Round 1 BBL in DR - Dominican Republic

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Hello dolls, I started this journey of mine back...

Hello dolls, I started this journey of mine back in 2011 when I wanted a BBL with a local surgeon in Arizona. I was denied at that time for financing and decided I was going to have to wait till I started making more money. I got married to a man from Dominican Republic and he told me how popular plastic surgery was there and how much better the results are. I asked him to find a surgeon for me and I came across a surgeon by the name of Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio. I couldn't afford the surgery at the time and my then husband made it almost impossible for me to get it so I let the idea rest for a couple of years and when we split up I started saving. I contacted Dr. Hernandez and set a date in December 2013 and flew out in June 2014 to have lips on my sides stomach and flanks with a fat transfer to my butt. For $4,800 he included surgery fee's insurance 8 days in Maria's recovery house, my exams, and meds. It was a good package my surgery was a success I didn't need a blood transfusion I was very weak the first 4 days, stayed in DR for 10 days and had my drain removed the 9th day. He changed my body but I'm not satisfied with my round one results. He was not aggressive with my lipo and added more fat to my hips than my butt. I wish I would have done more research and went to a doctor who was more caring about his patients Dr. Hernandez does Not have good bed side manners and didn't understand what I wanted. He advised me to gain weight after surgery and when i did he told me that was not good it messed up my results. I should have took it as a warning when he didn't ask me for pictures of me pre-op and didn't ask me for pictures of women I'd like to look like he just told me he isn't God and told me don't expect to look like a model. My stats are listed below I will be getting more into what to take with you and what to expect after a BBL. feel free to ask me any questions I want to be detailed and straight to the point I'm here to help women so they can avoid the mistakes I've made.
First Round Stats:
Height: 5'5"
Frame size: Medium/ large
Pre-op weight: 170 lbs
Age: 25
Ethnicity: Hispanic
No children
Surgery: Brazilian Butt Lift 750 cc'is injected to hips and butt
Post-op weight: 170 lbs
Current weight (07/06/15): 176 lbs

BBL supplies you'll need.

Here's a general list of supplies and services you'll need for a BBL in DR.
Take to DR list:
2-3 cotton Robes that zip in the front- Walmart
3-4 tight fitting camisoles or tank tops
Large bag of baby wipes/toilet flushable
Slip on slippers or sandals
Compression socks
Cozy socks to keep your feet warm
Small throw cover
Anti-bacterial soap
Travel bottle of shampoo & conditioner
Brush and hair ties
Dry shampoo
Poise pads
Large cotton underwear or cotton shorts
Chux for draining
2-3 small white face towels
Luggage locks
Medium sized tote or bag
Mophie juice pack to charge phone extension cord if traveling alone.
Small rolling luggage
Neck traveling pillow ( U shape)
Booty pillow
Lipo boards
Arnica Cream
Fiber pills or a slow reacting laxative
Cash with small bills to tip at airport
Travel case with toothbrush/ tooth paste
One comfy outfit to travel back home in like a maxi dress or tank top and yoga pants. Planes are cold take a small sweater.
Supplies & Services:
10-12 lymphatic massages
stage 2 faja to wear in home state
Benadryl for itching
Soothing lotion or cream for itching
Yoga pants/ loose clothing

I tried to include everything I could remember. try not to over pack, if one PJ is dirty they'll wash it while you wear the other one. I like camisoles because they're tight & thin and don't cause lines on skin like tank tops do you're already itchy 2 weeks post-op and lines from tank tops don't help. Booty pillows, you don't want to put pressure on your butt. You'll need a small bag to pack your pj slippers and other supplies you'll need to take when you have surgery. I took a back pack and put a small lock on the zipper to my money and phone because I traveled alone. mophie juice pack holds a few charges on it and is portable to charge your electronics they're small enough to keep on your bed and not have to get up or bother if your cord falls (sold at mobile stores best buy etc.) The robes can be purchased at Walmart they are cotton are like big pj t-shirts and zip up in the front with pockets big enough for your drain and phone. The faja has a hole at the bottom and you will need to wear shorts or underwear to cover your stuff lol. you can't take a shower after surgery in DR so taking big bottles of shampoo etc. is unnecessary and just takes more room in luggage. Dry shampoo you're hair will get nasty dry shampoo helps keep it fresh and oil free. Try to keep your hair wrapped it in a French braid. The doctor will provide a faja and I suggest you buy your fajas in DR so you can try them on and feel the textures they're not cheap and buying them online is a gamble. 2 weeks post-op you'll start itching a lot as your nerves start waking up Benadryl will help you sleep and a soothing lotion will feel great if you have someone rub it on your back when your having an itch attack. I bought a yoga outfit set to fly back home it was a tank top and yoga pants but I wore tennis shoes and boy did i regret it at the flight check ins I had a hell of a time but my feet get cold super easy so I wanted to be warm in the plane. Fiber pills because after surgery you get very constipated and you'll want to try to go as soon as possible the bloating from constipation is very uncomfortable don't take any harsh laxatives. I think that's about it. Any questions please ask.

My 2nd opinion on Dr. hernandez

Dr. hernandez has responded back to me and sent me my before pictures after speaking with him and him showing me how much he actually cares about his patients I decided to write back to him. I definitely understand what he is trying to explain to me if you want to be safe you need to keep realistic results in mind. I appreciated that he cared enough to read my review and continued to explain to me from a medical perspective why he does what he does. He didn't just leave me feeling cheated out of my results he let me know why I don't look like a "Barbie". He does really care about his patients in the way it counts, keeping you alive and healthy during surgery. Here what I wrote him...
First and for most I want to apologize for my review that was less than detailed about my true feelings. I'm very sorry for insulting you and your profession. After seeing my before pictures that you sent me, I am very thankful to you and your work. Over the past year I have forgotten what I used to look like, and how much you have improved my body. I understand now, thank you for taking care of me and my health, I doing what you know is right instead of trying to dangerous practices. I have lost some weight and I'm continuing to take care of myself now by eating healthier so that I can improve my results. I will be getting liposuction again after I loose some weight, so I can finally achieve my dream body. I appreciate that you read my review and that you care enough as a doctor to write me more than once and explain my case so that I can understand I need to be realistic. It speaks volumes on who you are as a person. You have completely changed my body and those pictures humbled me. By you writing me more than once I realized you care very much about your profession and take a lot of pride in what you do, and I respect that in a doctor! Again, I want to sincerely apologize for my review and let you know that I will be changing it. Thank you for making my body look a million times better!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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