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Please read my round 1 BBL / Breast lift for...

Please read my round 1 BBL / Breast lift for background info: ("Jere Sexy'm"...putting All the Sexy Back in It, and then Some. - Miami, FL)
So...I'm back! Its been a real long time RS. I took time to heal, and continue to research until I found the right Dr. Round 2 BBL, Tummy-tuck, Lipo of body.

Wish pics & current photos

Had to add current pic and some wish pics...

Flight-Rental car-& Apartment booked!!!

So finally booked the last part of my trip. We originally were going to stay in a recovery house, but------------they wanted a friggen' mortgage payment, so we found an apartment on www.airbnb.com. Ladies I strongly reccommend this option instead. For HALF of what the recovery house wanted for 13 days, we got a whole 3 bedroom apartment (beautiful) in the santo domingo este district. About 7-8 min from CECLIP & CIPLA (surgical centers), right in the middle of all the action, and a short walk to nightlife-grocery store-restaurants-malls-etc. We are hiring a private nurse to stay in the 3rd bedroom, and she will assist us with everything. I am not scared to drive ANYWHERE, and would drive a bus if you left me in it too long. So I am not worried to drive while there. Plus, I don't want to keep wasting money on taxi's & depend on someone to take us everywhere. We plan on getting out all day of arrival, going out to have a good time that night. So make plans to enjoy yourself while there, you are on vacation after all. I started taking all my molotav cocktail of pre-surgery pills getting ready, and damn I have had a headache for the last week....just found out we have to stay at clinic night before surgery, and day of surgery. So essentially we wasted 2 days at apartment. I will update with more wish pics & real photos in few days. I need to regroup, and figure out exactly what I want my body to look like.

35 days....

Still searching for the right long sleeve, ankle length faja. Since I will be having so much lipo done I MUST have one. Can't seem to find the one with the true post surgery material. Still stalking Amazon & EBay for other items. I still have 2 fajas from my last BBL and plenty of the original supplies. Most of the things I bought before I didnt even need or use. FYI...

Ok, so I added the international plan to my cell phone,,, not going to use it, but wanted it just in case for emergency. I have small kids and my husband needs to reach me. I also found a website that you can get a prepaid phone to bring with you to use in other countries. I will have a local 809/829 area code so my kids can call me whenever they want. We will have wifi so I will be downloading Skype & Other web chats. I am really having a hard time to narrow down my wish pics. Each pic represents a body part I am interested in. I want upside down heart bubble, but I want a natural looking bubble. I want most of my weight in the bottom of my booty...check out the pic of Tahiry I put up...

22 days away...countdown!

Got my full body raja from www.fajaboutique.com in Miami. They had best prices, and TONS of selection. Also ordered BioCorneum oil. It is ridiculously expensive, but I get hypotropic scarring and I don't want my TT scar to do this again. Plus some silicone tape to cover scars, this will aide the flat healing process. I went and had all my pre-op tests done to gauge my current levels and make sure I am on track to be able to get all my surgeries I am having done during my trip. Waiting on results...I will submit my time at work this week, and oh before I forget. I am starting a liquid diet tomorrow. Exactly 21 days before I leave. Whenever I want to lose significant weight I always go through www.dramaticweightloss.com by Dr. Mansfield in Atlanta, GA. Don't worry if you live out of state they will ship items from program to you! Ladies I DONT GET PAID TO ENDORSE HIM!!!!! BUT NO JOKE IT REALLY WORKS! You can lose 20+ pounds in a month if you DILIGENTLY STICK TO THE PROGRAM. Google the Dr. and website if you need to drop some weight pre-op. Wish me luck. I have found a few more wish pics. I will update next weekend to tell you about any weight loss. Until then dolls, those that have surgery this week, carry God with you be blessed, and happy healing. To the others , have a beautiful week. Abrazos!

16 days and counting...

We are leaving on the 16th....am SO EXCITED. I have so mannyyyyy wish pics I don't know which look I am going to go with! I found my last few pics and will make final decision by next week. I got the approval for PTO...whooohoo!!! In addition I did start the liquid diet, but had to abruptly stop. J got my first round of blood work back, and bad news!!!! My Hemoglobin level was ONLY 12.47....SO after speaking with Dra. Medina I have to double up on my Iron pills, and eat as many iron rich foods as possible. So I am supplementing my shakes 2 times daily, and eating iron rich healthty meals! I get my levels checked again today, and depend on results I may be able to try again next week. I only lost 5 lbs with no gym. We will see!!! My HIPAA already big, I hope to have nice ratio like this!

2 days..

Ladies I am sooooooooo nervous! I dont know why...I have had multiple surgeries so I know what to expect. I can't wait to land in DR. We are going to eat some good food, and dancing on Mon. Night. Well l will post some arrival pics and of Dr. Medina office in a few days...send prayers up for my Mom & I, we both have surgery on 2/18.

Post-Op (the other side)

Hola RS chicas!!!!

Sorry so long for update....its done. I am really happy about my results. Dra. Medina worked magic. I ended up getting a TT, and Lipo of entire thighs, back, flanks, waist, tummy, and armpits. No BBL!!! Dra Medina said my booty was so big already, she just want to shape it only. So she lipo all around and under booty cheeks.

I was originally suppose to have surgery 2/18, but she finished early that day, and ask me if I wanted to go...I took the "proverbial" little blue pill, and it took FOREVER to kick in. I took it around 1:30pm....nothing. They took me back to surgical suite....nothing finally after the FINE Dominicano (the scrub tech) who seemed to take a liking to me by holding my hand, and leaning me on his chest the whole time I was on the table before surgery...I fell asleep. I WOKE UP 3 times during surgery ladies!!!! It didn't hurt, and no pain, but I did wake up. They give you pain meds bin your back during surgery so I really didn't feel any pain until Thur. morning...the nurses use translator app to talk to you, they speak limited English, bit I speak some Spanish, so we all figured it out. The day nurses are much BETTER than the ones at night. We had to call for them like 4-6 times at clinic during night, they were very slow to come. Also be prepared to get poked like 3x minimum before they get IV in...

Also...really important Dra. assistant name is Stephanie she is the one who takes your surgery money, (although I think she works directly for the clinic)-she tried to come back to me a few hours later and say I did not give her the correct amount. Ladies I counted my money 3x in front of her, and made her count it again 2x in front of me...I told her she was not getting NO MORE MONEY, and to get out my room. BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THIS WHEN YOU MAKE IT TO CECICLIP, and she collect your money. In addition, please get your money in half hundred dollar bills, and twenties. This will be important when you are at clinic, and need to make change for your $150 required insurance, and for massages. Ladies have a website in mind for money/currency exchange calculator , this will become one of your best friends. It is better to use pesos while in DR, you get more for your money. $1 US is $44 Dominican pesos...plus NO one gives US dollars except bank, and you lose money if you exchange this way. If you go shopping or buy anything its in pesos. Bring a washcloth, most recovery houses only provide big towels, if you want to go out (to party) come 2 days before your surgery, because NO alcohol 24 hours prior to surgery. Sightsee your last few days here, go to Colonial Zona, to purchase ALL gifts & liquor to take home,,,,lots of local vendors there with more sentimental gifts.

Annie is Dra. Medina cousin and she did all our massages, she is GOOD they are $25, she is sweetheart like the Dra. Very funny too!

I added some pics!!! Update in a few days
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Medina is a sweetheart, with excellent response time. You will love her!

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