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Hello my lovely ladies, so I have been lurking...

Hello my lovely ladies, so I have been lurking this site for a few months now, and I decided to just make one so I can communicate with you lovelies.

A little about me I just turned 22 last week, no kids weighing about 180 or less -_-(me and scales aren't the best of friends I go by measurements current 38-33-44. Literally been overweigh since day one .. like serious being in like grade 6 and weighing 120lbs. for the past 6 mnths Ive been killing it with the excercises, pole dance classes and dieting and overall a big difference from last year. But As we all know the downside to losing weight is losing the booty & boobs that we all love.
Ive contacted a few doctors (emailed Dra Duran & Yily as well but no response) but Dra baez responded so quickly and she quoted me $3000 for BBL and liposulture of arms, abdomen, waist, back, flanks and inner thighs.
I was thinking for BBL atleast 1000cc add to each cheek because I do plan on working out more after losing the weight off my stomach.I dont really care much for my hips, i just want to have a super tiny waist like 27-28inches or smaller & a super round behind.
In a couple weeks in going to lock in my surgery date for MAY 2014 with her since she has given me all the information I need to start preparing for surgery.

I will upload pictures soon

kisses x0x0x

wish pics

Im not a huge fan of hips kus I feel the bigger your hips the bigger your pants size has to be lol . but yeah I reall like these girls, especially the waist area.


Im not a huge fan of hips kus I feel the bigger your hips the bigger your pants size has to be lol . but yeah I reall like these girls, especially the waist area.

And I weight my self so I am 180, I don't really want to loase any more weight kus I think I look scary .. but ill probably just lose 10 to be on the safe side I don't know yet .. any thoughts/


any one else feel annoyed when people say "you look fine, you don't need to do anything" -_-


ok so I sent my vanity in Miami a request for a quote (I attached the above pictures) and I received the following e-mail from Jessica

Hello [givemekakez],

I had the Dr review and evaluate your photos. A Brazilian Butt Lift with lipo on your arms, flanks, thighs, abdomen is $5,000. This includes general anesthesia, an anesthesiologist, full panel of lab work, 24 hour emergency line answered by your doctor, Brazilian Butt lift, aggressive liposuction on the arms, thighs, flanks, back, abdomen, and all surgery room costs. This is a special price and I highly recommend that you put down a $100 deposit to lock in this price for your surgery. We offer financing, we work with Care Credit. I can run your info right now over the phone to see if you are approved. Running your credit will NOT raise your credit score because this is medical.

im considering this one as well, its a bit more expensive than what was quoted by baez, but I would be closer to home (CANADA) and could be rushed back in the case an in emergencies ..

thoughts ladies?

HIPS to be or not to be that is the question,..ne answers?

so im looking at all these lovely ladies with their hips and they look so banging in whatever they wear, im getting jealous lol. I am not a hip person but the form looks really good in clothing. And what makes it worst is all these pics of yaris sanchez and her baby makers -_-
I found out her measurements, she's 44 in the lower region like myself, so hopefully I can get off enough of my inner thighs off so when the booty is added it wont be too big ..max 46 inches
and her wast is perfect 26 just like I want mines to be

happy weeknd ladies x0x


ok so about 2weeks ago I messaged dr yily I sent in everything for to consider me as a patient, I sent her pics, a health questionnaire, and other basic info on myself so she could just give a quote then and there. so this morning I woke up to a message from her asking my name age weight etc -______- .. the same things that I made sure to put in the e-mail just to avoid the delay.

But any who I think I am going to go with Jonathan Fisher (vanity Miami) ... ive seen pics that I like because I don't want a doctor to give me what they THINK will look good on me, I want what I want ... Im giving my self til February to completely decide and then take it from there.

And I thought bout it no more hips for me Im already 44in round the lower region so I think Im just gonna stick to the initial option of moving the thigh fat to my butt so I wont really "lose" inches per say.

I hope you lovelies are doing well with your journey


ive already made up my mind that im going to Dr. J. Fisher in Miami for my surgery but out of curiosity I just to see how much it would cost me to get surgery with dra yily so I sent in back information and basically this is the run down

3800 USD - lipo of abdomen, full back inner thighs, armpits, flanks, arms and waist
- with BBL via fat grafting to buttocks
price includes - 1 garment, pre-op blood work, EKG, clinical/surgical fees

BASICALLY surgery with YILY cost 1200 less than with FISHER and its basically same thing minus the arms pits ( didn't ask for that in the cost she just put it in lol don't like the idea of that lol )
so im just sticking wit fisher,
A. because I only have to stay in Miami a MIN. 7days=) (don't like being away from home)
B. I got a buddy that's going to vanity during the same time frame so im extremely happy about that part
C. If anything should go wrong (GOD FORBID) I will be able to go back & front from states to Canada with out any problems


I got a quote from dra robles as well about a week ago so this is her quote FOR
Liposuction on abdomen, flanks, waist, armpits, back, inner thigh + Brazilian Butt Lift
- Medical Fee's: $4075

- Post Surgical Support Garment or Bra: $150

- Medicine:$100.00

- Transportation: $100.00

- Recovery House 5 days (US$75 P/N): $375.00

TOTAL: US$ 4800.00
- Medical Fee's: $4075

- Post Surgical Support Garment or Bra: $150

TOTAL: US$ 4225.00

Note: if you decided to have this package you have to reserve in a hotel or Recovery House. Also you have to bring an extra 400.00 for medicine and transportation

irene the dream

i thought yaris was sexy but SHE is everything
she says its all hers so amma take her word for it lol her measurements 34d-23-42... i dont mind my hips goinh down a couple inches like hers but i know its all BOOTY on her part lol


so theres a surgery app on iphone and i decided to try it ... i just cinched my abdomen area and all i gots to say is damn lol.

side note for some reason i am going back and forth against having surgery ( started after i talk to one of my guy friends a couple days ago).
-___- any one else haf these doubts b4 their date


so I was browsing RS as usually 7 came across a sistet that had a tummy tuck & bbl (the bbl grew my attention)
going threw the pics & reading her up dates seems all was well then same across a abundance of pics that SCARED ME SHITLESSS, seems she has gotten necrosis from her surgery her tummy looks as if it was falling off ( not here to put her down at all) .. it seems like it was on the part of the tummy tuck but by God , it scared me and once again having second thoughts AGAIN -_-
now what I want to know is can necrosis form from BBLS, cause I donot think that it would be worth it .. pain? yes body parts falling off? no


im looking for after surgery care in Miami for like a week roughly, I was hoping some of you lovely ladies could help me (if you could include prices that would be great)



Hello my lovely dolls so I have been considering financing half of my surgery (don't really have to considering how cheap it is lol, but I am just thinking for long term - I have new credit so I try & do a lot to build it up ).
I just wanted to know if you think this is a good idea?, I am really great with money when it comes to spending budgeting etc
im going to call around and see how the interest rates are with companies back home offer if your going out of country.
hope everyone is doing well with their journeys



merry christmas to my RS sisters hope all is well
Received this in email today if it interests anyone


look what came

super soft -_- ... sat on it smooshed so how am i suppose to sit on this exactly


So it turns out I am doing summer school in May of this year, which is the same month I wanted to do my surgery -_- ( didnt do too well in school) like after the may 24 weeknd.

I have also been thinking about either going early because I have already put down 100 deposit to lock in current cost.

As well as I have been considering going to yily for early may again -_-
I want a hugggeeeeee DONK lol so I dont know



I have officially been locked in for sx with YILY on May 12,2014 will be flying in a day earlier.
I will be buying my plane ticket as well as making a deposit to the Healing Haven by the end of month. I have a new sx buddy who's surgery date is around the same time as me so hope all goes well.

The earlier i have surgery is better for me, so i dont miss out too much of my classes.

I just want to get everything out of the way.All i need to do now is just get my supplies together & play the waiting and hope all goes well in the next few months.

* will be my final post until a few weeks before sx .. will be lurking to see rs sisters updates ofcourse



sorry yall im back lol , clearly I have an addiction with this site smh
so here is my update so far, I have booked my stay with healing haven in DR & I have brought my flight ticket so there is definitely no turning back at this point.

I do have a problem I want my money back from vanity and it's like JESSICA is not answering me about the refund on 100 ( yea its only 100 but can go towards my supplies to go to DR ) & I have no response so im giving her as week (going to be a week Wednesday) then I am caling her. Because it's like she was so attentive when I was asking questions about the surgery & to lock in a date but now its nothing mhmmmm im happy I changed my mind because Im seeing lots of posts about how unorganized there are


newho toodles


you already know me I put down a deposit on everything lol , but umm they want pre payment, like its nothing to put down 150 deposit($85 charge if canceled) but to put down $500+ that's not going to happen lol , so my quote is below what you think?
I am thinking bout only stayng half my stay at the RH & next 7 days at a resort I kinda want to enjoy myself while im in DR since this will be my first time travelling there lol... still just a thought =)

(update on vanity situation today is one week & haven't heard from Jessica -_- smh, im calling in tomarrow I bet you any money I wont get through lol )

Dear Ms. [givemekakez],
Thank you for choosing Healing Haven Curacion Del Asilo for your stay in the Dominican Republic.

Please find below the details of your reservation. After your review if any changes need to be made please inform us immediately. Please keep a copy of this for your records.

Name & All Roomates: Iesha Chantaul

Address: [***********************]

Phone: [********]

Email: **********@live.com

Date of Check In: May 11, 2014

Date of Check Out: May 25, 2014

Emergency Contact: [************]

Address: [**************]

Surgeon Name & Clinic: Dra. Yily

Date of Surgery: May 12, 2014

# Days of accommodations: 13 night 14 days

Room type: Twin single occupancy

Lymphatic Massages: Massages Per Person (10)

Twin Single Occupancy
Clinic Transportation
(10) Lymphatic Massages
Visiting Nurse Services
In House Phone Use
Computer Access
Laundry service
Airport Transfer
3 Meals

Special Dietary Needs: None

***Any additional services request at time of service are paid at full rate***

Total for ALL accommodations & services: $1499.00

Deposit: $150.00
Transaction ID: 19X15140E4866101Y
Jan 27, 2014 3:10pm

Balance Due: $1349.00

Payment Method: Paypal

Reservation Representative: Jules

Securing a reservation with your deposit means you accept the terms and conditions of our Cancellations Policy. There will be an $85.00 nonrefundable cancellation fee and a 50% service charge for any all- inclusive packages for early departures from Healing Haven DR. All, All-Inclusive-Discounted-Packages must be paid in advance to receive promotional discounted quote you were given. A deposit of $150.00 is required to lock in your rate, quote, current promotional discount and hold your room for your specified dates. Payments can be made by Credit Card (authorization form must be filled out signed and returned to Healinghavendr@gmail.com) PayPal payments can be made directly through Pay Pal on a verified secured site to our email address Healinghavendr@gmail.com. All fees for C/C and PayPal are included in your quote. Installment payments can be made, however Full remaining Balance must be paid 1 week prior to your arrival to honor any discounts that have be applied to your package. Any balance that has not been paid is subject to a 15% surcharge. Checks and money orders must be received 1 (ONE) month in advance to secure funds. Clinic Transportation is a Flat Rate and non refundable, Medication purchased is non refundable.

Contact us at:
NY # (646)400-7740
Fax # (718)341-3627
DR # (849)943-7997
Transporter: Narciso Castro
Cell #(829)576-1057 (829)767-1084
Website: http://healinghavendr.com
Address: La Calle Tercera, efificio Sandra II, Apartment 1B, 1Fl, Tropical del Este, Municipio Santo Domingo Este, Domician Republic.



Just got off the phone with my bank they helped me receive my money back from vanity because it's like JESSICA was not trying to answer my e-mails so I let my cc company handle all of that. I was able to get a refund yay! So now it can go towards the person I actually want to do my procedure.

As well as me & my surgery buddy are considering other recovery houses so I might be out money with healing haven since I already but down a deposit. But I don't mind you know don't mind a few buck.
But newho im going to focus on continue saving for the procedure itself and when that is out of the way ill get supplies about 2weeks before my trip.

SUPER EXCITED !!!!!!!! (even tho its 14weeks away)

still stalking all the dolls on here cant help but lurk & drool lol

hope all is well x0x


3MONTHS YOU GUYS! LOL .... i remember when i first heard about BBL when my girl did her's and instantly thought wow this chick is crazy spending all this money on booty lol. But when i seen her when she came back instantly loved it cause she wen from having no booty to huge stripper donk lol!

But now just little over 3mnths to go and super excited i havent done anything expect brought my airfare ticket (so i wont back out because we no alotta ppl are all talk sometimes lol so by doing that i put myself in a tight spot not to turn back) .... and just saving money to go towards surgery itself (already have money for recovery house saved).

In regards to supplies im only going to buy my viatamins etc. so i can start taking them will start taking them in march (havent gotten to take any test yet so amma do that by next week so i cant start pills) , supplies such as clothing, pads, etc. i wont buy until a few days b4 surgery because i decided im only carrying a duffle bag lol i dont like walking with a lot of stuff.

oh yeah i gained weight -_- lol not good gunna lose 10pounds if that much, i wana have enough booty to get a ghetto booty lmaoo

anywho thats all toodles x0x


ok so something has come up with my current sx buddy so she had to change her sx date & it turns out that the only dates available is during the week i leave the DR .. SOOOoooOoooO im looking for a surgery body who is willing to stay at the healing haven with me :)
It's just a matter of bonding with some one not so much the cost lol like the sx buddy we texted like everyday so just something like that ( hopefully i get to see her either ways)
but yeah any one going for around may 11th or so hit me up :)

On a lighter note i did my blood work today will go pick up results hopefully by monday latest & did the EKG yesterday & since i have a heart murmur will be doing a echo cardiac xray on saturday just to make sure evrything is good dont want extra strain on my heart.
Once these test r out if the way i will start pre-op medications
( now i gotta get prescription for folic acid -_-)

newho toodles

test results

hello ladies happy friday !!!!!!!!
so i got back my results today from my blood work and i am happy to say that at this current time my hemoglobin levels are good 13.2 to be exactly (insert big smiley face here lol) . And according to my doctor i am super healthy! which makes me smile even more.
I am going to start taking my vitamins and irons starting march 1st giving my self 2 mnths to get my hemo to atleast 14 which will be great. And im going to starting my diet & excersise back up again that same week juts to keep my bmi from rising.
Now the sucky part my doctor wont prescribe me high dosage folicacid -_- ... so im not going to waste money & buy it here cause i no it wont be enough so the folic acid that i get from food and from the multi vitamins will just have to do until SX time.

happy healing to all the dolls ive seen beautiful results since the year started

smooches x0x


welp today makes it 10weeks until surgery date :D
im going to start my vitamins today & attempt the little diet thing (probably wont work out so well with that) but i no my exercise will definitely go forth try and lose a little bit of weight ... gained so much since i started rs lol

but anywho im still looking for surgery buddy :D

& still lurking the pages of all the beautiful dolls happy recover u guys look gorgeous


im getting go sad (but still excited for my surgery), it's like no surgery bodies .. i wish my original surgery buddy shann still had her may date -_- .. but guess not.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOO im going alone screw a sx buddy .. im going to change my flight info pay that extra 200 and come back home a week early
as well as im going to change my recovery house from healing haven to upscale recovery cause it is so much cheaper to stay with them since i am going by myself and only for a week.
so that just about it .. going to try and stay at my current weight (below that 35 bmi limit lmao) need enough fat for my new booty lol. And should probaly start with em vitatmins lol

thats all going to email healing haven & cancel my reservations & book mew with upscale recovery since they have my dates available

toodles x0x0x

FOUND HER!!!!!!!!!!

so i found a new sx buddy miss JessicaRabbit after bombing a dozen ladies with messages lol i was onthe hunt forreal lol.

so we'll be staying at angies silhouette for about a week she'll be going earlier than me but we will leave together on the 18th of may

super excited again!!!!!!!!!!!

gotta start getting supplies inna few weeks im sucha last minperson when it comes to packing but only staying a week so get to pack super light :)

anywho thats all for now :)


mercedes more love it and yasmin i think lol ... i want those hips with that booty lol


this a yily doll loveeeeeeeee iit


soooooo there seem to be alot of dolls going to DR between may 1st & may 16th. we're probably going to be in some discomfort but i think a meet up is definetly in order like a lunch thing ( since dr is famouse for their huge lunches)
lool ... anyone else thinks this is a good idea :) ?


SOOOOOOO i have officially changed flight information & sent in a deposit to silhouette recovery house for may 8th-18

so now playing the waiting game officially two mnths from tomarrow until i fly out to DR =) & to get supplies but thats not going to happen ntil a week or so before i fly out ...


7 weeks to gooo!!!!!
i see all these lovely lady with their results & im so jelly lol i want my date to come quicker lol i wished i booked my sx for a earlier time when i had the op but w.e soft
sooo ive been gaining weight instead of losing & its not ok but i dont want to do anything yet cause i no ill go hard when i work ouT and dont wana lose the little booty i already have so ill wait til around april for sure and then start with all of that
wish me luck im going for my drivers licenses tomarrow cant be roaming the streets with a big ol booty lol



soooooo i wokr up 2 a email this morning from delta stating my full refund of my flight ticket :o .. wtf i didnt request a refund for anything .... so i called & asked the lady was just talking about a duplicate ticket (which made no sense cause there is only 1) the only refund i shud get is 260 bucks because they charged me extra to change my flight info to come back early
soooo now i have no ticket for my surgery :( im soooo sad and mad and just annoyed right now
guess i should go look for another ticket which is ridiculos & gon cost me a fortune since its mid season now :9





YES! hunny child my date is almost here. I am super excited ive even brought my most of my supplies which made me even more happier =)
Im super excited only like 5 ppl in my outside life knows about it
but im really scared to tell my grandma but i really need her blessings for this one , ill wait til the day i flight out ill tell her lol she wont have enough time to lecture me lol ... but i dont even care who knows if u ask ill tell you.. like i said i always been overweight from day 1(dont get it twisted i still pull more hotties then honey to ants lol ).... im using my savings but i really dont care im really great with saving money so once i get a job again it will be like it didnt even go missing lol

I will start my vitamins 2mr once i figure out if the multivitamins i have can be taken(its has herbs in it)
Wont be really posting a lot of wish pics i just know i want a HUGE booty and anorexic waist lol ...i.e i wana look like a barbie lol

me & my girl jessica gon look all types a summer time fly lol
then my lil mama shan going the mnth after me

heart crushed

woke up to email this morning saving my surgery date with yily has been cancelled because she has reduced her work load ....... I am sad once again but there has to be more to this I am having surgery with some one on 12th cause I have spent over 800 that I won't get back and went through so much to have all my money ready for next month .
*sigh* at this point I think its even too late to get a new doctor unno what to do .... lost of words right now
my girl says to call yira and c what can be done but I don't even no if I want to...... I wonder if this is a blessing in disguise the past couple of days I've been thinking do I reallly want to do this
I guess this is my answer uh?

GUESS WHAT !?!?!?!?

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii im back lol had to take a lil hiatus you know just to sort myself out.
but i just wanted to let you guys know that I AM HAVING MY SURGERY (INSERT BIG ASS SMILEY FACE RIGHT HERE). the day after my heart break i was frantic and msged my original doctor of choice which was baez( as some of the lovely ladies suggested) and i told her my situation and she agreed to do my surgery on may 12 as originally planned so you know what that means yall LIL OVER 3 WEEKS UNTIL SURGERY DATE !!!!!!
my sx buddy jessica helped me with the translation so i spoke spanish throughout the entire communication process and baez is such a doll she was on top of everything i never waited more then a day for a response from her.
I have almost evrything packed except for a few toiletries which i will be getting soon and i started taking my vitamin c, b12, brolemin and liquid iron from about 2weeks ago, next week im going to add multi vitamins (i wont be adding any extra frolic acid cause it makes you fertile as hell and i be getting it in a whole lot lately lol so ill excuse that) and start having 1 cup of pineapple juice a day until surgery date.
mhmmm what else..... im going to do blood work again between (april 28-may 2) results take about a week so i can see where i stand and going to go to the travel clinic to get some shots just to be on the safe side and thats about.
i'll be updating once a week unless other things pop up

i c alot of beautiful ladies once again im stricken with glossy eyes and drool lol i love em all makes me even more impatient and shout out to the new baez girl 30sDaNew20 that ass is crazzyyyy

NEW WISHERS (wish pics) lol


this is ideal and realistic (she a bit too hippy for me lol but that booty oh gawd lol, i feel once my waist is smaller my hips will stand out more ive gained back my weight that i worked off last year lol its ok cause i was missing my booty like crazy so yup hope baez can really grip that waist and ill be extremely happy =)
current measuremnet 38-35-46 when i first posted on RS 38-33-44 so not really a big difference in measurements but lemme assure u those extra 2inches went right back into my thighs which i hate cause my booty aint even huge but i got em thunder thighs lol


hello my lovelies .. just over 2weeks to go !!!!!!! this is getting real
ok so remember i said i started my preop vitamins etc. about 3weeks ago, i think im going to have to calm down with the iron intake, i have been getting headaches, nausea and my stools aint looking so pretty lmfaoo tmi right , so im going to take a 1 week break from taking the liquid iron it starting monday ( the bottle is almost empty anyways lol), im going to replace that with my multi vitamins and then a week before sx ill start back with the iron intake.
Now regards to the whole weight loss thing i figured id do a little crash diet for two weeks lol cause lets be realistic there aint no way im losing weight if i dont go drastic. so the plan is 3day cleansing of lemon/cucumber water and ofcourse my pineapple juice and then the rest would be liquid diet (soups, broth etc has to be less then 300 cal daily) and if i get unbearable hunger vegetable/fruits, along with about 20-30 minutes exercise 4-5 days a week lol so hopefully it works i would only
need to keep it up for 2weeks .
well thats it still havent gone to the travellers clinic -_- seriously lofting hopefully monday
but for sure going to check my hemo again by the end of next week (may 2nd)

LAZY - ONE WEEEK !!!!!!!

this week has been a very lazy week for me i literally did nothing !-_-
i skipped taking my pre med (minus vitamins) for 2days. I didnt go back and get my bloodwork looked at again. Im pretty sure its too late now to do it cause the results take like a week to get back lol, SO SCRATCH THAT . bright note one week to go =) i swear my momma is more scared/nervous then i am lol im gettin a little nervous lol but nothing tooo major you know. Im going to start back up my irons again tomarrow to get the ball rolling that week from no iron was just a relief lool no headache / nausea. hope one week wont be too much for me =)
welp thats all ill up date the day i leave.
keep me well wishes as i do yall
happy journeys xox


5'5-5'6. . 205lbs . still debating bring my iphone lol cause i no ill be tempted to use it while im there & there is no way im buying international minutes lol
will do finally pre op update at end of week im super excited again before its was so so but now im beyond ecstatic


has per the title this going to be my final update until after my sx =]. ummm lets see ive started back up my liquid iron intake again, my suitcase is mainly packed and ready to go just missing a few basics such as
underwear (big granny ones)
arnica cream( going to get in DR)
band aid
light snacks(my ass gon b hungry)
cotton balls
wash cloth
and i think thats it i still got to get my itinerary printed off going to do that tomarrow( well my momma will lol).
My sx buddy JessicaRabbit31 leaves for D.R today & she has sx with Duran on friday i wish i could be there for her but sadly wont b there until after so keep her in prayers guys and that she comes out healthy & bootyful!
flight leaves at 6:15am sunday morning yall(sx on monday) lol & i said i was going to partyhard one last time but i might gotta sit my ass home lol.
well thats it until next week yall happy healing & blessings


that surgery ish is nooooooo joke like it's ridicuolous. soooo umm i left to go to clinic at 630 , did my chest xrays and was in er by 11 ish. My hemo was only13.0 so i couldnt get my arms done if i wanted aggressive lipo on my significant area so i didnt( doctor says she'llrefund me 200 for arms). I dont remember too much but i do remember waking up twice in surgery the first time was when they flipped me on my tummy i was just looking not feeling the pain & then i blocked out again and the 2nd time i woke up i was on my back i would feel them sewing up the cannula holes and it hurt so bad that i started crying :( then i knocked out again. Now when i was fully aware of my surroundings i was back in the private wing of the clinic and they had a nurse stay with me her name martina she so sweet u no , she change my backs & drains and rubbed my head u can see thatshe actually cared about you i didnt want her to leave to shower lol. ( sorry couldnt get pic of her i gave baez my phone b4 surgery & didnt c her until the next day) The nurse help me walk around the room to get my blood flow running but i remained in bed most of the time was feeling super drained, they offered me soup but i only had water & juice. ( u didnt have to pay for nurse to stay with you; i gave her tip tho) .
Now on my way back was feeling suppperrrr dizzyyy so i was breathing kinda un-easy almost fainted in the elevator coming up to angies i collasped right on the couch i just felt so out of it you know. Carlos(driver) helped carried me to my room & i just stayed there and spelt lol. After about an houry i was up they brought in soup but i had no appetite i stared at it for like 10mins then just gor up & walked around my room, i ended up having it because i had to take medication.
They showed you how to empty your drain so i do that myself, and ladies at angie r so sweet & helpful ( language barrier is crazy but they do guestures or ask the bilingual ladies for help but ull understand for the most part) .
Im suppose to get first massage today so hopefully i can show how my booty looks.
Oh and be prepared for a lot of needles lol in the short time frame ive had about 4 blood drains+ the IV -_- that one was the worst ... and i only had 1 herprin shot because the cells that produce clots are low for me so only time will tell now. I ll post as soon as possible


a few days post op .... im not going to lie i have been sittin on this fatty since day one .... and im going to be realistic & expect some volume loss ..... im still swollen cause i havent had any massages as yet hopefully tomarrow morning but we will see. p.s i didnt do hips lol i hate hips i wana still be able to fit into my jeans wen i get home im more for the small waist


ladies dont be fooled the massages arent has bad as evryone thinks it is ... zara did my massage at silhouette and it was so warm and relaxing she uses a machine to help as well. So dont have it in ur head as the worst pain ever lol its really not bad but trust when they say u feel 100% better after


ok feeling a tons better .... trynned remember to take my meds on time ... having mad tummy problems i dont know what to do i tried evrrything laxative, anema , milk of magnesium, fruit, water unno i really need to go its making me moody -_- and i dont like it its been like 6 days now thank god i have finally check up tomarrow with doctor so hope she will be able to give me something before i leave. I cant wait to go home i miss my mom so much -_- . in regards to body still pretty swollen i take off my faja alot ( because of my tummy troubles i feel uncomfortable in it ) i should be in my stage two xs faja now but im going to wait til i go home where i can get for less then 100 CAD i no baez going to be mad but a few days not gunna matter ( lol since i dont really wear stage one that much its was a size small almost zero compression on stomach lol ) :... sometimes when i c my stomach i get sad because its actually bigger then it was post-op i have hernia so lipo on stomach wasnt as aggressive as i wanted it but then when i see booty i smile so i hope it doesnt get small ... i havent noticed any size difference im move it a little each cheek i do a "bum tick" lol letting the muscle get use to being moved. well thats all the up date .. drains r still in hopefully come out 2mr leaving on sundayy yayyyy lol

special moments -_-

u guys lmaooooo im up at this time to give yall this joke; please dont judge me but i had to.
so im leaving in like 3hrs today to go home and my stomach been hurting me since 1am( havent had a BM in 6 days) sooo im gettin up im walking and if u know yoga doing the "child poses" just doing to over & over like im so tired rii now so neways i took off my faja from when my stomach first start hurting me . k so i started farting looks i might finally get some relief ... the bathroom is clogged from earlier in the day -_- no bueno so me being resourceful i get a thick ass towel and put it under me and right then and there i went-_- i am so embarassed&ashamed but was sooooo happy like words could not describe how light i feel right now since er1 is a sleep i cleaned up put evrything in plastic bags & im boutta wake up one of the girls to help me with my ummm deposit lol but yeah yall things u do for relief like 6 days of food antibiotics painkillers saline solution body fluids goshh im happy im off that lol


lol one week since surgery already im guna do a mnthly update now cause not much have changed ..... i need major compression for sure i have a xs squeem that i squeezed my fat ( yes is FAT SWOLLEN COW ) waist into lmaooo sry im going off but umm yeah i got into my extra small squeem im going to sleep in it tonight see how goes
Areas rise from where i put the home made lipo board on it ..
my butt ( hasnt changed) still loves it its not hugeee and im ok with it its alot fuller then it was b4 so i can slide with the oh i just lost weight & toned up if ne1 ask lmfaooo...hope it stays like this lol
put yeah still bruising and all that
waist gettin better


its a difference from b4 but not the wow factor i wanted-_- especially stomach still kinda disappointed ... but i wont b doing a round 2 for anything( excuse boob bandage so in can keep an area under my boob open)


yall i stopped wearing my faja ( lemme remind u its still the stage 1 faja too lol) . I stopped wearing it on wednesday it just got pointless i can fit into the xtra small sqweem so i wear that throughtout the day and just let everything loose at bedtime. Im going to get stage 2 faja hopefully 2mr i dont care much for the faja ( horrible i no smh ).
but i have a question there is like a lump on my booty-_- when i take pics it doesnt show up in em ... it doesnt hurt its just look like its over stuffed with fat any had that?

almost 3weeks

ok 3weeks on monday
still love booty lol not as much as b4 its not really bigg but its very shapely so im not mad .. i get to workout soon.... ummm faja i only sleep in it lol rest of the time im without ... swelling is pretty much non existent my booty jiggles lol

hopes these pics are ok


hello lovelies hope all is well, just here to post some pics its been just over 3mnths after surgery i still get a lil discomfort in my lower back when i lie down too long, its crazy how some days my stomach & booty can look so good and the next days its like what the fuck lol.
in regards to the booty she's holding up really well like honestly pics do it no justice AT ALL i still get looks and compliments from both males & females even tho it has gone down drastically since 1mnth post opp.
i work out here and there, so i dont gain back too much weight i can c that i have lost weight since a couple mnths ago, i hope it keeps dropping .
I am still contemplating a round 2 at the end of next year with duran this time as i still feel that not enough fat was taken from my person, but i am not 100% as yet going to give my body until the end of year which will roughly be about 6mnths and c how results r then.
i do lurk and do see new ladies coming in and they look great.
best wishes
Miami Plastic Surgeon

baez is a doll i have nothing but good words for her. and let me tell you her pics do her no justice she is beyond beautiful u can tell she takes good care of herself . She genuinely cares you can can tell everyone cares where i stayed like i love this place lol . If i had to do it all over again i wouldnt have changed my mind i would have stuck with her through out the entire process. just wonderful everything is wonderful lol

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