31 Yr Old Mom of 2 Ready to Glo Up - Santo Domingo, DR

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It took me 2 years but I've finally made some...

It took me 2 years but I've finally made some decisions about this surgery. I've decided that I'll be traveling abroad for my school to either DR or Colombia for a TT with muscle repair, bbl and full lipo. I have quite figured out what surgeon I will be going to but I have narrowed it down to 2 in each country.

Wish pic

Wish pic! I really love Bernice Burgos shape this is how I want to look, I don't really care for a huge butt but I do want a tiny waist.

I'm going to be.....

So I've decided I'm going to be a Baez doll! After much research and going back and forth I feel that Dra Baez is the right surgeon for me. The only way I will change my mind at this point is if Duran answers me with a quote and I can schedule a date with her (which with her track record, it's not likely and I refuse to pay a consultant. No offense to Duran). But anyways, I'm going to get a quote from Baez sometime in November. I've also decided that I'm going to stay at Essence recovery home. The owner is a doll and the reviews on the place have been nothing but positive and I like that a lot of the supplies you need are included with your cost. I feel a little released that I've finally decided on a surgeon because it's a really hard decision to make with so many great options to choose from.

Working out before surgery

Right now I'm 5'3 and I weight 186lbs.I want to be down to about 160 when I go to have my procedures done. Even thought I'm not having surgery until next year Im going to start working out now because my birthday is coming up and I want to lose some weight before then and I want to just get in the habit of working out and eating healthier so that it will be an easy transition after surgery. I mostly want to work on my upper body because that's where I hold the most weight. I have huge breast (I'm going to get a reduction and lift but that's round 2) and my arms are huge. I really want to work them out because I don't want to look like a line backer after surgery lol.

Pre op...I need this gut gone and some shape and projection to this flatty????

Thinking about changing my date

Hey ladies, so I originally planned to have sx in June 2017 mostly because I just started my career a few months ago and was going to use my vacation time to go to DR. But I've been thinking, for 1 I don't want to use my vacation time for sx because I actually want to go on vacation and I don't really want to wait until June because I want to be healed by the summertime so that I can go on vacation. So I asked some hypothetical questions today lol and pretty much o can take the time off if I need to (jumping for joy) so I've decided I'm gonna push my date up to March. I know it's during high season but that's ok. I'm going to request a quote from Baez tonight and if everything looks good I'll pay my deposit, set my date and start getting ready! I'm super excited ????
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