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Finally ready to shine and stop feeling sorry for...

Finally ready to shine and stop feeling sorry for myself! Done with this excess weight and flab that I've been carrying since the babies...I am finally going to do something about it as gyming isn't quiet doing nothing for me..yep csections are rough on the bod..down payment sent $300!!! Ready for my sexy me! DR here I comeeeee!!!! May 5th with amazing and beautiful DR. mEdina !

Hi let me introduce myself..

I am 33yrs young and have 2wonderful children. Prior to having kids, I was once a busty curvy lady who wore a size 3/5 jeans and was a 34c..I had a nice plump natural bum ..however once baby#2 came, it has been a downward spiral since. I spent $$$ on diet pills, regimens, Jenny Craig not to mention hours and hours of gym time to no avail. I can't loose this darn extra skin. For those that don't understand, I had 2 csections( yes my children were enormous 9lbs and 10lbs,how? Well their dad is 6ft tall and I'm only 5'2) and concern u have ur stomach cut and ripped open the skin and muscles just doesn't go back to its original shape..so I look like a darn kangaroo with a pouch. Trust me it's nasty. I can't wear bikinis or anything that tight.I literally have to tuck this extra skin under my panty to fit in certain outfits..I have been depressed about my body. My self esteem was at a 10 now it's at a 4..I can't have sex with the lights on as I feel so concious with my bod eventhou my husband says he adores it(yea right..lol) anyway I got tired of feeling pitty for myself , with the full support of my loving hubby and family , i finally decided to do something for myself! Yey for me!! ???? originally I opted to having surgery here I the US. I had a consultation done with one of the best plastic surgeon in NY, pictures taken and they showed me what I would look like post op which just opened my eagerness to get this surgery done. Barbie! Until of course when they told me how much everything wud cost me..choked up at the mention of $16k..my dream was completely shattered. Until a friend of mine whom I haven't see for years bumped into me..she looked different and my god her body was amazing after all these years.she told me of her secret rendezvous in DR! Told me of this site and soon as I got home that day, I have been stalking and doing my research in here. Finally was able to narrow it down to DR.Baez-sweet lady with good results. We emailed back and forth for about 3x. i was so ready to send my down payment with her but then she went MIA..I couldn't get a hold of this lady for the love of God. I was trying to hook her up with an aunt of mine who also wants surgery and maybe we cud go together..her replies were either 1 word or 1sentence for days and weeks on end. So I kept on researching and low and behold the wonderful dr.MEdina's name came up on my screen. I read all her reviews, went to her sites, critiqued her dolls - who by the way looked perfect! , saw her in YouTube ..messaged her a week later and she replied withing hours! I was sold not only with her work but her persona and dedication to her patients..I sent in my deposit to secure my date the very next day. May 5th is the date of my new beginning! That's when Im gna start living ,loving and enjoying myself again! Oh I can't wait!!!

Let's get personal - pre surgery pics

Good lawrd!!! This is so embarrassing but heck ..here goes nothing.

My wish pics...

Praying to God that I can get this bodies! Small waist and nice boundacious bottom! I'm not asking for a humongous one but enough to break necks lol

To loose weight or not to loose weight that is the question...

Well folks as I said before,I've sent countless of inquiries to MD's here in real self and in the US, showed them pics of my nakedness "eewww" body..I am right now at 146lbs. All of them including my Dra Medina told me to get to the body I want , I cannot I repeat cannot loose any more weight!!! They need all the fat cells they could harvest. I have to stay in my current weight or gain some but no more than 160lbs. I feel heavy as it is, I do love to eat but I think I'll stay at my current weight or my 150limit.

Breakdown of future DR expenses :

So I am getting TT, Bbl, lipo body sculpture for $4500( -$300 down payment) due on day of surgery is $4200. My MD has already set up this lovely recovery center for me (which I appreciate a lot so I cud just worry about surgery and not having to cram,look and book for a decent RH) it- cost about $75/day x10days =$750 this includes all ur meals, snacks, room, AC, wifi and yes 24/7 licensed Nurse!!! She will also provide a driver for me the whole entire time im there to take me anywhere- that costs about $100. So what's the grand total due on day of surgery?? $5,050 cash and must be in US dollars. Then let's go down to the extra curriculars: 1. $150 -get it ready for ur 2nd stage FAjate( the 1st one will be provided by md.please folks, under any circumstances do not purchase any FAjate pre surgery! As what I've read and friends telling me, if u purchase one before surgery, it will be a waste of money as in most cases it would either still be too big for you or not the recommended style- so please fight the urge!). 2. $300- u need atleast 10 sessions of the necessary and much needed lymphatic massages post op. 3. Spending money of $200/300 - make sure they are in U.S. $20s. U can get them changes when ur over her ( $1 = 44 DR pesos)..and yes tip please the locals really appreciate it and As the saying goes money =good service. 4. Dra Medina will write scripts for tx & medicines post OP and $150 should cover those( she tells u all the meds shell prescribe in her consultation review and summary via email) - hmm I suggest u buy them here folks! Everything if u can..I will post soon promise! Oh and I read in some cases in DR- this will be no.5 on my list- is that ur asked to slip $10 on the port authority /customs over there. My coworker tells me they do this to scam tourist. If u don't want scandal or headache just give in or u cud directly go to the U.S. citizens only line and if someone approach u asking, simply embarrass them by talking loudly about why they are asking $10 for?! Sooo folks Ill leave no.5 to ur discretion.

Cecilip - MEdina's castle!

This plastic surgery center is beyond amazeballs! Talk about hi end and upbeat environment! No wonder why they only have prestige well acclaimed MDs on staff ..

Medina's dolls- chin up & strut ur stuff u beautiful women you!

Pictures and reviews says a thousands words! Dr. Tania MEdina is one miracle worker! She transformed these ladies to bombshells worth posting and bragging about! She truly is gifted and blessed with good eyes and hands. I can't wait to have my pic worthy to be next to these queens

List of What to bring part 1 - for Tx post op

Combining what I've read from seasoned dolls experiences + dr. Medina's list + my RN background I have made a list of the necessary things that I'll be taking to DR with me

cont of LIst of what to bring part1- for post op tx


Plane ticket bought! Omgeeee!!!

It's starting to really hit me now! Just got my ticket from United airlines! Leaving for DR on 5/4/15 at 9a! Eeeeppp!!! It just got real ..like really for real folks! Updated Loren( dr medina's assistant ). So DR here I come! Officially 4weeks till beautiful sexy fab me! ????happy happy joy joy

Starting to get nervous !

3 weeks till I leave for DR. Spoke to Dra medina tonight and Lauren (her assistant). Mixed emotions kicking in...I am super excited but a whole lotta nervous! I feel heavier now..yes I gained a few ..I am now at 149lbs ???????? bought most of my stuff for Dr. But still unsure as to how I'm taking all that money with to DR as I don't feel safe carrying that much cash with....

Deforest-ing the vajay jay before surgery

So I normally shave down there..yes tmi I am completely bald eagle... I was told that shaving pre op is not recommended as unseen skin tears from the blade can lead and increases the chances of one getting an infection which is not what we want post op..but having the thought of not shaving for days after surgery is just out of the question..the itchiness, the stickiness and smell oh boy u know how the hair traps the smell..esp when you are not allowed to shower for a week! So yea I was told it's best to get a Brazilian wax 5/6 days before surgery. Although most MD doesn't mind hair, am sure they would appreciate trimmed bush or bald eagle and you would def feel better days after surgery...so appointment made for my 1st Brazilian wax 6 days before my surgery date!

Medications I'll be bringing to DR!

So I figured to cut cost i rather get my meds here and take it to DR plus my insurance covers some of the other meds that needs scripts ..thanks to our In house MD at work who wrote scripts for me without giving me a hard time once I told her what I needed them for....so here it is...

Female urinal - a must have!

Folks it's important to buy urself a urinal device that will allow you to urinate standing up. It will be ur best friend as u will be so stiff and in pain to sit down...besides ur not even supposed to sit after a bbl. So I got mine from target for $9.99 it's the GO GIrl urinal device..I found out Walmart sells them too and it's by their sporting goods section. Check ur local Walmart if they carry this to save u some shipping cost. There's also other products online that's same - funnel like urinal device (Shewee , peezee- to name a few), all have the same function but I find go girl is better as it has like a suction cup mouth/opening.

Even skin healing with foams!!!!!

So I read plenty of horrific post op disaster stories from using the compression garment..it created permanent dents, creases on the side of the skin. I'd be damned if I go through all of this $$, travel and pain and coming out looking like crumpled paper because of some "glitch" in my healing process which cudve been easily prevented or avoided by using foams and boards...not only does this product protect ur skin, it helps with contouring, swelling, bruising and compression. So get them before surgery and spend the extra bucks! God knows this is the time you don't want to take any chances...I know I won't . Heck this surgery is already costing me so much that I wouldn't want to go back to get a revision. Heeding the precaution from some of the seasoned vets in here, I went and got the tummy flattening board for $27.99 and the lower back flattening board - triangle $14.99 both from the pink room. I ordered 5 lipo foams for $7.99 each from contourmd.com , those u put on the sides and on ur back.

This is why it's necessary to purchase and use Lipo foam pads and boards!

Don't take chances! Just go on and get these!better safe than sorry later..compression garments can cause permanent skin damage!

This is why it's necessary to purchase lipofoams and boards!!

Don't take chances just go on and get these! Better safe than sorry later! Compression garments can cause permanent skin damage! Use precautions so u won't regret later. I am no way an endorser of contourmd or pink room..I just thought I'd share with u where I got mine at a cheap price.

How to get and keep that cuff after BBL

This amazing Bbl veteran was kind enough to share her secret with us...as u can see her bountiful buttocks are gorgeous! She cuts a panty house and ties it just under her butt. She wears this under her garment religiously everyday for a month..I'm going to do the same! ????I think an elastic bra strap will also work.

Back scratcher

Yes u will need it! From what I read, many vets mentioned that they were so itchy post op (from garment and skin healing) ..and how they wished they brought a back scratcher. So I went to the dollar store and got me this. I like how it's compact for storage and u can stretch it longer if I need to. ???? do urself a favor and get one! Trust and believe u will need it .

Under chin lipo

I have a bit of a double neck..heck I'm getting everything done anyway, why not ask if I cud get my double chin lipoed while im at it. So spoke w/ dr. Medina- sent her pics..for $300 extra im getting my neck lipoed!! Yey! No more double chin!!!! Beats spending $2500 to get it done here in the US. 2more weeks till DR baby!!!

Ready and packed...

Omggggg it's really hitting me! So ready and nervous at the same time. So ur allowed 50lbs of luggage and a small carry on...I don't know how but I managed to fit everything. Had to take certain items out of boxes and placed them in ziploc bags. Super excited! In 6days I'll be in DR!

Whats inside my luggage..

So since there's a weight limit, I have taken everything in boxes out and put them in ziploc bags..it made everything fit and guess what? My luggage only weights 143lbs with everything in it ! Yey!

What's inside my luggage

All treatments & toiletries

What's inside my carry on luggage

What I packed: 7 white tank tops, 6 long tube socks, 7 granny panties( large Hanes), 5 pajama loose sleeveless dresses, 5 cute loose sleeveless maxi/sundress( again, who says u can't look cute post op?! As what I read from vets, Dominican women are dress to impress so make sure u blend in!lol yes u will b in pain but atleast u look presentable), 2 long skirts, 3 loose shirt tops, 1 house slippers, 1 flat shoes/ sandals, 3 sports bra.

One more day till beautiful me

Mixed emotions... Super excited but scared shit at the same time...ofcourse u have those family nay Sayers that messes with ur head...doesn't help with my anxiety levels at all..tryin to tune them out. Yesterday I got my "Virgin " deforested.god that Brazilian wax hurt like hell but it's all well worth it as I am smooth as a baby's bottom down there..I think I'll be waxing from now on instead of shaving. Spending time with my family today cuz u never know...I'm praying to God all will go well. Pray for me dolls! Btw just got done watching the avengers! Go watch it! It's amazeballs

Touch down! Made it to DR

Omgggg the country is beautiful!!!! People are great and very welcoming! Driver is so good giving us a brief history of the country and place we pass by. I'm able to use my phone in the taxi and update u guys thanks to his wifi! Heading to get labs done now the. To recovery home..after which we are going to explore DR! I hope the doll I met at the airport is ok..her she couldn't find her driver..I felt bad leaving her there by herself

Centro medico Dominicano- lab work

Praying labs go well and hemo is up! Need to hear all is ok and I can do everything (surgeries) as planned...

Lab work...

After all the wait ...drum roll pleaseeeee.....blood work is A- ok!!!!!!wohooo all is a go so far! Thank u lord

Mini tour of DR

The country is beautiful!!!! The food is beyond amazeballs!! Yes we went to eat cuz we will be NPO( nothing by mouth) after 10pm tonight

Welcome to Cecilip

This is where my aunt & I are staying for the night and having our surgery w/ Dra medina.. Filling out paperworks and getting settled in while waiting for cardiologist and to meet Dra. Medina

Getting acquainted with MDs..

Met psychologist, cardiologist - tests interviews done- all is ok!!! Yey! LAuren came (dr. Medina assistant) and went through everything with my aunt & I..gave her the monies...folks be prepared to give her surgery fee, recovery home fee( $750) driver fee ($100), massage fee($250), insurance fee ( this is mandatory $150). Dra medina is such a beautiful soul inside and out..anyway my aunt & I flipped a coin as to whose going first...and guess what? She's going first! Woosah!!! So surgery for her starts at 5a. Blue pill (I think it's ativan) is gna be given to calm the nerves. After which off to surgery you go. U are given a blue Disposable hospital gown to wear . The staff in cecilip have us food to eat at 9:15a - beef with pepper onions and potatoes. Then NOTHING AFTER 10p

The day is here!!!!! Ready to get out from my cocoon into a beautiful butterfly!

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! Thank u lord, I ask that you please keep us safe today and the days after the surgery. Dolls, prayers in numbers is powerful...therefore I am asking that you pray for us. Thank you in advance! So this is what happens the day of surgery..1. Shower with dial soap, no creams/lotions afterwards. Then you wear the blue gown, hair cap & booties they provide. 2. You get hooked into an IV (ringers lactate to be exact) - about 3 bottles ..yes u will pee like crazy lol. 3. Dra. Medina comes in, talks to you..gives you the 411. This is the time u tell her what you want. Show pictures of ur wish bod. Good news!! My wish pic is attainable per md! Yey!!! Plus incision site will be lower than my c-sections????!!! She then takes pic of u in different angles 4. Painting session- Md marks u up..5. In comes nurse POlonia (sweet as ever, she loves to call you "princessa"), gives u Antibiotics via IV 6. Dr. medina mouth feeds you the "BLue calming pill"- Ativan. 7. Off to the OR you go.. Assisted by Polonia

Hear Ye hear Ye I have made it to the flat side! Officially a medina doll!

Wohoooo!!! I Cudnt update u folks right after surgery..I was sooo grogy. No pain but so grogy and sleepy.. I pretty much slept throughout the night. Where to begin, after I got wheeled to OR, they hooked me up to stuff and immediately after I laid down in the operating table, they started work on me...I was knocked out by then ofcourse..but let me tell you, I did wake up once they were down with my behind. Didn't feel the pain thou. They kept covering my face with like a tent thing so I don't see shit but it wasn't thick enough so I can peek through a bit. Why why did I have to do that?! Ughh so yea it was like in the movie saw lets just put it that way. Anyway, after that as they were trying to put on the faja...God I'm even embarrass to say this, they realized Ive had poop on myself- loose BM, mds said this is normal with some patients from the anesthesia. They had to clean me good to prevent infection..dried me and then put the faja. My aunt said I was out for 5hrs...

1st night--acid, gassy = vomiting

So soon after they brought in my meal tray, like I said I was too grogy to eat anything. I only took jello and the darn guabana juice and tea with sugar..folks don't drink anything with sugar post op.this made my tummy cray cray. I started to vomit. I cud feel the acid coming up and down. Btw, this is normal- nausea and vomiting post op. This was around 1am mind you..poor nurses had to run around with a basin for me. They gave me antacid via IV - Zantac then Prilosec again just a few min ago..so far so good. I'm hungry thou. Kitchen is closed. I regret not packing a bag of crackers and bottle of ginger ale/ sprite - this is what I give my patients w/ N&V (nausea & vomiting ) back at work.

1st massage session

So today they have my aunt and I sit up, I really enjoyed it as being in bed really hurt my behind..nurse then came and assisted is back to bed.took garment off for washing and now waiting on masseuse to get our lymphatic massage done...dreading it already

Lymphatic drain massage

So we got our first massage today. Contrary to what everyone has been saying, it actually wasn't that bad at all ..pain wise. I kinda enjoyed it. There were parts in my skin that were more sensitive but all in all it was really tolerable. I was giggling as the machine tickled me when she passed it by my tummy area. My massage therapist's name is Anne, funny lady. Made u feel so comfortable. She's so pretty too..I don't know what's up with this country but everyone so far that I met are gorgeous and with a big butt. Damn lol so she took her time to clean me, soap and water all over my body just before the massage.after she was done with the massage, she helped me get dressed with lauren(dr. Medinas assistant) .they truly care and awesome. Dr. Medina came 2x to check up on auntie & I.

Off to my home recovery we go...

So Jorge came to pick us up 2hours after we got finished with the massage and ate some snack. Got to recovery home ..(btw we were at cecilip for 2nights) . Although it was a short travel, it left us exhausted. Took our meds and collapsed in bed. Nurses are great. I will take pics tomorrow. Anyway, about the meds- I took from home which helped a lot as the prices are ridiculously expensive. However there was 1antibiotic that dr medina forgot to mention in her email and a cream fro bruising- so I had to get those- LAuren got them for me, we gave her the exact$ for it so we didn't have to worry about change or not getting anything back..spent $55 on those 2 meds alone. So I suggest u buy yours in the US

2 meds that I had to get as Dra. Forgot to add it to her list

So folks get these if u can..clindamycin antibiotic and this cream which is different from arnica

Went to see medina today!

So Jorge our driver came to pick us up on time , went to medina's castle(cecilip). There were so many girls post op meeting her. It was such a good feeling to see them doing well & that we are going to be the same in just couple of days..wounds are looking good..she dressed them for me. She showed me pics of before and after and holy cow what a big difference. Even with all the swelling u can already see it. I'm so excited! She then takes more pics of me and asked if I would allow her to post my pics for her site, I laughed and told her absolutely.anything for her. She gave me a hug and thanked me. Awee DRa medina is the sweetest! May I add that when Annie called me her daughter, Dra medina corrected her and told her that she's my mom not Annie, cuz she birthed a new me! Lol next appointment is Monday. Back at recovery house. Fresh juice salad meat and rice for lunch..it was good. Going to take a nap now dolls! Thank you for being with me in this journey

Girls just like to have fun

It was fun seeing these wonderful dolls at cecilip with us

My home recovery

Massage time

Driver , wifi and $$$

So I got a legit concern from another doll.. What happens after landing in Dr? Communication to family back home? Cash or western/green dot to carry in DR? So as soon as you one in DR, if ur a U.S. citizen, u do have to pay the $10 fee. After that u get in line and get asked what ur here for, where ur staying & how many days Ull be in Dr.. Then u walk towards exit, it's hot in dr so don't wear anything heavy! Ur driver will be waiting right outside for you with a big sign of ur name. After he helps u inside the cab, ask him to give u the wifi and pword. Oh make sure I download whatsapp ! It's free text and phone service anywhere in the world. No roaming charges! Once u get to the clinic ask them again for the wifi and pword. Same goes once ur in the recovery home. As for ur monies- take cash! Don't worry and don't spend the extra $$ for western union. Just make sure u have a body strap purse with plenty of zippered pocket space. Make sure u put the money in an envelope then inside the zippered pocket that u will not be opening at all till u get to md office. Separate from ur passport and spending money- like the $10 and just a couple of single bills. The rest again I can keep in that zippered pocket. Once u get to ur recovery home, they have a safe with lock & a key for you. U can keep all ur valuables inside. Carry the key with u at all times. Do urself a favor, get atleast $50 worth of $1bills and atleast $80 worth of $5bills -just incase/ spending money. U don't want to have to worry about not getting any change back if u asked someone to get u anything...oh by the way bring crackers!!! Yes crackers and ginger ale atleast 2 bottles just incase u have the acid reflux, nausea & vomiting after surgery like I did...or u can ask someone to get u sprite here. They don't have ginger ale. Good luck!

Day 3 post op ...

In the recovery home ur garments are washed and dried 5x for free after that you'll have to pay $5. Plus each additional clothing is also $5. They suggest washing ur faja every 3days. That's y it's important to bring ur peezee so u don't mess ur faja when u urinate. So today I got my FAjate washed..Got the massage again while waiting for faja to dry..she washed me up 1st then gave me the massage...oh boy that massage is no joke! U will scream bloody murder but it's necessary. After thou once Ann runs that cream on u, u will feel better. Oh I forgot to mention I finally pooed today yey! I know TMI but with anesthesia ur peristalsis is slow. It's important u take ur stool softener every day and pass gas ..time urself that u must poop no longer than 3days otherwise tell ur MD.

Md and nurses in recovery house

There is an MD that will check on u every 8hrs- b/p & pulse ox. Nurse is there to check up on u also. They bring u fresh bottled water throughout the day. Every time u ring ur call bell they come running..the doctor and nurses take turns every 3days as what I understood. They stay in recovery home for 3days at a time then a different md & nurse comes in. The cook, the cleaner actually lives 24/7 in the recovery home. Oh and btw when u poop, make sure u ring the bell..the nurse will come clean u up good cuz u can't reach back there..trust me ur gna need her help doing that

Fresh food and juice every meal

4 day post update

So it's been hell sleeping..I think I mustve slept a total of 4hrs these past few days..trust and believe getting bbl & TT together is no joke. U can't sleep on ur stomach cuz of ur TT. u have to sit and sleep in ur behind and trust me that boppy pillow doesn't hell much. I got hips too so I can't even sleep on my sides. It's been agonizing. But today my aunts Inlaw who lives in DR got me a beach chair..we cut a hole in the middle and omgggg what a life saver! I can sit and sleep in this chair with my legs propped up on table. It's sooo comfy. I love it. The other girls who got bbls looked at me crazy but soon as they tried it, they all wanted one. So I suggest u get one of these collapsible beach chairs on ur journey..it's going to save ur fat cells from dying and will give u comfort!

Life saver!


I encourage u to not get a solo room for urself. It's great to have roommates. U truly become sisters..share experiences with and motivate eachother to do more than lay around being miserable in bed. It truly is a blessing ..tonight's dinner was fish & mashed potato- blah! So we all decided to put together $ and get KFC! They deliver folks! Yey! So good..shhhh no one tell our MD's pls lol were all gathered laughing and watching movies tonight! ?? 3new girls came in and we all welcomed them with open arms

Update ..1week & 1 day post op

Hello dolls.. I'm sorry for haven't been updating u guys lately. Where do I even begin...let's start from Sunday, Mother's Day..belated btw to all the mommies out there. So Mother's Day I was 5days post op. Against my good judgment, I got suckered in to going out with aunt to her bf's family house..I tried my hardest to get my way out of it, but aunt put the guilt trip on me & since her Inlaw has been our go to girl here and it's her house were going, I felt obligated to..plus she sweeten up the deal as she was gna wash our hair and pedi at her house..2hours was the time limit aunt said..let me tell u it was hot! They didn't have AC and only had 1fan..it was excruciating hot!! Plus I had all these lipo foam on me and board. It felt like I was inside a toaster oven. Family and friends of theirs came to see us . I watched my legs swell up..then the tightness in my lower abdomen.told aunt I need to go as I'm not comfortable but she cud stay, she gave me that look like I'm being dramatic..I was finally hyperventilating in the corner and I begged the brother of my aunts bf to drive me back to recovery home in tears..he drives us back. Aunt is mad cuz she said I've embarassed her in front of Her bf's family.Mind u we've been out for 9hours!!! As soon as we got to recovery home I took everything off..nurses laid me down, AC on blasting, BP was high..I had to relax and calm down...eventually I felt comfortable enough. But now my lower abdomen was tight, I can feel fluid inside..it was a night of hell..pain and cudnt sleep. My drain had broken also, so the next day md had to send a new drain in..Anne came the massage therapist, pushed and pushed all over my back and abdomen..hurt like hell...she took a syringe and got out this big worm like clot that was inside of me...aunt still not sorry..trying to put it off that it's my fault cuz I wanted to get hair and pedi done.i told her I was thinking not till later when we've fully recovered. Next day I saw Medina..she touched and touched my abdomen and told me I still have fluids inside but that it's ok and normal..just need to stay put in recovery home and not go anywhere..no more than 1hour atleast. She also told aunt. Now she's feeling guilty. Anyway since Sunday, I haven't felt comfortable since..my abdomen still feels squishy and full of fluids. I'm draining fine and even wearing my boards and tighter faja for extra support..still I feel it inside..the tightness, when I press it its squishy I feel it moving. Massages are excruciatingly painful but necessary..I worry..I'm worried cuz we're supposed to leave Saturday, but if I still feel this way, we might have to stay longer. My drain will be emptied Thursday morning for the last time..md will see us Friday morning to check our drainage output- less than 50cc, she'll remove it out but if more..I have to keep it in..I can leave but I doubt it's the smart thing to do...dolls I beg u pray for me..I really really need ur prayers. I miss my babies.

Heading to airport!!!

Hey dolls! On my way to airport & go back stateside... Md didn't take drain out but it's ok..she partners with an MD in NYC ..I will update once in in US grounds! Thanks for the prayers lovelies..I am getting there

Late update- 3weeks &5days post op

Sorry dolls for the late update..it has been crazy in my home front since I got back from DR..was trying to catch up on a lot of things, so where do I even begin?? My road to recovery has been steady..I still can't say I'm at my 100% but im definitely happy. Would I have done the surgery knowing the pain I went through? Absolutely yes because it's been a real life changing experience. Would I do this the 2nd time around? Absolutely not! Lol so that means I would have to maintain and make sure I don't slip and go back to my presurgery bod.

What would I have done differently???

1. You definitely need the treatment stuffs after post op but not while ur in DR. They will have all the gauzes, gloves,etc so I suggest you leave it home for when u get back. U will be saving urself an extra luggage. 2, Do bring plenty of wipes, dry wipes and ur toiletries..you will need those as u can't shower. What I did thou since I hate using wipes- it gets sticky and I just don't feel 100%clean..so i used the dry wipes, wet it with soap and h20 and washed myself (face ,neck, arms underarms, boobs , vajay jay & butt). In my room I had the luxury of having a big jacuzzi..I turned the faucet on and used that to wash my legs and feet daily. It is hot in DR, you will sweat..so u don't want to b uncomfortable, sweaty and stinky on top of ur pain. 3. Def. bring ur meds! I saved $ because I brought my own meds. Not only that the perc we have here is much way stronger than what they have in Dr. 4. Medicate urself ! Do not try to be a hero and take the pain. The pain is no joke. U will not be able to sleep. To keep u comfortable u must take ur meds round the clock for anticipated pain. Do not wait till ur pain level is at 10 before u Medicate urself 5. The nurses and cooks are there to help you, be grateful and don't hesitate to ask for help but they are not ur maids! U are a guest there- respect them. Say ur please and thank yous. Don't forget ur morals. There were girls there that were plain ridiculous. It annoyed the rest of us that they were acting this way. Towards the end we all refused to b around them. We don't eat with them..so at the end the loud mouth diva attitude girls were left in the corner with no one to talk to cuz we didn't really care for them. 6. Be friendly with the other girls..trust me not only ur stay will be fun but u form lasting relationships with them.. I call them my sisters and we actually still talk to this day. We even have already discussed a reunion at Vegas for next year (except the 2 evil ones of course lol)

5weeks post op

Decided to see how I look without faja on ...btw u have to keep wearing faja for a good 3mos straight!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Amazing! The best among the rest!!!! I cannot wait to be a medina muñeka!!! She answers every questions, emails ,whattup in a timely manner. She takes so much pride & So much passion in her work. It's a masterpiece- every single one of her dolls have the perfect coca cola body! Easy to talk to, humble and down to earth doctor who is willing to listen to any concerns and gives the best thorough explanations. She is straight forward as well which I really like. And may I add she only does 2 surgeries a day which is a plusssss!!!!! Ur not gna feel like meat cattle as she is def going to take her time with you.Also you don't have to worry about looking for a recovery center and a driver as she offers a package deal. And if u see the recovery center she partners with --its tops notch compared to the outdated ones out there. DRa. medina is 5star for a reason and I cannot wait to meet her and get my surgery on May 5th!!! Eeepppp!!!!

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