go to dr.robles at the end of may! i need a travel buddy!! - Dominican Republic

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I'm going to Dr.Robles in March 23,2016. I'm...

I'm going to Dr.Robles in March 23,2016. I'm fighting out of Philadelphia! I need a traveling buddy. Anybody else going around that time? I am 5'6" 226lbs. I have a 8mon old baby and I am having a hard time getting rid of baby fat. I will be getting TT, BBL, lipo on my arms, back & flanks. Does anyone have any info about DR. Robles good or bad.? I've done a lot of research but hearing you experiences will always help.

Second guessing

I've been looking into Dr.Duran and Dr.Medina. Dr.Duran has great reviews but it's hard to follow her work if you don't follow her on social media. Dr.Medina's clinic looks to be VERY clean and I'm also fan of the work I've seen from her and she also has great reviews. I just know I'm 23 and a 8mon old to live for! I just don't won't to pick the wrong doctor. Dr.Robles recovery house stories have me a little scared

Dr. Tania Median

I was look at Dr.Median as well because Dr.Duran still has not gotten back in touch with me a week later!! I seen some pretty good but also some pretty bad pictures of Dr.Medinas work, she is just so helpful and talks to you personally! Dr.Robles doesn't talk to you at all and her assistant takes days to reply. If I'm going out of the country I want to build a strong relationship with the person that holds there life in my hands!!! I have a 8month baby I need to know that I'm safe! I know that surgery is always a BIG risk but at least make me feel like I can trust you!

Just Pictures

Wish List

Wish List

Date pushed back !! Too AUGUST at that!

So I spoke to my job and told them that I would be taken a month leave and March for my surgery they told me that I would have to be back at work for a year before I could take a months leave and being that I just started back at work August 17th of this year I can't take a medical leave until August of 2016. I'm birthdays in August I wanted my body by then!!!!

There is an upside!! :)

Okay.. So I explained to you ladies a few days ago that I would have to push my surgery date back to August of 2016! Due to medical leave issues with my job. But these is an upside. If give me more time to lose my weight the I WANT TO LOSE (20-25lbs) and I get to save more money! And stretch out my savings for this trip! I was give a quote of $5350 with the $300 down I'll only be paying 5050 plus $630 for my flight. That's not bad at all when you have a year instead of 6mons to save and now I have my cousin that will be coming with me.!!! I feel so much more safe knowing that I'll have a family member there and someone that able to oversee the process and make everything is going and is done right when I'm just too out of it to make sure they're doing what their suppose to and the level of cleanliness is right. God does it for a reason. I just would have love to have my body for my birthday & summer.

AUGUST 16th!! Is my new date!!

I've took some of you ladies suggestions and researched some of the doctors you've left in my comments but my heart is still with Dr.Robles or Dr.Duran both ladies do amazing work and have GREAT REVIEWS in their work. They both have fawls of course Dr.Robles doesn't talk to her patients until they are about to get the surgery. Though, her assistant is really nice I think it's important for the Dr to build a relationship especially when going out of country. Dr.Duran assistant Larua is so rude! Flat out! Her emails completely turn me off! I had to call and check her! Like look! I am an adult, you will not talk to me like that and last time I check my American money holds more weight than your peso so I don't think Dr.Duran would be too happy if she knew your attitude was costing her money!! She apologized for the way the email came. I mean I waited 3weeks for a quote because she said Dr.Duran was on vacation. Then literally emailed me you're too fat email us back when you wait. I mean I just a baby less than a year ago! And i gained 80lbs lost 50lbs and that's why I'm paying to have the other 30lbs removed!!! I don't know maybe it's just me but I found it very rude to wait 3weeks to be told that.

Made My Deposit and Booked My Flight

Ladies I am so EXCITED! I can't wait until May! I have made my deposit and booked my flight! Does anyone have any advise for me!? I'm getting nervous because it's getting real!

May 25th

I am so excited! May 25th seems so far away. I know it's right around the corner but when your waiting for something life changing like this time is moving so slow. Is anyone going in May and feels the same way?

Wish pictures ????

I added arms to my surgery minds well do it all at once

I'm getting nerves

I'm getting so nerves because I have a 1 year old baby and I know the risk that run with these surgeries. I'm excited because I know this is something so life changing for me that can help with my esteem and just the way I carry myself be I still have to always remember there are risk and I have a little person to be here for. Am I the only one that feels this way?


I emailed my updated photos to Lefny and got an email back from someone name Paola? Does anyone know her?

5 weeks until my surgery!!!

I am so excited about my surgery but there is still that fear of death! and recently I found that robles had a death at the beginning of this year... which is every scary especially being the mother of a 1 year old. I honestly hope this is all worth it and I get the body that I envisioned I've been looking at a few of her butt jobs and I'm not so pleased. They're not big or shaped enough for me. Now, I'm not sure if that has to do the post op care of the patient so I cant really judge. but the pictures aren't the best lately. Also, its been really hard for me to find more up to date reviews on Dr.Robles. the ones on here are 3,2, and 1 years old. I just wants to see more reviews and pictures that are less than a year old. Does anyone know where I can find them? Because I rather lose my $300 and go else where then go to her and be unhappy for $5350.


3 days Post Op

So I'm 3 days post op ladies and if you don't speak Spanish you're going to have a really hard time and feel really alone. In the hospital the nurses don't speak English at all.! It's not until you get to the recovery house where the nurses speak English I stayed at Virginia and I am happy with it so far. A tummy tuck and lipo is very painful! Your going to need help I strongly suggest having someone come with you! I'm happy with my results so far. Not sure until the swelling goes down.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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