I NEED A MIRACLE - Dominican Republic, DO

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Just paid my $200 to Dr. Duran waiting for a sx...

Just paid my $200 to Dr. Duran waiting for a sx date for my TT, Lipo, and BBL
cant wait ...will be staying at the Armonia Recovery House. Planning for June. Dr. Duran had great reviews, She is very popular at doing BBL's she gives you that natural looking donkey boody :) So far they have been responding to all my emails fairly quickly which i love..Also Jazzelyn her assistant has been basically via email walking me through the steps daily..

Decided to cancel with Dr. Duran and I am with Dr. Jose Leon

I feel safer and comfortable with Dr. Leon...Love the fact that he calls and talks to you personally..Just a personal choice ..

I'm ready to go get that bikini BOD I had 20 years ago

My pre-op pics..I need a miracle.
So happy this stuff will be gone soon..Can't wait till my SX date June 15th. Plane tickets are booked and RH is booked...Just trying to maintain a good Hemo ...Drinking lots of juice with Beets, Spinach & Kale ..Taking all my Iron Pills and etc..

D.R. here I come

On the Countdown 6/15

I am so ready to be SNATCHED. I am counting the days down. Why does time fly by any other time but it is dragging now?


I am so excited because tomorrow i will be on my way to D.R. my plane leaves at 5:40 am and nothing will stop me from being on it...lol I have waited and prepared for this for months and months. I will be meeting Dr. Leon face to face finally tomorrow to get my labs done. Then prepare for my SX on Monday the 15th. My bestie will be staying at a local hotel so she can come care and visit me at MY HOME RH. I will be staying a full 2 weeks there. God willing i will be going to visit a few RS sisters before i leave @ JessicaDiaz & @ Nikkerton :) Well guys keep me in your prayers and i will touch basis with you all when i get there. I will walk you all through every step of my journey and promise to post lots of pics. 16hrs left to touch down in D.R. ......xoxoxo

Yayyy I'm in D.R.

I am finally in D.R. and Anthony my driver was on time waiting for me like Dr. Leon promised. I get to Plastimedic where Dr. Leon crew did my blood work and he took pics of me naked of course. Yo this man is past fine. He is soooo f n gorgeous. So sexy and a nice build. Lawd get my mind out of the gutter. Anyway he is so down to earth but professional. Is it possible to fall in love at first sight? Lol
Well I'm gonna go to my hotel which is about an hour away drive. Gotta hit the streets to eat and tomorrow the beach. Just wanted you all to know that I am here and safe and I will update you all after my SX on Monday. Xoxoxo

Today is the Big Day

My driver Antonio picked me up at 7:30 to got to Plastimedic to meet up with Dr. Leon so I can prep for my SX. Well we got here a little early. I am here with Dr. Leon's new assistant Fatima. This chick is so cool omg . She sounds like she is from NY. So ratchett but the coolest. I love her...LMFAO. DOWN TO EARTH. well here are a couple pics of what his office looks like. This building is so clean you can eat off the floor. There is a cleaning lady outside the office scrubbing for nothing cause it's spotless in here. Fatima just took me to my room and it's really nice and comfortable in here . My own bathroom, TV etc . So far I am feeling comfortable. Not scared . Feeling positive. Talk to you all when I get to the flat side. Send prayers my way
...xoxoxo all my RS sisters.

Blue Pill

Ok so yesterday they did some kind of ekg test in my room then the doctor came in and marked my body and they gave me the famous blue pill then they lifted me on the hospital operating bed injected me with anasthesa and before I knew it I was knocked out. I did wake up 2x in the middle of it sat up and looked and the doc told me to lay back down. Nothing hurted I guess something was just wearing off. Next thing I remember I woke up in my room. No pain in my stomach area but pain in my booty. I wanted to sleep but the doc said no sleeping on my side only my back for awhile. I didn't want to mess up my booty but I had to. This morning I felt 100% better. No swelling of my feet or hands. The nurse came and took out the urine drain. And I was able to walk. Breakfast came grill cheese sandwich papaya & pineapple. Coffee tea and juice. Gave the grill cheese to my friend cause I'm allergic to it. I bought my protein and almond milk so I mixed that up and had it with my fruit. Got a naseaus so the nurse injected me with anti naseaus medicine. No more pain in my butt and now the pain is in my belly but not too too crazy. Here is a pic of me in the bed. I love my waist it's very tiny. Pic may look big but it's small. Not sure about the butt yet give me a few days for the pain to simmer down a little..xoxo


I love my new me. I will post booty pics tomorrow ladies. Sorry it's taking so long. It's hell getting in and out of the fajas.


Dr. Leon's assistant/Fatima

This woman has a heart of gold. I love her spark her personality her drive and overall her genuine love she has for his patients. I am truly gonna miss her. Thank you for everything Fatima!!

Not a good pic but here you go guys

Been trying all day to upload pics 4 u guys

Booty shot sorry it's not that good of a pic and I am swollen and bent over.

After only 8 days guess what?

After only 8 days I can put on my own faja. I did it today 3 times all by myself. I feel amazing. Knock on wood :)
Yes I feel pain from the TT the abdominal pain and yes I still walk slumped over but other than that I feel great. I am so proud of myself. God has been truly blessing me through this journey. I want to thank my RS sisters as well. You all kept me company reading your comments and sending me prayers. Xoxoxo

One drain out one more to go...yayy

Well the drain that was giving me the most hell is finally gone. Dr. Leon finally took that bitch out. Bye bitch bye!!! I have another butch to get rid of but hopefully her ass will be set free tomorrow . I cannot drain more than 50ccs so far I have no fluid. Yayyy I have to go to noon. I hope I can make it. I want her GONE. lmao
Antonio my driver took me and my bestie to Boca Chica today and we ate on the beach no like literally ate on the beach. That fish was so good. The water and beach is too die for. I'm gonna miss Antonio he is so cool. He drives like crazy and he tells me Don't Look Kiki. Lmao
Pray for me my RS sisters that she leaves me alone tomorrow... xoxoxo

I am gonna miss this man. He has truly transformed me

The best Doctor ever. This world needs more caring doctors like him. So passionate about his work and our lives. Gonna miss you so much Dr. Leon....xoxoxo

Dr. Leon & Kiki

I am gonna miss him soooo much.

I miss him already

The sexiest Doctor alive. He cares for you safety always.

Booty Pic for you guys

Well I am finally uploading a Booty pic for you guys...Tell me what you think. This is when i was in My Home RH like the 5th or 6th day post. I think my volume has gone down since then. I put on a tight fitted maxi dress a few days ago and my sister said my ass was huge but I don't see it. I do know it is more than i had. lol Anyway i love my waist and hips ALOT. I am thinking about getting round 2 on a BBL next year but i don't have enough fat. He did my back and my thighs. Oh i love my thighs too :)

Update 1 1/2 mths post

Thanks Hayser for giving me the idea of posting this pic. You have been such a great support system for me and I can't thank you enough if you read this :)
Well guys here I am and I am still EXTREMELY swollen cooch and all but since I haven't touched basis with you all I felt you all deserved a pic. As far as my health I am doing fantastic. I have no pain. I can walk straight but I am still swollen. I have to wear my faja at all times. I love it because it keeps me feeling secure but I hate it also. Lol. I love my body . Love my waist my hips my thighs my ass my belly. Love it all!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Words can't describe his talent and his sharp eye for the female body. Nor can words describe his kind attentive loving heart. Hands down I recommend Dr. Leon's work to anyone who wants the the best body in the world. Don't sleep on his talent. He got you. He will walk you through every step of the way to make you feel comfortable because he knows we are coming from other countries to put our lives in his hands. Our safety is his primary concern. There is no funny stuff no hidden fees non of that crap the others pull on us. Today Is my last day in D.R. and I am happy to be able to go home healthy to my family, but I am gonna miss the shit out of Dr. Leon. He has been the best doctor ever too me. What doctor do you know that will call you personally from D.R. and talk to you and help you understand the procedures you are about to have? NONE. Dr. Leon always returned every phone call and every email too me. His office is top notch clean. I had about 4 appts after Sx to follow up with me. His assistant Fatima i adore. She is perfect for him and us girls, she always keeps it real and 100%. The other Dr.'s ask for a security deposits and you never hear from them, then when you do, you have to go through an assistant. I am gonna truly truly miss you Dr. Leon. Xoxoxox

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