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Hi ladies. I hope this review reaches a few people...

Hi ladies. I hope this review reaches a few people. I was scheduled to have a TT and BBL 2 days ago. My hemo was too low so I've been working to get that raised. This gives me time to let yall know what I have experienced so far.

I arrived in the DR, went through customs, paid my $10 and got my passport stamped for the first time. Yay! My driver was there and took me to Daisy's. My room is private but has two beds. This was nice because I spread out all my stuff on the spare bed. The following morning we were at the hospital early. It is not new but everything was very clean. Some rooms will make you think, "I don't know. Kinda sketchy" but everyone I encountered was competent and that put me at ease. I fully trust Dr Baez.

My labs were great except for hemo, 11.3 and needed to be 12. This ruled out lipo tho I could have had the TT done. Dr. Baez mentioned that without lipo on upper stomach and hips the results will not be what im looking for. My other option was to postpone surgery and spend a few days getting iron infusions. My phone wasnt working yet and she let me use hers to call my husband. We decided to postpone and infuse.

The infusions are done in the recovery center by the nurse. I got a scrip from the dr. for iron and also a hormone like procrit or epogen. All the supplies (see photo) were about $75. If you dont know about anemia and infusions, this is really cheap!!

So Daisy made sure I am getting a special diet and juices and shaked that are all rich in iron and the cook is really good. Everything's been delicious! She even searched street vendors for a fruit they couldnt find in the store to juice.
Today was my last infusion, tomorrow I get my iron levels checked again. If all is well I will have surgery the following day. Fingers crossed!

Iron levels up! Surgery tomorrow.

So the iron infusuons worked. I had my hemo levels checked today and it was 12.2. The Dr. sent me this info on WhatsApp said to rest and eat until 10pm and to be at the hospital at 6:30am.

A word about Daisy and her revocery house. When u first arrived I was in bad shape. I battle with anxiety and had really worked myself into a lather worrying about everything. I was not pleasant by the time I arrived unfortunately. Daisy, and her staff, were patient and understanding and worked hard to help me feel better. With proper rest and good food and encouragement I was back to myself and am excited now!

The recovery house is just that, a great big house. I find it comfortable and homey and ehat youd expect from a nice home in a country like this, if one has ever traveled to these kinds of places before. They keep it so clean my husband said (from pictures) that it looks like no one lives here! I am convinced that Daisy and her staff; Lina, Libo and Gabriella, really do care about me and my comfort here. Daisy has also been a cheerleader, stressing that this surgery requires a positive attitude. My husband and I are very happy we chose this place for me to recover in.

Can't find my befores!!!

So this is irritating. U can find mt befire shots in my phone. I took them in the hotel room I stayed at the night before I left. These are close approximations and I'll post me real befores as soon as I can figure out what happened to them. These before, again, are not me but close. So I had pretty bad violin hips, quite wide saddlebags, cellulite about half way down the back of my thighs and the bottom of my butt cheeks had just begun to fall down, to over lap. Im 43 with 4 kids.

1 day post op

Can already tell a difference in shape. Im so swollen I cant get my wedding ring back on. Forgive speeling errors, in a lottle pain and drugged for it! :).

1st Massage

Ok ladies, that was no joke. I got nauseous and nearly threw up from the pain. But I'm a wimp. It was the bruising on my back from the lipo that did it. I feel better today, less pain and more mobile. I sure am beat now. Listen to your body girls, it doesn't take much to became fatigued. Off to sleep, will update later!

Rough night, Day 3, Dr. Appt

Last night was the first night I didnt sleep. My hips and butt had been numb but I started to feel it so I could not get comfortable. I just keep reminding myself that there will be good days and bad. This is a bad day and all I want to do is lay in bed and try to sleep. At least I dont get another massage until tomorrow. Which is good because I need to find another girl for that. Whomever came yesterday, and I'll find out her name, tried to straighten my legs on the massage table. As we all know, u must stay bent so my knees were. When she finished the massage on my stomach she walked to the foot of the table and started straightening my legs! Never again, lady.
My first follow up with Dr Baez was this morning. Everyrhing is healing well and she removed the extender on my faja. Now im hooked at the first, loosest hook. Oh. Dear. God. I like the extra support but it also makes the drain unhappy. So more updates later ladies. Thanks again for your support!

Quick update

Hi Ladies. I've been here long enough now to be able to put out some pros and cons and will be putting up a more extensive update soon. For now, here are some current photos.

Massages - Please, I beg of you...

Go see Dr. Heiddy Nicolas Minaya. She will pick you up and drop you off. She runs Bell Nutrition and is FANTASTIC. My first massage was a woman that Daisy works with and she came to the house. There was no concern for my comfort (boppy) or modesty (towel drape), it lasted less than an hour, I was covered in oil afterwards, but most importantly she tried to strighten my legs. Picture this, you're flat on your back on a rigid massage table with your knees bent because, hey, tummy tuck. After she did a little something in my stomach she walked to the foot of the table and picked up my ankles to straighten my legs. What. The. Hell. When it was over I paid her $25 and she wanted $5 more. There was no way she was touching me again. Through reviews here I found Dr. Heiddy through another Baez patient and what sealed the deal for me was that Dr. Baez told this patient she was amazed at the amount of fluid removed. So for the same price, $30, I had 2 girls work on me for an hour in a tranquil turquise spa. I immediately could walk better and had the best nights sleep yet. I'm going back today for 2 hours since it will be my last massage before flying home tomorrow. These girls really opened up my lymphatic system, massaging the right lymph areas in my face, neck and down to my toes. This included ultrasound. Please ladies, dont waste your time anywhere else. Also, from what I understand, other plastic surgeons send their patients to her as part of the cost of surgery. Unfortunately, Daisy refused to have her driver take me there after my Dr appt this morning saying she has a new driver and she doesnt know where Dr Heiddy is. Even after giving her the address and phone numbers to get directions. It's obvious theres a deal between Daisy and the massage ladies she has come to the house. Kickbacks, idk, but something. More on my pros and CONS about Daisy's soon. Dr. Heiddy can be reached at (809) 563-8982 Office, (809) 383-2115 WhatsApp and nicolasheiddy@gmail.com. OH! She speaks perfect english.

Mornong, Day 5

I cant believe how fast the changes come.

Hospital Room

Thought you guys might want to see the hospital room I was in...

Sleeing Positions

This is probably trial and error for you as everyone is different but I thoight I'd share the different positions I have found comfortable to sleep in. I am sleeping 2-4 hours at a time before feeling the need to change positions. And please, try not to be too envious of my art skillz. ;)

Daisy's Recovery - AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!

In depth update to come later, had a long day so I'm more swollen and in pain. Yet here it is 10 o'clock at night and I just had to raise my voice at Daisy reminding her I am paying for a recovery center, not a daycare center. It's bad here. She's stopped caring now that she's paid, or something. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

Ladies! Raysa Recovery House!

I should be landing at home in aboit an hour but I'm stuck in th DR still. More on that later. But I am right now at Raysa Recovery, Dr. Baez brought me here though she does not endorse or prefer any particular place. It is very nice and the people are veryvery accommodating so far. They dont have a website but you can check them out on Facebook. I did and I urge you to do the same during your consideration in choosing a recovery house. I dont know rates tho as u am not paying for this night. Thanks to everyone for your support and ill be updating over the next few days as I get home and settled in. ?

1 Week Post Op

Boot-tay is certainly starting to take shape!

Recouping at Home

Hi Gals! Take a look at this chair I'm using to recover in at home. This has worked surprisingly well. I slept 4.5 hours without moving and only woke because of loud voices. I feel so rested today! So I picked up a zero gravity lounge chair from Kmart during an end of summer sale. I liked that it takes you from sitting to recling and back up. While reclined, it keeps you in the proper position for TT. And zero gravity chairs are super comfortable! So I cut the butt out, laid a blanket down and tucked it down into that hole. Used my boppy and another small pillow for support at the lower back and back of thighs so my rear would just hang in that hole. And it worked! Now, they arent very wide so it may not work for everyone, and you can see u have to push the sides of my boppy out and under the arms rests. This chair was $99.99 and I got it on sale for $19.99 so nows a good time to snag one. When I'm all healed I will find a replacement sling and still use it. HTH!

Good days and bad

Todays been a not so great day. I'm sleeping a lot and that's good because it means I'm healing. But being so tired after feeling pretty good is difficult. My biggest annoyance right now is this compression garment. Im ready to peel it off and leaving it in the corner. Hating that thing today. And I know in my head that I'm swollen but just feel fat. Fat fat fat. These are the days when you're gonna lean on your support system more. Family, friends, Real Self. They say one day at a time but for me it's one Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares episode at a time today! :-P

TT Incision

I've gotten a couple questions about mt incision. Here's a pic. I am, by the way, quite swollen. Between the compression socks I brought down there not working worth a damn and the premature removal of my drain, I'm puffy. I asked for a low incision. I told her if the sides came up above my panty/bikini line I could live with it. I just wanted the front. center low. She cut just into the top of my pubic hair. Thats low, but she cant go too low because you'll end up with your vijayjay on your belly. I was not expecting a somewhat straight incision and am delighted about it. I believe I won't have a problem hiding any of the scars. I had been using colloidal silver on it until today. Today I began using the silicone sheets ScarAway.

3 Weeks Today

Hi gals. I've been laying low, healing and dealing with the issues that come along with it. Sometimes it's one day at a time. I'll be answering all my private messages too so be patient! But I made a ton of progress just in the last few days. I've struggled quite a bit with CGs yall. Too loose here, too tight there - grrrrrrr. At my last appt before leaving the DR, the dr. had asked me if I had a corset at home. Which I do. She said nothing about it beyond that, told me I'm ready for a Stage 2 garment and "Compression compression compression!". This corset comment popped into my head during my struggle to find a CG that fit right everywhere and broke out the corset. Being experienced with them I am confident that I can find the right place in between too tight and good compression. This is when the swelling really started to go away. Could also be timing and the fact that I still take bromelain. But I just know the corset helped. So then I was on the hunt for a BBL CG. Tight enuff on my lipo'd thighs cuts off circulation to my butt and cuts in to make this awful fold at the bottom of it. My answer was a pair of Maidenform compression shorts (girdle?) called Flexees. I cut a modest horizontal slit over the butt because this follows the weave of the garment and it didnt fray. I used a dab of nail polish just to reinforce the edges of the cut AND IT WORKED! I actually like it better because there's no thong to feel too tight or irritate that stitch over my tailbone. I get the right compression on my thight yet my butt is free from top to bottom. I'm going to pick up a small today as the medium is a little loose now. I found mine at Walmart for under $15. More updates sooooon! Thanks to everyone for your kind words and support. Means a lot, believe it or not? :)

3 Weeks

Forgot this one

5 Weeks!

Hi again! So my recovery has had a few plot twists that have kept me from updating. I never got my appetite back after the surgery and ended up with bronchitis. I am currently 140 lbs, was about 165 when the surgery was done. Im still in the middle of fighting this bronchitis and continue to lose weight. Dr. Baez said to maintain my weight for 3 months after sx, btw. The human body is remarkable and resilient because I continue to heal well. It seems nothing has slowed the rate of healing and other than the continued tape allergy at the suture sight I'm doing great. Right now im beginning to get feeling in my bavk again. This burns. Move or twist wrong, reach too far and you get a burning pain. I'm sure a massage will help but that can't happen until I'm well. Massages during illness or even after if you're not completely well will intensify or reactivate it. My abs are still tight and im still not standing fully upright. Considering everything ive been and am going thru, I choose not to force it, it will happen. Overall, I'm still in love with Dr. Baez's work and the results I'm seeing. Especially my belly button. It's round and slightly hooded at the top - just like a real one. I am anxious to get in the gym in a couple months because, hey, Dat Ass!

Another Quick Update

So the holidays have kept me busy but here's the latest. I keep losing weight, I'm down about 25 pounds. I'm really not even trying. The doctor said not to lose any weight for 3 months, but I just can't help it for some reason. My tastes have changed since the surgery too. I have no taste for sweets whereas before I had a sweet tooth. That's got to be why I've dropped some weight. So I'm wearing a juniors size small (from womens 10/12) in most things, shirts and pants. Some brands, medium. The dress in these pictures is a Jessica Simpson from Dillard's and is a size extra small. My curves are ridiculous! My husband said if he had known how good I would look, he would have done this five years ago. A lot of the feeling has returned in my back, though it's still about half numb. There are still numb places on my abdomen and in the groin where I got the inner thighs lipo'd. That will sometimes cause pain but for the most part I feel like a million bucks. I often have to stop myself from doing too much and remind myself that its only been 2 months. If I am out and about for more than half a day I hurt in the evening and it takes less than that to swell. So I hope everyone is having a great holiday and I will update more soon!

Baez Babe, 1 year later

Still can't believe I look like this. I compared my butt today with my 5 day post op pic and I really haven't lost much at all. My husband still cant keep his hands off of it and sings Dr. Baez's praises. I recently had my implants removed by a local surgeon and it made myle miss her caring demeanor. I mean, she really cares about aftercare and outcomes. Looking forward to implants/arm lift with her in the future.
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