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So I've been on this site for just over a year. I...

So I've been on this site for just over a year. I had originally picked out another PS based on the reviews here and her pictures. And I met and still think she is sweet and kind and certainly professional and capable. She is also stunning! That probably doesn't help since it seems like all the Dra here are gorgeous. But anyway, things didn't work out with her. Nothing against her, but I went looking for another doctor and found Dr. Jose Leon. There are so few reviews of him here but the ones I did read were great. What was most important to me was that he calls you, he gives you his cell phone number and he is absolutely personal. And he also happens to be hot! Is there something in the water in The Dominican Republic that all these doctors are so beautiful??

Anyway, after speaking to him a few times and exchanging many emails with his sharp and very responsive assistant, Georgina, I felt relaxed and knew he was the doctor for me. I just arrived today and was taken right to his office. The building is new and clean and very well appointed. I met with Dr. Leon first for an evaluation and he was very realistic. He wanted to make sure that I didn't think I was going to leave looking like Beyoncé, but that he could certainly so a lot of improvement to my frame. And he promised aggressive waist lipo!! What more could I ask for? I told him I wanted the "Georgina" because her body is banging!

So then they take me to the recovery house, DR Care Home. I will review them next. So far, so good!

Some of my favorites Dolls transformations.


Hopefully they upload

DR Care Home

This is where you need to be relax. You don't have to worry about a thing! And that long ass shopping list of ish everyone says you need to bring with you at other places, nope! Not here. They have it all. All you need is pads and whatever pain meds you prefer. You can come with just a carry-on and save even more money. And there is an English speaking. doctor in the house 24/7 along with the rest of the staff.

And notice the hospital beds. These are a must!


Can't get the damn pictures to post with my reviews. Sorry.

My procedures

my hemo was only 12.5. It dropped a few points. I was hoping for a 13 so I could add the breast lift. That's not going to happen and I am totally OK with it. God doesn't make any mistakes. Besides, once I get some weight off, I will be able to get my insurance to cover it in the states so it's a win-win.

My procedure is in a few hours. Pray for me and for Dr. Leon and for all the real self sisters here trying to make it happen. I've never been one to have a lot of friends. My sister and one girlfriend are the only women I ever talk to but this site and these recovery houses changed all that. You meet women of all sizes, shapes and colors and all different background. So many beautiful women inside and out. You will make friend here. No doubt! Just talk or just listen but you will get pulled in and want to share your story. We all have stories and each one is different but the same (if that makes sense). Anyway, the doctor at the recovery house keeps asking me if I'm nervous and I'm not. Not at all. I don't know if that God or what but I feel great! A bit anxious to get on the other side of this but not a bit nervous. I have been too blessed to worry about this. I know God has it covered!!

One more thing.

And if God sees fit to work Dr. Leon's hands into making me look like either of these dolls, Amen!!!! Lol

Had my procedure

Surgery was a piece of cake! All I had to do was sleep. Lol. I got to Dr. Leon's office at 10am but didn't go in until closer to 4pm. I did not care. Didn't ask way, didn't look at anybody crossways. Just waited and read my book and smiled. For all I know he had another doll in there that needed a lot of extra work or attention or an emergency so why would I question them? God is at work here I got nothing but time here. Not going back to work until a month from yesterday and I don't leave here until the 29th and I knew he was going to get to me before then! Lol.

I have felt no pain yet but I know they keep giving me pain medication via IV. I'm good with that. I am however, very sore. You know that sore you get when you first join the gym or get a personal trainer and totally over do it like you're going walk little damn gym looking like Beyoncé in a sweat suit? That what feel like. So I'm movie about slowly but I'm moving!

The care at his facilities is amazing, and all inclusive. I won't name any other doctors cause I know how we get when someone calls our doctor out (because the first heifer that says anything bad about Dr. Leon, I am going to crawl to her house, Drains and all and scratch her eyes out!). Ok wait. They just brought breakfast in. I will get right back to you!

The struggle is real

So I feel like I am just coming out of this fog that the pain medication keeps you in. I'm happy to have not felt but a few moments of pain here and there but the medication makes you so sleepy and groggy and you can't eat. And you need to eat for strength.

Also, the only thing I hate more than having this damn faja on is having it off. Isn't that quite the dichotomy? You will feel so tight and sore with it on and then just as sore with it off and it almost becomes like a security blanket or something. I promise to post pictures in the next week or so but I need to focus on my recovery. I'm still so swollen and I don't want to look and feel disappointed. So I will wait until next week to take pictures.

Took a picture

That's my flat tummy. I will take a better one after my first massage today. I can feel all this water under my skin and I need that out! But wanted to send something.

One week post op

I feel much better. Still very sore but limited pain. Very swollen and I can feel the liquid underneath my skin moving. I get massages every day that hurt like hell and feel so good at the same damned time. It's brutal. A few pics of me without the faja and with a lot of swelling. Looking good!


I'm not sure if this is the same with all but my stomach has not been this tight since my weight loss surgery. And I don't mean tight as in look, I mean tight as in what I can eat. It's hard to eat much of anything. Last night all I had was sliced cucumbers and tomatoes with Italian dressing. It was so delicious. However, we have to eat real food and especially protein so that our bodies has the energy to pull from to heal. Try your best because it will be hard. Some times I just take the meet and pick off of it for an hour or two just so I can get it down. I don't bother with the carbs at all. They are space wasters as far as I am concerned and I need all the tummy space I can get!


I almost don't want to post pictures because I am so swollen. I can feel the water under my skin. But I know how important pics are so here I am 14 days out. I will post more later since you really can't tell how curvy I am. And I mean curvy! I have on a large faja and will probably be in a medium one in the next month. Still not pain but lots of discomfort here and there. Especially when I walk too much or try to lay down and sleep in certain positions. But today was my first day going out and running errands and I didn't have to put any thought into my wardrobe. Does this cover my belly? How does by ass look in this? Even with the swelling, I have belly and a big ass! Can't wait for the swelling to go down. He took off about 8lbs and I am actually over 5 lbs from what I weighed when I got there so I know it's all water weight. Keep you posted.


I have a waist! Can't wait to go back for round 2 (breast and arm lift). My hemo wasn't high enough to get my breasts done on round 1 and I'm actually grateful. I'm up for a huge promotion and find it's more than enough just trying to recover from the TT and muscle repair and lipo. God is good!

Updated pictures

Just put on my size medium old navy knit dress. Tummy and waist still very swollen but this is great for two weeks out.

Ass for days

I didn't need a bbl, just some "dents" filled in here and there. Didn't realize the difference that would make!

Still super swollen

I'm trying to relax and make peace with my love/hate relationship with this faja. I have a size large and I wear it on the loosest row while I am trying to relax at home but can tolerate the 2nd or 3rd row when I am up and out and about. Lost 10 inches off my waist so far and I'm only 2.5 weeks out and still swollen.

Swell hell and seroma

So I went to the ER because I was feeling extra swollen and nauseous due to feeling water moving under my belly. Turns out I have a seroma. No infection and everything else looks good to doctor and surgeon feel that I should just leave it alone and let my body re-absorb it. So, I'm back on the pain pills, which I hate. I don't like that foggy brain I get on them but I do like to be comfortable and sleep, so I will take them for the next few days. I return to work on the 15th so hopefully I can get back off of them before them. On the good side, I look great! I have a waist!

Getting Better

Still have the seroma and still swollen as hell but decided I was going to have a good day today and go out and do some shopping. I've been in the house since I left the hospital on Thursday the 4th and found out I have the seromas. Anyway, I'm 3.5 weeks out. I've dropped about 8lbs since returning home. Mostly swelling I think and the fact that I can't eat more than 3 spoonfuls of food at a time without feeling like I'm going to burst. The flip side is I haven't been under 200lbs in almost 20 years and I'm at 201.8 right now so I will almost be there in a hot minute! Yeah!!!!

My old skinny jeans

They are too big in the waist even though I am still so swollen. One month out in a few days and the swelling is still brutal. But I know the results will be worth it.

Just a few days over one month

The seromas are getting better. I still have a lot of swelling in my lower belly and my stomach skin overall is still very tight. It feels like I will burst of you stick me with a pin! But I have no pain at all. Still some discomfort when I don't wear my garment, which is only some nights. I hate sleeping in it but it certainly feels better when I do. Otherwise, all is well. Happy about my decision. Round two will be thigh, arm and breast lift.

End of day swelling

Even with my end of the day swelling, I still have a waist and I'm still wayyyyy smaller than I have been in well over a decade. So looking forward to round 2!

In the first picture I am sucking my stomach in. In the second picture, you can see the swelling more.

2.5 months

I'm super happy with my results and already planning round 2 just to fine tune one of two things. I eat healthy (most days) and work out when I can which is a few times a week. I went from a size 18 to a 10-12. And the waist is too big on the 10 even but all this ass won't fit into anything smaller.

5 months out

Here is a picture of my scar. It's flat and I can't feel it at all.

Some recent pictures

Good morning Dolls,

I know it's hard when you are just trying to figure out what doctor to go to and where to stay and what to take and what to expect, etc... And I noticed when I was in that phase that most of the profiles only posted up to one or two months post sx and then maybe again after a year. So I will try to post every other month and answer questions. You all will have to remind me though! Like others, after sx, you just aren't on this site very often. So here are a few pictures from the last week or so.

One more update

So I went from a size 16 to a 12. And I only need a size 12 for these thighs and ass. Otherwise a 10 fits ok but I work for a very conservative company and can't be walking around with all this ass on display. Working on losing 25 more pounds. I'm 5'8 and 195 right not. Then I will look at round 2 for my breast, arms and maybe thighs.

More pictures

Just wanted to share some current pictures. Unfortunately I just got back from a 2 week vacation and picked up about 5lbs but I'm still happy with my results.

I am planning a round two this summer to address my arms, thighs and breast lift.

Round 2 scheduled

Headed back to Dr. Leon on 7/3/17 for round 2! Getting a breast and arm lift and thigh lipo. Totally excited! Staying at his recovery house again and looking forward to seeing all the staff.

Round 2 scheduled

Headed back to Dr. Leon on 7/3/17 for round 2! Getting a breast and arm lift and thigh lipo. Totally excited! Staying at his recovery house again and looking forward to seeing all the staff.

Round 2 scheduled

Headed back to Dr. Leon on 7/3/17 for round 2! Getting a breast and arm lift and thigh lipo. Totally excited! Staying at his recovery house again and looking forward to seeing all the staff.

Round 2 scheduled

Headed back to Dr. Leon on 7/3/17 for round 2! Getting a breast and arm lift and thigh lipo. Totally excited! Staying at his recovery house again and looking forward to seeing all the staff.

Time for round 2

Sx date 7/3/2017. Having breast and arm lift with some thigh lipo. I wanted to have a thigh lift too but Dr. Leon advices against so may procedures at once when we spoke. I trust him and respect his opinions. Funny thing is I got several quotes from the usually suspects (Almonte, Yily, etc) and none of them said it sounded like too much work at once. While I would love to do everything at once, I don't want to take any risks and I appreciate being conservative. Anyway, I will have to wait for next summer to feel comfortable in my swimming suits.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Leon is kind, professional, knowledge by and very engaging. He is obviously passionate about his work and wants to provide the best care available. I consider myself blessed to have found him here!

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