BBL W/ Dr. Ghurani Nov 2016

So finally, after years of waiting and wanting, I...

So finally, after years of waiting and wanting, I am going to have my surgery done on Nov 21st with Dr Yily. Lipo (stomach/waist, full back and inner thigh (I may do my armpits also), BBL and breast reduction (hope to go from a D to a small C God willing).

Her communication has be super in comparison to Baez, Cabral, Duran (who I'm yet to receive a response from) and Carlos Mojica. Yily seems very organized, leaving little or no questions left to be asked once you get the email with the quote (it literally has ALL the information you would need for your trip in there). This makes me happy...It makes me uneasy when I have to be questioning the professional for information they should be readily providing to me.

Anyhoodles! Is there anyone else going to Dr Yily during the week of Nov 20th 2016?? I would love a SX buddy!!

I'm still researching Recovery Houses. Please comment if you have any experience with any particularly good ones!


Massage Therapist Recomendations NEEDED!

Hey guys! So I've opted to skip the RH and boom Air BnB as i am taking my good friend with me who is a home health aid to take care of me. All I need now is a massage therapist to come to me so I can get my fluids drained on a regular. Any suggestions??

NO TO DOMINCAN REPUBLIC!! I have my son to live for! Going with Dr. Ghurani in MIAMI

So after extensive research and resisting the temptation of stupid cheap cosmetic surgery in the Domincan Republic, I've opted to stay within the United States and get my BBL done in Miami instead. Once I made this decision I literally felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Yes, the price for the surgery alone is twice the amount my entire trip to DR would cost but at least I have peace of mind and I feel safe.

I mean seriously think about it....why the hell would i want discounted SURGERY?? Tf! That's someone making what's you intend to be a permanent change to your body. That's crazy... I've decided that's while cheap is great! There are just some things we shouldn't skimp on, and that includes our health and wellbeing.

I'll keep you posted.

One love. ????

BBL W/ Dr. Ghurani Nov 2016

So I recently switched from Dra Yily in Domincan Republic to Dr. Rami Ghurani in Miami (see previous review update). 

I'm much happier and feel much more at ease. My son is 7 months old and I am so much more careful and thorough with all my decisions because of him. I have seen nothing good about dr Ghurani on and off of Real Self and I'm truly looking forward to having my surgery done by him. 
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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