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-GREETINGS- Hello beautiful dolls! I'm excited to...

Hello beautiful dolls! I'm excited to be on here to share my experiences with everyone in hopes of providing a positive experience for anyone considering to have elective/corrective surgery.

36-year-old mother of 1 child (son is 10) who finally is putting herself FIRST! I use to work 18-20 hrs p/day all while being a single parent and have been the "go-to-person" when friends/family are in need of financially/emotional assistance........NO MORE. I've had lipo performed in Beverly Hills (not so great) and trans-umbilical breast augmentation in Orange County (okay results) but over the years of stress and comfort food eating, I've gained an excessive amount of weight, lost my motivation in life, and always felt tired and stressed. Within the past few years, I've put my foot down and decided to change my life inside out. Get the old me back. Or as Stella says, "Get My Groove Back!" Lol..
I've moved to a better environment, quit my job that was causing me stress (and to stress eat), changed my eating habits, and learned how to say "no" to my friends/family that were being a parasite in my life. I'm in a better place now and figured that a mommy makeover is what I DESERVE from all of my hard work. I am a beautiful person inside and out so I'm doing this because I want to, not because I have to. It's a catalyst to working out and living a healthier lifestyle. So whatever motivates you to do this, be happy, be blessed, and I hope you have a good experience in your journey!

Height: 5'5" Weight: 203lbs BMI: 33.8 (Yikes)

Dr. Cortes (Houston, TX) (Was looking for an all inclusive package that was affordable-Not within my budget)
Dr. Fisher (Miami, FL) (Was looking for an all inclusive package that was affordable-Not within my budget)
Dr. Campos de Leon (Tijuana, Mexico) (Spoke to Angie and emailed her a few times and never received a response to my request for quote)
Dr. Duran/Baez/Yily (Dominican Republic) (Read some good/bad reviews to not move forward with requesting a quote)

-Surgery Costs-

Okay ladies, here is the quote I received from Dra. Medina:

Tummy tuck
Liposuction on back, flanks, waist
Breast lift with implants
Surgery Price: $6,000

My Home Recovery House includes shared room, all meals, Nurse 24/7, AC, Wifi
Price: $75.00 per night. 10 nights: $750
Companion Price: $55.00 per night. 10 nights: $550 (Bringing my sister—yeah boy!)

Transportation (Airport Pickup/Drop off, medical checkups) Price: $100.00

Total price of RH and Surgery: $7,400

Oh and My Recovery Home does have massage services: $25.00 each ($250.00 for 10 sessions)
*Do your research on your PS ladies….make sure they are board certified as they are held to a specific standards of medical practice. To check out your PS in Dominican Republic, go here: www.sodocipre.net.

-Suggestions on Your Trip List-

Okay ladies, this is what I suggest when you compile what you need to bring for your trip:
Do your list in excel (Once I’m finish creating my list, I will be happy to share with anyone, just inbox me)
If you are bringing medications, I recommend you pre-sort them and put them in a weekly pill organizer ($2.00-3.00). Then, I recommend setting an alarm on your phone to take medications or write it down and give to your nurse. For pain medications, this is very important because you don’t want to be in a position of needing the medication when it has worn off (not fun).
I don’t know Spanish but I highly recommend you download a voice-to-voice translator app to your phone (4.99). That way, when you speak into the app, it translates to Spanish and vice versa.
Garments: Being comfortable is extremely important during your recovery so I highly recommend going online and purchasing front-open criss-cross exam patient gowns. ($8.50-9.50 per gown. I recommend taking 3)
Pee funnel ($3.50)
Lab testing-If you don’t have insurance and need a CBC Panel Testing done for your blood work, go to www.personalabs.com. The test is only 47.00. Promo code: EM10 (10% off)
Also, if you are that person that feels more comfortable over packing than under packing, then I recommend using a travel space bag (6.99 for 2pack)
I hope this helps anyone!

-Got Blood Work Done Today!-

Okay ladies, so I had time to get my blood work done today. Results should arrive 24-48 hours via email. I hope my hemoglobin is above 12ml. In the meantime, I've been changing my eating and drinking habits to better prepare my body for my upcoming trip. The better I prepare my body on the inside, the quicker my recovery, and the less chances of being susceptible to any type of infections:

--Ensure Plus Strawberry/Dark Chocolate flavor. (Make sure to get the Plus because the regular Ensure tastes really bad. Has 24 vitamins/minerals and protein.
--Geritol Liquid Amt: 4.99. (1 tablespoon daily after a meal. Packs a lot of iron and B-vitamins. The taste reminds me of the Enfamil iron baby formula I use to give my son when he was little so it's tolerable.)
--B-complex shots (I have a vial of B-vitamins in liquid form from Mexico. I got that from my pharmacist. It has B1, B2, B5, B6, and B12. I take it every morning and inject it in my thigh once a day alternating legs. I use an insulin needle that has a 29 inch gauge (very small) and it's only 30ml. Very painless and gives me a lot of energy. I use to administer these when I was a workout guru years ago. The shots help to burn fat into energy. My thighs will start to look like I was a track runner after I use it for awhile so I can't wait!)
--V:8 vegetable juice Low Sodium (I drink a half a cup every morning)
--V8 Fusion Energy Pineapple/Orange flavor (No added sugar. Trying to stay away from juices that are high in sugar content)
--Steel cut oats with bananas, craisins, and 1/4 cup of almond milk. Heat up for 1 minute. Yummy and healthy for your for breakfast
--No more processed foods and eating before 8pm
--Lots and lots of water!!!

I'm hoping my hemo levels are good. One less thing to cross off my list. :)

-Daily Vitamins-

Forgot to post pics of Geritol, Multi-vitamins, and B-Complex
Build up your immune system before your surgery lovely dolls!

-Hemoglobin Is Good!!!---

Well hello ladies!!! I got my CBC results back. Did I have to take the panel before surgery? No, but before I started my journey, I wasn't eating so good and wanted to make sure I was able to have the surgery performed. Hemoglobin has to be 12.1 and my results were 13.0. I've been drinking Geritol, Ensure Plus (Dark Chocolate/Strawberry are pretty good), Multi-vitamins, prunes (natural stool softener) and lots and lots of water. I laugh when I'm taking all of this because it reminds me of old people but I want to make sure my immune system and internal body is prepared for the surgery. I know I constantly stress that but the better my vitals are, the better the recovery.

-Flight Is Booked!! Get to Fly Mint Style...Ohh, I'm Fancy!-

I've been wanting a mommy makeover for 4 years now and it just never seemed like the right time. It wasn't until I started writing on RealSelf that I decided to not let anything prevent me from having this surgery this year. Surgery is literally around the corner and I have sooo much stuff in my personal life that can easily prevent me from having it:

1. I'm moving Oct 31st
2. Starting a new business
3. Holidays
4. Work, work, work

Even so, I won't let anything stop me. I'm so serious, I decided today that I was going to go ahead and book my flight. I had reward points so I used them for my trip, but I only had enough points for one-way. (From Los Angeles to NY to Santo Domingo). My return flight, I'm using my credit card. Since I'm going to have a long trip home (12 hours), I used the remaining of my points for the Even More Space seating and when I arrive in New York (Santo Domingo to NY to LA), I purchased one of the first class seating where the seat lies flat, you have your own sliding door for privacy, you get a selection menu of tapas, and goodies from BirchBox. I figured, if I'm going to fly home, might as well do it comfortably. Heck, I deserve it! My flight was already going to be around 500-600 returning in regular seating, so it was worth paying the extra 200-300 to upgrade and get all the amenities. I certainly want to be comfortable during my flight after my surgery. I've enclosed some pictures of the seats and the airline food. I'm going to be night night like the guy in the picture. Can't wait!

-Security Deposit Sent via Wire Transfer App-

Ladies, isn't technology great!!! I downloaded the WU app and wired my deposit to Dra Medina all while departing my plane to Oakland. I travel a lot and work just as much so I'm all about convenience so if you need to secure your deposit via WU, be sure and check out their app. They give you an option to wire via bank (8.00) or debit/credit (10.00). I opted for the bank transfer even though the transfer takes 3 days. Hey, as long as you have your wire confirmation number that's all that matters. Plus you get your confirmation via email.

-My Patient Gowns Arrived!-

Never been excited to get my patient gowns last night. It was funny cause I tried one on as if it was a ball gown. I guess I was happy to know I will be comfortable and not having to fuss with any clothes, even w a maxi dress. Do an online search for open front patient gown and pay no more than 10.00 for a gown. Hope this helps!

-Spoke Too Soon on the Wire Transfer App. Doesn't Work!!-

Ok ladies so in my previous post, I raved about the WU app to do an easy wire transfer. Why did I get a decline notice???? So when I sent it again but this time using my debit card info, I later got another decline! What's the purpose in having an app and it doesn't work!!!! That's why WU isn't popular anymore cause they suck. I usually wire via MG but Dra Medina uses WU. Oh well, I guess I have to find a WU location and do the transfer in person. So much for convenience. App DELETED!!!

-Venting Again About Wire Transfer But Learned Something Too!-

Ok ladies, so I happened to check account info and found out that after my wire transfer being declined via online, that they still took the money out!!!! So I had to call WU and they told me that they had to call my bank. Luckily, my bank is so awesome cause they are a credit union and available over the phone 24/7 that I was able to get the fax info for WU to request the funds to be returned back to my account. Then I learned that my bank does WU transfers so I just did it over the phone!!! Yayyyy!!! It cost me 4.00 more but well worth it. So check with your bank to see if they do wire transfers cause it'll save you the trip in having to find an agent location. Plus you trust your bank so you know it'll go through correctly. ????

-OMG, Surgery Is Near....Haven't Gathered My Supplies Yet....Ugghh!!!-

Sorry ladies. I haven't been on for awhile but let me give you the reader's digest version to get you up to speed with things:

1. Finally moved
2. Finally getting job and business in order
3. Decided to take my dad on the trip with me instead of my sister (my dad lives in Florida so the flight is cheaper so he's paying for his flight and I'm covering his room stay.....plus, he was there fore me when I had my lipo done back in 2006)

Okay now..........time to focus on my shopping list.....

1. Not buying a Boppy pillow- The Boppy doesn't look like it has a lot of support/cushion for my tooshy so I researched and found.....Kabooti Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushion. Amt: 29.95. Not only is the price reasonable, but it's a medical cushion. Color I got: camoflauge (because I'm going in gorilla style!). Found in on countourliving.com
2. I sleep on my side but I wanted to take a long pregnancy pillow...dilemma, how do I fit this huge pillow in my suitcase? Found a better solution...Holo Lilo!!! It's a pregnancy floater for pregnant women but you can also use it to sleep on. 59.99 but I don't want to smush my butt even sleeping on my side (because I don't want it to be uneven) and so I will inflate this thing on my bed and sleep on it (since it has a hole in it for my booty). www.holo-lilo.com
3. Found a website where you can purchase reasonable supplies for home care. Purchased all of my non-soap body/perineal wash (price: 2.60-6.00). www.totalhomecaresupplies.com
4. For my pee funnel, I went to www.go-girl.com and got the combo pack (the funnel, long tubing, packing tube). Price: 17.99 but there is a 2.00 off coupon on the website.
5. Post surgery bras for breast: I researched and found the makemeheal.com website has the most reasonable bras. Select the sale items and purchase the refurbished bras.
6. Tummy tuck/BBL garments. I have my information on the fajas/fajate garments but I have to find it to get the best pricing but I will be ordering a few within a week
7. Post/pre surgery vitamins (arnica, etc). I'm tempted to just order from the make me heal website so I don't have to order from different sources online/in-stores but I will wait a week before I decide what I'm going to bring.

I'll update my list once everything is all finalized. Hope this helps ladies!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

-MEDINA DOLL- I chose Dra. Tania Medina as I've read nothing but positive reviews about the personal care she has taken with her pre/post recovery of her patients. Additionally, she has started her own recovery house which is an extension of her concern for her patient's health and safety. Additionally, she immediately responded to my email and has provided an all inclusive quote that is within my budget. Because of this, I'm now able to have my sister accompany me on my trip which is very important for emotional support. Further, I've researched Dra Medina's medical background which I was impressed with. I feel just as comfortable in choosing this doctor as I would be if the surgery was being performed in the United States. That's very important to me.

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