Aspiring lima doll, Dominican Republic, DO

Just received a quote from Baez and I was very...

Just received a quote from Baez and I was very please with how much she quoted me for. I'm currently waiting for yily, Robles and almonte to respond. I have so many questions like how many days do I need to take off. Recovery houses? If I need to loose weight? The important things I need to bring so I can start buying them. I just need people to give me I for because once I send in the money there isn't any turning back for me.

Aspiring Doll

Pics of myself and wish pics

Choosing rh

Need help choosing a recovery house ladies please help me. They told me abou my home rh?

Beginning my diet

Started my diet trying to loose a total of 30 lbs by July. I weigh 215 lets see wish me luck

looking for sx buddy

So I went to check get my normal physical. Did all of the test I needed to do to make sure I was healthy. Everything is great!! My hemo is 14.2 in which I am very excited about. I started taking my vitamins so I can get it to 15 lets see how everything goes wish me luck. Also I would love to knwo if their are any future Medina Dolls going in the July if so let me know because my buddy just told me she can't go anymore. I will be flying out of JFK airport but that doesn't matter as long as we can chat and keep each other company in DR. Its nice to have to someone to talk to. Not really scared going alone because I do speak Spanish fluently.

a change of heart

So after researching I came across another doctor. Even though I was stuck with going with dra. Medina dr. Javier Baez Angles professionalism gave me a change of heart. I'm so excited. Would love a sx buddy . Thinking anytime after Aug 10th

Change of heart

So I'm caught between dr Javier Baez angles and dr Lima only because I am a plus size woman and I want the best and safest results. Both have great assistants and speak English but I'm not concerned about that anyone going with Lima during the months of August , September or October from ny because I will go in any of the months. If you choose August it has to be after August 10 th because of college classes.


Just thought I'd post a couple of pics of myself

What do i need


Change of heart

So I changed my Doctor to Luis Lima. His assistant Janet is a sweetheart and she speaks English(for those who don't speak spanish). The quote was a great price for tt,mr,liposculpture and bbl. And he specializes in plus size women. Another he has never had a death on his table or after procedure.

Sent deposit

I sent my deposit to Janet. Didn't have any issue omg I'm so excited especially because my best friend is coming with me for a bbl and liposculpture. We will be Limafied after we're done with him. ?????????????????
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