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Hello Robles Barbies and all other Barbies! I'm so...

Hello Robles Barbies and all other Barbies! I'm so nervous I'm new to this community but I've been lurking for some time lol :-)!! I've been reading and looking at pics of the previous sx Dr Robles did and I'm very excited, I originally had a scheduled date in Miami for 7450 but that didn't include air fare, hotel, and all other items so I decided to go with DR Robles. I'm nervous and I hope all goes well. I booked my flight ticket and my current hemo levels are a 12.5 I'm anemic. Last year my levels were low 6.7 and I've been taking my vitamins and my levels have gone up. As I keep stating I'm nervous but the contact Laura keeps with me let's me I'll be fine. I'm not sure if I'm going alone as my husband wants me to wait for sx but I can't I've waited 7 years and I need it now.!!! Thanks ladies and I hope to hear from fellow barbies going as well.

4 month pre op photos

Wanted to add some photos

Hey ladies

I think I'm madly in love with the curves that DR Robles creates lol. But I've been in contact with Laura she seems really busy. I also sent a deposit and booked my flight maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm extremely happy :-) my husband seems as he's happy but not as happy as I am! But anywho I chose her because the reviews and photos I saw here from fellow Robles Barbies and I'm overly ready. Feb hurry up

I'm confirmed

This is unreal I can't wait now!! Laura sent me my reservations this afternoon whoo hoooo hurry up feb

108 days left

Ugh I have 108 days left and it. Feels like years to come lol but I will start to purchase things to pack as November comes in. I just don't wanna buy too much and over pack, I was thinking if I should buy button down pajamas idk why but I feel like I will be cold I have a list of things I will upload soon

Change of procedure

I've always wanted boobs being that I'm a small b cup. I sat down yesterday and all I think about is getting this down so when I emailed Laura to change the procedure I requested a quote for BA, TT, and lipo to the waist. I'm waiting for the quote and respond back from Laura. I really want the tummy tuck and lipo I have a booty already, I mean it's not a nicki minak booty but it's round enough for me now. I think the tummy tuck, lipo and breast aug will bring my body back out, I just love to see women wearing those crop tops with jeans and I get sad and always say that used to be me! I've been taking the vitamins for about 3 weeks now my hemo level was 12.5 in September so I'm really hoping that by jan it will be high enough to do all three! Thanks ladies for listening my husband thanks I'm crazy with all the talk and he goes just do it already

Hey Barbies

Hey ladies hope everyone is doing great! I went and applied for my passport Monday me and hubby and he booked his flight yesterday, he's worried that we won't sit together but I told him we could try on that day at the gate. The days seem to be flying by with thanksgiving next week and soon it will be Dec. I'm nervous just a tab bit I pray that everything goes well I have yet to purchase anything with the holidays and work but as Dec rolls in I will start. We'll take care barbs those who have had surgery already happy healing and I see those snatched waists (lol) and those who are going prayers and good luck

Passport Came

Passport arrived in 2 weeks which is great!! My time is slowly coming and I will start to prepare hopefully before Christmas if not I will start my supply list after. Still taking my vitamins, I didn't gain or lose weight just staying at 180 also I'm 5'4


change of doctor

hey ladies i will no longer be having surgery with dra robles in DR. I will be going to Dr Ary Krau at CG Cosmetic center. i was told by my coordinator i wouldnt need any supplies but know i will if any dolls have any ideas or lists of things needed in the states i would appreciate it.

Deposit in locked the date

Hey ladies, hope all is well! I had to push my sx date back until April so it gives me time to save more money because I woukd like to do my mommy makeover and be done. I could just go for the tt with lipo but to pay for flight and recovery house twice I don't want to do I woukd like to heal at once. Huh I'm sad about it but I know I'll be fine for summer time

Changed lodging details

Hi ladies I hope everyone's holidays were a pleasant one :-) I just need a little bit of help originally I was going to stay at a recovery house but then that recovery house didn't turn out to be what I expected and there you really dont get help, my husband is coming with me an we found a hotel but what I need help with is those who already had surgery or those who were traveling to a hotel what supplies did you bring or buy just to accomadate you at the hotel. I'm having a mommy makeover so I'm thinking chux's, maybe a bed wedge, my husband said no I can just use extra pillows, maxi pads, comfy dresses, arnica gel, funnel to pee, robes for drains, cotton tank tops for wear under faja, socks essential things, my coordinator at Cg told me I wouldn't be changing any dressings I was going to bring the gauze and things, Benadryl for itching, back scratcher, I have mostly the other things but I'm guessing so I don't soil the bed with blood the most important thing is chux, I'm going crazy trying to make sure everything is okay and Yadira tells me don't worry I won't need a lot and also my blood wouldn't be dropping anywhere ugh help


So good thing i called cg today Yadi informed me that dr Freiman will be off the week of April and I would have to do surgery April 3 with Dr Krau.

Bed wedge

I'm staying at a hotel do you ladies think I should get a bed wedge for the tummy tuck post op or should pillows do it. Also I have purchased neosporin, gauze, chux pads, and medical tape


So since dr Freiman will be off my original date I'm hoping dr Krau will give me up to 450 CC's saline hp I'm really hoping if not no less then 350 along with my tummy tuck and lipo

Time feels likes it moving slowly

45 days

With the time slowly passing by I have started to receive supplies and pack my bag I'm so excited. Hubby asked me today am I ready and my answer was hell yes

33 days


Still taking my vitamins as requested and I will have another lab test in 2 weeks since the blood work is only usable for 30 days

Question or pre op Miami ladies

Hi ladies good afternoon I have a quick question I'm wondering if I should pack sweat suits with hoods to hold the drains for pre op appointments or to wear after surgery? I have two packed In my bag and I know it will be hot, I also have maxi dresses but I wanted to bring one to wear there the day of surgery seeing I may be cold going back to the hotel. Any answers would be greatly appreciated..

Countdown 22 days

I wrote a whole paragraph and then my phone wouldn't upload

Doctor visit/ blood work

Yesterday I went to my doctor to get blood work done again and she was asking me questions about the vitamins I take, my birth control method and about the surgeon. I told her I take 2 types of iron one which has vitamin c and on that don't. She asked if I get constipated I told her some days I do and I have a laxative. She told me that I should only take one iron and one vitamin C. I asked her if I should stop taking my vitamins prior to surgery and she said no only if they have a high amount of Vitamin E so I'm clear on that. She also stated that I should get my re up depo shot at the end of the month so I would be covered for another 3 months I'm happy I asked her that because I wanted to be sure it wouldnt interfere with anything. She warned me that 2 weeks prior I shouldn't take anything Tylenol ibueprfon and stuff but I know that for sure. All was well and I'm waiting for my results so I can fax them to Yadira and I'll be paying my balance by Monday morning. I'm overly excited now that this is happening but I'm also worried about the recovery time

Mommy makeover in full effect

Lab work back

I received my lab work back yesterday and my hemo levels are the same since Dec. My doctor told me not worry but I was seeing so many profiles on here where people were taking all these different types of iron boosters and there hemo levels went up. I tried and however levels stayed the same. I won't worry at all about it

I'm Ready I'm ready

In my spongebob voice (lol)! I've decided to buy to more maxi dresses and two more front close bras the previous ones I purchased are two small but I will take them and see how they are. 9 days until I fly out

life changing moment

Hey dolls, last week i had a life changing event and sad to say my husband will no. Longer be able to go with me this week when i leave. He is alive and well i had to find a recovery home being that i wouldn't be able to stay alone at the hotel. Then this past Friday i caught the stomach virus wheew im stressed and hoping I'll feel Better by Tuesday i fly out Wednesday morning. My stomach has been cramping and i have constant diarrhea tmi sorry! I pray that all will be okay say a prayer dolls for my husband and me thank you

arrived in miami

Arrived at 12 my nurse im staying with Madga is wonderful she picked me up from the airport and took me straight to CGCC i signed dozens of papers and received my prescriptions

630 am show time

I'm ready I'm nervous and excited received my call from CG to be there early for the first surgery of the day

Here for surgery

Hey dolls morning i just wanna ask that you say a prayer for me this morning. Guide the doctors hands and let him be with the OR team thanks ladies.

Shower moment

Have a shower felt like heaven but before the shower I was regretting this because this pain and discomfort is horrible. I think it's way worst then having a baby but then again I know I really wanted this so I suck it up and don't forget to take my meds

it gets easier

Morning everyone. Ive been feeling better day by day, they have me wearing a strap so the implants fall sooner amd thats another pain in the butt. Ive stopped taking the perocect because of the side effects and im taking Tylenol extra strength and my muscle relaxant no more pain just discomfort i know it gets better day by day. Im ready to go home and see my family but i think i will fly back with one drain. There's a drain that draining less then 25 and the other one maybe 60 every 12 hours we'll see tomorrow

Almost 2 weeks post op

Home feeling some what normal i notice if i sit for too long my legs swell. I havent taken off the tape on my scars because im afraid to see what they look like. Dr Krau said after two weeks to remove them. My drains came out after 10days because i was still draining from one drain a lot when that happened i text him and he told me it was normal everyone drains at a different rate and to have them removed at 10 days post. I had them removed and felt way better, As soon as they were out i put my compression garment on and noticed its not tight enough so i have to get it taken in until i buy a smaller size. I was so worried yesterday because the bottom of my tummy was rock hard i texted Dr Krau and he told me that Lymphatic massages work before i received his response i added my ab board and this morning the middle hardness was gone only on the sides so basically i need more compression ill have to buy another board and smaller garment. All and all i love Dr Krau and what he done was amazing. Ill post pictures with my scars after i remove the tape.


Will add more pictures soon

9 weeks post op

Hey everyone hope all is well I've been healing great except I noticed I have a buldge in th top of my abdomen when sitting I don't know if it's from swelling or organs shifting with this tight muscle repair but I hope it goes down when everything is final. I also noticed my scar is higher then i wanted it but overall I love my results and dr krau is amazing!!!! I haven't heard not one peep from my coordinators once I signed all the papers and had surgery but hey. Once again Dr krau is amazing though pre op staff at cgcc is amazing and very helpful my coordinator was great up until I had surgery

4.5 post op

Love love love my results and my surgeon. I think I need a little more lipo or I'm just addicted but i love it. I could just fly back to Miami and give Dr Krau a big hug

Hey RS ladies

It's been a while I've been enjoying my new TT it's been a year and two months but now I want my belly pierced I'm wondering did any other ladies do it how did it you thank you for the responses and I hope you all heal nicely ????

Dr Ary Krau is my surgeon

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