BBL W/ Dr. Ghurani Nov 2016

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So finally, after years of waiting and wanting, I...

So finally, after years of waiting and wanting, I am going to have my surgery done on Nov 21st with Dr Yily. Lipo (stomach/waist, full back and inner thigh (I may do my armpits also), BBL and breast reduction (hope to go from a D to a small C God willing).

Her communication has be super in comparison to Baez, Cabral, Duran (who I'm yet to receive a response from) and Carlos Mojica. Yily seems very organized, leaving little or no questions left to be asked once you get the email with the quote (it literally has ALL the information you would need for your trip in there). This makes me happy...It makes me uneasy when I have to be questioning the professional for information they should be readily providing to me.

Anyhoodles! Is there anyone else going to Dr Yily during the week of Nov 20th 2016?? I would love a SX buddy!!

I'm still researching Recovery Houses. Please comment if you have any experience with any particularly good ones!


Massage Therapist Recomendations NEEDED!

Hey guys! So I've opted to skip the RH and boom Air BnB as i am taking my good friend with me who is a home health aid to take care of me. All I need now is a massage therapist to come to me so I can get my fluids drained on a regular. Any suggestions??

NO TO DOMINCAN REPUBLIC!! I have my son to live for! Going with Dr. Ghurani in MIAMI

So after extensive research and resisting the temptation of stupid cheap cosmetic surgery in the Domincan Republic, I've opted to stay within the United States and get my BBL done in Miami instead. Once I made this decision I literally felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Yes, the price for the surgery alone is twice the amount my entire trip to DR would cost but at least I have peace of mind and I feel safe.

I mean seriously think about it....why the hell would i want discounted SURGERY?? Tf! That's someone making what's you intend to be a permanent change to your body. That's crazy... I've decided that's while cheap is great! There are just some things we shouldn't skimp on, and that includes our health and wellbeing.

I'll keep you posted.

One love. ????

BBL W/ Dr. Ghurani Nov 2016

So I recently switched from Dra Yily in Domincan Republic to Dr. Rami Ghurani in Miami (see previous review update). 

I'm much happier and feel much more at ease. My son is 7 months old and I am so much more careful and thorough with all my decisions because of him. I have seen nothing good about dr Ghurani on and off of Real Self and I'm truly looking forward to having my surgery done by him. 

Surgery Date Confirmed - NOV 17th 2016

Hey guys. So I've paid my deposit. Surgery date has been confirmed. Now it's just planning all the other details of my trip. The budget I had for my entire surgery excursion is balancing out due to flights from NY to Miami being dirt cheap ($150 round trip) and I don't have to pay for a place to stay since I'll be recovering at a friends house (she's a RN thanks goodness) plus I have a friend traveling with me as well. So that's all gravy.

I also found a place to do my massages after my surgery too. The place is called Sapphire Therapy. They're charging 45$ per 1hr session in a package or 10 (similar prices to DR) so I'm also happy about that.

I can't say enough about how good I feel about Dr Ghurani. I know I haven't met him yet but something just feels right about this decision in my spirit. #Relieved


The Quest to Loose 15lbs in 6 Weeks

Height: 5ft 5"
Current Weight: 174lbs

Would LOVE to get down to 160lbs before my surgery date.

Will write another post with my detailed plan on how I intend to accomplish this.

Pray for me. ????

Wish pics

The boobs I'll get done another time. For now let's just focus on the flat flat stomach and the hips shall we!

27 Days Before Surgery

Hey Ladies,

So I'm 27 days out and I literally cannot wait for my surgery. I've been wanting this for years!

Did my blood work yesterday and going to my primary doc for the medical clearance on Monday. After that I should be all set. Everything else is practically in place already i.e. place to stay, caretaker for 2 weeks, rental car, lymphatic massages booked etc etc, so it's just for the time to go by, which it feels like the time can't pass fast enough.

I've attached a two pages of the pre-op instructions they sent me in the surgical contract I signed.

Keep you dolls posted


My Horrendous Before Pics

So Ladies,

I was in two minds in regards to posting Before pics, but then I figured that would be selfish of me considering that I make most of my judgements from comparing other persons before and after pics here on RS. So here goes!

Don't mind all the scribbles, those are obviously for privacy purposes.

Looking forward to the day when I can proudly post my "After" pics. :)


BBL Pillow Hand Down??

Hey ladies!

Do any of you have the official BBL pillow that you're done using and want to pass down for a lower price? If so please let me know. My surgery is scheduled for Nov 17th and I would really like to get one but 100$ just isn't in the budget right now.

Hope to hear from one of you soon!


Photo of BBL Pillow

Image of Pillow I'm looking for.



Two Weeks to go!!

Hey guys. Just a short update. Surgery date rescheduled for November 30th. Went to Spectrum a week ago to do some labs and that's when it got real. Seeing persons coming out of surgery (groggy) and others coming in for follow ups (some struggling to walk, others cruising in) really made my dreams even closer to a reality.

Looking forward to my self-upgrade.

Keep ya'll posted!!


Sx date postposted - Low Calcium Levels

God doesn't make any mistakes so I'm not questioning it. Did my blood work and everything came back normal expect my calcium level which is critically low. Who knew that calcium had so much to do with your muscle functionality. Smh.

Anyways. The short short is

Heart = BIG Important muscle

Critically Low Calcium Level + General Anesthesia = Potential Heart Failure

Potential Heart Failure = Potential Death

Nobody has time for all a that!

Been on my meds for almost 3 weeks now. They're really working. Just need calcium to go up another .5 points and we'll be good to go.

Keep ya'll posted


P.S. I think my coordinator Liz is money hungry and over quoting me. Quoted $800 for Ghurani to add inner thigh lipo to my BBL procedure that I'm already paying 6k for. Imma try talking her down to $500...What do you guys think?

Finally Cleared - SX scheduled for Jan 11th

Hey dolls,

Just an update re: my journey to getting this body updated. Calcium levels are now up to a whopping 8.3 (doc required me to get to a minimum of 8.0 before she would clear me) so that's great...and my Hemo was on the lower end so I'm taking 65mg of iron once a day along with a liquid form of iron, Floradix (if that's the correct spelling) twice a day.

Other than that, I'm just taking it easy and trying hard to keep my weight at a steady 175lbs until my surgery date.

I'll keep you all posted.



Finally!! Okay! Wednesday it is!! #ToBeGhuranified

Got my SX time

Hey dolls,

So Spectrum finally called me to give me my surgery time. 6:30am and in so happy! That means I'm Ghurani's first patient, which is exactly what I wanted. Feeling anxious, excited and chill all at the same time.
Anyhoodles, these are the few supplies I got from Walmart. Will get whatever else I need as I go along my recovery. I also got some unsalted crackers, a case of high protein ensure and a fruit tray... and 2 nighties, some small tank tops, socks etc.

I'll keep u guys posted.


I made it to the other side !

Hey dolls,

All went well. No real pain or discomfort just lots and lots of drainage. Resting. Keep u guys posted. Xo

2 days short of 1 month post op

Hey Dolls,
Sorry for going MIA on you guys, I've received quite a few messages asking for pics so here there are. ALOT has taken place in my personal life since my surgery, so the pics I'm posting here may or may not be sufficient (won't be posting any full body naked pics for personal reasons) but i Hope these are good enough for you guys. P.S. Ghurani did his thing but Spectrum is dumb unprofessional. Otherwise my recover has been a breeze. Full of energy. No pain just tenderness and tightness in the areas he liposuctioned. I started driving last week, sitting on a tightly rolled up bathroom mat that I lined with cardboard and tightened with shipping tape. Costed me all of 12$ and works perfectly. The Stitches in my left butt cheek are gone but the ones in my right butt cheek don't seem to want to dissolve and they feel uncomfortable sometimes but spectrum said it usually takes 4-6 weeks for them to be absorbed so I'm waiting patiently.
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