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I'm so excited and nervous I don't even know where...

I'm so excited and nervous I don't even know where to freakin start!!! Well, I just received my Pre-Op instructions from Dr. Robles' assistant Raquel Medina. She is very helpful. Responds in a reasonable amount of time. And this statement is coming from an impatient woman might I add lol. I'm a Taurus so I'm stubborn and have a million questions but she's very forthcoming so far and answers ALL of my questions.

I have struggled with my weight ALL OF MY LIFE. Always heard "Your so pretty, but...." Smh. My weight has kept me from being confident enough to do the things in life I want to do. I LOVE to shop but always get hit with reality when I cant ever find my size (I'm a 1X or 16). Things never fit me in real life the way I envision them in my head :-(

I wear this super duper girdle sometimes and it gives me more booty and curves. $100 it cost me. But the compliments I get when I go out make the discomfort I feel in that damn thing all worth the struggle I went thru to even get in it.

I'm a black and latin woman, my whole family has but and boobs for days. I have nooooo butt. Its just wide. smh

After years of debating and just being scared of getting chopped up I decided to do this. But not until I saw Dr. Robles on twitter. She was so interactive and kind and people said such good things. I was like "OH YES!!!" So I contacted her, Raquel emailed me AND text me and here we are!

So, Im 5'2, 200 pounds (I carry my weight well my mom always said), my breast are a 38DD, I have always had a belly, thunder thighs, big arms, love handles and butterfly wings (the rolls on your back that don't allow you to wear dresses with the back out smh). I cant even imagine what life will be like to shop in H&M and not struggle to find something I can squeeze into or be told somethings too big. Or to wear a bikini!! That is my ultimate dream! To wear a bikini! Summertime is the WORST!! All my friends are either thin or well shaped and Im the only one with this issue. Can't wear shorts, my thighs will catch fire. Ugh!!

I originally wanted lipo to the abdomen, thighs, arms, back and fat transfer to the butt. (yea I know...overkill lmao). Dr. Robles said I wasn't a candidate for lipo to the abdomen and that I couldnt get alllll that done at once. She said she wanted to give me a tummy tuck, lipo to the abdomen, the back and waist and fat transfer to the butt. I was a little aggravated by this because I didn't want a tummy tuck, I'm horrified of the scar and want as much fat put into my butt as possible. But Raquel calmed my worries (which isn't an easy job) and I'm scheduled for Jan. 28, 2013. She quoted me $5,200 which is alot cheaper than I would have to pay here in NY. I had a consult here before and was quoted twice that amount for basically the same procedure.

So as of now, this is what I have to do so far (If anyone can comment and tell me what else I need to do to prepare I'd appreciate it because I feel a little lost lol)

Here are the instructions I was given:

1- Start taking 300mgs of Iron twice a day and 4mgs of folic acid once a day. Also, add 1 gram of vitamin C and 2 tablets of B-complex .Stop taking aspirin or aspirin related compounds, as well as vitamin E. Eat healthy and drink at least 12 glasses of water every day. Pay attention to salad and spinach specially because this will boost and maintain your hemoglobin levels.

2- Schedule an appointment with your local lab or clinic in order to have a CBC (Complete Blood Count) done. This test should be done a month after you start taking the recommended medicine described in point #1.

I read on someone else's post that I don't have to wait to start taking the vitamins so I will start now. I'll be scheduling my CBC on Monday.


I've seen other people ( @cele0328 specifically) post her list of things you'll need to have so I'm going by her list. She purchased alot of stuff while in DR which I don't think I'll be able to do. I'm not from there and don't want to be stuck not being able to get what I need, so I'll get everything right here in NYC.

I'm going to post pics of my before right now, just so you can see what I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to lol turns out that the SUPER GIRDLE... turns out that the SUPER GIRDLE i've been wearing is the garment im supposed to wear after surgery! Go figure! lmaoooo gotta laugh at myself.

Well I started my vitamins today. I hate taking...

Well I started my vitamins today. I hate taking pills so this was painful for me lol. I plan to purchase the vitamedica post op pacakage.

For those looking for the faja's I'm posting their website below. If you live in NY they actually have a vendor on Fordham Rd and Webster (entrance faces Fordham Rd. underneath the nail salon).

Hi guys! My anxiety has been building everyday...

Hi guys! My anxiety has been building everyday that I get closer to my "New Me" Date lol. I actually started having second thoughts. Thinking maybe I should do something more "productive" with my money. Idk, I've just been feeling so guilty about the amount of money I'm spending on just myself. Im a mommy and have NEVER spent this much on something just for me that didnt benefit my babies. Smh. But reading everyone elses stories and advice just helps me alot. I've struggled with weight problems so long and I just want to not carry this burden inside anymore.

I find alot of comfort in this site and I'm so glad that I found it because I dont have anyone I can really talk to about this with. I've only told two people about this and they understand but cant truly feel where I'm coming from.

P.S: i STILL hate these vitamins. Making me completely nauseous. Ugh! The smell and the taste just gross! Ugh. And i havent been doin so great with the water drinking the past few days. But Im on top of it today. LOL

Sooooo....I have had to push my surgery date back...

Sooooo....I have had to push my surgery date back to Feb. 25th. Ive had so much going on with my home, kids, work, etc. Smh I just had to tend to those things before I could feel good about making this move.

Last night Dr. Robles gave me the green light for my ticket and I BOUGHT IT THIS MORNING!!!!!!! I cant BELIEVE Im about to do this!!! I am so scared and excited and anxious and ugh!!!! I've NEVER felt like this before!! I cant stop screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lmaooooo!!!! Im really going. Like its really happening. Everything I've been thru, all the obstacles, all my life struggling with my weight and to be able to do something so simple like Touch my toes without feeling my stomach in the way is a dream!! I cant believe that I will be able to wear something and not have to suck in my tummy. :-'(

Unfortunately, my very small circle isnt as happy for me as I am. And I must say the negative energy and feedback really made me second guess this time and time again. Smh i'm so surprised that the ones u love are more comfortable with you feeling bad about yourself. I'm the ONLY chunky girl in my little circle. Smh OH WELL!!!

Ive been doing better with the vitamins and taking them with milk. That helps soooooooooo much. If not for the milk i dont know what I'd do lol.

Oh! I'll be traveling all alone and thats just fine with me. Ive been reading all of the girls post and all the info that we share with each other here has really given me the confidence to do this alone. I'm 100 percent comfortable with going and returning dolo. #17DaysToGO

*** Ok, I want to take a second to talk to you all...

*** Ok, I want to take a second to talk to you all about Raquel Medina****
A little personal son was struck by a vehicle. This stopped my LIFE. No movement at all until my baby was well. I cant explain the pain I was going thru. He luckily only suffered a broken arm. Today he is well and back in school. he's doing fine.

Raquel Medina, text me during the day and anytime of night. Asked me my babys name, prayed for my son and my family, stayed ON TOP of me you hear me? I never in my LIFE have encountered anyone who showed so much concern and care and love for someone she doesnt even know. Its so important for us to feel like we are in good hands and I cant stress enough how much love she showed to me. Pushing me, encouraging me, praying smh. Just amazing. Im so grateful for her.
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