26 Years Old and a Mother of 2 Wanting Her Body Back - Dominican Republic, DO

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I've been stalking RS for a while now reading...

I've been stalking RS for a while now reading peoples journeys and finally decided to have my own. At first i didnt want to do a review but then decided to do it at the last minute just to share my experience with my RS sisters. Im having a TT with lipo, back lipo and BBL with doctor castillo. She did surgery on 2 of my cousins and they look great plus i been speaking to her through whatsapp for a while and she saw my pictures and answered my questions right away. Shes Very honest, respectful and caring. I want the body i had before my kids or even more lol i feel like she can work that miracle for me.

Wish pictures

Here are some wish pics I stole from my rs sisters lol


Feeling so anxious...only 4 days away. Yesterday i got my results for the blood workand ekg i did with my doctor and sent the pictures of the results to the doctor through whatsapp, she said it was good and to keep taking my vitamins. Now to finish packing. By the way do you guys know of any good recovery houses in the capital (santo domingo) i found out at the last minute that my aunt wont be home by the time i get my surgery and i need to stay at a Rh until she comes back. Thanks


Forgot to post the vitamins she told me to take everyday.

Before/pre op pics

Cant wait to get my life changed and feel good about myself again.

2 days left!!!!!

Im having anxiety lol. Packed everything and went to eat with my family to relax and stop thinking so much about. Busy day tomorrow...i feel like im dreaming !

Hey sisters i made it to the flat side!!!!

So thank full and in love with how my doctor treated. Cecilip staff is AMAZING and they clinic is so clean and has suck a great vibe. Well have to rest but Will post pics later....

My room

So excited that i cant sleep lol

Going home...

I started crying today because i felt like my faja didnt fit (big) and im scared to get burned. But my doctors assistant Lucy conforted me, was really nice, and best of all fixed the faja. The most pain i have is soreness on my back but with the pain killers it goes away.

My experience

I arrived at Cecilip on march 9th around 6:45am and the cardiologist was waiting for me. He took me to a room to ask me a few questions, checked me and did an EKG. (Did blood work the day before and it went up from 12.9 to 13.3) then I was taken to a room where i spoke to the anestesiologist, got my iv and the doctor marked me. As soon as i saw her i felt like i knew her i loved how she explained everything and had so much patience. She ordered the nurse to do a treatment (nebulizer) on me before surgery since im asthmatic then to give me the famous blue pill and take me in to surgery. The pill didnt do anything to me so we walked into the surgery room and my Diva was there with the anestesiologist and a few other nurses. I was told to sit in the position for the epidural and i was given something in my iv to put me to sleep so i dont remember what happened between me sitting and waking up in my cute lil room snatched. I was so happy to wake up and see that everything turned out good. Later that afternoon i saw my Diva (tanger castillo) again and showed her all the medicine i brought from us and she wrote the directions for each and every medicine on a prescription so i wouldnt forget plus a few more that she prescribed. I barely slept that night since im not used to sleeping on my back. I was given dinner and breakfast the next day then got discharged around 10:30 am. The painful part of it its my back and my sides because of the lipo but the meds help alot. Im just annoyed at the fact that you have to walk like an old lady so the scar wont stretch out. Im in love with how everyone treated me. The clinic is so clean and well organized. Ladys i hope this helped if you have any questions let me know

Draining and itchy lol

Still havent post pics because it wont do any justice since i cant stand up straight until the 10th day and im full of pads under my faja. Sleeping is uncomfortable
Since i got lipo on my back and you can only sleep on your back when you get a TT. Starting my massages today let see how that goes...

8 days post op

Im soooo in love with my shape, my scar, and belly button. I want to cry right now lol. You can see my shape even though im swollen (just got my first massage) my scar is sooooo thin and my belly button is so cute. I feel much better after the massage. You feel relieved but ughh still have this drain hopefully I get that removed soon !!!

2nd massage

Ladies bring lots of anti itch cream. Im always itchy lol the doctor said its part of healing and the skin attaching to idk what lol. Be ready for the massages (they're no joke) yesterday i bought my new faja and the girl at the store put it on for me and she put it on the first row of hooks today the girl that does my massages put it on the third one. I was amazed

12 days post op

Last night i had to go to cecilip (thank god its 24 hours) because my drain wasnt working. I wrote to dra. castillo and explain to her that i would compress it and it would inflate within minutes (its not suppost to) so she told me to go and they changed it for a new one. Im suppost to get it removed wednesday and thank god because that means i can shower. I have gotten 5 massages and even though they hurt at the moment you start feeling better and better. I miss my kids and my husband so much i cant wait to leave...will post pictures later (my waist gets smaller and smaller with the massages) so happy !!

12 days post op...

Well today im 12 days. (Thought it was more) got my 7th massage and even though im still swollen and sore it feels better and better everyday. Going tomorrow hopefully to get my drain removed (so tired of it). My faja burned me a little (forgot to mention before) on my lower back left side but its getting better. Doesnt seem like its going to leave a mark. Washed and blowed dryed my hair today (felt so good) just waitting for that bomb shower (tired of those wipes). Here are some pics...

Ughh its 13 days********

These days got me confused lol

Got my drain removed...

I feel so relieved and free lol. I was expecting more pain but it only hurt a little when she was taking the stitches off to remove the drain. After that i went to get my "real" faja since she wouldn't let me change the soft one because im asthmatic. Feels tight but this is the one that's going to shape me up.

20 days post op ...

So im home now. I got here Saturday and took a shower (i was so scared) lol. I wore my compression socks for the flight and my feet still got swollen. Thank god I have help here because i cant even pick up my son. I have to sit on my couch or the bed and play with him. She said i can't bend down or pick up anything heavy until after a month or 2. My scar scabs are peeling and im not so itchy anymore. Im going crazy trying to find someone who does the massages here (even though i got 10 in dr) I want more

23 days post op

Before i went in for surgery i didnt like my belly button because i had scars. The scars were from when i tied my tubes. They go in through the bottom and top of your belly button so i said that if my belly button came out ugly after the surgery i was going to pierce it. BUT tanger did such a good job on my scar and belly button that i dont even want to get it pierced. You can barely see my scar all the scabs are falling off and my belly button look cute and real lol. I been shower everyday with the help of my husband and i promise you even though is a lil frustrating at first (and i was scared lol) it gets better and easier.

28 days post op

I started my second round of massages yesterday and i feel so much better. I have a wrap around your waist foam on and have my xsmall faja on the second row. Heres a few pictures of my journey but i feel like in person it looks even better. I got complimented on my incision by the 2 girls that give the massages and it felt so good because that was one of my fears they said that the doctor did a good job because it was thin, low and didn't leave me hanging skin on the beginning of each side like the other doctors do. My belly button is healing good i just keep a cotton so it wont close so much. I have no patience and i felt desperate sometimes because i wanted to see my results right away so this was a challenge for me but its worth the pain and the money lol

1 month & 16 days

I feel so good every time I look at my self in the mirror. Yesterday I went inside a store with my sister in law and bought a lingerie lol can you believe i went from a large to a small and even that was a little big. I got my xsmall faja (fajate) taken in a few days ago and im about to go into my second row. My lower back and my sides are a little stiff but getting better with the massages im getting here. My clothes don't fit only my pants but not from the waist so after the 3 months im going to buy more clothes.

Loving the progress

Already 17 pounds down since surgery and Tired of this faja but its worth it.

2 months & 8 days

I sent these pictures to the doctor and she told me that I look great and it'll keep getting better. This been a great journey full of different types of emotions including regret but its part of the healing process. Im still healing and getting massages because my lower back hurts when I lay down or touch it. Im so happy I chose dra. Castillo, she helped me get my confidence back. I will refer her to anyone I know
Dr. Tanger Castillo

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