45 Years Old, 3 Kids, 3 Grandchildren Going for BBL, TT and Abdominoplasty. Dominican Republic, DO

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I am 45 y.o. with a huge desire on seen this body...

I am 45 y.o. with a huge desire on seen this body been transform. Three years ago i went i got a BA done with Dr. Moises Salama in Aventura, FL. I have to say that he did a great job and is awesome and easy to communicate with. Now i want to get a BBL, TT and abdominoplasty . At first i was going to go with Dr. Salama again for my BBL. But after reading many reviews, i changed my mind. I tried to contact Dr. Duran, she takes forever to answer and is a back an forward emails communication, can't deal with it. I need to talk to a real person, ask questions and get answers. While doing my research and reviews i heard about Dr. Jose Leon. Finally i decided to contact him, since i liked all the good things i heard about him. He responded so quick, like in 2 days, actually it was a Sunday, i couldn't believe it, yes, he was calling me. I got so excited, had a very easy conversation with him, which made me feel safe and trusted him immediately. And to make it better, i was very worry about his schedule dates available because my vacation is just next month and that is the only time i have available this year. He got me in for the dates that i am available. So Dr Leon's Barbies, here is another one coming thru!!!! I will be getting to DR on March 27 to get the labs and see cardiology etc. Then my sx will be the following day. I will be staying at one of the doctor's recovery home. I will be posting my journey and pictures.

Want a change!!!

Excited, can't stop thinking about this coming changes!!!!

Passport & Flight ticket in hand!!!

Hi Divas, I just bought my flight ticket and got my passport, also my tourist card. So excited. Getting my bags ready. In 44 days I will be getting a new body!!!!

Future DR. JOSE LEON doll...

Hi Divas, just stopping by for a quick update. I have been very excited and busy trying to get all my things together before this surgery. I am a nurse, have 3 jobs (i know to much).. I have a full time, a part time and a per diem job. It took some time just to request and set days off for this surgery. So i ask for my yearly vacations at my full time, requested time without pay at my part time and the per diem i just indicated the time that i wouldn't be available. Thanks to God, my all three jobs approved it with no problems. So i was lucky!!!
One of the most difficult things for me to do was to tell my daughters what i was planning to do, just because i didn't want them to see it in any other way other than mom wants to look and feel beautiful again. We are all beautiful regardless, but is a female thing just to have that shape back again. They are grown and they understand, so i was lucky one more time! Remember our family members get worry about us going thru this procedures when you tell them, but i showed my daughters how many females are going thru this procedures, so they can feel that i will be safe and everything will be fine. I just wanted to share this things with you because are part of my journey.
This week i have been going thru my list of things i may need. I read some Divas journeys of things you may not need. I tell you the truth, i am a Virgo, lol... we like to have things almost perfect. I am taking with me things i may or may not need, just because i want to feel that i will not be in need of anything. The way i see it is: i am going to a different country and regardless that i am Spanish and would not have any issue in communicating, i don't know where to go to get anything i may need. I want to have all the things i may need close to me... it kind of make me feel more comfortable or safe. Here is a draft of my list:

Vitamin C
Arnica bruise ointment and oral pellets
Chucks (1 pack)
female urinal
gauzes (not to many)
Ice pack
Booty buddy
abdominal board
triangle back memory foam
lipo foam
drainage holder
alcohol wipes
gloves (10 pairs only)

2 strapless short summer dresses (DR is really warm)
tank tops
2 bras
5 underwears
2 compression stockings
4 tank tops
2 sweat pants
2 towels
safety box
pop up hamper (dollar store)

Sanitary towels / panty liners
baby wipes
desinfectant wipes
desinfectant spray (travel size)
Off-wristband & clip on (in case there are mosquitoes)
mouth wash
shampoo & conditioner (travel size)
body spray
baby powder
hair brush, hair bands, hair pins, mousse

The most important thing:
Tourist card
safety box

Well Divas, hope my "so far" list help someone... I try to get travel sizes items, on sale items, even my luggage i got it for $4.00 at a thrifty store, lol. Unfortunately, there are some items that you have to pay full price, like the Booty buddy. But if i want to take care and have a nice butt had to buy it, and specially because i will have to sit in an airplane the way back and don't want to cause any damage. So i tried to save in other items so i could get the kind of expensive ones. Like for example, if you are like me, that dye your hair and always save the hair conditioner packs from the box, take those. Q-tips take from home and put some in snack plastic bag. Just some tips of things i have been doing.
Well this is all i have for now, will continue posting more about my journey. Take care and good luck to all the divas that are on their way to get beautiful. God bless you all!!!

Tourist Card

Here is the info about the tourist card.

My journey items...

Pics of the items that I will be bringing to DR...

My safety box

Love this safety box. Got it at home depot online. Good price. Is not big but I just want it for my money and passport.

Vitamins and more....

My meds and more

Preop done for myself!!!

Even I didn't have to get a preop done for Dr Lopez, I did it anyways for myself. I just had it done today, now waiting for bloodwork results. I want to my sure that I'm good for this surgery. Counting the days, 27 days left!!!!

Mixed feelings! Surgery date getting close!

Ladies I am close to 12 days from my surgery. I am feeling anxious, nervous and more. Hope I get the results I want but before anything I pray that everything goes well. Keep me in your prayers. I will post my entrance and exit from this surgery.
Hate when people start their reviews and after all that talk they don't finish or share their experience. Please even if it takes some time due to the recovery time, share your experience. It will help other girls decide or feel better.
I have been packing and unpacking, lol. I have fix my luggage like 3 times.
Will keep posting....xoxoxo

Pain Medication concerns.

So I am a little worry about which pain medication I will be getting after my surgery for my recovery. Does anybody knows which meds DR doctors give? I asked my PCP for pain pills for my recovery just in case I can't handle the pain, but I don't want to have any drug interactions. If anyone know please reply. Thanks

Emotions continue, cant' help it!

Feeling nervous, anxious, confident, excited and ultimately very happy about my surgery. Everything packed, luggage by the door. Can't forget my self stick, lol. Can't wait to see the results. Leaving to DR Saturday 3/27 at 7am from JFK. Surgery 3/28. I'm still working 2 of my jobs until this coming Thursday. Still have last minute things to do. Very important calling my bank and notifying that I will be at DR so they don't stop any transaction.
Well I will keep you updated!!!!!

Home sweet home!

Just returning from work, 17 hours shift. This was my before last double at work. The last one will be Thursday.
The final count down just started. Six (6) days from my surgery date.
The driver that will pick me up at DR is already scheduled, Jose Brito. Flying from JFK Saturday at 7am. Super excited!

Less.than.48 hours

Hello dolls,
Less than 48 hours for the New Leavings tonight to JFK. Surgery Monday.

finally here!

Arrived today at 11:30am.to.DR. It has been.a.very busy day. Had my bloodwork.done, then.tomorrow.in.the.morning I.Will see the cardiologist and my.surgery will.start around 12pm. I will.give you.more details later because right.now im.exhausted...

Some pics

Hi dolls, here some pics. Im.swealling ad bruised but everyone knows thats part of it. Pain is manageable if you flow.instructions...I wil.do..better review.when.I.feel.better .. Dr.Jose.Pain is awesome and will.give you what you ask.for.

First Follow up appointment

Today was my first f/u appointment after my surgery. Everything looks well. Here some pics with Georgina and with Dr Jose Leon

Happy with the results

Im.swelling but wanted to.show this pic.

Todays pictures

This pictures are 6 days post (today). Know that there are still alot of swelling and bruises. Can't ask for better after 6 days!!!! I love my results! Don't regret choosing Dr Jose Leon as my PS, he is the best ladys.

Becareful where you go ladies.

Ladies becareful where you go. Do.your researches before you put your body in a.table. Make.sure with your home PCP that you are clear for.a.surgery. Some lady.just passed 3-4 days ago at the CIPLA. God bless you all!

Goodbye DR!!!

Just left DR this morning, arrived home. Thankful of all.the.people that helped me to accomplish my wishes. Thanksful.of all the people.that helped me.during my recovery; nurses, cookers,.drivers, new.friends and.a.special.thanks to.the.man that transform.me with this beautiful shape, DR JOSE LEON. God bless you all always and may continue to.bless.you with your wonderful and amazing hospitality. To ARMONIA RH, caring, compassionate, unremarkable hospitality that was.not expected,.you.guys went beyond my thoughts...GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

17 days post

Today is my 17th dat post op. Still swollen but seeing the shape. Here is todays pic

Walk, walk, walk.

Hey ladies, after your surgery something that helps alot is to walk.as.much as u can. Do.not lay in bed all.day. Get up!!! Walk, rest, get up and walk.again..... It wouldn't be easy, but will help you alot. Happy healing to.all.of you!!!!That's my best advice!

3 weeks post op

This is at my 3rd week post op. Still have some inflammation on my back and lower abdomen, but can love and appreciate Dr Jose Leon's work. Couldnt be any better. Extremely happy with my results.
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