Baez 10 months po BA and BBL

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I would like a more shapelier body. I would like...

I would like a more shapelier body. I would like to enhance my body... I want bigger and perkier breasts, and also a flat tummy. When I gain weight, most of it goes to my butt and stomach. I would like to have a BBL. I will be getting a breast lift, implants (silimed), and lipo and bbl. My surgeon will be Dra. Baez, and I plan for the surgery to be on June 24, 2014. I hope that all will be well, and I will heal and get the body I would like.... I am not very much of a hip girl, I think having huge hips isnt attractive... so I like The reality star Tahiry's body. Her bottom is out of this world... and her hips aren't too big. I am currently a 32 c, and would like to become a full D cup. I am going for a natural look all around. I am excited to get my hemoglobin levels and all the fun things I have to do to prepare for the surgery.

I chose Baez, because she responds to my email. I like her work, from what I have seen, and I feel like she has potential to give me what I want. We sent many emails back and forth, and I am ready to have a new body! I love my body now, but I would like to make it a lil better.

DR surgery

So I am about to start a new professional job, and I know that staying 10 days, or 8 working days away from work is serious....When I got my quote from Dra. Yilly a while ago, her minimum requirement is to stay for 8 days.... which could be 5 working days, which is way more acceptable for a vacation.... so I am thinking i might have to change my doctor, is she is not okay with me staying for 8 days....

Emailed her

So I emailed Dra. Baez, and she said I could stay for 9 days if I wanted all of my surgeries down. I can do that.... She is the best at responding to your email! Right now I am just going to do research on how to get my hemoglobin level high, because my iron is low... So I am excited!

The real preperation begins

So I am now 128 lbs... I would like to gain 5 pounds.
I did have some doubts about going abroad to get the surgery done, but I have thought it through, and I would like to continue with my journey. I want to be happy about the way I look. I feel as though that I do look great physically, but there are just minor adjustments that I would like to tweek. I will be 24 in July, and I just want a new me. I want to enhance myself in many ways.

I was a bit skeptic as to how Dra. Baez could work with me because I'm slim. But she sent me a picture of a slim patient, who is probably 134, the weight that I would like to be for surgery, and She looks great after finishing with her. So I am confident that Dra. Baez will be a good choice for me. I would like to have a bigger butt, but I already have one, so whatever she can put in there, I'm cool with. I really just wanted a flatter stomach, and I don't want the fat to go to waste. I am most excited about the boob job. I want to get a lift and probably an implant that will bring me to a double D. I just want my breasts to look natural and perky.

I need to buy all the things I will need for my surgery. I want to start off by buying my ticket first, and then finding a good recovery house. I need to get my vitamins! I need to make sure I am super healthy and my iron levels are high. i just need to figure out what supplements I am going to take.
I think I will start my weight gain as soon as I can get my hands on some ensure and other things that make you gain weight. The crazy thing is that when I gain weight, the weight goes to my butt and my stomach.

I am just realizing how much this trip is gonna cost me...
The flight will be approximately $458
RH is atmost $800 for a ten day stay... so I need to make it super reasonable. I dont mind sharing a room.
Surgery $5000
Tourist card $10
Massages... idk maybe $200
Spending / emergency money $200
supplements: $100.

So with all of this being totaled, im going to get a pt weekend job, to ease with the expenses. I will make enough between now and the surgery at my FT but it is cutting too close.

Looking for a Recovery House buddy, June 2014

Are you going to the Santo Dominogo, DR on or around June 23, 2014. If you are we should link up!
Send me a message, so we can figure how this all works.

Gotta make more dollars

So I Will probably be going to the DR in Sept - October.... I need to work more and save more.
Cant live paycheck to paycheck because I want to save for a SX....

4 months Pre Op

So I was contacted by Dra. Alemonte's rep, a month after, and they gave me a great quote, but.... I decided to stick Baez, because her rep seems to busy to answer questions about the foreign objects I'm slaving at work, to put in my body... #DEAD... So I love how responsive Dra. Baez, and I am sure that I will be happy in her hands. I am finding out more information about the Breast augmentation, because it is want I want the most. My butt is huge naturally for my frame, and I don't mind the little bit of belly and thigh fat to be transferred there. I want to make sure that she does an awesome job on my BA. I want my breasts to look natural as possible, but sexy at the same time. I have been inbetween thinking about anatomical implants, and round implants. I think after much research, Im going to choose round implants. I am a small C cup. I have enough breast tissue to hide the firmness of a round implant. I would like a moderate plus projection. So I am looking at augmentations of women who have had Eurosilicone or Donasis Implants.... but it is very hard to find. I am choosing the Eurosilicone brand, but the only thing I am unsure of at this point is the CCs.
I am pretty petite, so Idk about a DD size, but a full D size is what I am going for.

I am also researching recovery houses, and flights. I think I will make my deposit, and pay for the flight in 2 weeks. Because the flights in October are very good now.

I am also trying to eat healthier, but also gain enough weight that Dra. Baez can work with. I am probably going to gain 5 - 7 pounds. Hopefully the weight stays... I have a very high metabolism. I am also taking vitamins.

Judy Problems

So My butt is big for my size ALREADY, and if i decide to follow through with the bbl, how will i look professional? I am about to place the down payment for my surg on Tuesday.... but I am still going back and forth in my head about gaining more weight for a BBL to get that Tahiry or Yaris Sanchez at 140lbs look.... I am about 130lbs.... Nonetheless, i am excited about my boob job....

changed my date

just got an earlier date to September 17th. I bought my plane ticket and tourist card today. I might have to buy a new passport. I have six weeks to get my hemo up and prepare! I am excited! im going to buy geritol. tomorrow, and begin taking it


Just booked a single at RH Armonia. I love the pics and so far the review has been great. I bought ONLY Necessities. I am not wasting any money on this trip. I bought a lightweight luggage from Ross for $32. I bought the carryon for $13. I made sure that my bag did not have that heavy framework to it, because that adds a lot of weight as is. I bought Geritol today from walgreens, and I am now taking all of my pills and stuff. I hope my blood levels will be great. I read that geritol is the fastest way to get your iron up. I got the rest of my travel needs from target for $50. I bought all Target brand items, some name brand like Neosporin. I plan to go to the dollar tree to get the rest of my needs. I don't find them there, than back to target.

Weight wise, I am the heaviest I have ever been about 137. I am pushing for 140lbs, to give Dra. Baez enough fat.

Next I need to buy my post op garments and the rest of my first aid / sx supplies. I am bringing my maxi dresses that I already own. I don't think its necessary to buy new ones.

Most important money saver for me is to find my passport!!!

No turning back

I bought my ticket and booked my RH, but its so hard for me to communicate with them. I was a little sad the other day and didnt want to go any more. But I will continue to take my vitamins and geritol, and eat healthy.

just getting a boob job

Well... I'm stressed out. When I'm stressed, i lose weight. So all of e weight that i have gained for the bbl has disappeared. So I will begin waist train. Naturally, my booty is big. I just wanted to lipo the places where the fat goes n stays, and initially, i didnt want to waste the fat per se. So no bbl for me. Im gonna let Baez know, so I can reduce my recovery time at the Rh.

Today was Crazy + Tour buddy

So I told Baez that I was only going to get a boob job.... so I would only have to stay for 7 days. instead of 10. So I called AMERICAN AIRLINES, AND they said to come back earlier I would have to pay $400. So then I called the travelers insurance, to see if they could cover it, but they could NOT! I was PISSED. So I will be in SANTO DOMINGO for 10 days, but I want to have a tour. I want to enjoy it, and I would like to enjoy it with some while im down there. I will be there from 8/16 - 8/26! I love to travel, and I am looking to take a day tour. Im sure its a beautiful place. I just want to go look around instead of laying bed, once my breasts start feeling better.... HMU if your interested in arranging a tour.

I am leaving in 5 days!

So its been hella stressful these last few days. I'm trying to get my money right, and my passport still hasn't arrived! I just don't want to go through with this surgery and not get the BBL that I have gained so much weight for.... Everyone tells me to slow down lol that I am getting to big. **Rolls eyes** if they only knew lol. I just told Dra. Baez that I am back on for the BBL, and explained to her my situation, and she just made my stress level go down. I am practically done packing.... I am taking my vitamins before I sleep, and I have doubled up on the iron pills this week since my geritol is finished. I also bought some MALT drink and tomatoe paste, I read in a someone's review, that that boosted their hemoglobin level by a whole point; and she only drank it for 3 days. I will be drinking mines probably til Monday lol. I hope that has some kind of impact.

My Significant other doesn't like the fact that I am going to get my boobs done. Since I began gaining weight, I have gained some weight in my breasts.... and butt... so essentially if you see me, you would probably say that I need to work on my tummy.... So since my tummy is my problem area, I just want to put it on my booty and hips...

I have decided that I am going for Stephanie Santiago's body. We are about the same height, and she looks very natural. She doesn't look like she had work done in my opinion. So I am going to show Dra. Baez her pics and emphasize the natural yet enhanced look. I am sure she will have no problem delivering....

I cant believe its soo close!

Final upates

So I am now 138 lbs. This is my heaviest. My goal was to be 140 for the surgery...
I have also started my period... so IDK how that is going to affect my surgery, or blood levels! Can't believe I am leaving soon. I commit this whole experience in the Lord's hands.

2 days pre-op

heres how I look now plus wish pics

NEW BAEZ DOLL~ my experience in a nutshell

SO its been 12 days post op and its been a crazy worldwind. Glad that I am back home. DR. BAEZ is wonderful. Her picture does her no justice. Her husband is very serious and speaks great english, as well as his brother. She did an awesome job on my breasts and booty. She gave me 1500 ccs in my butt, and I have 375 ultra high silicone implants. I also got a beneli the moment, I am most concerned about this! My stitches came out a bit. But I have contacted her and she has told me what to do.

Because I got a breast augmentation and a bbl, the initial booty that she gave me reduced dramatically. It was too big for my size, I didnt think Baez was going to do that. But I realized that I showed her that picture of YARIS SANCHEZ, and she gave me all that ASS! It was crazy, thankfully, it went down, BECAUSE I HAD TO LAY ON MY BACK, and the swelling as well.

Now that I am back home, I see a major change in my butt, I thought it wasn't changed. I thought all the fat injections had dissolved but it didn't. I was a juniors 9/11 now I would say I am a 13.
She really lifted my butt, she added fat everywhere. I love my results. She is a good doctor, and will give you what you want. Please be sure to have your hemoglobin levels high. I used geritol, vitron c, folic acid, b12, and the malt and tomato drink to boost my hemo. My hemo was a 12.7.

I stayed in recovery armonia in Nazareth, quadrupedal room, and it was cool. Food was the bomb! The staff is good, there are some people that work better than others. But they DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU. This was ideal, because you never know how much pain you are going to be in. The most annoying thing was the language barrier and the people trying to get over on you on the fajas and medicine.

Yenny Barbie Doll was my masseuse. She was great! Love her, she knows what the hell shes doing. Massages hurt at first, but they allow you to sleep better. She is beautiful and looks soo young! She is also a cosmetologist.

Neneh was my nurse in the hospital, and she was very helpful and affordable! Whatsapp her!!!! 809-397-3146. She speaks good English, and she taught her self. She is honest, unlike many others, and we became friends, as well as my roomates, and we had a BLAST around the town! YOU NEED A NURSE AFTER SURGERY. DO NOT COUNT ON ANY NURSE IN THE HOSPITAL. THOSE BITCHES BE HIDING and they are mean! lol

I am in the recovery process. I am looking for lymphatic massages here, and new post op garments, because Dra. Baez, tried to get my ass to wear a 3xs. my stage 2 garment was a large, but we altered the top to a 3xs. It fit, but I couldn't function in it. So I am currently wearing my stage one garment, and waiting for the new corset that I have purchased, because I simply cannot get into my faja on my own. Me and my bf tried yesterday it was fail!

will post after pics next blog.


Baez is understanding and caring! I also lost 8 lbs in the DR..... I am sure if I gain more, my butt will get bigger. 130 is my normal weight, so I am not going to stress about adding more weight. Happy with my results. I feel so naked lol


I have had one of my breasts incisions open and I now have a seroma. This is not worth it, I should have just saved more money and got this done in the states. When complications occur, you want to go to your surgeon, but when you go to another country, and fly back you cant do that. I am so annoyed. I went to the hospital yesterday to check on my breast because pus was coming out of one... turns out its fine. Unfortunately, I do not have health insurance, so going to get that check on, I have to pay... now I have to worry about this seroma.... I really don't care for this shit too much. I began to feel like I shouldn't have gotten any of this done.


So ita been almost 1 month post op. MY ASS is still the same size, just more fuller at the top.... I did not go to there to come out with the same ass. One of my butt cheeks are bigger than the other. My breasts, o, different story, I hate them. My nipples look crazy. My stitches are visible, and I have no idea how to take them out. This was not worth all the pain, and months I had no life saving for this surgery. I did both surgeries, I feel like BAEZ should have taken more time to tell me how the hell i would have preserved my ass while I had to lay on my back for the BA. I'm not a fan... I would not recommend this, unless your doctor is sure that you will keep some ass.... Im so annoyed.

before and three weeks po

do you see the difference?

More satisfied

I went to victorias secret yesterday and was measured as a 32ddd, and 34 dd. I got 375cc implants.
I was a small c pre-op. One implant feels more like a breast, whereas the other does not. I did have to cut my stiches out my self, because I had these white knots around my areola, and I didn't know what was going to happen to them. So all of my stiches have been removed. The breasts look really nice. I do like my figure. My results are just a tweek. I didn't quite get the ass that I was going for, but I will settle with it, because I think it looks better. If it gets bigger, I will be happier lol. But I look great in dresses and other clothes now. I feel more confident, and men do a lot of cat calling when I wear skirts...smh.... so sometimes I do feel uncomfortable around men. I didn't do this surgery to attract guys, but I did it for myself.... As for round 2, I thought about it. But I am a professional woman... I don't need a massive ass. So I don't think I will do it, and the abdominal liposuction really hurts. Some nights I wake up and I am still feeling the pain of my back drain. My skin around my stomach feels normal. I still have seromas. they are getting harder,, hopefully they absorb. My stomach is still sore. And I do not waist train or wear my garment.... Its really hard for me to put it on alone....

I will add more pics of this later.

My Pics and more update

So my butt cheeks are 2 different sizes. They are close, but I can tell that one is way more fuller than the other. So if I do consider round 2, its for the purpose of getting it evened out. I will give it 6 months.... Because I am a perfectionist, I might go to Miami and do it next year. So here are the pics. The thing that sucks the most is that when I came home, I couldn't fit any of my clothes, but I am back to my normal size, just with more fullness.

So I am looking at these pics, and wish Baez could have done a more distinct job on my butt. But much more satisfies with my boobs.

2 months post op

here are some pics of then and now..

I got thicker

Here are some more pics.

my boobs feel real

So I have minor rippling on one of my boobs. It's not noticeable, but only I know it's there. And it feels weird. My breasts look natural and full. They finally feel real. I got eurisilicone 375cc implants. My preoperative size was 32 c, I am now a 32 DDD or 34 DD. My scar looks ok. I'm looking to finding a way to get a scar revision from the BA and BBL.

Dr. BAEZ did a great job on me, I was freaking out before, but she has truly enhanced my body for the better.

boobs 4 mo post op

I do have a scarring around my nipple. I might get a revision in about 2 years.

I'm going to need a revision. I have rippling

My one breast has some rippling going on. I don't like the way it looks or feels. So maybe next year or the ending of this year, I will get a revision in the US. I don't think the implant we choose was the best for my body type.

More Problemas. Help!

So my butt is very sore and sensitive to touch. I just felt a bump deep underneath the skin. I don't know what is going on... Has any one experienced this?

4.5 post op.

I love how I look on clothes! I don't NEED a bra anymore lol. My tummy is not as flat as can because I'm not about that waist training life lol. N I'm gaining weight... but just wanted to share.

rippling seems worst

I really have to start planning my rivision...


My scars have been hard to fade, and I have to start researching about my BA revision. Here is a new pic.

9 months

My butt is Huge. I wasn't ready for this. My butt is too big for my legs now. My breast implants are still malfunctioning. I'm going to start saving for a revision.

9 month photo

I would say I'm 50 / 50 on my results. Above all, I really wish my BA went well because I had a big butt already.

Final update 10 months post

Baez is a sweet woman. I'm sure with time she will continue to get better at her craft. I would say finally , that this surgery was not worth it. I say this primarily because my breast augmentation was botched. And my bbl scars aren't budging. So I have to get revision surgery for my breast and scarring.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I asked her about revisions, and I got no response. I got a messed up boob job with barely any feeling in my nipples.... I also need a bbl revision. the projection is to unntatural.

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