport ahead if time! Caught the bus and I left!

Tests, test, and more test

Yup three days of tests. Blood test on Monday....Tuesday back again for neurologist, endocrinologist, x-rays, ....and ECG on Wednesday. My surgeon really wants to make sure there isn't anything that will be a problem. Tuesday was difficult cause I didn't get to eat until almost 4pm. By that time I was hitting rock bottom and just wanted to cry. But had to go be with Canadian.gurl. She was booked for surgery since Duran had openings.

Surgery day

Ok...up for surgery which was scheduled for 7:30 Dominican time! Lol. Yes, there is a difference! I actually didn't get wheeled into surgery until 11:00 am. They gave me my shot...no blue pill for me....and I immediately started throwing up all over the place! I kept apologizing...and they kept telling me it was ok! Yah..nice site...nude and covered in vomit! They cleaned me up and by that time I was nocked out! Thankfully I was out for the entire surgery. Waking up was difficult....they said it took more than an hour and a half before I started to stir. I actually had 7 visitors from one of the local congregations of Jehovah's witnesses. What a blessing it is to know that no matter where I go, my brothers and sister are there to take care of me. I even had one stay with me overnight..all at no charge...and wonderful encouragement and assistance!

My IV kept coming undone....and the nurse would have to try hooking me up. Unfortunately, they did not restart it during the night...only when I noticed it the next morning. I ended up having two seizure because I hadn't taken my anti-seizure meds...no one would let me know if I could take them the day of my surgery. Oh well...no stitches pulled out...so all was well.

Because I came out of surgery so late....and didn't wake up....I got no food. I was told no water either until my surgeon said it was ok. Which meant the next day. Thankfully I convinced the girl who stayed with me overnight to at least allow me to have enough to wet my mouth...which I did throughout the night. No one even had me get up to walk....which I thought was strange...but finally did myself early in the morning. They wanted to draw blood....but I would not allow them to..since I could not even see my veins. I told them that when they allowed me to drink...and I could see my veins, they could come back...which they did. Discharged early morning...and off to Daisy's. I am supposed to lay in bed as little as possible....lots of walking and sitting..ok..will do. I hate being in bed!

All bloated

I am so swollen...I have marshmallow fingers and toes. They say this is normal, but boy does it feel awful! I am finding getting in and out of bed extremely difficult. Walking around is not too hard..but it is tiring. Canadian.gurl helped me take the photos. I did look better yesterday...so I know I will look better as the healing progresses.

Everyone should bring

Well ladies, I think that everyone should bring a heavy throw! I must say that my plush throw has been my life saver! I was so increadiably cold after surgery....6 blankets as well as my plush blanket and I didn't think that I was ever going to get warm. Even at the recovery house, this has made laying in bed a bit more comfortable. There isn't enough blankets at the recovery house. I am bouncing back and forth from freezing cold to boiling hot.

Getting in and out of bed is extremely painful...and I cannot stop coughing. Although the coughing doesn't seem to bother me as much as I was anticipating. Sometimes it is really bad...other times it is just uncomfortable.

Day three

Ok....like everyone else, I have had my mini meltdowns. I know it is part of the healing process. But I hate feeling so trapped with my body! I go to lay down to rest...and the pain from the lipo is so intense that I cannot move! What makes it worse is the fact that my arms are pretty much out of commission...from the Brachioplasty. The swelling in my hands and feet comes and goes. But since I started wearing my compression socks, my feet are not as bad. Hopefully once I see dr Estevez again on Tuesday I will get my compression sleeves.

An unforseen problem has popped up. My teeth hurt. I think I must have ground my teeth while in surgery, cause the one side really is sore. It cannot be cavities since I just had them fixed.

Oh..and anyone who has problems with anise tic....make sure you bring throat lozenges...like fishermen's friend and some Vicks. Cause my throat is a real pain now. Hopefully it will ease up soon

Grrr..spell check


Heaven and Hell - My first massage

Ok...nothing and I do mean nothing prepares you for you first massage after surgery. I cried, I laughed....I was in seventh heaven and I hurt like hell! Oh and did I mention that since they have to take you out of the faja, you end up feeling like a sausage being stuffed? There were points when I wanted to sing the praises of my masseuse. At other times I was holding back from swearing. In the end...I just was completely exhausted. She even completely cleaned out my drainage tubes....which really were necessary. There was so much gunk in them...it was really disgusting! But the draining increased tenfold! So happy to have it over with....ans so looking forward to the next one!

Compression sleeves

Well I finally got to pick up my compression sleeves. Let's just say that these are a lesser version of hell than the faja is. Although we finally figured out how to wear them so that they are not cutting the circulation to my arms. When I asked de Estevez, he said I only had to wear them for a month. Anyone who now deals with their body over heating will now have an additional problem. I do not seem to be able to cool off. It is not a pleasant feeling.

I was told that I could have showers! BUT...that I was only use bottled water with my surgical soap. Ok..is that a contradiction or what? Guess I will wait until I get home to have a real shower.

We also are having problems with my drainage reservoir. It lost it's seal. So no suction. At my dr's appointment, another one was brought to my surgeon....but it was the wrong size! UGH! After working hard to get the tubes to fit, it was suggested that I try to seal it at my recovery house. Well, using matches and my candle wax, I thought it was working....but as night progressed, it seemed to have lost it's seal once again. Another one is to be sent with the masseuse.

Photo update

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