39yo Mother of 1. In D.R Right Now!!! Mommy Makeover & Veneers - Dominican Republic

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Like most people, I have trolled this site fir a...

Like most people, I have trolled this site fir a year. Finally took the plunge bought my ticket and said fk it! Let's go. My first love was (always has been) Yily de Los santos. Her name alone commands respect. Then I flirted with the idea of Baez, Robles, and they seemed like the next level. But top tier were Yily, Duran, Cabral (yep I know he's had some tough times) anyway it was team yily all the way. Then Yvelise Bello snuck into view and I was loving her tt scars. Made me have 2nd thoughts on Yily. Contacted them all, got quotes , they were all close enough. Some docs do only 2 patients, some 6. Some natural look, some video vixen so the choice Is yours/mine. My biggest thing was getting rid of the back phat and having a great tt scar. Didn't really care about a monster booty. But since I'm here...... Might as well, no?
Anyway, didn't want to pay a deposit over the phone, wanted to meet face to face so I decided to also get my teeth done. That way if sx doesn't work, then I got a nicer smile as a result of my trip. Called Dr. Nova , his implant was $595 unlike my U.S dentist who was $2,495 so I was like: Sold! If I don't get anything else out of the trip, I get to visit a new country and have a procedure I would have had in the US anyway. So I bought it and landed YESTERDAY!! I must admit all through my flight I was thinking 'who else is on here for the same reason I am?' But the plane seemed full of Dominicans going on vacay or returning home. So my DR experience began in the plane. The old lady sitting next to me kept speaking to me in Spanish and emptying her purse onto my lap while she looked for her passport or pen, the old guy on the other side of my wanted to know where I was going, why, how come, by myself? Ju crazy? He asked looking bewildered. I said no I'm just touring DR on vacation. I don't know the address where I'm staying etc (which was partly true) I didn't have the recovery house address and I was a medical tourist. Anyway, I put my head down for the rest of the flight. When we landed, everyone clapped and cheered. We made it! It was about 1.30pm
Jose Burritto was waiting with my name on a sign and off we went into beautiful DR.
Jose's number I found on a few pages so I whatsapped him. He told me about chirlanas RH with hospital beds and run by junior doctors. The hospital beds won me over. So I said take me there. (Immigration form requires an address, I just wrote chirlanas recovery house. Zone colonial or something and that was good enough. But get the address to where you're going)
We get to the house, it's a 3 bed bungalow, chirlanas and get mom and some hot food is waiting for me. Chicken and plantain. Not bad at all.
Jose waits, I eat (2pm) because I tell him we need to see the dentist Dr. Pascal nova. 3pm we head out. He does an exam and I want veneers, an implant and replacement of my fillings. The whole thing cost $4475. 9 porcelain veneers, one implant, cleaning, the temporary tooth after the implant and replacement of about 8 fillings. I brought money so I said Leggo! And we started immediately. Lol. This is totally unlike me, I love to shop around etc but I figured one veneer in the US is $1000 so hey. Plus if u went to turkey or any European country, the flight and hotel evens it back up again so...... Live while you're alive! Was there till 8pm. I think I fell asleep during the cleaning and spacing down of my teeth. Painless blood free but will probably do a separate review.
Got home at 8.30 chirlanas and her mom took me out to eat pork chops and yuca. I wanted street food but they took me to a restaurant. It was nice but I wabt street food next time. They were so nice and excited and eager to please. You write a list of all you want and they go buy. Transportation is included in your rate $75 a night.
Anyway, Jose has arranged for me to see Yvelise Bello at 7am, so dinner over we chat some more and then I shower and sleep.
It's now the next day, I see dra. Bello today. I loved her tt scars, so will meet her this morning and see if I feel good about it. I had to have no food or water from 10pm yesterday and that works in the psyche because all I wabt now is to eat and drink. But if they hadn't given me those instructions, I know I wouldn't want anything. Now I know why girls get so anxious if their tests are delayed. Your mind starts to panic (if you're a foodie like me) counting the hours since you last ate or drank anything. Making everything exaggerated and difficult. I just keep reminding myself that I have the rest of my life to eat and drink, in fact the abundance of eating and drinking occasions is why I'm in need of this sx in the first place, so I can afford one delayed meal.
So here I am, awake at 5:30, Jose is coming at 6:45 to take me to bello. I'm the only one in the RH. I guess I don't mind it, there's a tv and wifi and I brought some audio books so I should be ok.
I think my 2 goals are to have a Hollywood smile and a JLo type body. Everything else is flexible. I think the smile is a big deal and I hope nova is a perfectionist. I have wanted my teeth different for decades.
Will update more soon.
Thanks ladies. Good luck and have fun.
Oh and as I took my pictures I thought, 'what are you doing? You look great! I would totally do you! Don't touch a thing. ' lol now you tell me. The whole time in the US I was thinking Ugh! Now I don't think I look so bad, 2 seconds before I go under the knife? Jitters I guess.

Retyping. Everything wiped off.

I was secretly laughing at people who would type long pages and it wipe off..... It just happened to me. So the summary is this:
1. Saw dra bello, she said no on the surgery, I have a heart condition. 'Go home, do it in the USA, die with friends and family around you, not here with us strangers.' (Word for word) she then refered me to a cardiology specialist, said she might do it if they agree that I don't have a high level of risk. But I would need and pay for a cardiologist in the room during surgery.
Then she charged me $500 for the tests. I paid though I didn't get it, others charge half that. But I was reeling from the news, so no time to argue. In my last review that wiped off. I talk a little about her manner. Not sure how I feel about her. She told me to strip, I did, she said 'you don't need this, go home, join a gym. You're beautiful. In 2 months you will be perfect.' Then she said, 'you don't need much, I can whip you up in minutes(well something to that effect. ) but why take the risk? If anything happens, they will say what was she thinking etc. so don't bother. You know I'm right. When your mind settles down you would know it's the right thing. Go home. Or so it there they have lots of equipment to save you' I wasn't sure if this was a reverse marketing technique..... I don't need the money, I do it because I care...so that the story will spread about her awesomeness or if she wanted me to beg for the surgery so that she would feel better about performing it. It just wasn't clear. With lots of hugs and kisses she waved me away. I feel like I caught her on a bad day. When she was feel off the cuff because she went back and forth about whether to do the surgery or not a couple of times. It was like, should I really buy this Chanel bag? Oh I don't know. I like it....but do I need it....? Hmmm should I shouldn't I.... Lol. So I kind of let her star in the show a little but and said nothing. I think what caught me off guard was the arbitrary pricing at the monologue. Anyway, I'm going to put my feelings aside. And see how tomorrow goes because she didn't give me the results from the other tests and kinda acted like we were done. So I will ask how the $500 gets distributed and for my results tomorrow. But the RH and Jose said its way too much. It's double other people's pricing. Even her assistant did a double take when she mentioned the price. After this she said 'I heard you're getting veneers? Come and see I'm building my dental part now' takes me to a room with a shiny new dentist chair and tools. 'Tell me how much you pay for everything' she grabs a pen and paper and starts to note the prices of my procedures. Then she says 'hmmm, not bad.' Then she was gone. So I wonder maybe if she's sick of operating herself and just wants to do the business end? I'm not saying she should have operated but she seemed very happy to send me away. With all the pleasantries (you're beautiful, you don't need this .... Etc)
2. Jose my savior for the day sprang into action when he heard I might not be having surgery (he literally took the news worse than I did) took me to the heart specialist and did a wonderful job translating and getting us seen in minutes. Cardio confirmed doctors suspicions advised I wear a 24hr monitor and return tomorrow. At the specialist, one of the best in town: eCG/EKG $65 24hr heart monitor $50. Take that obamascare ! Lol just kidding.
3. Jose drove to the dentist where I spent the most uncomfortable 7 hours drilling and escavating (I had lots of cavities and metal fillings to replace) ugh! Thank goodness for his dental assistant who was just soooo sensitive to my plight, she would frequently give me a hand squeeze and a reassuring pat on my shoulder. That girl is getting the tip jar for real. Dr nova is good but this was just not a good day for me :( couldn't wait to get the hell out. I had a few breaks in between the drills but I couldn't wait for it to be over. Curse all those makeover TV shows that make it seem like a cake walk. It wasn't pain but an utter nuisance. Locked jaw, 4 shots of anesthesia in each corner of my moth, numb lips, water up my nose etc. it's not the dentist's fault, i have it back home when I do a deep clean but it's 15mins usually. This was 1-7pm :(
4. By the time it was time to leave Jose was there and called the RH to make sure dinner was on the table when I arrived and it was. I was exhausted beyond reason. Had my dinner, talked with chirlana the owner for a while and headed to bed.
I'm the only one in the RH, so the peace is nice.

Tomorrow I have a long day ahead. Starting with the cariologist reading of my results, then dra. Bello to find out my other test results and why the $500 for test when others charge half that. Then the dentist for round 3 of my smile makeover Nwa. Nwa. Nwaaaa.

Dr. Nova you better hook me up or else!

So far RH people have been too sweet and Jose a life saver. If I get the smile I want and figure out what's happening with my heart (couldn't afford that in the USA) then I'm great. Big booty might have to wait a while....

Will update you tomorrow!


What I'm learning......

I just thought I would update you guys on some of my 'ah hah moments'

1. Being in a foreign country (DR) specifically is not a bad option for your sx. What makes it challenging is that there is a language barrier, so sometimes it's like you're deaf and mute for the first time. It gets frustrating because people all around you are discussing your care and you have no idea what's going on. Now the exact same thing can happen in the states but because you understand what they are saying, it feels like you're being informed. But you might not necessarily be, (varies of course depending on the doctor) but doctors talk to one another and other staff all the time, in the us you just happen to understand everything and can chime in when needed. So when the doctors here talk to you in punchlines with no details, it feels like you're being short changed because after a discussion that seems like it went on for 15 minutes, someone turns to you and says 'ok let's go' and you're like: bish waaaa? Y'all just talked about my life for 15 mins and all you can give me is a monosyllable?' It gets a little frustrating and trust becomes an issue, do you trust the people talking to represent your needs your way? You would like the professional in charge to reassure you that nothing got lost in translation. So you get a little 'picky or dramatic' with the clarifications and double checking. But the same thing would happen in the states if you felt like the administrator or receptionist at a facility is half assed. So it's not a DR thing really.

2. Shit happens globally. What do I mean? Well today we were supposed to take off my holter to check my heart activity. The $50 gadget from yesterday (the one I could have gotten done over 10 years ago when I noticed my heart issue in Europe, but they deemed it too expensive and unnecessary.) that one. So the receptionist (at the specialist clinic) told me 24hrs which is 11am today. But it's a specialist facility for locals, so she didn't speak much English. So my husband for hire aka Jose the driver talked to the technician who said come between 8-9 so that we can process the results. But this was in Spanish in private. So I had 11, he had 8. So last night, when we were planning the day, he said 9, I thought he was doing the most because I had arranged to see the dentist at 8 so I said no 11. Dentist at 8. He tried to argue, I said the receptionist told me, so he said fine.
We are ready for the dentist at 8, he says 9 so that pushed us back an hour, his female dentist came in and see fit to work escavating (she's a professional the the nth degree!) had to tip her today she was that good. So by 11 she was done replacing my fillings. Then Dr. nova starts with his twaks and things. I just got a little irritated because I had been there 3 days in a row AND I'm supposed to go back tomorrow and it felt like he was making everything a production.
Luckily Jose arrived and I jumped out the chair 'gotta go doc, cardiologist waiting' so Dr. Nova bursts out laughing but Jose and I are dead serious because something about coming to the sample place for treatment with no end in sight gets on everyone's nerves (especially Jose lol! He's pissed because the teeth started off as a secondary matter, but has now become the headliner).

Anyway Dr. Nova says we have to come back in the afternoon for final measurements (for the 3rd time) I'm starting to lose confidence in him. Jose was trying to say it's because he's a perfectionist but I felt like I'm more accustomed to perfection and ease/smoothness/streamlining. Not fiddling with something over and over. My sisters got theirs done in 2 sessions.
He shaves like .1mm at a time to get you to the final .5mm or whatever. 'So that it's perfect' but I'm like some people can achieve that in one session.

Anyway, I start getting a little angsty. But no time to stew over it, we had the heart to worry about. So Jose is dashing across town to get us there on time, we get there and they are closed! They had a quiet day, so all the doctors left. The technician said you guys should have been here at 8! Omg, if Jose could have beaten my ass and dr. Nova's he would have looool. He was spitting mad. He told me I told you so at least 1000 times. I just smiled and kept quiet. I knew it was a simple case of miscommunication and lack of trust. I didn't trust that he was telling me 8 from the technician, I thought he was trying to get me in early so he could do his other appointments (which was also true) so I kinda felt like, I'm not going to make you rush me there to sit and wait from 8-11am because they said 24hrs to me. Didn't realize it was 24hrs give or take 3hrs.
So, no heart results for me till Monday.

At this point I'd given up on surgery being on this trip. I'm now rationalizing the trip to myself by saying 'oh well, at least I get this heart situation looked at for a price I can afford'

On our way home from the cardiologist, we stop and pick up some post op girls at cipla. One has been here a week trying to get her hero up. Another had a Cabral bbl. she could hardly walk. I was scared for the first time looking at her. She was bent over like a ball and was in so much pain. Yikes. Then the RH owner was with her. She's new, American and speaks Spanish and a yily doll. She had JUNK in her trunk and some for other trunks. Huuuuuuge ass. When she got in the car I had to tell her. I need a picture of that! We all laughed aside from the girl in a ball formation. She couldn't move a muscle.
We talked about procedures, surgeons, results. It was really exciting for me being the only on in my RH.
We got to her RH. Nice see views and 5 post op girls. Didn't get to see them but it seemed lively.
I guess I miss the company and stories from one another. So an RH with just you, not great with 20 not great. Something in the middle is fine....... I might move. I'm literally here by myself. Though if I had surgery they would probably be here more, owner lives next door.

3. I'm learning that mindset matters. I've had the same body and dentition for almost 40 years, if it were a building, it would need a remodel. So I need a remodel. That's helps me come to terms with the elective nature of this trauma I'm putting my body through with all the work I'm thinking of getting. On a building its essential to remodel after 40 years!!! Your plumbing, the light fittings everything so my teeth, waistline etc are all parts of this building I'm getting remodeled. And like. A building, some people doing the work will be better than others, something's might need to be redone (basically don't expect perfection) sometimes you run over budget, it's disruptive and inconvenient sometimes but it's all part of tHe process. When its all done, you enjoy your building for another decade or so and if you happen to have guests/tenants they can enjoy it more and value you more. Everybody wins. At least that's how I see it. If you choose to rent the building out, you can get a premium for all the work you've done. So any guy trying to holla at me better put his best foot forward cos I'm out here working on me. Knowwhatlmean?

4. So, what else am I learning? When you're here you have ALOT of time, bring a book, journal, all the thoughts you plan to think but havent had time to think them, you will need all of them here. I've had hours of sitting on the dentist's chair, me and my thoughts. I've been working on my mind, to follow the new body (if I get one) to remind myself of all the things I'm doing to look this way, so if a guy is stepping my way, he has to also invest in himself. So, I'm here in the mean time thinking about my coins, my career, my health, my eating habits etc just trying to figure out how the body and mind can both be banging! I love smart, sexy women who have their thing on lock!
Ok gotta go.

Oh Jose has wifi in his car!! So cool.

Update soon, off to the dentist.

About Last night

So, I left you guys at the point where I was going back to the dentist. I got there at 4 for our appointment, he didn't come out of his office till 4:40, then said: 'You look angry, tell me everything.'
I just went off like a pressure cooker, all the stress and anxiety build up. I wasn't rude or disrespectful but I told him I was losing confidence in him. He has me here day after day for 3 going on 4 days and I am not sure why. He knew I was supposed to have other procedures, so is it possible that I would have been coming all this time with those procedures done? He said no, I would have finished it. I said exactly, so why are you taking longer than usual? Because I didn't have the procedures (Lipo/BBL) doesnt mean I have two weeks to come to your office everyday. My mind has budgeted 2 dental visits, we are going on 4. If at the end the veneers need extra work, then we are talking 6 or more visits and you wouldnt want that. Nobody likes to go to the dentist much less go everyday. So he said he was only shaving a little at a time. I said but all I know as a patient is that I am sitting there with 3 hands in my mouth for 5hour periods each time. If you decide to shave 0.1mm at a time so that I come 5 times, that's your method but I can't take it. Some people go into the kitchen and 4 hours later, they are still in there cooking, others go in and are out in 45mins. The end result food tastes the same so why the extra 3hrs15? It's more about the chef technique. If you went into a resturant and it took 1hr30 to get your main course, would you do it? No one has time for that. You wan to eat and be out'. He said 'ok, I understand, I just want to take time with my patient and do a good job, I like to listen not rush them.' I said: 'that's fine, if that's what your patients want, but the first thing I asked you was how long it was all going to take because time was important to me.' He said: 'do you want it fast or do you want it good' I said 'It can be both' pointed to his other dentist 'she was very fast and very good at changing all my fillings. She opened my mouth and went in, didn't look left or right or speak or anything and was out of there in 3 hours and the results look great' So he nodded. ' ok let's start' so he went into over drive with the speed (which I would have appreciated in the first place) and then said we will do your implant today. I wasn't prepared for that because up till the moment of the lecture he had been saying it had to be done the next day, so I had assumed there was special equipment he had to bring in for it. Low and behold, I was prepped and ready for implanting. I tried to talk with him and make jokes like, no music? why so serious. He ignored me. I was like ok...... so the other doctor told him I was speaking to him. He said 'what is it?' I said no music today? You usually have music playing on the other days. He said 'this is not a discotheque, open your mouth.' and surgery began. LMAO.

I shouldn't be laughing really but I guessed I hurt his feelings or something. Which I told myself was a bad idea before surgery, but then I didn't know we were going to do the surgery.
Anyway, it was painless, lots of drilling and screwing and knocking with a hammer (erwughhh) but no pain. We finished at about 7.30 and Jose was on a different job so Dr. Nova dropped me home. After the surgery he touched my shoulder and said, I am not angry with you, I want you to know that. We made small talk and laughed. So we made up.
He prescribed pain meds and antibiotics, I took them and went to bed.

Somewhere in my subconscious before I drifted off, I was saying to myself, it's definitely too late for him to drop my dental impressions at the lab tonight. After all that, we still have to wait till monday to drop off the impressions.....don't I have to have temporary veneers to protect my tooth, shouldn't my teeth be shaved down even more...... they still look like before..... we didn't discuss much aftercare, aside from the questions I specifically asked him about hot and cold food consumption etc. He said don't put your head down and the dead gum cells will fall out over the next 2 days. That was it in the way of information...... so my mind was wondering through the night and then I realized we didn't look at any photos of teeth, didn't discuss any teeth in particular to know what was better and how they would fit. Nothing really. Then I remembered that I had contacted him when I wanted to do the implants, NOT veneers. So I hadn't done any research on him regarding veneers, just implants and my mind did a somersault.
Then I fell asleep.

In the morning, he sent me a text with the brand of the veneers I was getting. I figured he was at the lab, so I sent a text back saying just in case it wasn't clear. I would like them natural and translucent looking and sent him these pictures. He text back ok. Then an hour later called and said: 'Let's be clear, your teeth will not be translucent. I want you to understand that. They are not going to be natural and translucent, then will be opaque. I want you to be very clear on that'
I said: HUH?
He said: 'Yes, because of the color you choose, it will be thick and white because you want them white and you choose white, so they will not be translucent, I want you to be very clear on that. Remember you want them white.'' At this point I wanted to get my money back and call the whole thing off, wanting now to cancel for the 4th time maybe? I hadn't mentioned anything to him, but inside I was so disappointed in myself, I never really do stuff like this: off the cuff decision making. I was attracted by the price, because I felt like, no matter how bad it is, it's cheap enough to do them again and they will look better than what I started with. Suddenly, what I started with didn't look bad any longer. I just want it to be over with this man. I said 'you know we actually never discussed translucency, so you can't say remember, there is nothing to remember because nothing was discussed, you didn't show me any photos of teeth, no before and afters, no sample of teeth in my mouth, nothing. I just realised that the consultation was more about the implants and then we briefly talked about veneers, so you can't say remember. You can't say let's be clear because you are telling me all this for the first time.' So he said ok, it's not too late. We can meet up again and go over it. (medicine after death) I just wanted to say, can I cancel? But then I thought about the days we have both spent on this and the fact that I had paid 50% and the idea of going to another dentist to do it all over again and going home without a bbl, lipo or teeth with the money spent so far was not great. I know it's not anyone's fault I couldn't do the surgery (heart condition), I also know that there are bad or should I say, not great dentists everywhere (the pic attached is from a man who paid $0000s to get his done in atlanta and had to have them redone in atlanta and the 2nd doctor was cheaper and better than the original. So it's not a DR thing, it could happen everywhere. To be honest, it's my fault for not doing a good research job. I did the research on the surgery doctors and the implant but veneers were an after thought. So if I went to him for the implant and cavities I would be singing his praises right now. But maybe veneers aren't his strong suit because I am sure my teeth are not shaved down enough and he didn't give me any temporaries or do any of the things someone who does it frequently does in terms of consultation. May things should have been automatic and I keep reminding him. So I have to read up on it and talk to him (which I should have done to begin with) which I have to start doing because doctors are human. Some of them graduated top of their class, some barely made it. So once they put on a white coat, I assume things I shouldn't. I have to research and be sure that whoever I go to didn't just make it out of medical school but graduated with great grades and capabilities.
Anyway, he says he is coming to the house this afternoon and we can spend all the time in the world, even if it is 12 hours. I'm like WAT??? this dude doesn't get it. I don't want to spend any 12hrs with you, you should be a professional, with your portfolio and samples or whatever it is. We look at the top ones, discuss pros and cons and be done. I am not here to squander time for the sake of it. I'd rather be in my bed, salivating over pictures on instagram. or researching other dentists!!

I just realised this should be a post about Dr. Nova. I will have to stop this review because it seems Bello and I won't be working together.

I don't know if she will keep my jacked up consultation fee. I will go back on Monday after my heart results and see what she says, her clinic didn't give me my results. Also I did the heart scan first, saw the results, said there was a problem, then they told me to go do other tests. If there was a danger of not operating, why get me to do the chest xray and blood tests? (her cardiologist had told me it would be $100 total) then she came in with $500. They should have said, wait and speak to her, then if she's fine we do your other test......

Will tell her and monday and then let you guys know how that went.

It's been a journey!

Ok, so I had to leave my RH today. Lovely people but unfortunately, it wasn't well set up. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because of the facilities or lack of in the RH but the people were really nice. I guess with time they will grow.

I tried to cancel my Dental. Dr. Nova came to the house and we went over it again for another hour. We are both frustrated, I keep asking that they are not chiclets. He says 'no they are not, BUT', I'm like 'no buts' they either are thick, white and fake or great and natural looking. We went back and forth so much, I kept telling him it's ok, we should call it quits and he refuses. Says we must finish what we started? I don't know if it's a cultural thing but he wasn't taking no for an answer. I didn't have the energy to argue so I said I would get back to him on monday. Then he asked me if I was married....lol as in 'who tf has to deal with you everyday' I just laughed and said, don't hate me cos I have standards, meet them or leave it. You don't have to do the work, you don't need it. He said yes, I make a lot of money everyday, I dont care about the money I want you to be happy. So I said what happens if they are not right? He said 'its a possibility' I was like 'dude, youre not helping me feel better about this. I would have to stay an extra week to get them corrected?' Then he said if you have to stay I will pay for your stay. Then I said 'alright. I will think about it, we have to share the risk on this deal here boss.'

For my new accommodation I went on airbnb and found a room in a house. Half the price of the RH with much better facilities and the lady here has also had SX so she said she would take me to her surgeon tomorrow after we see the cardiologist. Apparently, SX is an out patient procedure over here, everyone gets it. She had her lipo and bbl at 7am and left the hospital at 7pm. People get work like they are getting weaves here lol!

That was reassuring really, because it means their doctors are really experienced and have to be really good to be called 'the best' because there's so much competition. Apparently, it's so strict that only about 2 people graduate as surgeons every year. For the first time in my life I wish I was interested in medicine. DR is definitely a place to study surgery if one wished to. Med school is $4000 a year!!! lol Oh and prostitution is also another everyday business here (they say) no need to bat an eye lid, people discuss it openly. Like: 'Doc, I want to work on my body, I'm starting a new job as a prostitute next month.' Ahh I see, what do you want ass or boobs or both? looool
I knew I liked this place, despite all I've been through.

Anyway, the lady I am staying with speaks English and will come with me for my appointments tomorrow, she works from home so she's free! yay! My trip might be redeemable after all.

Now I can find out what all the years of broken heartedness has done to my arteries. Hopefully, there is a straight forward cure all and life can continue.

Will keep you guys updated.

If you are considering SX in DR and are a little particular, find a place on Airbnb then spend a couple of days consulting with doctors in CIPLA, CECIP etc there are also lots of independent doctors with their own facilities that you wont find online. Look at the recovery houses before you book and pay. It's an option at least. What people say is 'very good' may not be the same as what you would consider very good. So you get to decide for yourself.

Hasta Luego!

The Results are in!

Today, was the day I was supposed to get the results from my holter and see if I get a green light for surgery and what conditions I need to meet. Jose sent me a text to say he would pick me up at 1 and that I should send him the new address of where I was staying.

At 1 he was outside, I came out cheerful, looking forward to the day, Jose's face was rock hard. I said: 'busy day?' he said yea, I had some other girls to take to CIPLA today, some Americans and then a Dominican to the recovery house.' so I said 'oh, I didn't know Dominicans used the recovery house too.' He said 'Of course, what else would they do?' I said, 'well I thought their family would help, the Dominicans I've met (previous RH and current accommodation) said their families took care of them after SX. He said 'no that's too expensive, not everyone can afford that' So I said, don't people have maids and house keepers?' He said 'No everybody, I don't have a maid.' I was going to respond that anyone who could afford surgery and a recovery house could definitely afford a maid (Salaries here range from $100-$400 a month for skilled workers) but I knew he was trying to make a point that he was angry I had left the RH and he felt it was a foolish thing to do. So I kept quiet. Then he said, and this place you are staying in, how did you find out about them?' I said 'on the internet' He let out a sigh, like 'you crazy' so I smiled and said, Just like I met you on the internet. He said nothing. Then he said 'well it's too far. And if it rains, nobody is going to come there to pick you up, it gets flooded.' I said 'really, it's going to rain?' He said 'of course this is hurricane season. ' I smiled and said 'and yet it has not rained once since I got here. I must be lucky.....so how bad does your hurricane get? falling trees and stuff?' He said 'no, not like that. It rains a lot but we call it hurricane.' I just nodded. Jose is mad at me and he is going to let me know in the most passive aggressive way possible that he doesn't agree with my decision. It's ok. I'm not mad at me. So far, this place is soooo much better than the other place I was staying at. I am less anxious here, it's cleaner, the food is great, things work, the girl speaks enough english so that we can understand each other, I feel like I am in college with room mates or something. We do our own thing and chat when we are both in the kitchen. and at half the price of the RH, it's really a much better situation. It's early days I know, but I am much happier here.

Anyway, back to Jose. We get to the cardiologist at 1.30, our appointment is at 2. So I expected to wait, especially since Jose told me everyone closes for lunch. But he wasn't having it. Started telling the lab technician how inefficient they were and how they advertised that results are available from 1-5pm and now it's 1:30 and they are not there. That's when I figured that he LOVES to be right and can't stand the idea of anyone thinking he was wrong. He might have felt that I would blame him for getting us there early, so he began pacing back and forth from office to office calling out for someone to attend to us.......but our appointment is for 2 and I really didn't mind waiting (that's kinda standard at a doctors office) but I just put my head down and was scrolling through my phone.

At 2 the office opened and at 2.20 or so we were seen. This is when the invisibility once again begins. The head cardiologist understood English and could say enough words for me to understand him perfectly, especially since I had already read up on WPW syndrome at the suggestion of the first cardiologist I had seen on thursday. I understood everything he was trying to say, but Jose my husband and doctor kept cutting in in Spanish and having LONG conversations with the doctor and wouldn't say anything to me. So at one point, I went back to scrolling on my phone. When they were finished, I looked up again and asked my doctor if this surgery was different from a Csection because my previous doctors never told me about the syndrome in regards to being operated on. Before he could respond, again Jose cut in and began telling me about 'no doctor gonna operate on you with heart issue.' I said, Jose, I just want to understand the condition, I am not asking for the doctor to operate.' He said 'he no gonna clear you for surgery, Yily, Duran, Bello, etc, they not gonna touch you with this condition' I took a deep breath. 'Jose, I am not asking them to touch me, I want to understand if the surgery is different from a c section, because no doctor has ever mentioned it before. They just operate. So is it difficult from some operations and not for others or is it the type of operation, I just want to understand' Then he said: 'you are borderline. Is a risk. but no body gonna touch you.' So I had to exhale: pfffff
Ok. So I asked the doctor if the ablation was the way to go: Si. How long does it take: 2hrs max. If I have it, how long do I have to rest before sx: you can make same day or next day. simple procedure, not big issues. I said ok how much is it? $7000
hmmm. Jose says: 'almost the same as surgery' I said 'well maybe twice or three times as much.' but it's good to know. I asked if that was a flat rate: Si
ok. (good looking doc by the way) He said he worked in various clinics and I said they all charge the same: Si because you don't have insurance.
I said ok. they talk again for what felt like 10 mins. I sit back and let them finish. I knew at this point Jose was explaining to the doctor about his virtuous advise to me about waiting to find out about the cardiologist etc blah blah, so I let him finish. If that was going to improve his mood: have at it.

I thanked the doctor and we left. We didn't step out of the office before Jose turned to me: You see what I say? What I say? No doctor wanna touch you with this, so no point going to Yily without a green light from the cardiologist.' At that point I had to say: 'Jose, I think you are getting me wrong, I am not in DR to get surgery by any means possible. I have been told I have a condition, I want to understand it. I have the rest of my life to have surgery if I choose, I have a child, I miss my child and I want to go home. I am not desperate for a big booty' I was going to add and I'm fine as hell so I don't NEED THIS. But I stopped there. No need getting worked up, if he doesn't understand my intentions or motivations, it doesn't matter in the large scheme of things.

So he asked about Nova. I said I haven't spoken to him yet. All I wanted to know was about my heart. Then I can decide if I am going home or not. Now I know I will speak to him. Before I could finish my sentence, Jose calls Nova (they knew each other before I came in the picture) once again a long 7 minutes of exchange happens, I hear occasional references to me. He makes hand gestures like 'I don't know, it's not my fault etc' I just smile and scroll through my phone again. Resolved not to let it bother me. They can discuss my treatment all they want. It's not a big deal anymore. If I am misrepresented, that's fine. If it turns out that they are going ahead or canceling my treatment, that's fine. I will get a refund when I get to the office or I will get my veneers. Anything else that's discussed around that is ok.

Then he hangs up and says something to the effect of: 'Nova has never had this kind of problem with a client before..... he says he wants to finish your teeth and when he is done, he will put it up on his wall' (Lol! I'm going to be mounted like a deer's head or whatever it is they mount) I kind of admire Nova's tenacity. If a client ever asked me for a refund, I would give it quickly. No need for the head ache on either side. But he is determined to do my teeth. But all I say to Jose is: Bueno. (cos I'm beat, no need for any more clarifications)

We get to the house and Jose says, 'about my fees.....' he basically wants to charge me seperately for the trips when it was supposed to be included in the RH fees. I said yes? He says RH only pays him for the doctors visits and the airport pick up. I said 'that's not what's in the ad.' I pull up the ad on my phone: It says ALL TRANSPORTATION to appointments, doctors visits AND all other places. He sees it and says well Chirlana says you have to pay. I said I'm sorry dear, I asked specifically on the 2nd night when we had been to Nova's, Chirlana, I am a little mixed up about Jose's pay, it feels odd that I don't pay him when he drops me off. He asked me for $20 for the trip to the dentist and $80 for the airport return.' She said: 'No don't worry, it's included. I will speak to him' The next day, she said she had spoken to him and he didnt ask me for month again. So now that I have moved out, it's no longer included. Jose was saying it's not for dentistry. I said no, you guys assumed that everyone would have surgery the next day and not be able or eager to go anywhere, that's why you said ALL inclusive. Unfortunately my case was different. You didn't anticipate that. You cant change it after the fact. Your add says all inclusive, she even went as far as saying they could take me to the beach, the store etc which I declined. He said 'I don't know about that, maybe she would drive you' I said I don't know who would drive or who wouldn't, all I know is you said all included. I asked to clarify, she said yes. At any point in the 4 days, anyone could have said actually, Nova isn't or have you paid for Nova visits? but no one said anything. So how was I supposed to know? So he said he would speak with her because we tried to call her and her line kept cutting out.

I gave him $50 and said if there is a rest then you have to get it from her. And if you look at our track record:
She said 'write a list of foods you want we will buy' I said I didnt care much about what I ate just as long as I have fruits. She said fine we will buy tomorrow (thursday) they didnt.
She said they are in the house 24/7. I was LITERALLY by myself and she would pop in from her house next door or send her baby sister (who doesnt really speak english) to baby sit me..... :/
She said they would take care of the patchy internet, she didnt
She said her boyfriend ( a surgeon) would come and look at something I was telling her about on my skin, he didn't
She said she would fix a fan in my room, she didn't
She said the room would be cleaned daily, it wasn't (cleaned once my entire stay and it wasnt even the room cleaned bu the bathroom)
she said all english speaking in the house (the housekeeper, who was at the house the most didnt understand a word)
I on the other hand said I would come, I did. Said I would pay, I did. Promised to leave the house in good condition, I did. So who has the track record of bait and switching here?

I already regret that I stayed there for 4 nights, I regret Nova doing my veneers and I regret that I went to Bello (and lost $250 with her arbitrary pricing) I wasn't going to let them sucker me into this transportation situation. So I told Jose I would also call Chirlana and talk to her and keep him updated. I want him to get his money, however much it is, but it will have to be from Chirlana. I also remember when they were giving me change, Chirlana's mom asked her what about Britto's money (that's Jose's last name) Chirlana said she would take care of it...... I don't understand Spanish but I got that much.

Anyway, Jose left, said he would talk to her. I said I would too and we would resolve it. Chirlanas house isnt worth $30 a night. It was the promise of 24/7 medical attention which I said maybe you can't put a price on. But since I didn't need it and they didn't have to call any doctors to see me, she can give some of that to Britto.

When I came upstairs, my new house mate asked about the results. I told her. She said when she was going to do her SX the doctor told her she had a heart issue and she shouldn't do it. She said she sought a 2nd opinion because she had never had a problem and they said it was fine and she did her surgery 2 years ago. I said, 'so why?' she said some clinics want to charge more for more diagnosis..... If you want we can get a 2nd opinion.
At this point I'm like, I don't think the booty worth all this. Then I remembered my flabby back and my turkey wing arms flapping around in the wind when I wave.....
So I said 'I do know I have a heart condition though, I just didnt know it would feature so much in this surgery because it never has before.' So she said one moment, my friend is a cardiologist let me ask him.' She dials her friend. He says I have 2 options. Don't do lipo. Just the BBL and TT and I can do it under a local anesthetic so the heart isn't an issue. I text my sister and she was like: hell naw you need that lipo for the bbl meat....lol It's easy to say when it's not your ass on the line. But I was like, Lipo is actually a bigger deal to me than the bbl because my back fat/cleavage situation is more annoying than having a meager ass.
Option 2. Get a surgeon who will have an electrophysician in the room (someone who specialises in ablations) to do it before they (plastica) go in, so rather than 2 procedures, just do it as one. I laughed at myself. It was all sounding rather desperate at this point. I don't even have a man.... and do I want a man who would literally want me for my body? what's all this in aid of? I feel pretty good about myself already......

Once again I had to admire the doggedness of my roommate because she's like you are getting this body or I'll eat my hat!

So I lean back and take a breath. Then she says, look. There is a superb surgeon that has done it for every high class call girl I know (LMFAO) and he is amazing. If he sees you, he will tell you if they can do it or not. Then at least you have a 2nd opinion. hahahahahaha It all started sounding rather backroom butcher to me. So I just smiled and then she said 'my girlfriend is going to see him tomorrow at 1. ride along. see how you feel and what you think. you dont like him. you go.' Well, can't argue with a Dominican strippers surgeon looool omg. This has all turned into a comedy of errors. I am tempted to pack my backs and leave the country quietly. Before an optometrist grabs a hold of me and offers me new eye surgery to make my eyes sky blue.

There has been a lot of self reflection going on these past few days...... what's driving me to do this? Do I want this? What are the effects of having this (sx) on my self esteem, self confidence? How do I know this is going to change anything? If life remains the absolute same with my new banging body, would I be happy? Is the body supposed to bring about any sort of change for me? What is the nature of the change? Admiration? Opportunities? A relationship? Self Esteem? What's the point? Then I think, well maybe the wpw would have progressed and if you didnt do something about it, you would have had a cardiac arrest. So maybe this is a way for you to find out and deal with it. Now that I know, what if I deal with it and it alone and not have surgery (I would feel like a punk for wasting all this time and money, been thinking of this sx for about a year and a half)

Oops my computer is about to restart. Will post and try again later!!


My 2nd second opinion

My post wiped off so I'm going to update photos here and then get on the laptop for the review

The update for today

So today, we went to see another doctor, like I mentioned yesterday. Great guy. There were people coming in for consults, literally like a conveyor belt. People came in as others were walking out. I asked my room mate how come soooooo many women have surgery. She said in DR a woman with a flat ass is unacceptable, small boobs is ok, but the ass has to be big. So surgery is to them as facials or massages is to Americans.

He had a nice clinic, 2 floors, very clean. But he doesn't really speak English, so my room mate had to translate. Her girlfriend was also with us because she is having surgery with him in 2 weeks. So it was a joint consult. When she told him about my tests, he basically said he would like HIS cardiologist to look at the results before he can say if he would do it or not. So we have to go see her tomorrow (or I have to go because my room mate might not be in the mood-she's an artist, so she literally goes with her flow and nothing else).

On our way back, we stopped by Dra. Bello to get my results. Once again, she was all huggy and kissy but it didn't seem very genuine. Before they could bring out my results, my room mate came in and they began discussing my life story all over again. At one point I said, Dra Bello, why are you two speaking in Spanish, you both speak English and you're discussing me. She said 'oh I thought you understood Spanish...I was just telling her...' Then my room mate cuts in asks her a question in Spanish and they continue like I wasn't there. A minute later my results arrived. All I heard Dra. Bello say was 'if she wanna take the risk, then ok, but I said I don't want to'
Then we left.

I'm learning a lot though. Cultures are really very different, people discuss you in great detail in your presence and are truly interested in your story. Like you're an object of fascination. I guess they don't mean any harm by it...... it get's hard to swallow sometimes. Everyone wanting the details and telling everyone around them the details you've told them. I know it happens in certain cultures but this is a vulnerable period and not being able to express myself fully or be heard is hard to take.

Anyway. So last night my roommate served mac and cheese and I really am not such a fan. So I said no thank you and had the fruits that I bought earlier.
This morning, I had fruits again for breakfast because she was in bed till noon. Lunch was nice and for dinner she said her wrists hurt so she didnt want to cook but I was welcome to bread and cheese or to cook for myself if I wanted to. So I said I think I will pass on that, if there is a take out. She ordered chicken and fries and said I had to pay because the food for the house was bread and cheese and I didn't eat it.

I smiled because I thought, now it's 2 dinners in a row and breakfasts going forward because I had to go buy and pay for my own fruits again today. So if I am buying my own breakfast and some of my dinner why advertise 3 meals. It's better to say you offer a lunch option or something so that people manage their expectations.

Anyway, what it means/feels like is that there is a flexibility with which promises are made/given which I have to get used to. Maybe ask for clarifications in future. Maybe I am being petty.
Having choice taken away from you (being in someone else's house etc) might be the culprit. I wonder how I would be if I were renting out a room to someone and I didn't feel like cooking but I had advertised meals were included....

This afternoon before the journey to the doctor she said can you pay the taxi, then I will pay for your consultation with the plastic surgeon. I knew that was just a way to get me to pay for the cab, it was only $10 I wouldn't have minded, but I preferred she came out straight and said she hadn't gone to the bank or something. She didn't pay the doctor for our consultation, it was free which I had always known. They just wanted to go for the consultation (for her girlfriend) since I was going to save themselves the transport fare.

I wondered if she thought I wouldn't see that? or whether she didn't really care. When she goes out she walks or takes the bus, when we go out she wants an air conditioned taxi. I keep battling with whether to let her know I am aware of the shenanigans or whether to just pretend I didnt understand or had no pesos. But then I feel like it doesn't matter if she makes an extra $10 from me a day. It's still less than the other lady charged for her not so great service.

Why am I saying all this? Manage your expectations guys. This wont apply to 99.9% of you because you will come and have your straightforward in and out appointments but for the 0.1% who have a few complications, be aware that you are a means to an end (is that too strong an expression?) for some people, and so they will try and take as much advantage as they can. In the large scheme of things, your $10 here and there does ease the strain for a lot of people. But it's tempting to feel used/abused.

But! I'm alive and well so today is a good day.

Your comments keep me going ladies, kinda snatches me back into the US keeps my hopes up. Every night, I am thoroughly convinced this surgery is not going to happen, in the morning I think I will die during surgery, in the afternoon I keep seeing my new banging body in my mind. So yes, I am going through all the emotions available to me at this point.

Nova sent me a text to say he was at the labs and the teeth are looking great. I'm partially excited. Things have not been smooth sailing for me, so I am just cautiously optimistic.

Right now, I have been through so much that I just want to walk into Cipla holding a sign up saying: ATTENTION ALL SURGEONS. I HAVE WPW SYNDROME. BUT I DESERVE TO BE BODY BEAUTIFUL. I AM READY IF YOU ARE..... WHO'S WITH ME?

Lol! I can't believe I am the one on the other side courting doctors..... not the other way round. smh.

Anyway ladies.

That's it for today. Tomorrow we soldier on!

See y'all later

Today so far

Hey ladies,

I mentioned yesterday that the new doctor (good looking, calm-natured, older gentleman) said he wanted me to speak to his cardiologist for a 2nd opinion on my results, I had also forgotten to bring my results (I didn't know which was which, so I brought the wrong ones). So while we were at his office, I asked my room mate if she could call the new cardiologist and make an appointment. She said sure of course. I asked a couple of times through out the rest of the day and she said no problem, we will go early tomorrow morning. I said thanks. Her girlfriend said they would knock on my door when it was time to leave 'Be ready' I said sure, thank you. I paid her through paypal for the extra 3 nights. She said, so what will you do after Friday? I said I don't know maybe go home if I cant have surgery. But it felt more like she was asking to know how long I would be staying/paying....or if she could prolong my stay in any way.

This morning I get up and get ready, no sound comes from their room. I knew they entertained guests last night so I thought maybe they are sleeping in. Around 11am they come out of their room and go and make themselves breakfast.... No word my way. So I walk around for a bit, exchange pleasantries, still nothing. So I say 'what time are we leaving?' Then she says 'ah yes, he is busy today, maybe tomorrow....'

My face.

I kept my face like that very quizzical look like 'scuse you?' for a few seconds to let my impatience register. I said 'I don't understand' She said (and I've noticed that her English goes down a couple of notches when she's up to something, that's her tell. Whenever she isn't as eloquent as she once was, I know she's trying to act like there's a language barrier and it's my cue to actually ask her more questions and pay closer attention, anyway, she said ' I call him, he say, busy busy, very busy, maybe afternoon, maybe tomorrow'

Now I know I haven't been in the Dominican R long enough to speak authoritatively on anything, but one thing I've observed is that people walk into the doctors ALL THE TIME and are seen. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a doctors office on this trip and they see you. The only appointment I have ever made was with the cardiologist regarding my holter but that was when we had the mix up and they had already left, so Jose wanted a specific time guarantee.

I look at her some more. Then her girlfriend (sweet girl) says something to her and she says, 'let me try again, one moment.' I decide to walk away before I say more than necessary.

After about 20 minutes, I come back and say 'You know everyday I stay I pay you, (no time to be delicate about this anymore) I don't want to waste a day you know, yesterday you said today, today you're saying tomorrow' She said 'but I thought you had the dentist, when you are going to your dentist?' I said 'don't worry about that, the dentist will come and see me. but I didn't come to DR for the dentist' Then the truth comes out: 'Because Yana (her girlfriend) has her appointment with the cardiologist on friday, so you can go together no?' (which would mean I couldn't have surgery till Monday at the earliest, and so pay to spend more nights at her place) Then she kinda catches herself. 'Or is too late friday?' I just stared at her. Then she said 'ok let me check' Then she acts like she is texting and scrolling on her phone and says; 'Ah he said 4 or 5 today. It's ok, he make room for you today but you have to pay money.'
So I figured, she might want me to wait till Friday so that I pay cab fare and consultation fee for her gf as a 'since I paid for the 1st with the plastic surgeon, you pay for this one' and because I don't understand Spanish if the receptionist says should I bill you together? I wouldn't know and they would say Si and I would pay because all they would hand me is a receipt......

The only way I know this isn't a stretch is because she's done it (made decisions for me in the way that benefits her) many times before already. All the things she said she would do for me happen to fall in with what her gf needs, when her gf is free and what makes it easier for them.

She's the clever kind. I get it.

But more than the money, what gets to me about this arrangement is the lack of control or free will it puts me in. I have to go when they are ready, not when is right for me. Same with the supermarket. I told her I eat fruits daily and mostly for breakfast. She said ok we go tomorrow, the next day she said actually tomorrow (the day after) fruits better and cheaper. At which point I said I don't mind, I will buy them today. (I didn't quite understand the concept of a supermarket/outdoor market stall that does half price fruits on Tuesdays, so it didn't ring true) so she said she can't leave the house, I said 'no problem give me directions.'
She gave me directions, I went to the supermarket and bought my fruits.

After apologising for the dinner incident (with the reasons, 1. My wrists hurt too much to cut anything, I can't cook 2. the plan was for bread and cheese for dinner but you dont eat that. 3. I had to prepare for my guests) she said, 'next time feel free, just cook yourself you know. This is your house, use the kitchen' I was about to say 'bitch, I paid for 3 prepared meals, you best PREPARE my meals.' but I just nodded and decided to act dumb.... You don't speaka too good english, I don't understand too good what you speaka. So at dinner time, I will rock up to the table and ask, 'what's for dinner?' at which point of course she can shove bread and cheese in my face and that would be a checkmate.
So I better buy myself some food just in case.loooool oh the travails!

Anyway, I've quickly understanding one thing, when she says 'it's better' she doesn't mean 'it's better for you' She means, 'it's more convenient for me, I prefer it that way, that works more for me etc.' not for you the listener.

Getting ready for her guest/clients was laying out the hookah and the beers for them. But ok. It wasn't a big deal. Not everyone takes their word/promise/guarantee so seriously. I'm starting to understand that.
If anything, be assured that 'I will help you' truly means, 'if it is beneficial to me, convenient and profitable, sure why not, I will do anything for you' lol so it's more for the person than for you. Which I understand. I don't want to say they are in survival mode or anything but money isn't flowing all over the place, so you will be the means to my end ultimately. One needs to understand that as the norm in each interaction, if you meet someone different, great.
Maybe unlike in the US where someone might do something for you because they are not that desperate, they are doing ok, so they can afford to extend their time/money/knowledge a little bit, especially if you are a stranger in the country..... or nah? I don't know. Anyway, I had to quickly understand that.

Underlying every interaction, I have to decipher what the person wants out of me and decide if I am willing to give it or if it's too high a price to pay, for what I want/need, if both parties consent, then a deal is struck if not.....

So one of my mistakes was assuming that because I didn't know much etc, someone saying I would help you meant that they shared the understanding I have of what it feels like to be in a foreign place and that they would let you know what's in your best interest. But not really. At the end of the today tomorrow conversation I said to her, 'don't ever go to a country where you don't understand the language...' she said 'it's a little difficult no?' I said, 'it's extremely difficult and frustrating' I did that on purpose, I wanted her to see I was discontent so that if she had plans for any new schemes she better nip it in the bud. The first day I arrived she told me her surgeon would be cheaper, and her massages were very cheap. Now she's saying they are about $30. I laughed and said it was more than America (because I knew she was gauging my reaction) so she said maybe she can do for $20 or $15 I'll see, I talk to her. At the time I didn't realize this was all for the twofer deals. If she call her contact and she massages me for $30 each then I've paid for myself and her gf to get massages. She had said her surgeon charged her $2300 for her bbl & lipo, now she's saying it would cost around $3800 (again twofer) I'm tempted to think that the only difficulty she's having and why she's buying time is that she isn't able to find a surgeon who will charge me double to make her gf free or reduce priced. Because if I can afford to pay double, why wouldn't the surgeon just keep it for himself? He doesn't know her from anywhere, so why would he go in cahoots with a stranger to scam a foreigner. If he charges me twice as much as the locals, he can justify that foreigners carry more of a risk and keep the money himself, but why would he be conduit for her to get her gf work done for free. I think that's what she's trying to figure out. How she can make it a combo deal. #paranoidmuch? I don't think so, by their fruits..... you shall know them....

She had told me her girlfriend works 6 days a week and earns $400 a month. She is an artist, so she sells 1 painting for $1000 so she's ok. So for her gf this surgery is equal to a year's salary. I guess she's trying to help her by using me to defray some of the costs as much as possible. What better way than a 'Jonny come lately American' I honestly understand it on a cerebral level, but don't think you're smarter than me and can use cunning. You might have better luck befriending me and telling me your wallet was stolen or account frozen just as we are at the cardiologists office and saying please can you pay for me or something. But don't take advantage of my vulnerable state......

Perhaps there is no good way or getting money from people rather than earning it, unless said person has made it clear that you can get anything you want from them. I don't know a better way she should be doing it, but this way isn't good. It plays on my need to rely on you as my mouth piece and negotiator and you're going out of your way to represent yourself regardless of what it means to me. It made me really understand why women have to have the right to vote, have to sit in senate, have to be on the board of organisations and companies. You can't rely on someone else to speak for you. You have to make sure your interests are protected, represented, considered. That what matters to you gets attention, not at 'their' time, whoever 'they' are, but when you need it. Not being able to speak for yourself, in terms of your own choices, defense, advocacy, understanding, clarification, expression etc SUCKS. Relying on someone to make decisions that will represent you adequately and finding out they have no intention of doing so and there is NOTHING you can do about it SUCKS. If you don't have a good advocate or someone in your corner, you're screwed. Who wants to go through life screwed? When you could be laughing out loud and lying on a beach sipping drinks with mini umbrellas in them?

If I finally succeed in getting this surgery, Woe to the man who thinks he can step up to me without first compensating me one way or the other for all this trouble! lol.

Anyway, on the brighter side (I hope) I was tired of relying on people here..... Luckily, one of the ladies on here said try Almonte. So I did last night and today they said my wpw shouldn't be a problem and I should come in! yay! So I might not have to hold out a sign at CIPLA after all looool. I sent them my results and pics and they say to come in. I need to get my hemo up from 12.5 to 13 if I want a full back lipo but I heard there are ways to do that (with the drip etc). I should have started working on that when I got here really. Just in the background, eating my liver and greens. I REALLY REALLY should have. But the heart issue knocked me off course and it took a while to get back on. I need that lipo. My back is way too NFL quarterback for the type of flaunting I'm planning to do post op.

So here I am, waiting for Leslie, Dra Almonte's assistant to text me an available appointment time, she says they could see me today. I will just go and hear what they have to say.

So as much as I can do on my own, I will try and do.... It appears we do not share the same desire for my best interest, now that I understand that, that's fine.

Alright ladies, today felt like a 'Ranty' type email. I hope all this doesn't go in vain. I've been here an eventful week but I am healthy, well, sheltered, etc. So in the large scheme of things..... everything is cool.

Look forward to hearing from you! You're shout outs and comments mean so much and teleports me back to America.



Leslie sent me the address to their office and said to come right away. So I got a taxi there with ALL my results. She went to speak to their cardiologist who looked them over and said it was fine. All I needed to do was take some pre and post op medication which he prescribed and I bought. Then she said, 'such a shame, I just gave out our last slot for tomorrow 2hrs ago and we don't operate on Friday's so it has to be Monday or Tuesday.
My heart skipped.
Dios Mio! Tomorrow? Wow, wasn't ready for that option, Friday would have been ideal to calm my panic and take the drugs they prescribed for a couple of days. Monday/Tuesday means that by the time they do the surgery, I would have been in DR for about 2 weeks, then I have to stay for another 10 days for recovery...... Was I ready for all that?

But all that came out of my mouth was: 'That's great, thank you!'
She said: 'The surgeon said your results look fine, when was your last episode of palpitations?', I said last summer. She said, 'hmmm, I wonder why there was a problem, the results are not bad. But we have to run all the tests again because we have to make sure for ourselves'. I said 'fine'.
She said 'ok, text me again tonight, someone may miss a flight or have an issue and a spot come up again tomorrow or monday ok?'
I said 'sure thanks'

I echo what everyone else has said, Leslie is SO NICE.

I might just become an Almontian citizen soon :)

On my way back home, for the first time, filled with hope, I went to buy Liver (ewww) for my Hemo. It's liver flakes for breakfast, liver and plantain for lunch and mashed liver for dinner. I need that 13 hemo reading for my back lipo STAT!

Will upload pics of CECIP which you all have seen hundreds of times.

I think I will stop this page and move on to a new one for Almonte once I confirm my surgery date.


Photo updates

Pic(s) of the day.

Although we've come, to the end of the road....

Hi Ladies,

So you know the journey thus far, well, the update is that I emailed a bunch of doctors and heard back from Almonte (who said she could) and then Dr. Leon this morning who said 'go home'. He basically told me that the ECG could read differently each time because it's only monitoring me at a particular period in time, but the presence of WPW at all is the threat.

Under a normal lifestyle without much stress I could live with it and not even know I have it, however, (and he emphasized this part) 'this surgery is A LOT of stress on the body. So this could lead to cardiac arrest for you. You don't want to end up in ICU. If you had an accident and we had to operate, we would be operating knowing that we will have ICU ready for you post operation, but that's for a car crash etc. Not recommended for elective, cosmetic surgery.'

He was very gentle and kind, offered to have me come in and speak to his cardiologist and cardiac anesthesiologist if I wanted to understand more about it. But I said, 'what's your bottom line feeling?' He said 'it's not worth it. The risk is too great.' So I said 'thank you doctor.'

That's it ladies. Sniff sniff.

How do I feel? Slightly relieved because this is a scary process, not to be gross but I've been spotting for the last 2 days even though my period was 2 weeks ago. So I was worried whether my body was showing signs of stress and I was just ignoring it because I am usually a happy go lucky person. So now, I feel like, I did try to have surgery but it's not right for me right now.

I love that I have been to a new country and have learnt somethings here. I seriously doubt that Dr. Nova will deliver on the teeth, so a little part of me feels like I didn't get the things I came for. But I am sure I have gotten knowledge that will come in handy for years to come.

I will do the ablation and return. I'm digging Dr. Leon's manner and his work. And I think I'm going to try and learn some Spanish the next time around. Sooooo glad I only told 2 people I was coming to do this, other's thought it was just a vacay, so not too much egg on my face returning unchanged.... I am so glad I didn't come with my child, that would have been 10 times more stressful with all these appointments etc.

Good luck on your journey ladies! So many women come here and go home sooo beautiful and whip their hair back and forth. I hope that happens for you. I hope you enjoy your RH and you love the food (I really like the food) If I weren't interested in so many other places already, I would totally retire here.

Anyway! adios amigas! I have thousands of cash (sx money) and I ain't afraid to spend it (at a little shop I like to call bank of america)!! I feel rich!

Take care xox

The thing about chiclets.....

For anyone who cared to know how the Dr. Nova series ended, well here goes:

Our last discussion was on Saturday last week, when I was thinking of canceling and then not much else in between. 2 days ago (Thursday) I sent him a text saying, 'my flight leaves Saturday (today) I hope we are all set for tomorrow'. He wrote back 'I hope so too.'

I thought.....'hmmm' he said come in at 11:30 tomorrow.

I tossed and turned all night, didn't fall asleep till 7am, so I woke up at 11:30 and sent him a text saying I was coming. He said 'no, don't. I will call you when it's ready. '
I was relieved. I felt so tired. I went back to sleep. Woke up around 1:00pm and literally sat by my phone and watched the clock till 7pm. I sent him a text and said, 'we tried, but the lab must be closed by now and I haven't heard from you.....what do we do now?' He text back 'it's ready, come now'

I was the only one at the house. Didn't know how to call a taxi. Santos, the guy who took me to cecip on Wednesday, had given me his card, so I figured if I called him directly and spoke only English, he might know it was me and come. So I logged into my skype and called him and said 'santos, un necessita taxi......I am the lady you picked up before in Los Rosales, Mi Casa. Un necessita un Taxi mi Casa.' He said 'ah! Si! And some other things hung up. I wasn't sure what was going on so I text dr. Nova and my room mate to see if either of them could call. 2 mins later, santos was outside! He understood my spanglish! I was so elated, I almost burst into tears of utter relief and victory.

I ran in, grabbed my money purse and dashed out the door.

When I got downstairs, I showed him the address and the number, he called dr. Nova's office, confirmed it and off we went. A little way in, he started querying me for not calling him to take me back after my cecip drop off. I understood the hand signals after thinking he was asking me to call him this evening when going home. When I kept saying Si and he kept repeating himself I realized he was talking past tense not future. So I gestured that the people at cecip took me home.

We arrived at Dr. Nova's at 7:30pm, santos motioned for me to call when I was done, Si, I nodded and walked in.

Nova looked exhausted. The moment I walked in he said, 'the first lab gave me something, I didn't like it, so I had to go to another lab. That's why the delay. We just finished at the 2nd lab'. Ok, I said. 'I haven't eaten all day' I added. He said 'me too! At the end we get sandwiches. Real dominican sandwiches' I said ok.

I sat in the chair and he begins to talk. He put them on with a weak glue so that we could take pictures and look at the teeth. I did, but the glue doesn't give you the final look, but I had an idea of it. I can't remember much of whatelse he said, aside from balnco (white) I just remember that we didn't begin the process till 9pm, at which point he said, 'relax, you will be here for a while'.

At around midnight santos calls to check if I have once again betrayed him, but the dental assistant tells him, no. We are still on it.

At 1am (yes, you read right) we finish. We were all ready to get tf out of there I didn't even bother inspecting it too closely. It was the end of the affair. Time to go home with whatever I gained from the experience. A close inspection will do you no favors at this point. So I get up, we all stretch and twist and turn and I settle my bill. I did remember to tip my dental assistant, if for nothing else, she didn't get this job to go home at 1am. She was glad, I was glad and my taxi, santos was outside.

They give him the address to where I can buy my dominican sandwiches and we leave. Santos kept trying to get me to bear all (he kept gesturing for me to smile) but I pretended I didn't understand. 'No habla espanol' I kept insisting.

We stopped for Dominican sandwiches but it was a street food place with no signage. I was thinking I could walk up and say 'número cinco' after I looked at the picture menu(like McDonald's) but there was nothing. He had told me to ask for papaya k (a drink, like papaya milkshake which was delicious) and a sandwich. So I said 'I don't speak Spanish' to the guy at the counter and he gave out a whistle as if to say 'bloody hell' and said something and they laughed and handed me a menu card, all Spanish. I knew chicken was pollo. So I was just about to say pollo or point to the most expensive item on the menu card ($5) when a lady walked up and sAid ' I speak Liddel ah English'
'What kind of sandwiches do you have?' I asked, pushing my luck.
'Chickeh, porh, cheeh'
'Chicken please' I said 'no cheeh?' 'No. Gracias......and papaya k'
She nodded and went away 2 minutes later my order was up. The entire place was abuzz with what looked like hookers and johns and they all stared at me the entire time. But hey, I gotta try dominican sandwiches. I pay like $6 and go back to the car. I would usually offer the taxi something but not in Spanish, not at 1am and not at this part of town lol.

I get into the taxi 'gracias. Mi Casa por favor- thank you, my house, please' I know I totally butchered the Spanish and it should probably go in a different order, but .........shrugs.
then he puts something in his navigation and I was thinking, 'huh?' He obviously lives/works close to where I live it doesn't take him 5 mins to get there when called, he knows where the sandwich place is because dr. Nova didn't have to give directions, why does he need the navigation to connect the two?

So I say with a level of controlled alarm and suspicion 'Los Rosales?' He said si.
The directions came up and showed arrival time at 4:22am.
I look at the dashboard, it's 1:15am. So I show him the time on the navigation '4:22? ' I ask. He shows me the dashboard like no 1:15. So I'm shifting in my seat a couple of times, muttering to myself. So he turns off the navigation.

Then we start driving under tunnels and I'm like 'good lort.... I have never seen tunnels in DR before, is he taking me to his village? He knows I don't speak a drop of Spanish' I could get rapped or mugged or raped and mugged and there's nothing I can do. It would probably take me days to walk back into town. I don't know anyone's numbers so if they steal my purse with my phone I can't contact dr. Nova or caro, I only know my family's number and I can't call them after a rape and mugging in DR.......' My mind was racing as we went under tunnel after tunnel.

'Why did you bring your money purse. This is all you money, if they take it, you can't even get another taxi home. Your wallet with all your credit cards are in here, so you can't get a different flight if you miss this one, your passport is in here! What were you thinking? Why didn't you take only Nova's money..... But he knows nova has his number, surely he won't take the risk. But girls get raped by taxi drivers all the time.... Especially overseas..... What were you doing out at 1.'

He stretched out his hand to hold mine looking at it, I panicked some more and was just about to jump out of the moving car when he pointed at the map on the navigation 'independencia...... No Rosales' and I remembered that los Rosales was an area off independencia.

I exhaled and let go of my grip on the door handle.

Lmao @ the thought of jumping out of a moving car, on a deserted highway, at 1:30am.
#crazyamerican #hadtoriskit

Anyway, at 1:35 I was home. He motioned for me to call him, I didn't think I could take another hair raising ride (even though he probably didn't give me reason to, aside from wanting to hold me,and that could be cultural) I said Si. He wanted for me to get in, which I did, waved and went to look at my teeth.

What do you think guys?

They aren't chiclets per se. They are imperfect, a little worn, they look like I've had them about 30years but they are blanco. Like I wanted. So I cant't really complain. I decided that I liked them. The contrast between top and bottom is something to behold, but what can I do? It was all so rushed and unplanned and impromptu.

So, I think I will do the ablation when I get back to America (flight is this afternoon) then return for sx and my bottom grill in December maybe? If I don't get laughed out of town with the 2 tier, white chocolate and lemon colored teeth.

So there you have it! My room mates just got in from clubbing last night, it's (9am) lol I do like DR. I'm excited to go home, but I'm looking forward to coming back with a little more Spanish under my belt and hopefully a lot more wisdom!

Best wishes to all of you.

Before meets after

Notice how the before photo has my 2 teeth on either side turned out and he straightened them? It's hard to see it in this picture but the 2 teeth at the sides (my incisors) on both sides were turned out, he only shaved a little so as not to do a root canal. I wish I took a side view so you could see the protrusion. But anyway, he fixed that.
I text him this morning: ' I think I like my chiclets' he took it in good humor.
I think we are on the border of chiclet nation, if we do the bottom and the teeth are not too thick, then we just might get away with it.
My room mate screamed when she saw me and said how much? I said $2000 (didn't want to give her the full price) her face fell, ' $2000 for only that!?'
(She thinks it's zoom whitening) I said yes and she looked at me as if to say (that could give you new boobs and an ass if you know where to look)
I smiled.
I should have said $200

Latest about DENTAL: DON'T DO IT

I guess you guys know what I am going to say:

My tooth chipped (my veneer) literally a couple of days before I was going to speak at a conference. I tried not to let it get me down, but 6 months after spending all that money, I am more than disappointed.

I told Dr. Pascual Nova and he just sent me a sad face and said come back let me fix it. I thought that was a little unkind as I would have to pay to return. I asked for a refund on the tooth as that would cover the cost of a flight back then I would also get the missing tooth put back. So pay for the flight (the same cost as the broken tooth) then I can come and get some more work done. He didn't agree to that.

It's now been 3 weeks and the fillings he replaced have become filled with CAVITIES. I am literally in agonizing pain (the whole of the right side of my face) the cavities are in the top and bottom of my right sided molars.

I've made an emergency appointment to go see a dentist locally. I am now at the point where I am willing to take a loan out to get it fixed it hurts so bad.

I regret giving Dr. Nova my $4500+ for him to learn on my teeth.

I keep telling myself in a year or 2 or 10, I would totally forget about this ordeal and laugh out loud again.

It's funny how saving money doesn't really save you money a lot of the time. I rented a smile for 6 months.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I didn't do surgery with Dra Bello so my comments are not about her surgical skills. They are about her consultation process. It was easy to pay, staff were nice. She kept hugging and kissing me but it didn't translate as genuine. She overcharged me by $250 at least and I went to see her twice and never saw anyone in her waiting area or consultation area. I don't think she is very popular. Unlike other doctors I saw who always had at least 2 or 3 other people come in the time I was with them. I think she's more interested in building her facility/empire. I'm happy for her, she's achieved a lot. But I wouldn't recommend her.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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