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Hello Ladies! I will be getting a tummy tuck,...

Hello Ladies! I will be getting a tummy tuck, lipo, and brazilian butt lift by the King of Barbies, Cabral! Despite his past, he is an excellent doctor and knows what a woman wants. I have family and friends who have gone to him, and none of them have complained about him. Cabral has always answered any of my questions immediately, and I know he is the Doc for me! I want a smalllll waist, and nice bootay! I know he will get me right!

A little about myself... I am 24 years old, 5'5'' and weigh 168 -_- I have 2 children which is the reason why I am looking to get these procedures done.. I have not felt the same in sooooo long! I am Dominican, and will be staying with my family during my 16 day stay. My mother and aunt will be taking care of me, however, I am thinkning about hiring a nurse to take my daily vitals. I was quoted $4800 which includes 1 night at Cipla, but I will be staying an extra day or 2, and then leave Cipla.

I am on this site to get support as well as give support to those ladies like myself who are getting ready or have undergone surgery in Dominican Republic. PLEASEEEEE no negative comments! I have been researching since 2011 and am now finally prepared to make this happen! Let the journey begin!!!

I spoke to Cabral's assistant

I spoke to Cabral's assistant today and she suggested I go in for my exams and consultation 2/24 and have sx 2/25.. I am cool with that. I don't have to be rushing the day of sx. I want to be cool, calm, and relaxed. Being that I was supposed to have sx in Oct. I have my luggage ready to go! I am so glad my mother is coming with me cause I did not want to go thru this without her. My mother is my best comforter :) #Spoiled! 53 days to get to DR and 56 days until sx!

Flight Is Booked!

I will be arriving to the DR on 2/22 & spend the weekend hanging out with my family before sx on 2/25. 54 Days Until The Big Day! I cannot wait to see my transformation! I will be posting pre - op pics this week!

I Am Thinking About Getting A Breast Lift As Well....

My breasts are ok, however, I am a 38 D and I don't want my boobs so close up to my neck lol.......... Thats how I feel I would look with a lift. Honestly, I think it will be too much trauma for my body being that this will be the first sx I have ever gotten. I have to return to work after 2 weeks, so yea....whatever I decide to do, I hope I have a quick, healthy recovery!

Some of Dr. Cabral's work!

Here are some of Cabral's work In the tt, lipo, BBL area.. These are some of my fave.

I'm the only one up, bored, so why not blog?

Lol.. So.... I last had my pcp check up back in Sept. Everything looked good, my hemo was a 13.1 and that was before I started taking my vitamins. In my house we do lots of greens and veggies, so thanks to that my hemo has been good. I have started taking my iron pills to make sure I'm good when I get to the DR. I heard it drops 1pt when you get there. I will be setting up appts for this month to get my lab tests and ekg done all over again just to be on the safe side. Things can change from 1 month to the other, so I just want to make sure I am still cleared from my doc here in the states. I am starting to get anxious, nervous, overall excited, and cannot wait to see my results!! Despite the negatives you may hear about any surgeon, it's not only the surgeons who are at fault. There are woman who lie and say they have no health conditions, or who don't know at all because they fail to get all the proper check ups here. There are some who don't follow the surgeons instructions pre and post op.. whatever the situation may be, either way, anyone is at risk when going under the knife. We can only pray and ask God to keep us under his wing during sx. God knows I love my babies with all my heart and I have to come back to them. I am a very healthy person, and am very cautious when it comes to my health. This will be my very first sx, so I am scared lol. Really, it's only the recovery and pain I am dreading. Besides that, I know I will be fine! To all my ladies undergoing sx 2/24 and 2/25 we should all pray together before sx. I know I will be needing a good prayer to calm my nerves!

So embarrassing, but here goes my Pre op pics!

Where are you ladies placing your money?

My mother and I are talking about where to place our money when we get to the DR. There is too much going on over there and I am scared to walk around with large sums of money. Does anyone know if there is Bank of America in DR? I am thinking of opening up an acct w/ a bank that is here and there so that we can deposit our money and just go to the bank if we need extra cash..


I don't want to take nor buy a boppy pillow unless it is an absolute necessity! I have everything ready, except no pillow.. Did those of you who got bbl actually use it?

38 more days!!!!!

I am soooooo anxious!!!!

What Cabral will be working with!

Sorry for the messy mirror! I need some suggestions... should I get a breast lift now or nah?

FB Cabral Group!!

How Can I get into the cabral group on facebook? I was told to send a msg to Coco Lani, but I have not gotten a response and a lot of girls are saying she takes a long time to respond because she is barely on there. Is there anyone else who can add me?

Now Looking For A Buddy!

Soooooo I just found out my mother will not be able to come to the DR with me due to some B'S with her citizenship appt delayed :( So i am now looking for an sx buddy cause I don't think I will be comfortable at my mom's family house without her :( PLEASE inbox me those who are interested!

Cabral's Phone Number

For those of you asking...

I am ready!!!

So i will not be needing a buddy. I decided I am going to stay at my aunt's and have my step sister stay there with me since everyone works or studies during the day. I have my luggages ready to go!! I fly out this Saturday, and Monday very early I will be at Cipla!! I am not nervous yet... lol.. but i know god has my back and HE will be my surgeon. Thank you all for your well wishes, pray for me!!

Flying Out To DR TODAY!!!!

I'm so happy in 2 days I will have a new body!! I have been researching and making plans for a LONG time! The day is almost here!!

Finally A Cabral Barbie!!

I had sx yesterday morning and it was successful, thank god and thanks to everyone's sincere prayers!! Cipla is very nice, clean, and the nurses are really nice too. I had sx around 11:30 am yesterday and came out around 4:30. All I remember is waking up during getting my back lipoed, but it didn't hurt, just felt the pressure. I did tell DR it hurt and the anesthesia knocked me right back out and I woke up to my aunt in my room saying "thank god" and talking to my mom on the phone. Cabral came to check me early this morning and said everything looks excellent. He said "You're gonna go back to US with a BODY" I smiled and l said I know. The nurses then came and cleaned me up and put me in my faja. They were like damn you are too strong to have just had sx. They just put their arms out and I got up on my own. Mind you, I was trying to get out of the bed since 2am and couldn't until Cabral came at 8am. It wasn't really painful to get me into my faja as I was helping them help me lol. I will be discharged tomorrow... i will be giving u guys updates as soon as I can!

1 day post op

3 Days Post Op

Hey ladies I am feeling a lot better. I got a Lil dizzy this am while changing my faja and getting cleaned up. Nurse Zara will be here at 3pm to drain me and things like that. I am loving my results so far despite the swelling. My stomach is super flat and my waist is tiny! I will be updating u guys as much as I xan. Here a few pics from yesterday.


I apologize for those who have been following my journey! I have been settling in and getting myself back to "normal". Recovery has been going very well for me thank god! I LOVE my results! I will be posting updated pics soon..I did get a burn from the faja on my upper abdomen and am trying to get rid of it. I have been using neosporin, but it feels like its taking forever...any suggestions?? I want to be able to rock my swim suit this summer! lol
Dr. Hector Cabral

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