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Id giving so much thoughts into writing on here or...

Id giving so much thoughts into writing on here or not but I finally decided to do so. I'm 24 yrs old married w kids. I haven't posted any pictures yet but I will and I am so exactly about this whole thing just new to me.

I wait 200 pounds I used to always be skinny but I gained a lot of weight due to being on meds and not working out as much. If been so sad and stressed out I try going to the gym and I still try but I tend to lose 5 pound then gain 10.

I decided to go to dra walkiris Robles in march. I'm in school at the moment so I graduate the same month as I plan to go. I miss feeling good and confident about myself I hate going out with my husband cause I feel so fat all the time though he love me the way I am. He supports my decision of going cause he dislike me being depressed about it, especially cause I had a nice body even after I had my kids.

Anything you can tell me about dra walkiris Robles it would help but I talked to many doctors and she's the only one I felt comfortable with. I'd been talking to Raquel her assistant and she's very nice and understanding ill keep you post :) thnx!!

I was doing research and kept looking though I...

I was doing research and kept looking though I already had in mind to go to Robles, I sent my pictures to yily and seen her before and after and decided to go to her instead. It's nothing against Robles but I just feel like yily can give me my body back. I miss having a small waist and though I never had much hips my ass was big for my figure at that time. I did lose all my baby weight w both kids but staying at home without working and the implanon in my arms increase my appetite I gained alot of weight which now is going down since the last time I posted which my weight was 200 I'm 189.
I'm so excited to go and already made my list based on everyone else's experience. I want to lose 20more pounds but if I can't lose all 20 ill be fine cause I don't want to be skinny I just want a small waist big hips and butt. Ill be posting pictures of how I look soon and I'm going to start working out and buying my things to get ready for my trip in march 27 2013.
I already spoke to Jacqueline marrero and ill be staying at her recovery house hopefully my friend can go and stay w me so we can both get out confidence back and self esteem.

Decided to post some pics anyways I stop eating...

Decided to post some pics anyways
I stop eating junk food for 1month now no soda
Nothing fried.
Lettuce tomatoes spinach grilled chicken breast is the only meat I'd been eating though it gets tiring but whenever I try to eat something different I get the worst stomach pain ever I asked my professor who's a doctor as well about it she said is cause my body is getting use to the healthy food and the grease of the junk food is being rejected since I'm
Cleaning my body for all the other toxins from the wrong food.
I'd been trying to drink alot of water and I download few apps on my phone I'd been walking 3 miles a day and I do t out dressing on my salads.
I want to learn how to eat healthier and get used to it from now cause when I get my body done i don't want to gain the wait back and I want my body to be healthy as well.

Can't sleep, talking to my friend la...

Can't sleep, talking to my friend la insuperable:)
2months 24days to go...
Been doing my diet trying to lose as much as I can the right way...
Started buying my things to go to dr this is what I have so far:
-compression socks(6 pairs ) 20.00 free shipping on eBay
-dyna hex 3.99(eBay)
-sweat pants
-summer dress
-t shirts

Bought a digital weight scale
To watch my diet and my weight hopefully keeps dropping
I'm at 185lbs.
Going to continue buying my things hopefully next week I can go for my passport cause due to the snow I couldn't make it to my appointment.
My flights are going to come out at 630.00 going on couch and coming back in first class.
I am so excited I think that's why I can't sleep wish time can go by faster
I wanna be happy again, even if I was to drop all the weight like I once did before my stretch skin won't go away.

I'd been dieting for 2mos now I went down 20lbs...

I'd been dieting for 2mos now I went down 20lbs I'm at 169.2
I was at 200. I'm doing the cayenne pepper diet it's hard but u do drop 1pound a day if been running doing kick boxing etc. it's getting easier than when I started but I decided that I'm done losing weight cause I want to have enough fat for my bbl.
I already bought few other things
- sport bras
- regular bras
- tank tops
- more pj pants
- compression leggings
- regular socks
- dyna hex
- slippers
-some regular shirts w sleeves to cover the garment
- iPad so when I'm there I can talk to my husband n kids
- tooth paste,mouth wash, deodorant, cotton balls and q tips,
And I probably bout few other things don't remember at the time.
When I get my taxes ill get the rest thinking of buying my flight next week
Bought I date is verified.
Been going to
School lots of test and practice for my finals.
And my stress level Been up and down just like my anxiety
I stop writing cause I'm trying to concentrate in school but in 9 weeks I'm done w school and ill be in dr w my friend la insuperable getting our dream body.

Today I sent my deposit to yily feeling good and...

Today I sent my deposit to yily feeling good and bad at the same time but i dont know I guess is a phase. I want time to go fast already. I'm going to by my flight and get my passport next week thinking about paying the extra 50 dollars to get my passport the same day. I get rly anxious and can't sleep at night praying for nothing to fuck things up for me cause I have such good luck. I'd been trying to stay positive but school been crazy dramatic lately and lots of work.
1 month and 29 days to go as of today..
Been going to the gym mon thru friday
Toning up but I rly don't feel like working out anymore I just wanna do this already

So I'm counting down the days to leave I'm so...

So I'm counting down the days to leave I'm so excited few more days until I do my taxes and I can go shopping for the rest of my things I procrastinate alot but at the same time I don't care cause I'm positive about this and my man is an ass put he supports me well at this moment he have no choice cause that's all I talk about. I love the fact that I can have someone to talk to about it 24/7 w/o complain cause we both going together. I want to look good for my bday in may... Wear all those nice outfits I couldn't wear in summer 2012.
I already order my boppy pillow bought my vitamin c 500 and my omeprazole 20mg my folic acid and sulfate vitamins... Going to order my vitamedica this week and going to wait a little longer to buy my flight to go get my passport the same day dont wanna wait for that for a few weeks rather pay the extra 65.00.

I'm so happy everyday I get more nervous and excited love to come here and vent about my experience. I started eating on a regular no more diet been taking my vitamins and been going to the gym working on my arms thighs and running. I don't wanna gain nor lose more weight I need the fat to be transfer to my butt which I want a big one!! The bigger the better I do want the fake look small waist big ass who cares what people say cause at the end I'm paying for it and I'm going to feel good !
I'm thinking about breast implants ill get something's with me just in case I change my mind and my hemoglobin level are high enough to do so.

I'm 175lbs now I wanna stay thick for now until I get my surgery and I get tone up along the way w recovery etc... I want a completely make over I miss feeling sexy beautiful confident and not worry about what looks good or bad on me.
I speak to yily almost everyday and she makes me feel comfortable she's a reliable person so far so good anything that bothers me I text her and she replies as soon as possible and if shes too tired she would actually tell me she'll get back to me the next day and she does. I can't wait for my change and for my day to get closer to go shopping and get my luggage ready :) counting down 51more days to go!!

I started eating again now I'm starting to feel...

I started eating again now I'm starting to feel guilty cause I'm gaining weight.... Tomorrow ima start dieting again -_- I hate feeling fat!! 7more weeks of this I don't wanna go another summer feeling down while every girl around me is looking gd... Fuck that!!

One more week went by, 44 still sound so much but...

One more week went by, 44 still sound so much but we almost there 6wks I'm tired of waiting been trying to not think about it so much but is hard not to.. Almost done with school decided I'm not going to my graduation so my last day will be the 21st of march if I would've known before yily was so busy I would've pick the 22nd for my surgery instead.. But that gives me a few days to finish getting my things..
I got my conf w my date and jm spa
I need my flight and passport which I'm getting in the next 2 weeks

Frustrated wish time can go by faster so many...

Frustrated wish time can go by faster so many obstacles but I'm still doing this I wanna leave already ... I miss my old life back!! 29 days for surgery 21days for my graduation.. I want 2013 to be my year is time for me already I'm tired of putting others before me

Past 4days went from the worst to much better,...

Past 4days went from the worst to much better, percs didn't do it for me, I got hips which I never did my ass is bigy measurement were 36,39,42
Now I'm 36 30 swollen and 58 she gave me1050 cc on each cheek and 250cc on each hips lipo around my breast ribs my incision is really low, my surgery was 3.5hrs long I wasn't scare until
I went to surgery room
Still awake thinking the blue pill didn't do anything but next think I know I woke up 6hrs later. Worst night ever at the clinic but I had the nicest nurse which I forgot her name cause I was in so much pain. They have me on morphine the first night cause I couldn't deal w the pain honestly. I haven't used the bathroom
Since 4/18, couldn't eat much sleep barely my back is too swollen I'm draining alot
Still at the beginning first two day was draining 1200cc now I'm draining 450cc to 600 a day I can walk around today a little much better than yesterday. I didn't stay a jm spa I had a family come pick me
Up day after surgery which is the best thing I did cause I don't think u can't get the support u need tt don't hurt me at all just my lipo hips and ass... If u wanna c pics hmu
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Got surgery with Duran 4/19 she's the sweetest nicer lady if met very elegant and down to earth. I changed doctors twice but I don't regret it I did 2days ago when I couldn't breath nor eat or talk I can't barely laugh but time will make me better

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