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Looking for a travel buddy out of Boston, CT, or...

Looking for a travel buddy out of Boston, CT, or NYC for May. I have not chosen a Dr. Yet still waiting on Dra. Duran and Baez quotes. But I am determined to get it done in May. Any ladies thinking about a May date? I would like to get a buddy to travel with I am talking about going through this whole Journey together. Planning and stuff ... I think that it would be fun in addition it is very therapeutic. Ok ladies let me know.

Ciao for now! :-)

Wish pics! Good supply list???

I want a fuller booty. Ladies now I am obsessed. I wanted a March date but my husband wants to wait. So I am compromising my date for his full support.

Anyway I want to be proactive and buy a little bit every month. So if you have a good supply list let me know.

I am leaning toward Robles

Ladies I really like the natural looking booty Robles gave these ladies.

Here goes ....my current pic...need to lose 10lbs

This is hard for me but I need to post them to make sure I capture the whole journey.

Wish pic!

Love her shape!

Hubby says no to BBL

My hubby doesn't want me to get a BBL. I need my boody to be fulcer though. I have 5 months to convince him.

Bella Vita Consultants worth it or not????

So ladies I have been trying to get a quote from Duran and Baez for a couple weeks now. I want to make the right choice of doctors and I understand that the CIPLA surgeons are some of the best in Santo Domingo but they make it almost impossible to get a quote. I have never had to chase someone down so much to give them my cash.

Anyway I read on another RS post that going through this consultant will get me the quotes. What have been your experience with them thus far? They charge $200 and I want to make sure it is worth it.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Elease Donovan

I really like her shape very natural. Booty not overly huge! I don't expect to look like this but I like her bod! ????

Clearly I am obsessed with this surgery! !! Hehe!

Test results, Hemp 12.6 and negative

So I had my hemo test done and it came back 12.6 and I have not been taking iron supplements. So I will start taking them in March. I am still super exited for my surgery.

Natural Tips To Boost Hemoglobin Levels


Hemoglobin is the protein molecule in red blood cells that transports oxygen from the lungs to the body's tissues and gives carbon-dioxide from the tissues back to the lungs. Iron supplied to the red blood cells, determine the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Foods rich in iron are believed to boost the level of hemoglobin in the body.Your body makes hemoglobin from the iron in your diet so it is essential that you eat plenty of iron-rich foods daily. The Essential Natural remedies are as follows:

RED MEAT: The iron from animal sources is ideal because it is the easiest to absorb. Liver, beef, lamb, clams and shrimp, are excellent iron sources.

FRUITS: Good fruit sources of iron include watermelon, raisins, and grapefruit. Orange, Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Banana, Raspberry, Strawberry, Guava, Papayas, Kiwi fruit, Black currants, Mango, Lychee, Cherry are other essential fruits to increase hemoglobin.

VEGETABLES: (Green Leafy Vegetables) Spinach, Legumes, dried fruits and iron-fortified cereals are vegetarian iron sources. Try eating one of these foods at each meal to maximize absorption. Consume Tomatoes, Broccoli, Brussels, Sprouts, Red capsicum, Bean, Cabbage, Peas, Beets, Asparagus, Corn , and lentils in your meals.

MILK SHAKE OF DATES: Milk shake of dates is the best iron-boosting remedy. Take everyday one glass of date milk shake for at least a month regularly, and rapidly boost blood hemoglobin levels.

BLACK SESAME: Black Sesame seeds is also the essential natural remedy to increase hemoglobin. One teaspoon of black sesame seeds should be soaked in warm water, then it should be crushed and strained.Then,mix it with a cup of milk sweetened with jaggery. This makes a good drink for instant increase in hemoglobin.

FENGREEK REMEDY: Cook one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds with your evening meal everyday, preferably with a little rice, for 12-15 days to help boost hemoglobin levels.

OTHER FOODS: Fortified cereals, Dry fruits, Nuts, Sunflower seeds, Jaggery, Whole bread, Whole grains, Baker's yeast, Oat and Wheat bran, and butter are significant hemoglobin boosters.

IRON & VITAMINS: Vitamin C is believed to improve the absorption of iron in the body, and hence patients with low levels of hemoglobin in the body must make it a point to include food items rich in vitamin C, especially through the diet. Other essential vitamins are vitamin B6, B12 and Folic acid. I hope this post has been of great benefit on how to increase hemoglobin levels

Change of plans...

Ladies I have to change my plans. My workload is high and my boss went back on her word for my time off.

Everything happens for a reason and God has a plan. What saddened me is that I had found the best buddy. And now I won't get to meet her.

I will reschedule for July. But I will still be following everyone and keeping myself excited. This will give me time to lose more weight and get my Hemo up.

That's all for now ladies,

Stay blessed, kind, and FABULOUS!

Playing with the surgery app!!!!

If I come out like this... I will be grinning from ear to ear!!!!

Made my deposit. DRA TANIA MEDINA!

I am no longer going to Almonte. The customer service has decline for and I can't be worried about being able to get in touch with my doctor. I still think her work is great but going with DRA TANIA MEDINA!

DRA MEDINA has been great with answering and getting back to me.

I am so excited now I have a month to plan and pack! My friend is going with me.


As I mentioned above my friend is going with me and she will not be comfortable in an RH.

Can anyone provide experience/thoughts on an alternative?

I still want to make sure I am cared for so I will hire a nurse if I don't do an RH. But I do you get an house keeper and rental?

Thanks in advance dolls!

28 days to go before my surgery

SO I am so excited. I currently way 202 lbs and I am 5'8". I plan to loose 10 more lbs by the 31st and I am going to do it.

I ordered I take iron pills but I bought SS tonic today to boost it even more.

My friend got the time of work and she is going with for the whole time. I will be booking our tickets tomorrow but still not sure on where to stay.

I would really appreciate some feedback from you dolls on where to stay that is not an RH.

That's it for now....

Flight booked!!!! Now I need a place to stay!

My flight is booked! My friend and I are leaving Boston on the 29th. Relax on the 30th and surgery on the 31st!!!! I am so excited!

Iron and Weight Loss

I have been taking iron pills but wanted to ensure my levels will be where they need to be so I ordered SSS tonic. I have started taking it. Hopefully it works well for me.

I am also doing Weight Watchers hardcore to ensure I loose the 10 to 15 lbs I want to. So far I lost 8lbs in 2 weeks. I also exercise everyday.

On the 14th, I will stop drinking as well as stop taking my multi vitamin as prescribed by the Dra.

Condo and Hotel Booked

My Friend and I decided to rent a condo for the first 5 days and the last 4 days stay at the Crowne Plaza. The condo has 2 bedrooms 2 baths and is $69/night. It is in Zona Colonial so my friend can go sight seeing and not feel like she is cooked up with me. Also tons of restaurant. I am sure having a chef at the RH is nice but I want options and my privacy.

I am meeting with my PC Thursday. I hope she prescribes the pain medication I will need. If not I will get it in DR, although I read that they are not as strong. Still taking my SSS tonic and vitamins. I really hope my Hemo is up and ideal for surgery.

Later dolls and GOD bless you all!

Thank You and my promise to you...18 Days!!!!!

Good Morning Dolls!!!! I just wanted to start this beautiful morning by thanking god for life and all the blessings he has bestowed upon me. I pray for all the dolls pre and post SX. I hope he heals you quickly and that you get exactly what you are hoping for.

I also want to promise the dolls that have been following my journey and those that have shared their stories that I will try my best to record my journey once I get to DR.

I see on here to many times that people will share up to surgery day and stop. Then nothing... I don't think that's fair... We are all in this together good or bad. And sharing your full experience is what will help another person.

Thanks to all of you with enough courage to share the full experience. I believe in paying it forward. This is my promise to you dolls!

17 Days!!!!!

So I went to my PCP today and my EKG was normal. My PCP didn't give me a hard time as I expected. My results are back tomorrow. Can't wait to see my Hemo levels. She didn't fill my prescriptions for post surgery meds but that's okay. I will buy them there.

2 more weeks before my transformation I am so excited!

Sweet dreams dolls!

16 Days!!!! Blood Results are back!

Hello Dolls,

Another beautiful day here. Thanks be to God!

I got my blood test results back and I am happy to report that my Hemo is at 13.6. My PCP has cleared me for surgery.

So I was waiting for these results before I ordered all my supplies. Now I will place my amazon order and this weekend I will try to get some maxi dresses on clearance.

I am not nervous yet but its getting closer! I will also take some updated before pics this evening.

Talk Later Dolls!

15 Days!!!!

More before pictures. In exactly two days I will be getting on the plane to DR.

12 Days!!!! Supplies, Vitamins, Period, etc...

Hello Dolls,

How is everyone doing? I have been fighting a cold for the past few days but I am so happy this is happening now and not while I am in DR.

So I stopped taking my multi vitamin yesterday and drinking. I am now only taking my iron supplement, vitamin C, and B-complex.

So my period is due to start in 8 days, I wish it could start a couple days early so I am done by the time I have surgery. Are there any tricks to making it start earlier? I don't want to mess with mother nature but let's face it, I would be more comfortable if I wasn't cramping and recovering at the same time.

I ordered all my supplies I will take pictures and post once I received them.

I also purchased 5 really comfy maxi dresses at Rainbows for $50. So $10/each. That's pretty good.

Ok enough with my rambling!

Have a great day dolls and stay blessed!

10 Days!!!! To BBL or not to BBL?

Ok ladies! 10 more days and I will be in DR. I decided after speaking with Dra Medina, that I will not get my arms lipoed. I will instead try to work out my flab. She said that I will not get good results and will be left with saggy skin which is just as bad as fat arms...

So I know that I am getting my abdomen (upper lower), Flanks, full back done. I am thinking of having her inject some fat in my hips to round them out.

Now to the BBL, my husband doesn't want me to get the BBL he is so scared that something will happen to my butt and he doesn't want a big butt. But I feel like I am in DR I am getting fat taking out why waste that good fat lol...

Oh I forgot I received my supplies and I am almost ready to go. A couple more things. I will be packing my suitcase this weekend and I'll post pics then.

I am only staying in DR 7 days so if I get the BBL, can I fly after 7 days and go back to work a couple days after?

Any feedback will be appreciated greatly,

Later dolls!

9 Days BBW not to be confused with BBL!

Good Morning Dolls,

I figure I will share this with my RS sisters. So in preparation for my upcoming SX and the inability to take a shower for several days after, I decided to get a Brazilian bikini wax. I figured the less hair I have the better I can get cleaned with wipes, and bird baths.

So yesterday, I made an appointment to go to my local European Wax Center after work. So I arrive about 10 minutes early and waited 5 minutes then was seen into the treatment area.

Here I am thinking I need to get butt naked but no. She said pull down your underwear and spread like a butterfly on the table. So I am looking at her terrified and she's looking at me like what is taking so long to drop your undies. And I am thinking I don't know you like that turn around. After about 5 seconds she goes "oh you are a shy one I'll turn around and not look". So I took my undies out and brought my dress to my chest and laid on the table.

So let the fun begin. So I was happy to hear that they will not be using wax strips like you see in the movies but instead they use the cooled down wax to rip your hair out. So she starts applying the wax and I am thinking so far so good the wax feels good not to hot. Then she said are you ready? And I'm like hell no! But she proceeds and says breathe out when I am pulling the wax off. And she proceed to rip the first one not bad. Then she gets close to my vagina and rip and I screamed so loud. Instead of breathing out I breathed in. It hurt so bad and she had to do this another 4 times. But the pain stopped after 5 minutes. I woke up this morning and it felt fine no tenderness as I was expecting.

Long story short, some of you ladies have given birth and I am sure it is not worse. I would say it's like having bad cramps. Do I regret it? No, I like the feeling of no hair down there compared to trimming it low. Will I do it again? Yes, if you like soft skin down there. I will keep with it.

So ladies I think it's a great idea before surgery, specially if you will not be able to take showers.

I know know it is a bit TMI but part of the journey!

TTYL Dolls!

5 Days!!!!Cause I'm happy... :-)

So 5 more days! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I got my period. I am so happy (doing the tootsie roll)! I am upping my Iron intake to make sure my hemoglobin level doesn't go down to much.

I cleaned my house this weekend, so my hubby can make a mess by the time I get back. Lol...

My luggages are almost packed. I am taking 2. 1 for clothes and one for supplies. I get up to 3 free ones on Delta so that's good.

I am going to take inventory tonight so I can ensure I have everything. Other than that I am praying that God will keep blessing me and keep me safe on this journey that is becoming very real as I get closer.

Have a great day dolls!

2 days !!!!

I am up late finishing my packing. I am so excited! I am also worried about the weather down there now, but my doctor told me to still make the trip . So I am planning on still flying to DR tomorrow.

I hope god carries me though this journey!

Goodnight dolls! Keep me in your prayers in the upcoming days!

DR i'm here pleasure to meet you! :-)

Hello Dolls,

Keeping my promise to give you a play by play. So we land at 4:30PM. We were on the flight with Pedro Martinez, NLB Hall of Famer. Very nice man and so loved by his people in DR.

George our driver was waiting. What a great guy!!!! He is so nice and accommodating. He brings us to the condo we are renting (seperate review later). Drop off our bags and he so kindly took us grocery shopping. We spenx about 6000RD$ which is like $130USD. The prices were comparable to the US and we got everything we needed.

We went back home, did some unpacking and relaxed. Then we went to dinner at the Blue Mall, later drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe. And who was there Pedro Martinez again. He is so nice he remembered us and came by to say Hi. So while my friend was drinking her cran and vodka, I was drinking San Pellegrino with lime. I was fine and felt great. We went back to the condo around 1AM.

We slept in a bit and then made breakfast. George emailed he was picking me up for blood work around 11:30AM so we got ready.

He took me the emergency room to get my blood work. But I had to go somewhere else to get my X Ray due to the tech being tied up with an emergency. No big deal everything was quick and painless. Although the needle was big. We went to the mall after, Agora Mall, we shopped for 4 hours. George came to pick us up. Packed my stuff and off to the clinic.

The clinic is so nice and clean. The nurse was so nice. We ate before 9pm after nothing else. A psychologist came in to make sure I was doing this for the right reasons. The cardiologist came and got me and I did EKG. The nurse put my ivy in. We watched the MTV VMAs. Around 1AM the doctor assistant came we did the payment all in cash and then off to bed.

Woke up at 6AM, the nurse told me to put on my surgery stuff and she shot me with antibiotics. The Dra came in she is so cool so now she drew me up. I am not getting a bbl. She said I can do without specially because I don't want a huge butt.

She gave the blue pill and now I am waiting to be wheeled in. Pray for me dolls! See you on the flat side! God watch over your child!

Love you dolls!you see you on the flat side! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

More clinic and my room pic

So nice and clean! Everyone is lovely here! :-) I so far feel good about this!

On the flat side! Day of surgery review!

First and foremost thank God! He kept me safe during surgery. I am so thankful and grateful.

So after I take the blue pill I finished writing the previous review. I called my husband and told him how much I love him and then off to the surgery room. I walked there here was the doctor. Always with a big smile. I sit on the operating table and with my back harshed and the anesthesiologist come in and that is the last thing I remembered.

After surgery who took about 3 hours, I get up in my bed and I am so cold. I tell my friend to get me a blanket and she says "no". The doctor said no. I was like ok at least one of us will follow the rules...lol

Finally the nurse comes and puts a blanket on me. I fall asleep and dont wake up until 5. They gave me some soup and crackers. That wa good. I relaxed a bit and then they came in to get blood.

My nurse could not find a vein and when she did she didn't get much blood. So I needed a blood transfusion. Actually I needed two.

Meanwhile something went wrong with my IV and it soaked the whole bed. I thought I peed pn the bed...lol Because I couldn't get up I had to sit in it for a while until I couldn't anymore and asked that they changed my bedding. It was painful when I had to get up but not to bad. They made the bed and back down I go.

Because of the blood transfusion, I couldn't eat or drink. So when my blood transfusion was done at 10PM. I ate more soup and drank water. I was ready for bed and had my sleeping and was out like a light.

Dra. Medina had a busy day but she came to see me in between. She told me "I did a lot of lipo, you will be pleased with your results." I am not able to get up yet but I will take pics as soon as I am able to.

Thank god for my surgeon and her wonderful staff. I didn't hire a private nurse and I didn't need. They have been so kind and caring.

PS: Doing this from my phone my stupid tablet died the day before I left. So forgive me for typos.

Uncomfortable but doable

Hello dolls,

It has been a couple days since my surgery, and I have to say the pain is real and I am uncomfortable but not as bad as expected.

I left the clinic the day after surgery. I went back to the condo. It was cool and my friend is making sure I take my medecine. She is like a nazi...lol

Anyway sleeping has been a little uncomfortable but I have plenty of pillows to keep me semi comfortable.

Going to the bathroom was trial and error I wet my faja a couple times. But I got it down now I have my own technique. Squat facing the toilet works best for me.

I did a #2 today for the first time after surgery. I had to take 2 stool softener pills.

Now let's talk about the massages, Annie is my masseuse. She is a sweetheart. She doesn't speak much english but we get along just fine. I know she is doing her job but it hurts like hell. She told me tomorrow she will remove one of my stitches to drain the fluid. Looking forward to that...not!

I have a lot of swelling but I can tell Medina did a good job. She told me she took out 9 liters of fat. That's a lot. I can see my shape is better for sure even with the swelling. I got my last oxygen therapy today, I don't know if it really helps but I am hoping.

Ok dolls that's it for today. Here are some pics (still very very swollen). Will take some when I am getting my massage tomorrow.

Back home!!!!

So I am back home and back to work. I am very stiff still and my lower back is killing me. It is bearable during the day but at night OMFG!!!!! It feels like I got hit by a tractor trailer. I bought a heat wrap and that helps a little bit but still uncomfortable.

My last few days in DR were uneventful. I spend my days laying or sitting down with an occasional walk. Annie the masseuse came to my hotel everyday to do my massage. Love her, although I wanted to kill her when she was massaging me.

I saw the Dra. once before leaving. I probably would have seen her more if I stayed longer.

My husband now helps me with massages until I find someone in my area. I started showering as soon as I arrived home on Monday. It felt so good... water on my skin.

The swelling as gone down considerably. Tonight I 'll take pics. I am still in my stage 1 because my stage 2 is a death trap and was leaving dents and bruises on my body. I will try to fit into it this weekend now that my swelling has gone down. My husband hates that thing...

My incisions sites are healing very nicely. I will start my scar treatment regiment as soon as tomorrow for some of them are healed at the surface already. I bought Scar Away.

I am still not ready to give my thumbs up or down.... A couple more weeks....

Later dolls! Stay blessed! :-)

Almost 1 Month!

Hello Dolls,

It has been a while but I have been crazy busy. I am healing nicely. I am still swollen but I can tell I like my results so far.

Now since I left DR I have not heard from Medina. Thank God nothing has gone wrong. I am very disappointed with the follow up care. The surgery is important but taking care and showing that you give a shit after is equally important. Anyway I am done with that.

I didn't get a BBL but my butt looks bigger and more sculpted. Anyway I attached pictures. I will keep you dolls posted.

Love ya and stay blessed!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Medina is real nice and sweet prior to surgery and while you are in DR. Once you leave DR it is a different story. I have not heard from her once since I have been home. Her staff members are ok. Her assistant could be more proactive in her customer service. I am pleased with my results and thank God everyday that I didn't experience any complications so far. I hope it stays that way. If I had to do it again I would have stayed in a RH and stayed in DR longer. I was there for 7 days only because I had lipo no BBL or tummy tuck.

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