33 Yr Old Mommy of 1 from NY, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic bound to get snatched - Dominican Republic

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Hi Ladies, I'm totally new to RL and have never...

Hi Ladies, I'm totally new to RL and have never had any cosmetic procedures done before. I'm on here like most of you looking for insight, tips and taking heed to whatever advice you ladies have to give based on your experience. I know everyone's experience will not be the same but I consider it all. I'm scheduled to have a TT & Lipo on April 17th w/ Dr. Yily and I'm stoked! I had a c- section before and my recovery from that was hell, I'm hoping it's not much more worse than that.. However my main concern is making it back home safe to my baby boy and of course snatched !!! I'm so tired of having a kangaroo pouch and flaps on my back. So far everything is set as far as flight and Dr. Is concerned, However no recovery home reserved yet. The few I had narrowed my choices down to are all booked up, so any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I Thought Yily Would Be the One to Make my Mommy Make over Dream Come True, Turned out to Be a Nightmare! Stay Away!!!!

As I've mentioned before as soon as I arrived in DR my first stop was to Cipla to get my labs done. When I did, everything was perfect except my BMI, it was at 36.5 so i was turned down. What I didn't mention was the following day I visited Dr. Cabral to see what he would say, however i needed my labs etc. When i attempted to get them from Yily they asked why did I need a copy of my labs so I explained i wanted a 2nd opinion. The receptionist in turn told Yily and Yily had her attempt to charge me $100 for my labs. This i believe set the tone..Yily was livid, she didn't care to speak to me or see me, she breezed past me with her nose flared and went to have a talk with Cabral, apparently that week Cabral won over 4 Yily patients and she wasn't having it. After she spoke to Cabral he ultimately gave me the same response and told me he couldn't do it. I would have to lose at least 6 -7 pounds. After being offered the option to speak to a nutrionist to come up with a plan for me to shed those pounds in just 4 days i agreed ( a $65 out of pocket expense ). At this point, as disappointed, sad, and depressed as i felt i should've taken the signs and returned home. BUT, naturally my determination to return home with my mommy makeover kicked in and I was wiling to do all within my power to right this wrong. And i did what i had to. FF 4 days i lost 5 pounds so they agreed to do my surgery. April 20, Day of surgery, Yily arrived in my room nose flared, mouth all tight barely a smile she says take off ur robe. She immediately starts to mark me, she never asked me what was it ineanted or was my main focus..i guess she figured everyone wants the same thing.. i m3an yhe hell with a "wish pic" this chick didnt care to hear my wishes verbally.. so stale, unfriendly i tried to talk to her but she was so quick and unwilling to have a conversation i got all but 2 words in.. in less than 3 mins she marked me up and did it so hard my skin turned red all i could think was, is she upset? Is she upset at me for attempting to go to Cabral should i not do this, would she something out of spite.. but before i could give anything any further thought the blue pill was given.. it was about to ho down.. before i knew it i became woozy and knocked out. I remember being transferred to a rollaway bed and being rolled into the OR.. iv being administered. I then remember waking up.at some point trembling uncontrollably, asking them what are they doing. They told me my tt. And dropped a green cloth over my face.. i remember being in and out of consciousness but it was enough to feel discomfort and want them to stop.. so in turn i was moving a lot.. eventually i was transferred to my recovery room for overnight observation.. were NO ONE CAME IN FOR HOURS. It was a dark room, not even the tv was on which might i add they charge u $20 for the remote. 

I was ashamed to show these but figured it's all apart of the real self experience

I'm not happy with my results although some may say its better than what i looked like.. which i agree but its def not worth all the pain and suffering
If i could i wouldn't do it again id go to.the damn gym or pick a diff Dr. GOD.the recovery period is hell.. why didn't anyone say so..

1 week post surgery

I was unable to where a garment for the first week because my skin was too sensitive after surgery according to Yily.

2 months post Op

I see a big difference, not what I expected or hoped for but it's significant enough. And I won't dare consider a round 2..

Everyone wonders why i don't feel competely happy well here it is..

My stomach folds & skin still sags when I sit. I'm 1 week shy from 3 months post op and friends that have had TT's before say my stomach should be completely flat.. I feel like I got jerked. I wear my faja 24 hours a day and went for my massages. I don't know how will end up looking even tho it's already a big difference and im pleased (aa long as im standing) I just feel I didn't get the full effect of being snatched since day 1. Anyone experience this??
Yily De Los Santos

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