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Hello sx sisters! I am dazzled to be a part of...

Hello sx sisters! I am dazzled to be a part of this community and sharing my journey. But first, a little about me. I am 32 mother of one and overall happy with life. I previously had wonderful breast implants in 2009 and have been recently (but very easily) convinced into getting liposculpture in the Dominican Republic with my best friend. She went to DR last year for round one with Dra. Baez for lipo but is returning for TT, Breast Lift and Lipo. She described Dra. Baez as very kind and an amazing surgeon. Sooooo, with my upcoming business ventures and need for a boost, I decided to become a doll. I am going in for lipo of the neck, back, sides, bra strap, abs and inner thighs. I will not be getting a BBL because I am 5'2" with 40 inch hips and a naturally large rear. It's so big that my friends used to say "is it heavy?" lol. So, I don't believe I need one.

14 days and counting!!

I can't believe there are just 2 weeks before my friend and I leave! I've been so busy with work that I have not been too stressed about the procedure. I've been eating ok but need to amp up veggies and decrease coffee ugh. My goal for the next weeks is to continue my vitamins, pack and not stress. I dont want my hemo and blood pressure out of whack.

Wish Pics

So these are the pics that are close to my body type. I'm 5'3" about 130-140lbs. These girls are miracle watts and lira galore; both close to my body type.

I'm so proud of us!!

Hello ladies. I first want to say thanks for all of the encouraging words and well wishes. The decision to put ourselves first is so very difficult. I'm proud of each of us for exploring, supporting and deciding to boost our confidence. Thank you all. xoxo

7 more days and to bbl or not

This experience is so surreal. I cannot believe I will be flying out of the country to get bodied lol. Anyone who has seen me in person would agree that I have a big donk naturally. But, I don't have much projection. Dr. Baez suggested it but I have a small frame and don't want a huge bottom. I feel like after aggressive liposculture I should be good right? What do you all think?

Was it worth it? Hecks Yes!!!

Sooo...Sorry for taking so long to update but I have been going through the most surreal experience. My surgery is complete and I am now back home. I plan to update on some of the do's and don'ts now that I have done everything. Let me say Dr. Baez is the most beautiful person on the planet. She has the sweetest demeanor and is such a good doctor. I could not have gone to a better doctor for this experience. Upon meeting her, she greets you with her husband (he speaks English) and gives you hugs and kisses. She is very honest in her exam and lets you know her recommendation. I initially wanted lipo only but after she checked me over, she said I required a mini tummy tuck for my hanging skin AND I had a hernia! Who knew? I didn't! She pressed my stomach and did tests and said that the hernia could be repaired with the mini tuck and I would be a beauty afterwards. So I said Ok! She explained the procedure and I agreed to it for the next day.

One Day Post Op

23 Days post op

Hello sisters,
So sorry I haven't updated in a while. I have been healing and back to work. The photo is 23 days post op from my mini tt and Lipo. The Dr said I'm still very swollen and need 10 massages. So I will post in a few weeks to show the difference. Thank you all for your support and sweet messages. The pain only endures for a time but joy comes for sure! Best decision EVER.

need massages but happy so far

The scar is healing so well. I use scar gel and aloe plant. I ordered silicone scar strips but gave them to my friend. I'll review as time goes on. The scar is smooth and disappearing.

why a mini tt for me?

Hey ladies. I wanted to post a pic from June 2013 of my tummy. This pic of me is when I was working out 5x per week and doing Insanity. I was in great shape and body fat low. However, my stomach still looked like this! When I saw Dr Baez she mentioned it was all skin and Lipo would not remedy that alone. I am the first to want to avoid scars but I don't Keloid so it is healing well. It's low and with the aloe and other oils I use, I anticipate it being invisible by summer. I have a ton of bruising still but the Dr said give it time and be patient :)

mini waist... baez did that!

2 months Post Op

in clothes :)

3.5 Months Post Op

What I learned in this process..

Hello lovely sisters!

I for sure learned a lot going through the process of having surgery in the DR. I am going to do my best to list the do's and don'ts from MY experience. Feel free to leave feedback and ask questions.

*Pack light. Only take what you need. You will be in your faja 24/7 after surgery so you only need a sun dress or two. Plus you will have to carry that heavy ass bag on the way home and you will be too weak to do so.
*Buy the size faja that the doctor tells you. They know best! She told me to buy a xxx small 2 days after surgery and I only purchased an xs. 6 days later it was loose. When I returned to the states, they did not sell them that small anywhere and I had more swelling than I would have if I had listened.
*Live in your faja! Pee in your faja! Poop in your faja! Relax, it has a generous flap. And you can't take a bath or shower anyway so what you getting out of it for. It should be washed every 2 days or so but I swear on everything my shape is snatched due to me listening to the dr. My bf had lipo with Dr. Baez the year before and never wore hers and she was so disappointed because she didn't look good at all. You HAVE to wear it! It gets easier over time.
*Drink tons of water. It will support the reduction in swelling.
*Cry if you need to. This is a difficult process and you go through many emotions. You are not alone. Use your network for support.
*Take lots of pics along the way. Your body will miraculously change shape over time. Photos will help you see your progress.
*Be patient with your body! I'm only 3.5 months out and I look so different than I did just 3 weeks ago.
*Relax before and after surgery. Take your vitamins.
*Treat your scar with oils twice a day. I just heard from a doctor friend of mine that I need pracasil plus. Its an intense prescribed cream that apparently erases scars old and new. She let me know that it was the answer to making the scar virtually disappear. I'm excited to try it. I'll post updates asap.

Things I wouldn't recommend:
* I came home with my drain and it was a freaking nightmare. Do your best to get it removed while in DR.
* Listening to people who have not had cosmetic surgery every. This experience is very personal. YOU choose what you want, how you want to look and who will perform the procedure. Trust your doctor and voice ALL concerns and questions. Know your options and what you are ready to commit to.
*DO NOT CHANGE YOUR DOCTOR WHEN YOU GET TO DR ON A WHIM!!! I met a sweet sister on real self who I connected with through text and whatsapp. She already had arrangements with one doctor and switched when she got off her plane. She had never consulted with the doctor prior or researched his work. Unfortunately she suffered terrible bur (sores that look like burns) along her tt because her tummy tuck was pulled too tight and stitched poorly. I cried when I saw it. I couldn't imagine having such awful burns and dead skin. She really felt low during her recovery and I haven't spoken to her in a month although I have reached out. I pray she is ok.
*Don't stop getting massage. I am healing well but have swelling in the lower stomach. Dr. Baez suggested ultrasonic cavitation. It's the lipo they do with a laser and massage. It kills fat cells/drains them to excrete through lymph nodes. I booked a few sessions for next week so I'll let you know what's up!!

Whew ok. That's all for now... All that I can remember off the top of my head. You pretty ladies take care. xoxo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Doctora Baez was the BEST choice. She is honest and compassionate. I felt very safe under her care and would have done it all over again. She is responsive to her emails and an overall great surgeon. Don't hesitate to check her out!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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