32 Years Old 2 Kids. BBL, TT and Lipo - Santo Domingo DR

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Hello ladies I have done so much research and...

Hello ladies I have done so much research and decided to go with Dr.Robles. I am so excited and can not wait. I have had insecurities with my body shape since I was a teen and dislike to look at myself. after 2 years of finally convincing my husband to give me his blessing on getting this done he finally said yes!!!!!! He is not to fond of me going under the knife because he loves me no matter what, but he still wants me to be happy and is finally supporting my decision. He is helping me with all the preparation and planning. I am so happy and feel nothing by positive about this. Anyone else going the week of April 18????? Need some travel buddies... I'm leaving from NYC April 18. Flight is book and ready!!!! Dr. Robles I need a new booty!!! Lol

BBL pillow

Had anyone else ordered a BBL pillow??? My job contains a lot of sitting and driving so I just want to prepare myself when I get back to work

46 more days

I am so excited!!!! April 18th can not get here any faster... Little by little i have been purchasing items that i need for my trip... I have double up on my vitamins.. My hemo is at 11.4 and I needed to be at 14 before my date. I bought the blood builder as recommended by another lady who is currently in DR now. Any other suggestions from my Robles Dolls????

Things Needed for my trip!!!

I seen this on a website. How accurate is it that I will need any of these items on the list??? any help will be appreciated. Thanks

items needed

Hey ladies I started buying items I believe I need for my trip. I seen this list on a website for post op surgery. How accurate is this list? The ladies who have traveled to Dr.Robles did you ladies purchase any of these items??

before pics

The best i can do on my own lol. I will try to take more with better lighting..... I really dislike my body. I struggle with insecurities my whole life and now it's time to get what i been wanting for years.. so happy next month in out!!

a month away????

My SX is a month away I'm so excited....
How realistic is that I will need all these items???? I'm confused as to what to bring with me on the trip... any help will be appreciated #RoblesDoll #soontobe

3 weeks away

So in less than 3 weeks I'll be traveling to DR for my SX... I am beyond excited and nervous at the same time. I just received my Booty Buddy pillow and some compression garments. Not really sure if these items are needed but looking on different post op sites they are recommended.. any other ladies purchased any of these items???


Got my pre op clearance by my doctors today she is getting all my paper work ready in order to send to Laura. I am so happy my hemo level is at 13.4 oowwweeee go me I am aiming for a 14 15 by the time I leave. 3 weeks to go

my co-worker is the best

12 days away from my SX my co worker comes to work with a bag full.of gifts she bought me 3 Pajamas and a sexy red dress to wear when I get back lol...I'm so ready for this journey to begin.. I am so excited

6 days away

I'm so excited next week I'll be getting ready for surgery God Willing. I am worried my period will come. Any one had there period during surgery?

all packed

So I packed my suit case today. Didn't bri by much clothes just pajamas and what was told to bring. I am worried my period will.come the day i leave. I pray it doesn't I hear my blood level going down due to my period. Just trying to stay positive. I am so excited this time next week I should be all done in the recovery house... I'm trying to drink lots of water and eat healthy but it's so hard. . Any ideas or suggestions? ???

post op massage

So I leave Monday and I am trying to find a place to recieve my post op massages when I get back. Any ladies from NYC know of places ???

one day

My flight leave tomorrow morning. I'm so excited. It feels so unreal to me. The worst part Is leaving my husband and kids behind. I just want to hurry up get it done and come back to NY. I'm anxious and excited. The nervous part has not hit me yet lol


I wasn't nervous till this very moment. Waiting for my flight to DR. So many emtions running thru me right now. Can't wait to arrive... but most of all i am excited....

my first day

I arrived this morning and all i can say is everyone has been very nice with me. I am at a very nice recovery house called Queens. I did all my lap work and Stays and I will be having surgery in the morning. I haven't met with Dr. Robles but so far the staff at the clinic have been very nice. The driver is amazing very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I'm not nervous just excited. I guess tomorrow morning it will hit me.


Today is the day i get my SX.. I thought this day would never arrive. They woke us up a little late to get ready.. but I move fast so by 6am when the driver and the assistant came to get me I was ready . There is 2 others girls getting surgery... so I am at the clinic waiting my turn.. I am still not nervous... I am more anxious and excited .. so far everything has been on point. Keep you ladies posted

one week post op

Wow.... it has been a very intense recovery for me. Not so much the surgery. I am still very swollen but I am loving my results. I had my SX last Tuesday. The Thursday after my SX I began to have severe headaches. It was so intense I felt like I was dying. After days and days back and forth to the ER.. They finally decided to remove the epidural fluid which remained in my system. I am not sure why it took them so long to determine the issue but it took them 6 days to figure out that was the issue. The pain was horrible. I cried day and night. I was very weak and couldn't even move. They gave me a epidural patch. Which is a procedure where they removed the fluid out your system and injected your own blood into your spine. Once the procedure was done my headaches went away. Now I can focus on recovery. That experience alone allows me to say I will never have another cosmetics surgery again. Usually women throw up after surgery due to the anesthesia but I didn't and it remained in my system. If you experience these after surgery immediately request an epidural patch so you won't experience what i did. At first I was at queens recovery which was ok. Met some wonderful women. Now I'm at Virginia which is way better. Overall I am happy with my results and the Robles team are great. Dr. Robles is a doll and very caring. I have 3 more day here and I can not wait to get back home I am very home sick. The driver smiley is the bomb. He is very funny and caring. He took us to McDonald's and said all i needed was a big mac to clear my headache lol. I wish I didn't experience that headache after surgery but god is great and he answered my prayers.


I'm so fustrated... my flight leave at 5am. I still haven't seen the doctor. They telling me I might have to leave with this drain. Smh I have no one to take this drain out for me. Anyone ever left with the drain?

3 weeks post op

It's been 3 weeks since my sx.. I am loving my results. Although I had a horrible experience with the recovery in DR I am happy. I finished my woth massage today but will continue for the next 3 months. I am on my 3rd faja side medium. I'm still swollen but happy I'm healing well. I still have some stitches on my back and on my tummy tuck that i do not think they fall off so I will be contacting the Robles team r I find out what should I do. Any of you ladies had to remove your own stitch??
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