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I have just started my new profile, will update...

I have just started my new profile, will update soon I put some picks up so every body can get a feel of the look im going for, will be putting my own pics up and other info once I get my qoutes bck.

see ya soon
ciao !

I want to get a BBL and Ba aswell as some facial procedures including a nose job and a brow lift. For everyone reading this I have made my mind up about these procedures already I have been thinking the same way since I was 18. I want a surgeon to make me look like myself but just an upgraded version, I still want to be me jus tweaked and sliced a lil loool. I decided that if I was going to go through with a BA and BBL I should also tweak other things on my body to the same standard, I never understood why bthese video vixens or instagram gurls would tweak their whole entire bodies but not their faces. e.g. chin lipo, nose job.

Think about it since everybody is catching on to these procedures wudnt you think in a room of big butts and boobs the only way your gonna stand out form the crowd is your FACE jus sayin, I think Thats the only way you would do. My philosophy is if im gonna spend all this money anyway I might aswell spend it well hahahahahahah : D xo

my measurements now are 32 C-26-38

Wish measurements are 32 DD-24-44/45
or 32 DD- 26-46

Now I know I said DD but thats in implant size really I want to be a full D thats okay for now plus I dnt have any kids and we know how women fill out their implants after they have babies so that'll do for now.
This is only if the DR. cant give me a 24 in ch waist I reckon it should be possible because before this my waist was 24 I guess it depends on the weight gain.
I have been eating 3 times a day with snakes in between I really need to gain about 24lbs-35lbs that s a whole 2-2 an a half stone for the bbl.
Im gonna give myself a couple of months to bulk up right now I am 178lbs I need to be 205- 210lbs for the procedure for me to get 1200-1400 cc's in each cheek sounds like alot but I think the taller you are the more you need or bigger per say, because it is not that hard for a short girl to look like she has a big as because of her stature is smaller so everything is more compact for all us tall beauties 5ft 7/8 and up even 5 ft 6, I d reckon you need more cc's to make a difference.

I also want 300 cc- 400 cc in each hip, I think ill go with 300 I dont want to look cartoonist just a reasonable difference plus, I do want more of a hippy big butt then a shelf bubble but, I do want a shelf as well just not too much. more cheek projection.


I am considering Dr. Salzeahuer since he did stephanie santiagos surgery although I do think she got lipo again and added on some weight to get that figure she had now plus Salzeauheur is good with ethnic faces such as a nose job.

I am considering Yilly, and Augustina these two are kneck and kneck to me it all comes down to the qoutes and their facial surgery to be the decider, I think they both can have off days when it comes to patients expected results but so can all Dr.s Is like the rooll of the dice.
And last but not least Dr. Cabral now I know everything there is to know about him the mal practise and all, in his recent years I think his tried to make a mends plus there is a girl called mystina on make me heal and she has written a great review on the work he did on her aswell as two other ladies and their work is BANGINNIN. BARBIESS NEED I SAY MORE. See my thing is I need a doc who is gonna give me that shape and booty first time round I do not anywhere in the next 5 years want to be having to re up, just cant be asked to much surgery lool. Imagine me saying that hahaha.

I am also considering that I might have to go to more than one doctor speacially if i go to Cabral as I do not know of his face work only his body shaping booty plumpin skills, so I might need to do continental flights. anyone Know how this would work?

I have had doc say you can fly 7-14 days after a ba maybe I should get the face work and ba first and then my ass done and use a breast pillow if I have to sleep on my back. If I do it this way it would definetly be Dr S. for the boob job and facial surgery and then to the DR. for butt work. But then again if Dr S can give me a Cabral Booty I just might stay in Miami the whole time, But then again I think the reason everyone goes to Dr is because ethnic doctors probably no more about the booty shape and what their patients want then Caucasian doctors. In saying that Dr. S does some really good rhinoplasty/ethnic or not you guys should really check him out.

Anyway Will update soon wid pics when I get my qoute bck and I am talking bout my pre operative pics of myself, one suggestion anyone looking to get this procedure and have a wish vixen or girl to compare to check out their measurements and yours and see if the same can be done.

Thats what I did I goggled many a vixen and check their stats towards their height so I could get a rough Idea On how much I needed to make a difference it does work, before I was thinking about 800 cc per cheek untill I checked the stats then I wa like hell nooo that Aint gonna do ISH looool im glad i did.

If anyone wants to talk or discuss about all things plastic,shoes,clothes etc. jus pm me and Ill holla bck. I beleive evryone should do what make them feel better about themselves for them only. I dont thinkyou should do it for anyone else but you yes others can benefit from it but u should want/need it the most. This surgery for me is more of a quest for inner/outer perfection nothing to do with self esteem I feel like alot of girls out there on the web instagram you can tell its probably to do with self esteem issues but then again is their life, Who are we to judge and frankly I dont even give a damn I m just looking to make myself feel the best on the inside as I do on the outside. Nothing more Nothing less

Micheal Salzeahuer, Yily delos santos, Dr. Augustina Hilario, Dr. Cabral


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