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Okay, so I must confess, like many of you on RS,...

Okay, so I must confess, like many of you on RS, Ive been stalking the site for a couple of years now fantasizing about having these procedures but never really being in a financial situation to make it happen.

I live in Canada, so there are very few, if any surgeons, that do BBLs the way id want mine to be done (aggressive lipo with a tiny waist and a huge butt, on a PLUS SIZE figure). On top of that, the cost of plastic surgery here ia crazy! (Similar to the united states i would assume) Then I heard about the whole "medical tourism" thing and started seeing a lot of people posting reviews about amazing surgeons in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, with AMAZING results AND!! Amazing quotes. At first I seriously didn't think it could be real, and if it was, I was picturing some back alley black market type of plastic surgery that was being performed in an abandoned warehouse somewhere on an island.. Lmao...

I lurked and stalked, and read review after review and slowly eased myself into the idea of traveling abroad for surgery.. The more I read, the more comfortable I was and the more I realized that just because it is nor Canada or the United States, does not mean that they are any less careful or qualified.

At this point, I was torn between Yily and Duran. I wanted a seriously tiny waist, and some seriously big and deliciously contoured hips/butt and I thought they would be the perfect ones to pick from. --

A little about me; I'm 27 years old, 5'4 230lbs. Stat wise, to me, that sounds huge.. But I personally feel that I carry mg weight very well. I have a small waist already (in comparison) and I have big hips and thighs with a decently sized butt..BUT I have a huge belly, and jiggly thighs with back fat that I absolutely hate! I used to have a nice figure until I was 22.. Long story short, after suffering a second miscarriage, my hormones went crazy, and I started packing on weight (70 lbs) that just didn't seem to be coming off no matter what I did. Now, I have never been "small" by any means.. I've always been curvy .."thick" if you will, but after the miscarriages I slowly started to creep past "thick" and somewhere towards looking like I ate a half deflated beach ball..

Back to Yily and Duran.. I started seeing posts about Duran ignoring us bigger girls all together when requesting quotes etc, which coincidentally, happened to me and thus far I have not heard back from her - which is fine. She is an amazing surgeon that produces amazing results for the girls she chooses to work with, but if she does not feel comfortable working with me then I absolutely do not feel comfortable harassing her to do so..

I decided to focus on Yily, which didn't feel like any kind of consolation prize because they were both tied for greatness in my eyes. I contacted Yily requesting a quote, she, or her assistant, responded to me within less than 24 hours asking me to provide pictures showing my body from all angles and a list of procedures I was inquiring about. She also informed me that I needed to be less than 200lbs with great hemo levels to even be considered for surgery which I was a little disappointed about because my goal isn't weight loss. I love being a PLUS SIZE woman, I love being big and curvy.. I wanted MY body, just a smoother, better contoured version of me.. Anyway, while waiting to hear back from Yily (still have not but its a weekend so I wasn't expecting anything yet) I stumbled upon some reviews on Dr. Baez and I was liking what I was hearing. I sent Dr. Baez the pictures I had taken for Yily, along with all the information necessary for a quote and Dr. Baez/Assistant responded less than 24 hours later with a full detailed quote:

" Price for tummy tuck, liposculture to chin, abdomen, waist, sides, back and Brazilian butt lift is US$ 4100 dollars,
This quote includes:

-Evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Complication insurance
-Cardiovascular evaluation (any other evaluation needed by pulmonologist or any specialist is not included).
-Laboratory exams, X- ray, EKG
-Anesthesia fee
-Surgeries fee
-Overnight stay in the clinic (only for the day of your surgery )
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups in the office
-Medication post-surgery (antibiotics and analgesics)

Not included in the quote:
-Second stage garment
- Compression socks
-Medications like vitamins, enoxaparin and creams for massages
- Recovery house is not included in the quote


You need to weigh less than 200 pounds or BMI less than 32 kg/m2 in order to get surgery"

Again.. The whole BMI/WEIGHT issue. I was super bummed to read that. I know a lot of people say its for safety and health reasons but I am pretty freaking' healthy for someone my size, and I feel that if your test results are good and you are given the green light from your doctor and the cardiologist, why does it matter..

Anyway, like I said I was feeling a little discouraged so I was searching through the reviews for other plus sized girls who have had SX, and came across a bunch of reviews on DR. Lima.. One review had the whatsapp contact information for his assistant, Janet. So of course I msgd her, and she replied less than 5 mins later.

Janet is probably the sweetest, most helpful and personable person/assistant I have spoken to thus far. This wasn't generic copy and paste replies, this was an actual back and forth conversation where every one of my questions were being answered instantly. I sent Janet my pictures and explained what I wanted done and she said no problem! She gave me a quote of $4800, not included were the medical tests and garments that Baez included. Janet also runs her own RH for $80 a night which includes all 3 meals, WiFi, A/C, and airport transportation. After receiving my quote, I held my breath and asked her about my BMI/weight. She answered "no love, we have no BMI requirements", I told her how happy I was to hear that because after Baez and Yily telling me I wasn't a candidate until losing weight, I was very sad and starting to think I'd never get SX.

Janet sent me a voice note and said " a lot of other doctors in the Dominican republic they are great, but they want the skinny girls so they can be Barbie's, not everyone wants to be a barbie. Dr. Lima loves working on bigger girls. He says its rewarding and they are more greatful. Everyone else picks the skinny girls and that's not fair because big girls are beautiful and they have a right too"

Totally loved her after that. She completely sold me on Dr. Lima and after reading patient reviews, looking at before and afters, and talking to Janet I am 100% sure he will take great care of me.

I am hoping for a date in November of this year. Janet gave me Dr. Lima's November availability so now I just have to take some time this week to cross ref. It with my work schedule and figure everything out and send in my deposit. ????
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