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Well here I am 13 weeks postop from having a full...

Well here I am 13 weeks postop from having a full body liposculpture with fat transfer to my rear and a breast lift with implants which later had to be removed due to rejection. I am happy with my results but not 100%. Now that my swelling has gone down almost completely I am left with some loose skin and imperfections in my tummy area from such aggressive lipo. A friend of mine just recently came back from DR and had a tummy tuck with Ramon Sabala and I absolutely love her results! I told myself before having my surgery that I'd do just the lipo and see my results and if I didn't like it I'd go through with this round two ASAP . Well here I am! Waiting on return email from Sabala...

Received a email back

Finally got in touch with Dr. Sabala and was advised that when I am ready to lock in my date I need to send $200. I am told that I need a full tummy tuck. I am now as of today planning for March of next year. The surgery by itself with some more lipo and fat transfer will be 4000 and the recovery home will be another thousand as I need to stay in the Dominican republic for 10 days. I am planning to go there with my girlfriend that recently had the surgery with him she wants to get some more work done as well. I will keep you all updated within the next few months and let you know when I choose my exact date and post some pictures Before the surgery...

Just booked a flight!

Well I'm starting to make everything official! I leave out of Boston on a direct flight to Santo Domingo March 13th 2016 arriving at SDQ around 2am. I'll return the 25th leaving SDQ at 3am. The direct flights are a super plus!!! Next step will be locking in my RH and Surgery date which I'll do in the next couple weeks to come. So surgery date is looking like 3/15/2016!!! Can't wait to have the body I've always dreamed of :-) here's before pics and as everyone knows from my last shared journey I'll def keep you posted!

Starting to change my mind

Ugh I'm so torn now! I now want to go to Duran so badly but I can't seem to get a frigging response from her! One of her dolls says she is picky and maybe I don't follow her criteria or whatever word she used. That makes me sad her work is phenomenal! I now am also considering Manuel Diaz his works looks pretty damn good too! Someone help! Any suggestions or should I just stick with Sabala?????

Australia Fragoso Baez!

I'm sold! I haven't got a answer from Duran so I'm pretty much all set with her. I sat up really late last night reading up on Baez and I'm 90% sold on her. I'm just waiting for another response to tell me how much I need to lock in sx date with her and what exactly her quote includes. A really good friend of mine has even linked me up with her family In DR and they have offered me a cozy place to recover!!! I'm going to hire a nurse for my care and I'm hoping my massages are included in quote if not then I will have to buy some. Everything is just falling into place! Ticket booked,Dr chosen now just need to lock in SX date of March 15th. Fingers crossed!

Still waiting

Ugh I'm such an impatient person I really am. Haven't heard back from Baez since her quote Monday night. -_- soooo aggravating. Really hoping I'm not going to have to change my plane ticket time is ticking and I hear March is a busy month. Might have actually got through to Duran from some Surgicoordinator website has anyone ever heard of it? Supposedly I should get a quote within 24-48 hrs. I'm a little skeptical but who knows. I just wish Baez would answer meeeeeee . Anywho I'll keep y'all posted.


Her ears must have been ringing! Heard back from her a little while ago and she gave me March 9th. Literally on hold with JetBlue to change my flight dates as I type lol. Now she just needs to let me know what exactly my quote includes and how to lock in sx date. Coincidentally my surgery will be on a 9th again . Meant to be? I say yes!!!! Officially a Future Baez Doll!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sent my deposit a little bit ago. I sent it by money gram and she said Western Union I'm hoping this isn't a problem ugh. I also got a quote back from Duran through that surgicoordinator website I was talking about idk how credible they are but I'm already set on Baez so I never even responded back. Supposedly Duran says I don't have enough skin for a tt but she has another method she would use. Whatevs. But woohoo I'm set for the 9th ! I'm so ready!

Maria Recovery Home

So I changed my mind about staying with my friends family. I just don't feel comfortable putting my burden on them especially not knowing them. I won't lie i complain a lot!!! A consultant I chat with a lot on fb recommended Maria's and when I asked Baez for some recommendations Maria's was one of them. Her prices are super affordable with 75$ a night including everything and you can't beat 50% off massages!! So I just made 100$ deposit and locked in my 10days with her. Her fb and IG showed a lot of pics of her rooms and meals and definitely appealed to me. I love that she has hospital beds too. Much easier to get in and out of bed and makes sleeping more comfortable too. Well 4 more months to go. For now I need to concentrate on my upcoming vacation to San Andres in a few weeks and then it's back home to finish saving. March will come fast!!! Try dolls soon :-*

Getting excited!

The date is coming so fast but I'm so ready!

It's almost time!

Well ladies round two is almost here! I'm all packed and ready to go my flight leaves Monday night at 10 PM I will keep you all posted before and after surgery!

On my way!

It's 11:10pm et and I'm Currently siting on a JetBlue flight to DR! Got some blood work done before I left everything came back great and my hemo was a sweet 14.7! Meeting with Baez at 7am. I arrive in Santo Domingo at 3:05am so I probably won't get any sleep. Keep y'all posted


Working on an hour of sleep but surprisingly I'm not tired. Went to the clinic this morning had all my tests done and I'm rocking out tomorrow morning at 5:30! Hopefully my hemo stays as high as was last Friday so I can get lipo all over along with tt and bbl. fingers crossed but I sure I'm straight! I. Here at Marias it's super nice I have absolutely no complaints except that I'm bored lol. Leo is so cool he picked me up this morning from airport and he just scooped me from clinic. I told him I wanted some mangu and queso frito so he stopped at this delicious restaurant for me. Love him he's so awesome and the fact that I speak some Spanish makes are interactions that much better :) bout to hit a couple of my peoples up that are out here I need to get outta here while I still can! I'll update you all when I'm capable of communicating tomorrow ciao!


Sorry I haven't posted but holy shit I have been in pain! I just finished getting cleaned up and my faja is being washed. I feel much better at the moment so I figured id update yall. I took some pics of how I'm looking I'm super swollen .

feeling great!

Woke up feeling sooooo good! Got my period last night though -_- lol. My gf came yesterday and had surgery with Yily I'm now waiting for her to get here. Cant wait to see her! Ttys xo



Sorry I haven't been on but the past two days weren't to great. I'm familiar with this roller coaster ride though. I went to see Baez today man I freaking love that lady. She's so beautiful and her demeanor is so lovely. Everything looks great to her and she gave me some pills to ease this damn nauseous. I actually threw up in the hallway today from people rushing me for my appointment. Other than that I'm feeling better and looking better.Talk to y'all soon

Getting ready

Going home in a few hours. Drains came out today and I'm cleared to leave. Flight leaves at 3am can't wait to go home. Still really swollen I'll post pics when it goes down and my shape starts to form a little more. Ciao


Sometimes I feel like I have the worst luck. I have been struggling with liquid in my belly since I got home and I've tried to aspirate it many times with no luck. My belly literally looks and feels like a waterbed. I guess I will have to go to the hospital. Going to contact Baez now and see what she thinks.


I came to the hospital for my seroma today. They looked at everything and told me it all looks good and I'm healing well besides this little problem. To be honest the Docs were admiring Baez tummy tuck work! I will be getting a new drain in to remove the fluids but I need to call and get a ultrasound first and then hopefully drain will be placed shortly after. Geez I hope so lugging this liquid around is no fun! I legit have at least a liter of it -_- well at least all is well and my mind is at ease. I'll let everyone know how I make out in the next few days


Just got off the phone with RI hospital and I have a appointment for tomorrow morning where they will do ultrasound and place a new drain. Uggghh one more day of carrying this sh!t around this is hell. I had a massage yesterday and god it was painful my skin has been hurting the past few days. My feet are so swollen lately and I can't even remember what my ankles and calves look like lol. 24hrs to go and ill finally see my flat tummy again. Going to try to not be sad about all this today but when you've went through so much staring at a liquid fupa really puts a toll on your mental thoughts. :(


Holy crap my body hurts this morning! I totally forgot what this all feels like after. I am completely sore in my entire torso sides and back. My lymph nodes near my armpits have hurt like hell since surgery along with the left one in my groin area. I think today is one of my worst days! I have been self medicating still with Vicodin I seriously dont know how drs think that some Tylenol or ibuprofen could possibly get me through my mornings. Oh I went yesterday for my appointment and they ended up not placing a new drain but did aspirate the seroma. I had a little over a Half liter removed. Im praying it doesn't return but knowing my luck....... I just had to rip that damn faja off a little bit ago my skin is screaming at me! Guna try to shower maybe that will help. I'll keep you all posted with my seroma issues and maybe try to take some pics today ill see how my swelling is as the day goes on...ciao


Today has been amazing! I feel so good! The seroma came back but when I went for my massage a lil bit ago we tried to aspirate it and it worked! I can actually see my pubic area now so I shaved for the first time in weeks lol i snapped a pic in a new dress I bought before surgery I knew it would look good when this was over! I cant wait til the rest of this swelling goes down. Its gettin there tho! Couldn't have asked for a better day! Check out these hips! Baez I love you!


Easter Sunday I get a call from my pcp dr askin me if I am feeling ok and I say yes great haven't been better! They ask if I have been having fever or chills because the seroma fluid that was sent to them was found to contain bacteria. I'm like wtf no I feel fine. So today I finally got into the office and was told I have staph infection all in my lower abdomen. I have noticed that it's really swollen after I drain the seroma and its rock hard to the touch. Thats the staph. Jesus. So I just picked up a course of antibiotics I'm hoping they work if they don't then I have to get iv antibiotic. I spoke with my gf that had the surgery right after means she says she's been experiencing the same thing! I'm like omg. She's on the way to the hospital and if she ends up with the same thing then it had to of come from the recovery home we stayed at because we have absolutely nothing in common back in DR except that as she went to Yily. We haven't even seen each other back here in the stars. Well let's wait and see before I jump to conclusions. My pcp gave me a referral today to a PS here in the states I can't wait to see them. I'll keep you all posted in the next few days I have another pcp appt Friday at 4.


Starting to wish I never put myself through this round two. After everything I went through the first time I dont know what made me think for one second this would end up being a breeze. I'm getting super depressed. My seroma is super full again and my massage lady wont go me massages or drain it because I have the staph infection. I still haven't heard from the PS referral I guess someone is supposed to call me. I have a appointment today at 4 with my pcp but I doubt they are going to do anything in terms of draining. My faja is so uncomfortable to be in yet at the same time my back skin screams for it. I have barely been wearing it. I tried buying a binder and it helped alot yesterday bur when I tried to sleep in it I woke up drenched in sweat cause its one from WalMart that I guess you supposed to work out in. Fml I just don't know what to do with myself and wish I didn't do this. I can't even enjoy my tummy tuck results cause I have a constant liquid fupa. I wont even show my man and I keep a shirt on to have sex. I just feel awful and sad this morning. Going to get up and start my day and take my next dose of antibiotic. On the bright side I actually think they are working cause the hardness in my scar area is starting to go away. My appointment is at 4 lord help me get through this day.


Went to Dr yesterday she said the infection is going away but did nothing for me in terms of draining. Good news is that it's going away and my massage for will drain me dry today. I'm so full of fluid I must have at least a Half liter again. So frustrating! I promised myself that after she gets this shit out in not playing anymore games with my faja I want to see if keeping it tight actually helps with the accumulation. My gf doesn't have staph infection only seroma problems so it didn't come from DR. I'm beginning to think it came from my drain holes which wouldn't close. I found stitches spitting out of them last week so they were wide open for a good 3weeks. Staph lives on your skin so I'm pretty much convinced it happened here. So other than that I'm left to roll with the punches and IM just going to continue to keep hoping and praying this damn seroma goes away soon. My PCP assured me someone will be calling from a plastic surgeon office soon. I'll keep you all posted when I get one.


I woke up this morning in such a great mood! I've been having so many moments this week where I feel so normal which I know is a good thing because I know it means I'm that much closer to being healed. Right now I'm getting ready to go to an appointment to see a plastic surgeon so he can tell me if everything is good and also to deal with my seroma and staph issues. The great news is I haven't drained the seroma since Saturday and it's less than half the size it was! I'm hoping today that we can resolve the issue completely. I have been reading up on a steroid injection that you can use to try and collapse the cavity wall. I'm going to see what my best option is maybe we will just drain it again. My body is starting to look nicer the swelling is going down and the fluid has not really been building up. I took a couple pics for you dolls since I'm feeling so good today. I shall let you all know how my appointment goes I hope everyone enjoys their day!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I'm doing really well lately I just finished off a package of 12 massages and starting to feel super normal. My Seroma is finally gone there's still a little fluid but not enough to drain anymore. I'm sure my body will reabsorb it at some point. The staph infection is also gone :) the only problem I'm having now is my belly button refuses to scab over. I was told to keep a cream that was given by Baez with gauze in it for the first 4weeks and did as I was instructed but since removing it and not using the cream the inside has a moist white part that just won't dry up -_- I have just been trying to keep it clean and shielding it wit gauze so my shirt doesn't touch it or germs go near. I still have a lot of swelling in my lower abdomen which I read is completely normal and should start resolving at 2months. Every week keeps getting better. It's tough wearing my faja when I go to bed I feel like I'm trapped but I make sure I do during the day. Other than that not much else to update. Tomorrow marks 5 weeks. Someone asked me if I had lipo on my back and yes of course I did. I attached some photos. Quick before and afters from before my first round and a back shot. Tty all soon.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Love love love her! That's all I can say!

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